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  1. As the father of a daughter, I was embarrassed for 'ol Billy Ray. As a man, I was like, "how can you twerk without an ass"? As a deviant, I was like, "I could've gotten you a better price on your coke".
  2. I just found out who Los Matadores are. Fuck WWE. Seriously. Maybe they did this so when Generico comes up, they can tell him not to promote his Ole chants to the crowds. Nah, the 'E couldn't be that petty...
  3. Ah, to have the days when Hollywood Cibernetico was the most pestering troll on this board...
  4. It means instead of flaming with your dumb ass, I'd edit my statement out.
  5. We're gonna label this under AWESOME: http://youtu.be/eepUcyxw_XM
  6. Someone struck a nerve. Yes it did. It reminded me of that skinny little loudmouth douche that would try to pick a fight with you, while he's standing five feet away from the cops. I hate guys like that.
  7. This might not have been his greatest match, but this definitely shows how great of a heel he was when he hit his stride. And Jae, you'll appreciate his PUNCHES!!!
  8. I had a Japan Comp tape, and I'm not even sure what promotion it was, but the match match was Lioness Asuka vs. some naked guy whose only garb was a Tiger Mask...mask. And when I say he was naked, I mean he was butt-ass naked. It was mainly comedy(topped off with the guy breakdancing, doing the windmill, er...sorry, a Spinaroonie to you youngsters). I lost that tape and I still don't have any info on the match, but that was definitely weird and out of place.

    The Cover Shtick

  10. http://youtu.be/s258UigTmcU http://youtu.be/V1hT2u1jwcs
  11. http://youtu.be/lUbg5fg9SdU
  12. Boy, this new school of posters just....yecchhh.........
  13. -What was up with the finish in that tag match? Who messed up, Nattie or the ref? -Nice to see HHH steal the babyface pop for pedigreeing Maddox. It definitely would've benefited a wrestler being the first one to hit him. -Brock promo: Believable. -Punk promo: *comment redacted* -Uso's are starting to grow on me. -JOHN CENA: ULTIMATE WHITE-MEAT BABYFACE.
  14. I got put onto this last year. Suddenly Dr. Dre doesn't seem like such a genius, seeing as he lifted the whole damn instrumental: This one too:
  15. Mind you, I couldn't/can't stand Nirvana, but Jesus, is this song haunting considering Cobain's tragic end.
  16. I think the Roadies vs. The Fabs in Memphis might've been their best match that I have seen.
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