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  1. Was watching some stuff from the old NJPW USA shows and I did a quick Google search on Chad Collyer as he disappeared quietly 15 or so years ago. Read he's semiretired from pro-wrestling and is now a mentalist/magician/palm reader.
  2. Zangiev and Hashimikov vs. Anjo and Yamazaki from U Inter. Features some stiff strikes, some neat throws as expected, a beautiful Anjo weasel performance, a nasty heel hook and an epic finishing move. An banger of a match.
  3. Han vs. Kopylov from RINGS '93. More so a Han exhibition as he ties Kopylov's legs in some weird knots.
  4. Watched some of the matches from the Pat O'Connor Memorial International Cup tag team tournament from Starrcade 1990. That was rough. Rocco Rock was built up as a South African militia member and he got dropped on his head on a dive as Rick Steiner barely caught him. Salman Hashimikov and Victor Zangiev faced an Indian and Cowboy team from Canada who looked like they were untrained and Zangiev almost broke one of their necks on a belly-to-belly suplex attempt in which the other guy didn't even know what to do and just got face planted. To top it all off, the ref. was horrible and botched the three count and then for some odd reason that same ref. was still present in Hashimikov and Zangiev's next round match.
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