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  1. https://www.instagram.com/p/CJCaURqj_PY/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link That's crazy. I remember MVP walking out with a black belt that said strong style in MLW once and laughing as it was lame, but the dude just won a BJJ tournament at purple belt and got promoted to brown belt which is pretty wild. He's 47. I'm a lot younger than him. That's an inspiration for me to get back in shape and start hitting the mats again.
  2. Byron opened the show saying "It's Monday and you know what that means..." and McIntyre also said "It's Monday and you know what that means, yeah, yeah, yeah."
  3. + They've basically RT'd almost every tribute Tweet from everyone on their roster across their different accounts.
  4. Let's really not do this, please. We're better than Wrestling Twitter.
  5. Hold up, Mourinho in the crowd at RAW when he was managing Chelsea? Chelsea Football Gaming @The Natural @Jiji @sabremike
  6. SmackDown has been the best weekly TV show all year, so it's cool seeing they got a high rating. Bryan/Jey was great and easily the best match they've had in their series.
  7. Speechless. I can't even pull my thoughts together. This just sucks.
  8. Dory Jr. choking Sheik with his own wrist tape while Terry headbutts Abdullah.
  9. Love how the All Japan boys help Billy Robinson free his leg from the ropes and then let him splat his head on the ground.
  10. Listened to a podcast with Dennis Rivera and Willie Urbina who is a Spanish AEW commentator and a former IWA and WWC commentator and producer. Dennis asked him about the AEW and Impact partnership and he said it was great as it created a lot of buzz and he wasn't told it was going to occur prior to it so it caught him by surprise. Dennis mentioned in his podcast with JDS he got heat with some close friends during an angle in IWA. He had a rivalry starting up with Savio and it was leading to him turning heel on his brother. They taped a segment at their house where Dennis was eating dinner his mom had cooked and she mentioned Savio to him and he got hot and went off on her and threw the food in the trash. After it aired on TV, his closest friends began going off on him and telling him he shouldn't be treating his mother like that and that he should make amends with Savio and he had to break kayfabe to them and tell them it was all a part of an angle and that the person behind the camera recording it was Savio. This was 10 or so years ago and yes kayfabe still lives in Puerto Rican wrestling.
  11. Yes sir, but it doesn't really the proper recognition.
  12. Let's hope they do... And let's not act like this is the first cross post as cross posting is a staple of this board.
  13. Maybe? I rarely read out of the main threads on here, so my bad if it's a repost.
  14. Listened to a podcast Dennis Rivera and Joe Don Smith. Dennis is Savio Vega's younger brother as I mentioned previously and JDS is a former Puerto Rican manager and wrestling personality. It maybe my favorite podcast Dennis has taped.
  15. Incredible match. Maybe the best shoot style match of all-tie.
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