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  1. 3 hours ago, Craig H said:


    Well WTF, there's no spoiler button on the fucking mobile version of this website. Dammit anyway.

    I'll save my hypothesis for later.


    I’m with you. I’m not eloquent enough to really put into words how I felt without spoiling it, but damn there were so many things I want to discuss. 

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  2. Just finished season 2. Zabka deserves some kind of award. Who would have thought that he would turn out to be a really good actor? 

    Pretty good season over all even though some of the callbacks were a little cheesy. I did pop huge for one particular episode because  one ironic callback from the first movie. 

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  3. Rewatching the ppv now and I just finished everything but the main.  My quick thoughts:

    -I’m sold on the War Raiders now. I think Hanson gets a little cutesy showing his agility but it’s not really a gripe. 

    -Dream’s best bet is to stay in NXT lest he go the way of Tyler Breeze. 

    -Matt Riddle would be a great heel. 

    -Bianca Blair is strong as fuck. I think she’s gonna be great in a about a year. 

    -Adam Cole would be a superstar if he had a grown man’s body. 

    -I loved the last 10 minutes of the main. I agree with all the negative that was posted about what was wrong with the match, but me and my little girl were screaming at the tv at each pinfall. That memory alone made that a 5-star match for me. 

  4. 2 hours ago, Ace said:

    They interviewed Abdullah, wow.  I think it's the first time I've seen him talk. And Tony Atlas's story sounds like bullshit trying to put himself over.




    I actually thought Abdullah was the one full of it. At least Dutch corroborated that there was an actual meeting. 


    I think Atlas is still legit fucked up over it still. If you’ve ever witnessed a murder firsthand, you’re always gonna be frazzled recounting it. 

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  5. Hot take: Velveteen Dream is the Carlos Mencia of wrestling. I like him, but his move set is a Greatest Hits package of the most overused moves of the past 15 years, but he has that weird charisma that lets him get a pass.

    I did pop for the back rake tho. 

  6. 1 hour ago, AverageKong said:

    Womens Tag had

    Watching Sasha and Bayley chase would have been more interesting imo so I was really pulling for the Iconics or Nia/Tamina. The Iconics really needed this moment to grow. Both girls can work, 

    1 hour ago, AverageKong said:

     The Iconics really needed this moment to grow. Both girls can work, they've got a decent gimmick going.  

    I respectfully disagree  They did have some cute double team maneuvers, but they’re strikes were either off the mark or incredibly sloppy.  


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