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  1. I figured out what's bugging me about the Uso's. They're not as athletic as they seem. Sure, they can dive over the ropes, but any other hops that they have that are based on the mat are very little, they're side kicks don't connect to people's heads that often and they're forearm strikes are weak as fuck. I still like them, but I like my prowres Samoans to be a little more uncivilized and "surprisingly agile".
  2. "You said you wanted some competition Bro..."
  3. Every time I see that name I'm reminded of Jerry Seinfeld's routine about the cab driver. Which was funny for me because the name of the cab driver is my real name. And I've never heard my name anywhere else, except for the play I was named after.
  4. BOO THIS MAN. Great show. It managed to me really hate Steph, LOVE the Miz segment and gave me one fantastic match and ending. I have no complaints.
  5. FUCK YOU SOCIAL MEDIA. So the new Miss America is of Indian descent. Big deal. The tweets that I read just make me sad. "Post-racial America" my nuts...

    2013 NCAAF Week 3

    Johnny Football = BMF
  7. I fully expect one of you fuckers to post a .gif of Miz twerking by the end of the night. Seriously. Do it.
  8. Wasn't on the Steve Austin Show, but Sunny just did a AOW podcast and jesus fuck, does she come off as really unlikeable. Even Colt sounded uninterested in her. What really annoyed me was how she kept saying "I'm a very smart person". Methinks thou doth protest to much...
  9. EDIT: It looks like Piranesi posted this in another thread.
  10. If someone could post the blurb in Jericho's first book about the Penis Colada, that'd be great...
  11. We all know the movie sucked, but when the trailer came out, you were creaming your pants just like me:
  12. I'm heading to Atlanta this weekend, I'm told the eastern part. Can anyone recommend a good little jazz club or a cool dive bar?
  13. This was the point I was trying to make in the Land of Confusion forum. You don't know who Iceman Parsons is??? I don't wanna live on this planet anymore...
  14. Well we all want to do that anyway. . . .Hell, Eagles fans want to shoot Eagles fans. Nobody wants to see us on the streets... Also, RIPPA, could you please put back your old avatar, the guy facepalming. It was always so apropos to your NFL posts.
  15. Yes, under optimal conditions, we age considerably well. I always keep facial hair because I still get carded for cigarettes to the point where it's freaking annoying. I've knocked over many a counter display due to some 17 year old carding me. My usual response is, "if you can't discern that I'm over 18 with my visible gray beard hairs, well then you deserve to work where you work".
  16. Read through the wrestling forums and tell me that again. It's not so much the infantile posts(which I'm guilty of from time to time), but the fact that folks don't know or haven't heard of some wrestlers of the '80's. Makes me feel older than what I am.
  17. I'm curious, because over the last few weeks of reading posts, I'm convinced that the median age in these parts of the web is around 20. I'm 40, and I feel like surly old man compared to most of you.
  18. Could you imagine the internet during the '80's? "The Horsemen never got their comeuppance" "How come Roddy Piper has never been pinned?", etc. You fucking guys are a bunch of entitled mofo's, I swear...
  19. My favorite WM hightlight package: wish there was a better quality vid, but this was the best I could find.
  20. Has anyone ever seen the Cracking Up with Jerry Lewis? I haven't seen it since I was a kid and I know people give Jerry alot of shit, but damn was that one of the funniest movies I ever saw! The running gag with him trying to quit smoking, the first five minutes of the movie and this: http://youtu.be/J5MpO9grPpk It looks like the whole movie is on Youtube, and I anxiously await to go home and watch it again to see if it holds up.
  21. After watching Titus O'Neil on Main Event tonight, I'm now convinced that with a little more seasoning, and if he can work out some of his awkwardness and stay healthy, he's got a chance to really do something big in the "E".
  22. Speaking of theme songs, I really wish they would bring back the PTP'ers original entrance music. It's a million times better than what they got now.
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