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  1. This show is a win just for the "CootchieTronic 6000" idea, but so far so every show has been good-to-great.
  2. I....can't support Bucky Larson or Jack and Jill, so I'll agree with you there. Rippa, I'd answer you, but you have a habit of banning me for little things so.....it's your world.
  3. Boo these nuts. We're all a bunch of nerds, geeks and misfits, but ADAM SANDLER MOVIES are where you draw the line??? Fuck outta here....
  4. I saw the first Grown Ups and thought it was really funny. I plan on seeing Grown Ups 2. Fuck you if you can't watch a harmless lightweight family pick. Not everyone wants to sit and watch some multi-layered plot of a movie. Get over yourselves.
  5. " And their investment into being world dominators, despite not explaining why monks would want this sort of power, is hot like fire." Wu did explain it: "I too have aspirations. I don't want to be a kung-fu thug forever!"
  6. Such a soothing taupe this Home Jersey is. Much better...
  7. And thank you for taking my suggestion! This is seriously my favorite "bad" movie. Clay's likeable, Hatcher was in her prime, a DEBORAH VAN VALKENBERG sighting, and a cool soundtrack that two haunting songs that are almost impossible to find anywhere. Like I said, I love this movie.
  8. I anxiously await for her to re-enter the real world and find out that she lost her job. Her tears will be delicious.
  9. Between this skin and my morning cup of coffee, I'm wide awake.
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