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  1. Rightfully so. Also, there's tons of footage and networks to subscribe to if you want to watch those guys in NXT and 205 Live. It's not like fans are exclusively tied to watching WWE now a days as there's more footage than ever available now. Just to add to my previous post -- the "screw the 'E" stance only to continuously support them reminds me of a clip I saw yesterday on YouTube where someone called in on Info Wars and asked Alex Jones why he purchased 2 iPads after he continuously trashed Apple and he just basically brushed the question and began ranting about things.
  2. Not that it's the case with you all here, but this "screw the WWE" stance comes off badly when you constantly support the product by purchasing their merch, continuously subscribing to their Network and watching their events.
  3. So this Twitter exchange drama happened:
  4. Why isn't Garrini working for EVOLVE anymore? Ever since Stokley left and Catch Point broke up, Garrini stopped appearing on their shows. He was far great.
  5. I'm guessing this is their way of extending UE's tag title run?
  6. Edwin

    SOCCER - AUTUMN 2018

  7. Edwin


    Mecha Wolf vs. Carlito Caribbean Cool for the upcoming IWA Florida event... Sucks it's going head to head with an NXT Live event, if not, I'd go, but for some reason of the 2 IWA Florida event, 1 was on the same day as an NXT Live event and this one will make it 2.
  8. Edwin

    RIP to Tom 'Dynamite Kid' Billington

    One of my favorite DK matches: https://vk.com/video-68098508_170618943 DK, Abby and Baby Face vs. Inoki, Fujinami and TM.
  9. Edwin


  10. Yeah, those AJ rumors have been around for a bit as he has not signed a new deal with them and it expires in the next couple of months. And yeah, the reason is the travel heavy schedule as he wanted to spend more time with his family. It would be odd seeing him go though as I remember him saying one of the reasons he originally signed was because he wanted to have a set job working backstage as an agent or something with WWE once he hung up the boots. Given him leaving won't stop that from possibly occurring entirely, but him staying with WWE would give him a better shot at securing that position. Edit: Just read that PWInsider is reporting Anderson and Gallows contracts run until Fall of 2019, so they will be around for a little longer.