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  1. The whole show was worth every bit of the $40 I spent on it (thanks $10 Google credit!).

    I thought the opening ladder match was pretty good, but could someone please talk Darby out of killing himself 1 minute into nearly half of his matches. Jesus Christ, that kid is going to fucking die out there one of these days. Brian Cage as the surprise entrant was enough of a surprise and I wonder where they go with him having the chip, MJF seemingly being next in line for the world title, etc.

    Cody vs Archer was really good up until some of the overbooking at the end. Every Cody match tells a story, but I felt they could have told a better story without the managers getting tossed, Jake coming back out, and then Cody winning with two more Crossroads. I'm happy Cody won and felt that was the right move.

    I don't know what the plan was leading up to Shida vs Rose, but after what happened with Hana, I thought that Shida would win. That match was fucking great. I loved it. I think it's maybe the best Shida has looked, her Tifa inspired gear was great, she really brought it, Rose hung in there and brought it as well, and they told a tremendous story. I teared up with Shida winning.

    I liked Moxley vs Lee a lot. It was stiff as fuck with each guy dropping bombs on the other. Moxley showed he'll damn near kill a man to get his title back, Lee was the perfect opponent for that style of match and made Moxley look good in the process. I really do hope they start to disband the Dark Order though. Like, I don't care if Lee, Silver, and Reynolds are a trio until Uno and Grayson can return, but the Dark Order should be done with.

    Fucking LOVED MJF vs Jungle Boy. There are some matches you watch where you get a strong sense of what the future looks like and the future looks like these two tearing it up on top in the years to come.

    The Stadium Stampede was everything I wanted it to be and then some. At first I was a little worried with the wrestlers congregating around and in the ring. They quickly got away from it and that's when that match became one of the best and damnedest things I've ever seen. So much good shit. Matt Jackson giving Sammy locomotion Northern Lights Suplexes for 100 yds, the whole pool bit with Hardy and PnP, Ortiz and the bell, Page sauntering out with the line sprayer and spraying over Jericho, Matt and Kenny AGAIN trying to run down Sammy in the golf cart, Page on a horse, and so much more. I can't wait to re-watch that match.

    AEW never disappoints with their PPVs. I don't think there's been one time where I felt my money went to waste. My only gripe is that this would have been amazing with a crowd. 

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  2. BTW, after what happened to TK O'Ryan in ROH and after what nearly happened to some top AEW guys early on with all of the dives to the smaller ringside area, I figured we would see that shit toned down. Instead last night they ramped it up to 11. Fenix nearly killed himself again and went splat. OC nearly had the same thing happen to him that happened to O'Ryan. Colt nearly fucked himself up too.

    Look. That ringside area is too fucking small for that shit ESPECIALLY IF NO ONE IS EVEN BOTHERING TO CATCH. It just reminds me of a Chuck Taylor tweet from a few years ago. I think it was during a WK, but it was something along the lines of just needing to appreciate a certain wrestler because it's clear they're never going to try to catch anyone. He since deleted the tweet and I can't remember who he was talking about, but it was fucking hilarious then and it's all I think of when I don't see anyone catching.

  3. Can we use this space to talk about how fucking shitty Spotify's app is for podcasts? The only reason I bring this up is because I saw Joe Rogan is moving exclusively to Spotify. Both audio and video. So Spotify will be moving even more into the video space with this. I have been annoyed for a little bit now because a few of my podcasts moved over to exclusively being on Spotify, but Joe Rogan is by far their biggest get. I'm already a Spotify Premium/Family subscriber, but I don't use it for podcasts because I tried it in the past and it sucked. All of the music stuff is fine.

    So I go back to the podcasts tab to again check out that part of that and it still fucking sucks. I bought Pocket Casts years ago and that's my preferred app. Everything with Pocket Casts and even Podcast Addict is perfect compared to Spotify.

    I just can't see this working out well for anyone that moves exclusively to Spotify. I'm sure that for those people the money Spotify is offering will look good, but it's going to be like when other streamers jumped from Twitch to some other random service and saw their streaming numbers drop from hundreds of thousands of streamers to just thousands of streamers.

  4. I thought last night's show was pretty good, but it also happened to have their first bit of bad luck with multiple wrestlers getting injured. I'm not feeling Mox vs Brodie, but it's clear this is an alternate path because the build looked to be Mox vs MJF before all of the shutdowns happened. As mentioned on the other page, I hope they use this as an opportunity to off ramp the Dark Order. I always thought the Dark Order sucked, Brodie isn't helping, have Brodie go his own way and maybe take the Beaver Boys with him, repackage Uno and Stu, and just be done with it. Plus, Brodie, Reynolds, and Silver could make for another good trios team in AEW.

  5. 3 hours ago, Technico Support said:

    I'm hoping the mystery man is either "Hard Wood" Rich Mahogany or "No Gimmicks Needed" Steve the Samurai.  Both are true indy standouts who deserve their due.

    Nope. "All Sack" Drew Gulak's time is now.

    Either him or Dick "The Hammer" Dick.

