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  1. Super Dragon vs. Jack Evans is quite good. The finish is one of the craziest things I've ever seen.
  2. Spurs announced Reguilón and Bale and they also announced Bale won't be able to play for the next 4 weeks as he is still carrying the injured he suffered in the UEFA Nations League qualifiers with Wales.
  3. I know this is going to get me some flak, but you work somewhere for someone, they expect you to be and act a certain way and as an employee you comply. It's nothing major. Why does everything have to get blown out of proportion?
  4. Bielsismo! Their backline still struggles, but they are great in attack. This happened in MLS:
  5. Inter Miami signed Pipita Higuaín and he will be the highest paid player in the league. Oof. They wanted Pistolero Suárez, but he gained interest from European clubs and is likely either staying at Barça on the bench or agreeing to lower his salary and joining Atleti if they can sell some players (Hi Everton, please sign Lemar. Hi Fenerbahçe, please sign Diego Costa! Hi Arsenal, please sign Vitolo, no, you will not get Thomas unless you pay the release clause!). His transfer to Juve got dropped as Juve are in for City legend Džeko from Roma and Roma are in for Milik from Napoli.
  6. Booking aside, he just looked checked out and unmotivated in his matches. Like at that point he didn't even look like he was trying anymore. Watched that Nitro match he had with Booker T and oof did that match suck. Booker had that one electric comeback, but the rest was boring.
  7. Am going to lol if Bale can play 20+ games and stay healthy for Spurs. Also, they got an absolute gem in Reguilón. One of the best full backs last season in Spain.
  8. Thatcher/Priest is the best Priest match I've ever seen. Just an absolute banger of a match. He finally brought the intensity and looked great.
  9. Came here to ask about this. Can't seem to find much, just folks talking about it, what folks are saying is a poorly aged tweet from Ivelisse mentioning folks needing to sell and a clip of Thunder Rosa throwing a somewhat held back shoot punch to the mid section. Anyone know exactly what happened?
  10. Speaking of Bret Hart, was rewatching some of his WCW matches and oof, did his run there suck. Only memorable matches were the Flair Souled Out match and the Owen tribute match. Not only was he booked poorly, but he was obviously checked out and in cruise control.
  11. That was a really fun game. Liverpool got lucky today and their backline looked bad. Salah looked fantastic and of course was man of the match. As someone who watched Valencia and Spain regularly, Rodrigo is not that good, so I am not sure why Leeds splashed the cash on him when there's far better strikers with a cheaper price tag. Biesla is a class manager regardless and should have come away with a point today, at least.
  12. With this year being what it's been, I've had to rely on re-watching pro-wrestling mostly to get through most days. I'd say this entire re-watching has truly made me change my appreciation for most wrestlers -- I'd say Bryan Danielson, Chicky Starr, Rollerball Rocco, Yuki Ishikawa and Victor Zangiev are five wrestlers I'd feel more than comfortable putting in my top 10 now and I'd say my top 10 would be Hansen (mostly for due to his 90's All Japan run), Terry Funk (mostly due to his late 70's and early 80's All Japan work), Danielson (he's been incredible every time I've seen him this year and
  13. wXw in 2008: https://www.cagematch.net/?id=111&nr=16544 But yeah, Joey's not great in the ring, but his Spring Break shows are always entertaining.
  14. Yes sir which makes the entire thing even more bizarre. The meltdown once he got outed out was odd. He's a grown man and his replies were along the lines of "YEAH I BET U WULDNT SAY THAT TO ME IRL."
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