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  1. Why do folks even bother watching if they dislike WWE currently so much? I'm currently checked out on their current programming, so I just check to see if the folks I'm interested are involved in matches and then just watch those. No way I'm spending 3 hours on a weekly basis on RAW.
  2. I guess she's doing her job if she's getting folks worked up despite being a sweet heart in real life, no? Anyway, been binge watching Finlay's SmackDown run on the WWE Network which I missed out on at the time as my interest in pro-wrestling at the time revolved around other pro-wrestling styles and promotions (mostly indys and Japanese pro-wrestling), but what an incredible run he had. Just endless great TV matches regardless of the opponent and he made everyone in the ring with him look like a world class talent. His WCW run wasn't as good as this run as he was booked differently/was on a different position on the card (before he went hardcore, which was still entertaining in it's own comedic way), but he had some quality 5 minute matches against the usual show stealing crew of Regal, Benoit, Eddie, Booker T, etc. Unfortunately WCW was so focused on WCW and the NWO (and rightfully so as that was the big draw) that Heenan and Schiavone spent 85% of his matches talking about that instead of what was going on in the ring, although Heenan would pop for Finlay's vicious offense at times. That ring apron trap spot was so neat. Wish someone would pick that up. The only thing I would take of WCW Finlay over WWE Finlay was the tombstone over the Celtic Cross as a finisher.
  3. It was a kayfabe promo. The majority of the WWE fans (i.e.; those who aren't super hardcore fans that know or care about outside of the ring occurrences) don't know about Hogan outside of the ring and to them Hogan is still the American "say your prayers and eat your vitamins, kids" Hero.
  4. Cardi B was tweeting she was a WWE fan and she mentioned Trish and Melina and they replied to her tweets and she was all excited.
  5. Shibatar Warrior: Shibatar Hogan:
  6. Problem is a lot of these smaller male JMMA fighters aren't draws. IIRC RIZIN biggest draws were Tenshin, Juju Auclair and RENA. Also, RIZIN doesn't really have the finances to run shows regularly as they usually run big shows and those cost a ton to put together like @Jiji said. HIROYA says he would accept a rematch with Shibatar which I wouldn't be surprised if it was announced for RIZIN 27 in March.
  7. I'm all for Drew/Goldberg putting on a 7 minute banger at Royal Rumble. Good sub 10 minute TV match with Lashley working as the big bruiser and Riddle taking some wild bumps. That corner bump on the outside was nasty. That finishing sequence was creative and neat. I'm all for these two feuding over the US title. Riddle has been coming along nicely on RAW with some quality singles TV matches against Sheamus last year and now this one against Lashley.
  8. Mark and smark remind me of JAPW who back in the day named a show "Smarts Only" which is I consider one of the worst show names along with this ROH gem:
  9. Slight Wrestle Kingdom spoiler:
  10. Booker T with a dropping Powerbomb on Finlay:
  11. Good shout. Been watching his WWE run as I wasn't watching WWE at the time and he was absolutely incredible. Just endless quality matches where he made everyone look like a star.
  12. Dean Malenko gets his fingers mushed by Finlay:
  13. Tenryu was great always, imo. He just continued to ride his greatness and got grumpier. Are we solely speaking of folks who continued working full time past their physical primes or also folks who solely began working a lighter schedule in the later years? If it's folks who began working a lighter schedule in the later years, then there's quite a few folks that can be mentioned.
  14. Please do. I know by February we'll be back to folks posting 10 images in a row within a 50 minute time span instead of editing their posts, so please turn this feature on. Otsuka counters a clothesline from with a beautiful throw on Funaki: Hoshikawa walkoff punts Otsuka:
  15. Start with the Murakami vs. Yuki Ishikawa feud from 2000 Battlarts. There's a bunch of tag matches and there's the eventual big singles match between them in November. Murakami & Otsuka vs. Ishikawa & Sano from March, Murakami & Taira vs. Ishikawa & Malenko from September, Murakami & Nagai vs. Ishikawa & Malenko from October and their singles match in November that I mentioned previously. Going back and revisiting this year, Daniel Bryan has got to be in ring wrestler of the year no? He missed 2 or so months on paternal leave and he still managed to put on some great matches with Bray Wyatt at Royal Rumble and on SmackDown Drew Gulak and AJ Styles in the first half of the year before his leave and then the quality series with Jey Uso. And I'd say my top 3 matches this year would be Ikeda vs. Ishikawa from wXw, Bryan vs. Gulak from Elimination Chamber and WALTER vs. Ilja from NXT UK.
  16. Oof. He should've let it be and ignored it. There's this tweet from a few years ago: "bulbous doughy body."
  17. Gulak has a pretty great Michinoku Driver as well.
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