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  1. I tuned in during Romero/Brunson, so I ask, how were the prelims until the flyweight fights? Anything I should go back and watch?
  2. Just re-watched Cena/Sandow and I thought it was awesome. This was worked somewhat like a main event with them breaking out big stuff leading to some hot neatfalls minus the kicking out of the finishers constantly which is a good thing. Cena made Sandows offense look great and even though it was a given Cena would win, it stil came off as if Sandow was going to pull off the upset at some points. The crowd was hot for the majority of the match and the commentary was on point too. I'm sure Cena's pulled off the AA countering the crossface like that before, but I haven't kept up with wrestling regularly in years, so I can't confirm that, but I still think it was an awesome way to finish the match. Fun stuff.
  3. This wasn't very good. Neither guy seemed to care and they were just going through the motions. Everything looked really weak even that knee that Takayama throws that's usually awesome.The NOSAWA ring apron ref. distraction lasted forever and wasn't very good. The finish was bad and the ring was really small. Yesh, this didn't work at all.
  4. I believe there's a photo of Abdullah Kobayashi on one of the BJW trucks.
  5. The guys you mentioned were Jr.'s with heavyweight frames. They also didn't wrestle like flashy Jr.'s. Considering they've worked in US indies like CZW and IWA-MS, I doubt they make $100 if that even.
  6. This is something that doesn't come up a lot, but how much does Japanese wrestlers make for each match? Seeing all the NOAH and Dragon Gate guys appear in ROH in 2005 regularly and all the Joshi wrestlers working in CHIKARA, Mayumi Ozaki doing death matches in the US and Sumie Sakai working in CZW, I'm guessing they're not making that much. How much would a big name like Jun Akiyama be making? How about a lesser ranked guy like Mohammed Yone? A Joshi veteran like Aja Kong? An indy wrestler like HARASHIMA? I know this is none of my business, but since MMA fighter salaries are usually made available and some WWE guys and US indy guys have talked about how much they make for appearance, I wonder how much a Japanese wrestler makes. I know the JMMA fighters don't make that much as Ryuto Sawada works part time at a noodle restaurant, but he's still relatively new and I've read about fighters like Shinya Aoki and Tatsuya Kawajiri saying they thought about retiring from MMA because they couldn't sustain themselves on fighting alone until PRIDE signed them. I know ONE FC now pays Aoki more than the UFC was offering to pay him and that's why he's turned them down on various occasions and Kawajiri recently signed with the UFC so I'm sure he's getting paid well too. I know they don't make a fortune since they have to go and open noodle and other Japanese food restaurants to sustain themselves.
  7. They've been running this match on other shows over and over with the same finish and it hasn't been great. One of them's on DailyMotion or YouTube, I'm sure. Link, please. I admittedly haven't been paying attention to wrestling since 2005 so I'm out of the loop and just coming back full circle so forgive my ignorance.
  8. Brock vs Bryan. Erections for all. Only if Bryan beats Lesnar with a kneebar.
  9. I haven't followed wrestling in years (probably since 2005-06?) since it got real stale and boring, but I've been getting back into it lately and it's been a blast. I watched RAW and despite what some of y'all are saying, I thought it was fine. I didn't pay much attention to the Cena match with that dude who's name I'm forgetting, but of what I caught of it, I thought it was a lot better than it had any right to be. The Orton/Kofi match was a squash pretty much with the surprise quick pin ending which was mostly made just made to mainly have Orton snap and attack Cena's father. I'm not sure it's going to lead to much for Kofi. The Rhodes brothers tag was a step down compared to how good their tag match was last week. I thought the ending was epic. Like most of y'all, I've been watching Danielson since the early 2000's when he was American Dragon with the ugly mask and it's been awesome watching him reach the level of immense popularity he has finally reached. Well deserved.
  10. Tough one when you look at it. I voted Floyd based on dominance and fight significance.
  11. Considering this is Orlando, FL, that's not a bigger fight than Werdum vs. Browne.
  12. I'm not aware of the consensus opinion on here on New Girl, but I really dug the first 2 seasons of the show. This season it's just lost it's charm and has become all sorts of annoying, although I'm sure most of you probably have found it annoying since season 1.
  13. Here's a much deserved bump to this thread. Is anyone still watching? I find this to be the one of the most consistently good sitcoms on TV.
  14. I'm guessing a Mighty Mouse title defense headlines since Werdum vs. Browne isn't the main event.
  15. Does anyone know who the the Rock's high school sweetheart from the "This Is Your Life" segment? She was a blonde chick that looked like SoCal indy vet VJ Love, but it's not her.
  16. It's funny how they give Curran a quick title shot when he doesn't really deserve one since Strauss beat him handily and Patricio Pitbull doesn't get one even though his fight with Curran was close.
  17. http://www.tapology.com/forum/events/17601-ufc/469426-UFC_160__Velasquez_vs_Bigfoot_2_?page=24
  18. What on Earth... did you SEE his fucking dive?? He went into the third row and nearly killed some tiny lady. In his mind, he's still in Mexico. He's awesome in that match. His superkick was fine. You have bad opinions. Etc. Yeah, because being able to do a cute tope con giro makes you awesome and stuff. Tell that to several hundred US indy and Dragon Gate guys who/have pull off that exact same spot etc. What exactly is it that you're expecting to see in a midcard juniors tag? He hit a gigantic highspot with perfect timing to pop the crowd. He stooged around and played his role, something a lot of people in New Japan have a lot of trouble with. That split spot was great, all his bumping was quick and intense, and it built to the title match fairly well. And his superkick was fine. And don't say it's "cute". And so on. Isn't El Desperado supposed to be a heel? At least that's what I gained from him. If so, the tope con giro wasn't exactly necessary. He should leave those crowd popping high flying spots to Ibushi. There's quite a ton he could learn about how to work a match without having to bust out spots like the tope con giro from El Samurai. And that superkick was ridiculously weak, but I'm not going to argue with you over that. It's pointless. He can learn a thing or 2 from Shinjiro Ohtani though about how a Jr. should throw flashy strikes.
  19. Brock Larson and Nobutatsu Suzuki will be headlining ONE FC 14. Yikes...
  20. This just proves how pointless the tournament format can come to be. 2 immediate title rematches with more than one tournament waiting for the title shot they won. It's funny/sad how fast Bellator's running through 2 quick title rematches they could possibly build to and use better in the future. I'm expecting they announced Newton/King Mo III soon.
  21. I remember watching Bermudez/Holloway and posting on Tapology how Holloway won the fight, but the judges would give Bermudez the split decision and minutes later that's exactly how it went down. I voted for Sanchez/Gomi, because it was the first one to come in mind, but Mr. Wonderful/Lyoto is the obvious choice in here despite the lack of action in it. It happening in Brazil makes it all the more awkward.
  22. If Khabib fought Nate, he'd toss him around more than Rory did which would've been good.
  23. It was during this episode when Raj and Howard are talking with Amy and Howard starts running down a list of girls who've turned him down.Solid ep. Sheldon was great in it from start to finish. That big dude who's name I forgot was fun too. The Bernadette bit with her returning to the store was dull.
  24. Masakatsu Funaki beat Yoshihiro Takayama (6:04) via TKO. This sounds great no mater how short it is or how old, past their prime, unmotivated and lazy these 2 are now.
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