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  1. He does it near enough every four years. The time for him to run is sadly over I think
  2. Completely agree with Sting. Think the only other person I’d put in that class is Triple H from 00-05
  3. Sex Ferguson was a character he did on on podcasts long before the Southpaw derivative
  4. Highly recommend the new Untold about Triple H and Mick Foley’s feud. As an aside, I found the HBK v Angle Untold a bit of an odd attempt at revisionism. It was a dream match when it happened for sure but I remember the consensus being it didn’t deliver at the time whereas the talking heads make out like it stole the show. Am I wrong?
  5. I really don’t have anything anymore, it’s quite sad really. Used to have a full collection of WWF Spotlight magazines as well as WWF and WCW magazines covering 91-93. Lets not talk about selling off my full Hasbro and Galoob collection for £50 either...
  6. Was that due to messing up all the match timings? Just watched Ragin Cajun and it’s pretty bizarre show and looks like it had hardly any crowd. So strange how Scott was the booker in wrestling from the mid 70s to the mid 80s then just couldn’t adapt. My fave match of the Flair/Steamboat trilogy FWIW
  7. Well, my attempt to derail this thread from that pointlessly asinine fucking talking point has obviously failed
  8. He’d already gone by this point I think? The spike incident has happened, Arn and Tully have gone, Dillon is gone, Windham is gone after this event
  9. I’m getting drunk and watching Chi-town Rumble 89 because, well, it’s Saturday. Mike Rotunda just won the TV title by raising his shoulder when him and Rick Steiner both had theirs down on the mat. The next match is Luger v Windham and has the same finish. Who booked this shit?
  10. I only just caught up on this ‘controversy’ and my major thought was: wait til all the people freaking out about this see Ricky Steamboat take on Bob Bradley at Clash V
  11. Clowns are the natural enemy of cowboys then I presume
  12. It disgusts me that 96 is classed as old school now, but anyway: I just saw a clip of Stone Cold winning a Slammy, walking off stage, then beating the piss out of Doink. Then, for some reason, the Blackjacks also join in beating up Doink. Were Windham and Bradshaw due to be paired with Stone Cold or something?
  13. I’m disgusted there was an entire episode on the Stossel incident without an appearance or insight from Professor Steve Austin
  14. I’d probably agree with this and it seems I like him a lot more than most. I still maintain he’s the most naturally gifted heel since Rick Rude
  15. So is it safe to assume Kim is the proverbial ‘man behind the curtain’ who was the real brains behind Saul Goodman in BB? also, FWIW, I was rooting for Lalo
  16. The gimmick has surprised me actually. It’s like a more refined version of Sean O’Haire’s devil’s advocate character as opposed to the budget version of Ministry Undertaker I was expecting
  17. I never thought we’d be fantasy booking Cobra and Pittman in 2020 but I’m glad we are
  18. Completely agree. I don’t know how maternity pay works in the US or with ‘independent contractors’ so that’s my only issue with her release. As for Mike he can piss off, he got what he wanted ”I want my release. I want my release. Of course I’ll re-sign. I want my release. I mean I don’t want my release right nowww!”
  19. Gallows and Anderson are the only two that have shocked me
  20. I always thought it was an atrocious attempt at showing a form of racial unity ala Michael Jackson’s black or white song. But... yeah. I will say one thing, it was one of the most iconic WM images growing up
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