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  1. That left hook that dropped Cornelius for the second time I believe it was, was brutal. Mikey Garcia schools Burgos as expected and a shit storm follows cause most people like 50 Cent considered his performance being unimpressive.
  2. I prefer Nurmagomedov vs. Bendo much better since Bendo's ranked higher, but I wouldn't mind this since even though Nurmagovmedov ragdolls Cerrone all over the cage. Also I have no idea how I'd score Bendo/Thomson since I didn't honestly pay that much attention to it, but I know it was pretty uneventful and uninteresting.
  3. Fedor actually drops Werdum and scrambles on the ground with ground & pound before Werdum catches him in the triangle as opposed to Weidman who was beating Anderson on the feet and on the ground.
  4. Warren gets his title shot against the winner of Dudu vs. Silva at Bellator 118 on 5/2.
  5. That's because they only fought once and Werdum didn't dominate Fedor like Weidman was Anderson until the stoppages. Except, you know, Weidman showed he could dominate Anderson in both fights unlike Serra. He isn't. Already been beat to death and clarified he's not. Rousey beat 2 women who shouldn't have even been in the cage with her. Her beating the biggest positive news, spearheading the 135 women's division, the TUF female fights drawing more than the men's have nothing to do here and her having more personality than Weidman do nothing for her here since this isn't pro-wrestling. You sure about that? Again, she beat 2 girls who shouldn't have been in the cage with her including 1 who was coming off an ugly KO loss. ...
  6. This argument has been beaten do death already, but have you seen any other of Anderson's UFC title fights? He always fought like that, but since he got caught that time people try to use it as an excuse that doesn't really work. Yeah, God forbid fighters raising their hands and celebrating their wins. How dare they? A lot of Bendo's decision wins were fluke-ish, but he still won. What's your point? That's as lame as grown men envying Justin Bieber.
  7. Considering Weidman beat twice and KO'd one of the top 2 greatest fighters of all time, I don't see why anyone would vote for Cain or Ronda over him.
  8. I watched the first couple of eps. but just gave up on it. It's just so uninteresting in every aspect from the coaches to the fighters.
  9. The Akiyama/Dieno interaction may have happened in DDT as I believe Akiyama worked there once years ago at a Korakuen Hall event. I maybe wrong though so don't quote me on that.
  10. Mikey Garcia/Juan Carlos Burgos is a great upcoming fight I'm looking forward to.
  11. Hugo Wolverine/Hernandez, Wineland/Jabouin and Little Pettis/Bruce Leeroy should be awesome fights from the prelims and all 4 top fight from the main card are decent.
  12. Had Vitor been an option, I would've voted for him. To me it was a toss up between Weidman and Cain, but I voted for Weidman simply because his first win over Anderson is a lot bigger than Cain's 2 wins over JDS even though they were complete dominations Weidman however gets the nod because he did what no one else thought was possible and dethroned the greatest middleweight of all time.
  13. This is a good winnable fight for MJ and much better for him than fighting Nurmagomedov. I watched the first episode and can't remember a single thing which isn't a good thing. I know the coaches are uninteresting. I know I'll watch episode 2 once I get some free time off on Sunday.
  14. I've watched all the episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine and I love it.
  15. The UFC's just milking the chance of setting up a possible rematch of a great fight which they'll be able to build up easy now that they at least have the chance to do it before either guy loses anymore fights than they already have.
  16. Tatame's reporting Shogun/Hendo II at a Fight Night card in Brazil in March. http://www.tatame.com.br/shogun-fara-revanche-contra-dan-henderson-no-ufc-de-natal-em-marco/
  17. If Rampage/Mo doesn't happen now, then they should just forget about it. It will be funny if this tournament leads to Newton/Mo III.
  18. Tough fight for Kennedy.
  19. No to KENTA/Morishima. That was just a really awkward match with a dead crowd until the end when they were going to wrap it up and no drama.
  20. They also have JAG, Georgi who's fun to watch and Gaethje who's turned into a decent prospect.
  21. As much as I wanted to vote Pettis/Bendo, Burkman/Fitch gets my vote. No one was giving Burkman a chance as everyone was expecting Fitch to take him down continuously and beat him by a boring UD when all of a sudden Burkman caught him in a guillotine choke and moments later Fitch was asleep.
  22. Where's Bigfoot/Overeem and Barao/Wineland? Either way, Weidman/Silva takes it just based on the significance of it.
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