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  1. For a minute there. It looked like they were doing the alt-right "OK/WP" signs...
  2. Meanwhile, everyone's all bunged up over the Sexy Star incident...
  3. Cena's shoot promos suck, save for the Rock one. I knew it was scripted when he accused roman of being the very thing that HE is. It came off fake as fuck, because there were a lot of things Roman could've said to counter that bullshit. I mean hell... didn't Dave just report that Cena had/has a hand in stopping Corbin's push?
  4. If he was quick enough, he could've used Kenny Dykstra or Mickie as examples of Cena burials.
  5. It wasn't their fault that Garvin got hit with a cosmic fireball. Couldn't Tony Schiavona understand that???
  6. My most shocking one as a kid:
  7. What the fuck was Sasha wearing during her entrance and why did she look so unhappy about it???
  8. Cracking Up was one of those movies I watched on HBO constantly when I was a teenager. The guy really was a master of slapstick comedy. https://youtu.be/KtqFEpZOfuM
  9. I wouldn't be surprised if this was a misdirection and they have Corbin destroy Cena at SS. If not, I'm okay with them killing his push.
  10. Maybe is wasn't wasted talent, rather he was just a free spirit doing what he wanted to do.
  11. BLIMEY!!! How does that fucker even walk around anymore???
  12. I think this is where the "You fucked up" chant originated, yeah?
  13. I'm a day late, but 18 years ago, I heard the greatest pop from this crowd.
  14. Ray Donovan already has me pissed off with its non-linear storytelling.
  15. And this right here is the sole reason this was hilarious. I tried not laugh, and I was all ready to write a diatribe about how these skits were no better than the skits GLOW used do, but as soon as I saw Arn's face, I burst out laughing.
  16. Why is it so hard for folks to just skip ahead when the ads come on. We're so spoiled. Our society is gonna turn into the people from Wall-E...
  17. Conrad isn't a journalist. He's just a rich fan (or money mark) who got friendly with some wrestlers and decided to do some podcasts because he genuinely loves the biz. Holding him to some kind of standard is ridiculous. He gives better podcast than Edge and Christian or Konnan's crew.
  18. Between her interview on Jericho's podcast and her match tonight, I'm seriously becoming a Nia Jax fan. That running clothesline to Dana Brooke was everything.
  19. I popped for Bronn eyeing up the dragon like Chief Brody.
  20. To throw orange wedges at his ass???
  21. Not the greatest promo per se, but it does have the greatest run-in ever I love this so much
  22. I haven't seen a whole lot of Nak in Japan, but has he done that move to anyone close to Cena's size?
  23. R.I.P. Cena's neck ...and Gable's push.
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