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  1. Watched some '84 Memphis last night, particularly two matches featuring Rock n' Roll Express vs. Bruise Brothers.  I wish I knew the lead up to these matches, but I'm assuming that they stemmed from the Bruise Brothers attacking ref Paul Morton(Ricky's dad).  The first match is good just for the beating the Dream Machine took in the first couple minutes of the bout and the run-in by the Fabs as they just beat the dog shit out of Jim Cornette.  The second match was okay, but the heat after the end of the 2nd match, where the BB's beat up Paul Morton and jump out of the ring to escape Ricky, only for them to jump right into a rowdy fans and the ensuing 5 second fight was tremendous.  I wish I had lived in Memphis back in the day.  Those matches at the Mid-South Coliseum are great.  Oh, Porkchop Cash has a great 2nd rope kneedrop.  

  2. -Cesaro/Bryan was badass, as if it needed to be said.


    -No love for the speed of Big E. "The Cat" Langston getting back on his feet after being thrown over the top?


    -I'm with JBL.  If Titus could learn to work, there's gonna be a spot somewhere for him as a singles.


    -I missed the nipple shot!


    -Brad Maddox is easily hateable.


    -Sheamus' stock went up for me in his match.  It had to be hard working with a bruised thigh like that.  Oh, and that elbow he threw at Del Rio that knocked him off the apron was spectacular.



    Paul Orndorff vs Rudy Diamond.


    I remember watching this when I was a kid, and realizing it doesn't seem to be a good idea to piss Mr. Wonderful off. 


    Mr. Diamond did ask for it by rocking that tight-ass "PAULA" t-shirt...


    Koko Ware vs. The Patriot (CWA) - Koko murders the poor guy with a sick clothesline, stiff kicks and the brainbuster. Stiff as fudge.


    I remember talking about this in the Memphis viewing thread and thinking that the Patriot must've said something about Koko's mother or called him a REALLY bad name  to take a ass-whuppin' like that.  Good grief....



    BTW, this is officially my favorite thread.

  5. Personally, I feel that you should have proper respect for a situation. Putting on a hoodie and taking a selfie is NOT public support because that means you're of the opinion that you have some clout in the social media universe. When it became ABOUT the hoodie and not adequately learning about the case, that's when it became an embarrassment of riches. You have Twitter, Facebook, and everything in between, but you have no idea how to use them. If you're willing to put on a hoodie, it just means you're a ginormous tool who wants to fit in and feel important. If you're prostituting in the SAME PLACE where you're advocating changes in the justice system, you're incredibly out of sync with reality. 


    I disagree with everything you said in this statement, except for the last sentence. 


    EDITED because I'm not looking to start trouble.

  6. I declare war on any man who stands up for Bucky Larson and/or Jack and Jill. That's almost like funneling money into terrorism. I'm going to equate it as such. WHY ARE YOU SUPPORTING TERRORISM? 



    I....can't support Bucky Larson or Jack and Jill, so I'll agree with you there.


    Rippa, I'd answer you, but you have a habit of banning me for little things so.....it's your world.

  7. I saw the first Grown Ups and thought it was really funny.  I plan on seeing Grown Ups 2.  Fuck you if you can't watch a harmless lightweight family pick.  Not everyone wants to sit and watch some multi-layered plot of a movie.  Get over yourselves.

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