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  1. Pretty sure Grimes/Myles is on the card as Myles was shouting "I'm going to TakeOver" after he beat Garza. Also, iirc Regal announced the finals would be taking place at TakeOver.
  2. Aaaaand I forgot to set an alarm and missed out on tickets for August post TakeOver tapings and now I have to begin digging around Stub Hub and Twitter for the next few weeks until I can find some.
  3. Not mentioned in the spoilers, but Thorne maybe feuding with whoever wins the tournament from what I could grasp. He stormed the commentary booth and took Mauro's headset after the ACH match and his match was against Wilde who was also in the tournament. I'm guessing they've recorded some stuff backstage or something we didn't see, but it does seem that way.
  4. And the just got wilder. Man, I love NXT. Noah was all-time fav. promotion, but being able to attend NXT regularly has changed that.
  5. Regal himself said they have so many talent on the roster they can't give everyone air time and that's why they are having this tournament. Also, based on reactions and performance alone -- I'd say Garza should win this. Edit: Also during Garza's entrance, he faked a high five at Kyle aka @FLWrestlingFan and Kyle full swung to high five him. It was hilarious.
  6. This is a spoiler thread and can't get the spoiler tag on mobile, but anyway, I saw Pete Dunne at Full Sail, but he wasn't involved with the show, which makes me hope he will be involved on tonights show.
  7. Was the case around these parts after the previous TakeOver, was the case around these parts after this TakeOver and will be the case around these parts after the next TakeOver.
  8. KUSHIDA/Gulak was fantastic. Not sure why it's not getting more praise around these parts.
  9. You should be fine with Stub Hub. Before I began a regular, I got tickets from Stub Hub and had no issues. However, the ones currently listed are UPS tickets, so if I was you I would buy them now just to play it safe.
  10. I'm in a pro-wrestling disinterest slump and regardless of all the criticism here, I will say I enjoyed this card. Riddle/Strong was fantastic and reminded me of how great Strong has been this year.
  11. Superluchas: AEW is already better than NJPW because they have women's wrestling. lololololololol
  12. Cody looks like he's going to be a speaker at a pyramid scheme conference.
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