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  1. I really like that match, apart from the occasional attempt to climb out of the cage
  2. I enjoyed this a lot earlier (apart from the on-camera bladejob). Johnny keeps frustrating Bull with stiff grapples, Bull clobbers Johnny, Johnny complains. Rinse and repeat. This footage being released was such a revelation
  3. You’re slightly ahead of me as I’m at GAB but I wonder if he got that TV title run as thanks for enduring this
  4. It dawned on me recently I’ve never seen any Don Muraco other than his Billy Graham protege run. Are there any matches on the network you’d recommend I check out? Or even just on YouTube
  5. The funny thing about all this great Pat O Connor Chicago footage is the fact that initially the promoter wanted O'Connor to pay him $10,000 to wrestle at those shows while also being paid less than the NWA champion usually earned. O'Connor was so angry at the suggestion that he walked out of their meeting and later told Sam Muchnick not to book him there.
  6. My first thought was ‘you can still buy Zubaz?!’
  7. The schedule he used to have, I'm not surprised he looked ancient at that age
  8. Now that would have been interesting. I like Flair but trying to give him a spot in late 91-92 WCW makes my brain hurt. They needed a break from each other and having new top heels was such a breathe of fresh air
  9. Mickie James is the only name I can think of. It's debatable whether you could add Kurt Angle to the list as he was training with Dory by way of WWF. The Lou Thesz school I can't even picture. You'd think if anything it would have turned out a wave of mixed martial artists ala Billy Robinson and UWF
  10. ON the whole I don't think so, due to the steroid trial and Bret's popularity in Europe he was always destined to get that run. I think you're right about WMVIII, it would have still been Hogan v Sid on top but I don't know how you get there. I suppose Hogan v Undertaker could go the same leading to the title being held up, then Sid wins by turfing Hogan leading to a slow burn feud and eventual Sid heel turn. But as I mentioned, with the steroid trial I still think Sid was destined to have that turn and disappointingly short run which is a shame as I really think he could have been the face of the company if the stars had aligned. Looking back, I get the impression Vince really wasn't impressed with what he got with Flair and was happy to be rid of him in the end
  11. I still maintain Watts coming in in late 92 is one of the worst things to happen to WCW, due to the conflict of interest his contract presented as well as his out of touch presentation and ideas. IF he’d come in when Turner initially took over it might have helped put the rebrand on an even keel and given a bit of consistency which WCW never seemed to have until Bischoff took over.
  12. As long as any Sid funhouse match ends in him stamping his feet like a toddler and screaming “WHY ME?!” I’m all for it
  13. Oh I totally get the concept behind JR pushing the athletic and collegiate backgrounds as a way of (further) legitimising a wrestler but in the age of binging and him making the same points every event it’s like “Brian Pillman. Wedge buster. Yadayadayada, bloody hell, give it a rest!”
  14. I've been using my furlough time to work through all the WCW Clash and PPVs up to when Hogan comes in. I'm at 1990 and I tell you one thing, god bless Vince McMahon for reigning Jim Ross' commentary in regarding going on about wrestlers having degrees and what sport they played. Sheesh. One bonus is it's become a running joke between me and my missus now, so if we're watching a sitcom I'll start making up some bollocks about an actors collegiate background
  15. I could not have bought Tito as world champion as an 9 year old mark in 1993, it would have been one of the most absurd choices possible
  16. Randy Orton: *poops in a bag 15 years ago* IWC: Booooooo Randy Orton: BLM IWC: Yaaaaay
  17. I didn’t realise how tall Adam Pearce was... or how small the Smackdown roster is
  18. Are there any young Welch’s on the indies? Listening to the Studcast has been a great insight into working and running a promotion in the territory days. Blowed my mind listening to Ron talk about Gordon Nelson and how one of the most lethal shooters in wrestling ended up as just a simple member of the road crew in WCW EDIT: Nelson’s obit http://slam.canoe.com/Slam/Wrestling/2012/12/19/20443241.html
  19. Such an underrated tag team. Then you’ve got Power and Glory too and Roma doesn’t seem so bad
  20. I reckon it’ll be a slow burn: buddies based on mutual respect, Bucks win that first eventual meeting which begins FTR heel turn. That’s what I’d do anyway: everyone’s been wanting/expecting the match for years so why not hold off a while longer
  21. Conversely, it’s one of my least favourite shows for the simple fact that young me saved up my pocket money to see Barry Windham and Tully and Arn on a WWF show only for the cover of the VHS to not reflect who was on the show!
  22. Never picked up on this in commentary, cool. I always thought a fun backstory for Doink would have been he was a harmless circus clown who ribbed a carnival shooter one too many times and got stretched to kingdom come until it broke him mentally. Now here he is in the WWF just trying to have fun and he keeps on snapping
  23. Pity he didn’t have the punches to back up his gimmick.
  24. From the vitriol of the IWC as the face of Raw during the bland split in 2002 to being everyone’s darling for what he built with NXT up to 2018ish, Triple H was definitely in contention. I get the impression it’s reverted back again in recent years though EDIT: I was going to fix that typo but it sums up the period perfectly to me...
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