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  1. On my way to Lake Tahoe, somewhere up in the Sierra Nevada Range
  2. Prince showing why he is a god among demi-gods.
  3. Oh Kurt... http://www.cagesideseats.com/tna-impact/2013/8/2/4583486/kurt-angle-arrested-for-dwi-after-tna-impact-tapings-in-texas EDIT: Lulz at the comment section. "His car was hacked".
  4. 1984-1985 Memphis. I'm actually watching this right now. Talk about action packed hours! Great storylines, awsome clips from MSC, Randy Fucking Savage being a feral animal and the goddamn PYT's. Wish I lived somewhere where we could've gotten this show. Just awesome.
  5. http://youtu.be/9uC7eccMg98 I should hate this commercial, but I ain't gonna lie, the song is kinda hot.
  6. I'm not on, but I hope there was a mention about Taz's nod to Biloxi Blues proclaiming it was "Africa hot" outside.
  7. "Hi. If you'll be my date, I'll give you a free autograph."
  8. Best live was(I think) HBK vs. Razor ladder match at Wrestlemania. The worst was Tito Santana vs Rene Goulet in Hershey, Pa. Goulet was using the "claw glove" during this time, and he had it adorned with sequins, ala Michael Jackson. He literally had a clawhold on Tito for 15 minutes and everytime it looked like Tito would break free, Goulet would squeeze and put him back down. FOR 15 FUCKING MINUTES!!! First time I ever saw half the arena go to the bathroom at once.
  9. I guess you didn't happen to look three posts above yours.
  10. I knew nothing of the Stooges or Iggy Pop for that matter, but was always captivated by this picture.
  11. Sandow laying on the ground, wet and sobbing would be a great butthurt .gif.
  12. You beat me to it. Not one fucking funny scene. At all. My secondary vote is for Can't Stop The Music(1980). My mom took me to see this when I was a kid. Steve Guttenberg + Bruce Jenner + THE VILLAGE PEOPLE = DISASTER. This was in the Disco Era, but for fucks sake, I promised myself I would never watch it again. Albino Alligator is a pretty bad film also.
  13. Custody issue resolved. Score one for the good guys.
  15. Here's a surprising squash: http://youtu.be/sg82hJl3SXA
  16. I still can't forgive him for that salmon jacket. You sir, have no style.
  17. Watched some '84 Memphis last night, particularly two matches featuring Rock n' Roll Express vs. Bruise Brothers. I wish I knew the lead up to these matches, but I'm assuming that they stemmed from the Bruise Brothers attacking ref Paul Morton(Ricky's dad). The first match is good just for the beating the Dream Machine took in the first couple minutes of the bout and the run-in by the Fabs as they just beat the dog shit out of Jim Cornette. The second match was okay, but the heat after the end of the 2nd match, where the BB's beat up Paul Morton and jump out of the ring to escape Ricky, only for them to jump right into a rowdy fans and the ensuing 5 second fight was tremendous. I wish I had lived in Memphis back in the day. Those matches at the Mid-South Coliseum are great. Oh, Porkchop Cash has a great 2nd rope kneedrop.
  18. Took this pic while I was pumping gas. Gotta love funny scofflaws.
  19. You know that's not Dennis Farina, right?
  20. -Cesaro/Bryan was badass, as if it needed to be said. -No love for the speed of Big E. "The Cat" Langston getting back on his feet after being thrown over the top? -I'm with JBL. If Titus could learn to work, there's gonna be a spot somewhere for him as a singles. -I missed the nipple shot! -Brad Maddox is easily hateable. -Sheamus' stock went up for me in his match. It had to be hard working with a bruised thigh like that. Oh, and that elbow he threw at Del Rio that knocked him off the apron was spectacular.
  21. I was 8 or 9 when I saw Tony Garea and Rick Martel get into the same car as the Moondogs in the back of the Zembo Mosque...about a half hour after they had just wrestled on the card that night. Called bullshit right there, but I never let that lessen my love for prowres.
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