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  1. I know this is a sarcastic post and you are going to follow it up with a Seinfeld meme, right?
  2. This. Please. Need this one more time:
  3. This looks like it was taken at Fawlty Towers.
  4. Surprised they haven't made one of those "When you order authentic, when you order from Ali Express" meme's with this poster.
  5. This. It's not that hard to just ignore him and move on if he bothers you that much. And it's not true Cornette hates all modern pro-wrestling. Sure he hates something things, but as someone who's been in the business as long as Cornette has, I enjoy listening to him offering his take even though I don't agree with him a lot of the time. I do think he takes it a bit too far and needs to tone it down 2-3 notches as it comes across as childish sometimes. Anyway, he's actually a fan of and has praised Cody/Dustin, the Revival (because of their throwback cosplay), Riddle/Cole and WALTER/Bate to name a few.
  6. Am halfway through AMBITION from the wXw WTTF events from last week. Caught the highly praised Anti-Fun Police vs. Jay AA match and yeah, if you're a big "pro-wres is serious biz" fan, than I'd recommend you highly avoid it as it's straight up silliness from start to finish. I personally don't mind the silliness, so I was entertained by it. The big Gunns vs. Thatcher title match was fantastic. The prematch hype video was perfect as it detailed Thatcher's 2 year journey leading up to this moment and then the match had some dramatic moments where it made you think diversity would finally get Thatcher and he'd break before he eventually pulls it off. You know you've done a good job when you can evoke such an emotional connection that there's even fans crying along with Thatcher. Incredible moment.
  7. Yes, he also worked for ECW and worked in Puerto Rico as Pablo Marquez.
  8. I'm not a big Jordan Devlin guy, but am a huge Thatcher guy. This should be fun live regardless. Beautiful. Perfect for PROGRESS and a perfect way to rebuild Jinny. Have been catching on the wXw World Tag Team Festival events and I'll say Leyla Hirsch is about to become a big female indy name. She's a CZW Academy trainee with a legit amateur wrestling background. She did a tour of Germany working for wXw and training at their academy and she looked fantastic for so little experience. She's still relatively green, but she's been coming along nicely. If the WWE does proceed with the Mae Young Classic next year, I can see her getting an invite.
  9. Why not? Are we going to silence those with differing opinions to ours now?
  10. It was also reported Cain was done with the UFC and has signed with the WWE, so it is expected he will stick around after this match.
  11. That's the way they were building him up in EVOLVE before he signed with AEW.
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