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  1. -89 Great American Bash show review -MVC dropping the titles to Rhodes and Windham on WCW Saturday Night -Bonesaw vs. Necro Butcher from earlier this year -OHNO VS. REGAL FROM NXT That's what I got right now.
  2. Lack of Jerry Flynn matches really hurts the Goldberg set.
  3. Halfway through Season 5 and right now, the only thing I'm thinking about is how much they just don't have that same zing Season 4 had (which is now on the short list for greatest show seasons I've ever seen). It really seems like they cut the legs out from a lot of people, and Gary Cole's my dude right now. Although Toby has continued to star. They really do kinda look like they are meandering until the next big event, whatever that is.
  4. John Leguizamo being in Kick-Ass 2 is beyond awesome. Big Dave in Riddick is also awesome.
  5. So I'm trying to figure out if THE WEST WING actually jumps the shark because it seems like after the incredible Season 4 that they've hit a brick wall in Season 5. I keep waiting for anything to jump out at me and it hasn't hit me yet, really.
  6. Um, well, I use archive.org for Los Livingston Brothers, our public radio show that my brothers and I do every week. So there IS that.
  7. Haha. Dolfan wins for Lebron and Wade being in awe of that spot.
  8. I actually hate the play-by-play guy. Has no appreciation for actual big spots. Constantly saying it's over when it's obviously not. Regal though...that dude is fucking incredible. When he keeps him in line, it's the greatest thing ever. Incredible talent, booking and actual linear story telling makes this the best TV show by far in wrestling. Not even close.
  9. I voted for everyone because fuck you.
  10. Saw this trailer before World War Z and, well, it looks like I might need to give this a chance and shelve my Battle Royale bias.
  11. That Goldberg match was fucking fantastic. And Goldberg worked that on a broken ankle.
  12. Corino's best match is Hardcore Heaven 2000...against Tajiri. Absolutely ridiculous.
  13. Lord Hentai? Since when did WWE debut a guy who was into animated Japanese porn?
  14. I'm pretty sure they had him win with it a couple of times.
  15. The two big ones in my head are a game where an umpire got hit with a broken bat and got taken to the hospital, and a player from each team alternated sides as base umpires. It was the most surreal thing ever. I also had a game where Travis d'Arnaud went gonzo off Matt Moore with a grand slam. There was also an 18-inning game where there were no hits for a 10 inning stretch.
  16. Just finished FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS. Not sure how much of it is full of shit, but Buzz did well here. Also loved the whole Reagan appearance. Now i'm reading SHADOWS OF THE EMPIRE. It's fine, but it's not THRAWN.
  17. Just picked up Virtua Tennis 4 on the cheap. Been playing FF6 and XENOBLADE MOTHERFUCKING CHRONICLES, too. Xenoblade is really becoming one of my favorite games ever very quickly.
  18. Mitchell might be the best non-Manos MST3K ever, too.
  19. Just watched GOD BLESS AMERICA and it's a really awesome dark comedy. Bobcat doesn't fuck around within the first five minutes (won't spoil it for some people) as it really is a crazy way to tell the viewers, "After this, either you're in or you're out." Strong movie.
  20. I'm going through this right now and it's REALLY fucking good. A few eps into season 4. The end for "America for Bartlett" is fucking MANLY.
  21. I was at the Chiefs/Raiders game in 2010 where the Raiders came back with a FG to send the game into OT and then won it in OT with it. Also, an awesome 49ers/Cardinals opener on Monday night where they won with a jet sweep. Me and EricR were at the Nationals/Giants game a couple months back where Gregor Blanco tripled off Rafael Soriano to send the game to extras and Pablo Sandoval hit a homer to end it that landed in Barry Bonds territory in right center. But the killers for me? I was at in #18 and win #19 in 2002 when the A's went on their 20-game winning streak: Tejada hits one off the foul pole to win it and then walks off with a single up the middle against a five man infield.
  22. Lincecum's never had arm issues before and has thrown a bunch of pitches in plenty of games before. He'll be fine, especially with the All-Star Break acting as a good place to rest the arm. If the Giants get back to .500, this is going to be one hell of a stretch run.
  23. As long as one of the belts is the APW Internet Title, I back the belt idea 100 percent.
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