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  1. Read the rest of the thread. A lot of folks have that match as their MOTN.
  2. I'd rather they keep those guys as far as possible from Cole. Aside from Dream, I really have no interest in another Gargano, Ciampa or Finn title match. Finn has really done nothing I've enjoyed in NXT since he returned.
  3. I have tickets for TakeOver and I'm already checked out thinking I have to sit through another big Ciampa/Gargano match and another big Cole title defense main event.
  4. This describes Adam Cole perfectly imo.
  5. Easily my favorite woman in NXT. She's become so good in such a short amount of time as she only began following wrestling when she joined the PC.
  6. Kind of burned out on NXT. Tegan/Dakota was my favorite match of the night. They brought the brutality. Seen Lee/Dijakovic too many times. Dug Rhea/Bianca keeping it simpler than everyone else with endless 2.99 kickouts, but thought the match was somewhat underwhelming overall. Tag title match felt similar to a lot of the other Broserweight Dusty Classic matches and Cole/Ciampa was exactly what you would expect it to be. Skipped Bálor/Gargano as these are 2 of the most uninteresting guys to me in NXT.
  7. "You want me to tell you what you saw in the fight?"
  8. Tito Ortiz is at the PC. He's going to have to do a lot of work in promo class.
  9. Even in Puerto Rico in 97 WWC booked the Aztec Invasion as they were working with Promo Azteca.
  10. I get that, the addition of Hawk to his list was odd because Josh is a Catch guy who has a list full of mostly other guys with Catch backgrounds or who worked shoot style at some point.
  11. Pogo botched fireball attack that probably ended up burning his own face and Goto just randomly throws himself into a pit of explosives trying to avoid the fireball because why not. I love FMW. They put on some great death matches and some incredibly comedic ones at the same time.
  12. Aaliyah just returned tonight at a live show in Tampa. Not sure why she took a break or if she was injured or something.
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