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  1. She hit Tracy in the face with the bat and that's when it goes over the top. There's also a cage match with Bull Pain, Tarek the Great, Sabu, Ian Rotten, etc. and Tracy goes bonkers in it, too. He's punching fools in the face, throwing chairs, pushing and shoving security and fans. It's great. I began following IWA-MS in 2004 when it got hot with all the big indy names. I had seen the big Hero and Punk matches before then, but that was it. This pre 2004 stuff is great, though. That IWA-MS ring is embarrassing. Maybe the grossest ring in wrestling history.
  2. Wolfie D vs. Ox Harley round 1: Wolfie D vs. Ox Harley round 2:
  3. I haven't seen much pre-2004 IWA-MS, but am watching some stuff now on Independent Wrestling TV and it was much crazier than I thought. Wolfie D shooting on Ox Harley. Tracy Smothers! Dude was legit nuts. He started a worked/shoot riot brawling with Bobby Eaton.
  4. White latino here. Born in Boston to Puerto Rican parents and no, I don't have a conga drum or Puerto Rican flag tattoos.
  5. I've read ROH has been putting up a ton of old matches on Honor Club, but I can't find listings for what they've uploaded anywhere. Does anyone know where I can find these listings or share what has been uploaded from 2007 and before? I'd greatly appreciate it.
  6. Just a far cry? Obviously Cena isn't going anywhere in wrestling that's not WWE, but imagine him and Akiyama teaming up in Noah and challenging for the GHC tag titles as Jun Cena.
  7. Signed up to Independent Wrestling TV and am going to binge watch/rewatch a ton of old IWA-MS. Already saw Wolfie D and Ox Harley throwing shoot fists at each other and somewhat of a riot breaking out. Wild stuff.
  8. One of the coolest wrestling gifs ever.
  9. Since @DEAN's now posting wrestling from Puerto Rico, we can swap roles and I'll post lucha.
  10. I began browsing around in 2002 and began posting on the rare occasion around 2003 or so and mostly just posted results from shows in Puerto Rico I got to attend so I didn't post anything noteworthy to most. I found this place through several other indy wrestling message boards. They would always talk about this board, so I eventually began browsing around as I was a kid back then. I did love the old top matches lists for WWF, WCW, ECW, Joshi, Lucha, etc. that were posted back on the site many years before the 80's projects. I also remember someone had this as their avatar: Don't recall who it was, but that was one of the coolest regular avatars back then. And someone also had a gif signature that said Pro-Wrestling in Japan was a sport, in Mexico it was a tradition and in America it was a joke with a photo of Vince. Oof.
  11. "DEATH VALLEY DRIVER... MESSAGE BOARD, SHOULD BE SPELLED B-O-R-E-D!" Wasn't Krone Meltzer someone Twitter now?
  12. Ojeda! That's a name I never thought I'd read around these parts. It's crazy how everyone knows it's all a work, yet how the local crowds still buy into it. Anyway, here's Chicky apparently getting his skull cracked by Invader #3 and a 2x4. Even includes him getting stitched up.
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