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  1. Just finished the third episode and I’m really digging the more mature slant.
  2. It sounds more like he lost the will to fight. RIP to my absolute favorite wrestler.
  3. Word has it Dynamite Kid passed away. (Per Marty Jones)
  4. Ironic that his last cameo cane in a DC movie.
  5. My favorite part of the opener was the wrestle mania callback tease of when Trish grabbed Mickie in a headlock, and the brief look Mickie gave...
  6. Middle of the pack brawler??? He was an awesome brawler and his promos in GCW were insane. My pick would have to be Edge. Cool(to some) look and personality, but I can’t think of any singles match of his that has ever impressed me.
  7. I think your jumping to conclusions. This is the same lady that he's been trying to get out of his home. In light of what happened to Reuben Foster, I'm reserving judgment.
  8. This pains me to say this, but Miz not only looked great last night, but he hung with those two like he belonged. Don't really know who Bianca Belair is, but I marked when she turned her hair into a whip. That was awesome. The first two minutes of the Asuka/Flair match was the best feeling out process I've seen in a long time. Put me in the "wrong woman won" category. I know by all accounts, Jinder is well-liked backstage, but c'mon son... Rhonda was such a great hot tag, that I started laughing with glee. Kudos to Stephanie for emoting the fear of God right before Rhonda slapped that arm bar on her. It came off really sadistic. New Day's set was ridiculous. I literally had to put my joint out when I saw the little pancake guys doing the worm. It was too much for my mind to process.
  9. Rippa must have 'ol Madcap on ignore...
  10. Report coming out that Terry Garvin Simms passed away. You
  11. Yeah, it's not like he's working for Lucha Underground, so his career must suck.
  12. JYD should've went over Valentine at WM 1. Dog's popularity window closed after that match.
  13. The Gladys "Kill 'Em" Gillem Memorial Battle Royal sounds like a winner to me.
  14. Ethered? That was the generic Indy wrestler respnonse. I was expecting something more...clever.
  15. As could most people. It was the level of violence that was shocking.
  16. Rewatched the Snuka face turn, and realized that this angle(along with the Piper turn in Georgia) was the first major face turn that ever effected me. I was scared TO DEATH of Captain Lou and Ray Stevens, and I had no idea who Stevens was( this was his WWF debut). It was one of the scariest things I had seen at that point in my life.
  17. I'd love to see a Batman and the Outsiders movie. I think today's special effects would help translate Metamorpho and Geo-Force's powers to a live action movie.
  18. Kelce is Philadelphia's spirit animal.
  19. @Fowler, what's their excuse? http://www.12up.com/posts/5969507-video-numerous-arrests-made-during-patriots-fan-riot-after-super-bowl-loss?utm_source=facebook.com&utm_medium=share
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