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  1. Edwin

    SOCCER - SPRING 2018

    Got back from my vacation in Italy and Spain on Sunday. Football related -- I visited the Allianz Stadium, San Siro, Wanda Metropolitano, Santiago Bernabéu, Mestalla and Camp Nou. The Allianz Stadium museum is magical and a must see for any football fan. The trophy room is particularly mesmerizing. The stadium is new and it's still in very good shape and the tour is guided in Italian, but they give you a headset which you can use to listen to a pre-recorded audio of what the tour guide is saying, but they are very protective of everything and don't let you sit or touch almost anything. You do get a chance to walk through the tunnel and through the dressing rooms, but at a distance. It has a small shopping mall on one of the sides that leads you to the stadium. Juve signed Perin while I was in Italy and he had his medical the day after I was at the stadium. The store is pretty big and neat and I was able to grab a Bernardeschi home jersey, a Dybala alternate jersey, a lanyard for me, a lanyard for my wife and a key chain. The San Siro was the most underwhelming tour. The stadium is pretty old and a the museum isn't really much of a museum and just a small room with a ton of old torn jerseys from Milan, Inter and a lot of other clubs they have played big matches against. Milan's memorabilia is stored near by at Casa Milan which I opted not to go to. The tour is done by yourself and you get a chance to visit both, Milan and Inter's locker rooms and walk through the tunnel and sit on the sideline benches. Not really worth going to unless you are bored in Milan. I didn't get anything at the store, but it's mostly Milan stuff and there isn't as much Inter merch and the store is smaller than Juve's. The Wanda Metropolitano, as a Colchonero is a magical place. I got watery eyed walking on the Paseo de Leyendas. It's basically Atleti's version of the Hollywood's Walk of Fame. There's a huge flag on the outside flying high and a huge "Coraje y Corazón" sign on the outside. Since we went on a Sunday, I wasn't able to do the guided tour, so I did the tour by myself with my wife. The stadium is new and in great shape. There's a ton of club philosophy material all over the stadium and you get to walk to their locker room, conference room and through the tunnel. Once you make it through the tunnel, they had the Europa League cup on display and they let you sit on the bench. They also had a small display of some of their trophies on the inside which were accessible and they had a small room dedicated to Fernando Torres. Another must see for any football fan. The store is awesome. It's 2 floors and there's a ton of merch. I got a Koke home jersey and a couple of days later we went to their other store at Gran Via and I got a Godín alternate jersey and my wife got a Saúl home jersey. The Santiago Bernabéu tour was pretty fun as they have a ton of historical trophies all over the place. The stadium is also huge. I'm an Madrid fan by any chance, but even I thought it was good and a must for any football fan. The Mestalla is an older stadium and could do with some reconstruction similar to the San Siro. The tour is guided, but the tour guide is lenient and you get to go through the locker rooms and take photos on the benches on the pitch and such. The store isn't at the stadium though, it's across the street. I was able to purchase a Goncalo Guedes home jersey. Another stadium that's not worth really going out of your way to see, but if you're in Valencia and bored, then give it a shot as it's relatively short. The Camp Nou is the same as the Bernabéu. The store however is far bigger. It's a 3 floor store with a ton of merch. I was able to get a Piqué home jersey. Aside from that, I was able to visit the Calcioitalia.com store in Rome which has a lot of merch. I was able to get a Gabriel Jesus Manchester City home jersey, a Sergej Milinkovic-Savic Lazio home jersey and a Francesco Totti home jersey there.
  2. Edwin

    SOCCER - SPRING 2018

    I'm baffled by Zizou walking. I thought he was going to get sacked when Madrid was struggling in the league and Copa, before he managed to save the season with another Champions League title, but I never imagined him stepping down on his own.
  3. Edwin

    2018 Non-Event General MMA Talk Thread

    Not that it means anything or really matters, but given the people in the UFC HOF, I think Bisping is a lock.
  4. Edwin

    SOCCER - SPRING 2018

    Way to go, Chelsea!
  5. Edwin

    SOCCER - SPRING 2018

    Yeah, Oblak's release clause is currently 100M and he's signed until 2021. After the Europa League he said it's up to the clubs decision if they want to keep him or not. I know they already made an offer to him which will or should increase his release clause. There is talk they are looking at the usual targets as his replacement -- Donnarumma and Alisson as expected and Leno in case they can not come to an agreement with him.
  6. Edwin

    SOCCER - SPRING 2018

    Alisson is far better than Donnarumma, so Alisson. If Oblak walks, he's going for 100M+. He is by far the best GK in the world with Ter Stegen right behind him. Yes, better than De Gea. He's won 3 back-to-back Zamora trophies and has been huge for Atleti when the defense has slowed down as the season has progressed. Do you guys genuinely follow Ligue 1 or is the Fabinho hype on here based on a handful of games and highlights?
  7. Edwin

    SOCCER - SPRING 2018

    Given Bale's CL final performance -- I could see Isco or Lucas (and Kiko, if it's Lucas, right?) for de Gea...
  8. Edwin

    SOCCER - SPRING 2018

    Spanish media already pushing the same fake JoseMa Giménez to Real Madrid from Atlético de Madrid again... They tried this last year and Colchoneros arrived at Atleti's training ground and asked Giménez to stay and not go to Madrid and just gave them this confused look and left. Months later he signed an extension with Atleti and he said he would end his career with the club if they were willing to offer him an extension until the end of his career... These are the same journalist who once tweeted a made up article where they said Filipe Luís was fed up with Atleti and wanted to leave... Only for Filipe Luís himself to reply to the tweet telling them it was a pure lie and he had never said that ever. Truly pathetic... The Sun levels of pathetic. The bias towards Real Madrid is obvious in the influence they have over them.
  9. Jiri Prochazka vs. Bruno Cappelozza, Saori Ishioka vs. Miyuu Yamamoto, Kanna Asakura vs. RENA II and Kyoji Horiguchi vs. Hiromasa Ogikubo have already been announced for RIZIN 11 on July 29.
  10. Edwin

    SOCCER - SPRING 2018

    Oh Madridistas, how times have changed...
  11. Edwin

    SOCCER - SPRING 2018

    The Spanish clubs continue dominating European football...
  12. Edwin

    SOCCER - SPRING 2018

  13. Edwin

    The Cody Rhodes/YB All In Show Thread

    10,000 of their closest friends... They can stream the event on FITE TV and there's 99.9% probability it will not crash.
  14. Edwin

    SOCCER - SPRING 2018

    Arsenal legend Nelson Vivas will be replacing Tiago as Diego Simeone's new assistant manager... + We are in for a treat from the Atleti sideline.