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  1. Got one of those 25 teal ones and they arrived today. Quality as always from Matt.
  2. Italian media already saying Cristiano wants to leave Juventus.
  3. That was an interesting result to City/Spurs, but man, these English clubs really need to work on their defense if they want to win this. So many fundamental defensive mistakes. Son is really good though. So are Ag├╝ero and Sterling.
  4. I'd be willing to pay double for NXT tickets if that will help WWE pony up the cash to the rights for Shane Strickland's Shaka Khan entrance theme:
  5. YEEEEES Oblak signed a renewal until 2023!
  6. If Wolfe saying goodbye to the WWE is an indication he's moving back down to NXT, maybe the Harper tweet is an indication his release is actually a work and they are sending him down to NXT also? At least that's what I hope for. I'm all for Harper NXT run with the new signings.
  7. EVOLVE -- their current roster is weak and heavily relying on NXT wrestlers. Maybe time to try and pick up Harper and pair him up with Kingston and the Unwanted.
  8. I hope we get a lengthy Big O run with the New Day. I'm all for Alexander Wolfe moving back down to NXT also if they intend on continuing to build the EU with him joining them as he was a member of Ringkampf. However, I could see them sending him to NXT UK as I think he would fit in well there and they need desperately need whatever star power they can get there. I'm surprised Dunne didn't get called up to the main roster. I thought he was the one NXT UK member that would get called up.
  9. Yeah, those bodybag bumps are from WM 33 weekend. He also got press slammed over the top rope in a bodybag by Ethan Page during that WM weekend. I was there for all the wild Darby matches from MLW. His craziest bumps there where when Sami Callihan darted him off the top rope into that GILT Night Club gold wall and when Joey Janela threw him off that wall into a stack of chairs in the ring.
  10. United's backline is a joke. Its laughable people still think De Gea is the best GK in the world, he's not on Oblak or ter Stegen's level and may not even be a 5 top GK in the world, but since he's plays for Mighty United, people buy into this propaganda. Fred is terrible. Sergi Roberto is still very underrated. Messi toyed with Jones who looked like Choshu after a blade job with that big band on his forehead and Smalling.
  11. First Ajax eliminates Madrid and now they eliminate Juve. Also, the GOAT just toyed with Manchester United. Regardless of tomorrow's results, Barcelona vs. Ajax is my pick for the final.
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