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  1. How about interacting with someone that their familiar with. That sound better Vic?
  2. Maybe you "socially awkward" guys should approach women just like you do a man. When you approach a women, and the vibe you give off is, "I'm trying to talk to you because I want to fuck you", you've lost the match already my friends. Treat them as a person...and for God's sake, don't start trying to get all of her personal info out of her within the first hour of talking to them. Comes off creepy....
  3. I thought altogether, the wrestling wasn't bad, save the Santino match. I thought it was a good show.
  4. Yeah, but the same story has been around for years by various people(Jarrett, Lawler, Kamala, Lance Russell).
  5. So I'm watching old episodes of Memphis wrestling and I came across this(start at 38:20): Doesn't this put the story about Lawler first meeting Harris backstage and sending him home so he could create the Kamala gimmick because no one had ever seen him before, at odds?
  6. It wasn't really a snub, but Lawrence Fishburne should've gotten an Oscar for What's Love Got To Do With It. Unfortunately, he was up against Tom Hanks(Philadelphia), Daniel Day Lewis(In the Name of the Father). and Liam Neeson(Schindler's List).
  7. Tom Berenger should've won Best Supporting in 1986, but be fair, he was going up against Michael Caine(who won), for Hannah and Her Sisters, and Dennis Hopper for Hoosiers.
  8. I'm not saying the Armstrongs were weak either, but out of the whole clan, Scott should be designated the "weak member of a strong family". Besides the Dixie Dynamite gimmick, while he wasn't bad, he was bland.
  9. If Ricky had lived, he more than likely would've been a better worker than Robert. Hell, he invented the Gibson Leglock! I think Randy Mulkey was the better bumper of the two.
  10. Go home Gravity, you're drunk...
  11. Dr. D telling it like it is: I was gonna put this in the How NOT to Cut a Promo, but this is so fucking classic. Laughing Mean Gene is always a win.
  12. Obviously, this man wouldn't fully commit to his Blue Falcon costume at the NY Comi-con
  13. http://youtu.be/f2AjPfHTIS4 About as perfect an introduction to the masses as you can get.
  14. Really am starting to feel that the show is starting to pick up a little steam. I enjoyed this episode a lot. Also: GRAVITON!!!
  15. 17 replies and I still don't know what the fuck this thread is about.
  16. And that's a sh And that's a shame because it was one of the new fall shows I started to watch. It wasn't bad, it just had a shitty timeslot.
  17. If you go to Maui, you should definitely take the Road to Hana, which is basically a trip around the island. It's so beautiful. Also, you might want to try the Haleakala bike tour. They take you up to the top of one of the higher elevated towns(Kula) by bus and then the tour guide lets you coast all the way downhill thru the little towns all the way to the beach. Lastly, try camping in the Haleakala Crater, just to watch the sunrise. You'll see few things as beautiful as a sunrise in Hawaii. When I lived there, I did it at least once a month.
  18. It means, if you're looking for a fight, look no further.
  19. We had a dinner for my class reunion over the weekend. My good friend here learned the hard way that he's no spring chicken anymore as about half the bar spent the evening getting their picture taken with him...like so. P.S. This was taken at 10:30 in the evening, party started at 9.
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