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  6. 16 minutes ago, Oyaji said:

    Was he always like that or did he get permafried? 

    I watched and listed to JRE for too fucking long and in that time you can see Eddie's descent into madness, but if you think about it, he's always been really fucking stupid and easily duped. I think some of it is all the DMT, weed, and a lot of alcohol. That has exacerbated how dumb he is and Trump taking over along with all of the conspiracy nuts figuring out they weren't alone in their thinking and developing a louder voice just drove him further down the rabbit hole. Even still, he's always believed in stupid shit like Tower 7, chemtrails, Nibiru, 2012, faked moon landings, and so on. Now he's just even deeper into the conspiracies and with so many others parroting the same dumb bullshit along with all of the substances he takes in he's just completely gone.

    And despite all of that, he's a fucking wizard at BJJ. It's like how Ben Carson is somehow a brain surgeon, but also one of the dumbest people you'll ever hear speak.

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  7. Since I'm lazy and haven't opted to remove JRE videos from my YouTube feed the video with Eddie talking about cornering Tony came up. I mean, Eddie made a lot of sense in that he didn't think he would be put in that position and that's not his forte. At the same time, Eddie is dumb as fuuuuuuuuuuuck.

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  8. 13 minutes ago, Casey said:

    Oh I thought you meant just in general. Yeah, I imagine since they're in bed with WarnerMedia that YouTube PPV is off the table and it kind of limits what they can do digitally for their shows since B/R Live is the main platform. On the one hand, I'm super happy that they have a partner like that, but on the other hand, it also sucks because B/R Live isn't that great of a service (although having full episodes of Dynamite on there and all the specials, etc. is nice).

    EDIT: Oh yeah - @Craig H are you thinking of the Hiroshi Hase sexual harassment scandal?

    God...Maybe? Hase isn't the name that would come to mind, but maybe that's it. I swear I thought it was DDT dude. I tried doing a search on my phone and didn't find anything. I should start getting more sleep because I can't remember shit anymore.

  9. Just now, Oyaji said:

    Whoa, what? He's working DDT shows and I've heard nothing of the sort but I'm a super casual following DDT. 

    I'm thinking of someone else then. Fuck, I know something like that came up with someone in Japan not in NJPW or AJPW or NOAH and it was someone reasonably well known. I thought it may have been Dino, but obviously not. 

  10. I feel for y'all whose kids still have that many days to go. Thankfully my daughter (4th grade, just turned 10) is done tomorrow. She normally would be going until the first week of June. Still, it has sucked at times. I don't feel that the curriculum has been that great for math, obviously music and arts is almost nonexistent, but at least for English they did a unit on The Westing Game. She was initially very excited because we read the Westing Game with her around a year ago and she liked it a lot. Then all of the COVID shit hit and discussions wound up happening via Zoom. It still wasn't all that bad.

    What was bad were the things my daughter had to write about and she would sit there locked up not knowing what to write. I work from home so I would go up and help her from time to time, but it's tough because I can't just tell her what to write or how to write it. She's not going to learn anything that way. I also have control issues because I come from an editing background at my work and I want to edit everything. So I just sit there and see what she wrote and tell myself to not take control, don't edit, see if she does it, and then talk it over afterwards. The problem is that my daughter is so incredibly hard on herself whenever she doesn't immediately know the right answer or have the best thing to write out and it sucks watching her struggle. We made it through some tough times, but it hasn't been fun. Thankfully my boss is more than understanding because she has one kid in college, another in middle school, and a younger one that goes to my daughter's school and so we're all juggling work/life balance.

    I will say that if nothing else, I've been incredibly proud of how much my daughter has been a self-starter with elearning. She gets up between 7 and 8, opens up her laptop, gets to work, stops at around 9 to make a smoothie for herself, has breakfast, gets back to schoolwork, and so on. I kinda wish she would also take a shower and get dressed first thing in the morning, but I'll let that slide for how much she has been independent since elearning started.

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  11. I'm definitely ordering the PPV. I have nothing else going on Saturday night unless my friends hit me up to play games early. As always, my main concern is with how terrible B/R Live is. I'm really considering using my VPN to just order it from Fite and not for the money savings. Fite has to be better than using B/R Live.

    EDIT: The best of all worlds would be if YouTube or YouTube TV had a PPV model, but they don't so here we are.

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  12. I think my favorite WWE match from the last 10 years is either CM Punk vs Cena from Money in the Bank or their rematch on Raw. I doubt this comes remotely close to being as good as that, let alone as good as the Bucks vs Omega/Hangman or anything amazing that's taken place in NJPW in the last 2 to 3 years.

    Hell, I doubt it winds up being better than Moxley vs Yano.

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  13. I swear to fuck, I will faint if I hear this the moment the coins drop:

    The world is not nearly that cool so there's no way in hell it will be Okada. Also, throwing Okada into a ladder match seems pretty dumb.

    EDIT: But man...what if. I mean, I'm already there for the potential pics of Chuck and Little Kazu hanging out again.

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