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  1. I'm curious, because over the last few weeks of reading posts, I'm convinced that the median age in these parts of the web is around 20. I'm 40, and I feel like surly old man compared to most of you.
  2. Could you imagine the internet during the '80's? "The Horsemen never got their comeuppance" "How come Roddy Piper has never been pinned?", etc. You fucking guys are a bunch of entitled mofo's, I swear...
  3. My favorite WM hightlight package: wish there was a better quality vid, but this was the best I could find.
  4. Has anyone ever seen the Cracking Up with Jerry Lewis? I haven't seen it since I was a kid and I know people give Jerry alot of shit, but damn was that one of the funniest movies I ever saw! The running gag with him trying to quit smoking, the first five minutes of the movie and this: http://youtu.be/J5MpO9grPpk It looks like the whole movie is on Youtube, and I anxiously await to go home and watch it again to see if it holds up.
  5. After watching Titus O'Neil on Main Event tonight, I'm now convinced that with a little more seasoning, and if he can work out some of his awkwardness and stay healthy, he's got a chance to really do something big in the "E".
  6. Speaking of theme songs, I really wish they would bring back the PTP'ers original entrance music. It's a million times better than what they got now.
  7. As the father of a daughter, I was embarrassed for 'ol Billy Ray. As a man, I was like, "how can you twerk without an ass"? As a deviant, I was like, "I could've gotten you a better price on your coke".
  8. I just found out who Los Matadores are. Fuck WWE. Seriously. Maybe they did this so when Generico comes up, they can tell him not to promote his Ole chants to the crowds. Nah, the 'E couldn't be that petty...
  9. Ah, to have the days when Hollywood Cibernetico was the most pestering troll on this board...
  10. It means instead of flaming with your dumb ass, I'd edit my statement out.
  11. We're gonna label this under AWESOME: http://youtu.be/eepUcyxw_XM
  12. Someone struck a nerve. Yes it did. It reminded me of that skinny little loudmouth douche that would try to pick a fight with you, while he's standing five feet away from the cops. I hate guys like that.
  13. This might not have been his greatest match, but this definitely shows how great of a heel he was when he hit his stride. And Jae, you'll appreciate his PUNCHES!!!
  14. I had a Japan Comp tape, and I'm not even sure what promotion it was, but the match match was Lioness Asuka vs. some naked guy whose only garb was a Tiger Mask...mask. And when I say he was naked, I mean he was butt-ass naked. It was mainly comedy(topped off with the guy breakdancing, doing the windmill, er...sorry, a Spinaroonie to you youngsters). I lost that tape and I still don't have any info on the match, but that was definitely weird and out of place.
  15. MADCAP

    The Cover Shtick

  16. http://youtu.be/s258UigTmcU http://youtu.be/V1hT2u1jwcs
  17. http://youtu.be/lUbg5fg9SdU
  18. Boy, this new school of posters just....yecchhh.........
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