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  1. That’s really cool . Do you have any other pics from Japanese magazines of western events like this or know where I could find them ? Thanks
  2. Thank you sir. What was their best year as a tag team in japan ?
  3. Anybody reccomend any decent AJPW matches involving the bulldogs that are online ?
  4. Captions on pics where it’s not obviously clear who it is are always helpful and cut down on posts like this asking who is in the picture .
  5. A shame. Regularly heard him on F4W over the years. Seemed like a solid guy. Any idea of the cause of death ?
  6. Anybody know if this exists on tape? This has to have been a great match no ?
  7. Stunning Steve Austin Vs Greg Valentine ??
  8. http://www.angelfire.com/il3/nwowolfpac1/nashshred.jpg In case the Pic doesn't work.
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