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  1. Oof, got me there champ, am getting clowned now~
  2. Yes, it's highly annoying. Regardless of the photo thread, folks still spam the other threads with meaningless screenshots that don't really evoke any type of discussion as they are obviously seeking reactions.
  3. Except that ain't stopping folks from posting meaningless screenshots and/or gifs post event in the event thread.
  4. Have you seen the monthly photo thread? It's basically r/wrestlewiththeplot. Folks just posting stuff seeking reactions (wish RIPPA or one of the admins would remove that entire feature, btw).
  5. This, honestly. I like him when he's rambling about territorial wrestling, but when he gets into politics and religion, I just zone him out. I hate politics and have to listen or read folks talk about it everywhere else, so it's the last thing I want to hear from my wrestling folks too and our views on religion are entirely different, but that doesn't offend or anything, but he's not someone I'm interested in hearing religious commentary from. Thankfully whenever I listen to his podcast on YouTube, someone comments the time frame when the wrestling talk starts, so I can skip straight to that.
  6. I'll take a guess and say it's someone from the main roster -- maybe Kevin Owens.
  7. I wouldn't be surprised if the Noah deal was just Hammerstone getting some bookings overseas and not much else.
  8. Seen them at live events and they are far better than you would expect them to be. Not only does Stone bring the personality they were both missing, but they've also improved in the ring and don't look like two clumsy giants.
  9. RFEF and Rubiales being unprofessional with Moreno, Lucho returning to take his job back, Poch getting unfairly sacked for Mou and Bale celebrating with that Welsh flag -- what a week in football it's been! And we still got Milan/Napoli, City/Chelsea, Madrid/la Real and the Copa Libertadores final to look forward to this weekend!
  10. They just announced CONTRA Unit vs. CIMA, Shigehiro Irie and el Lindaman.
  11. Muta? Yeah, I think I have to throw JJSB4 on my list.
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