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  1. Remember when Brock got squashed by Goldberg in 5 seconds and everyone loved it? I do, and that’s why I didn’t mind Kofi getting squashed. Would I have loved for Kofi to have his reign ended in a better way? Of course, but I’m the end he’s not gonna lose any heat and honestly, he’ll be more fun to watch chasing the title. 

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  2. 14 hours ago, Craig H said:


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    The season and really the series goes out of its way to show how much of a cancer Alex is, they have Larry of all people accurately describe Piper and Larry even says that knowing how self-destructive Piper is she'll just wind up with Alex instead of Zelda, Piper's dad came to terms with Piper being gay and actually likes Zelda, Piper herself makes all of these great strides in being a healthier person and she's happy with Zelda and they show her being miserable because of Alex, and the ultimate end to Piper's story is...she really is that dumb and self-destructive and winds up with shitty Alex instead of Zelda and the episode makes it look like a triumph?! What in the fuck? Why would the real Piper think that was a remotely smart or good direction for character Piper to take?


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    Piper winds up with Alex, Taystee doesn't get justice, Daya and Aleida are beyond fucked up, the one immigrant sent back to Mexico is likely going to die out there in the desert, the new warden is the worst choice imaginable, Cindy is homeless, Blanca gets her freedom and immediately gives it away, and a bunch of other stuff I'm forgetting.

    None of that is uplifting or happy, but the way Kohan portrays it in the final episode, it's meant to look uplifting and like things are ending on a high note. It's just completely out of sync with the rest of the season. And look, I probably don't have any of these problems if the finale looks as dark as it actually was. I don't need a totally happy ending where everything works out for everyone, but it's just a total fumble.

    You’re right. There wasn’t a lot of comeuppance. The warden getting fired was another wtf. 

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  3. 21 hours ago, Craig H said:

     At least the stuff with Taystee was good.

    I hated how she didn’t get justice, but the snitch had a happy ending. 


    Also, the immigration inmates really had really sad fates. 

  4. Now that I’m finished:

    -it’s weird hearing Hogan drop f-bombs. 

    -sounds like he’s done with Beefcake after hearing him describe their relationship. 

    -I’m fucking disappointed but not surprised that they didn’t address the racism controversy. 

    -I’m satisfied with his response regarding heat between him and Punk. Shit happens sometimes and in sure super-sensitive Punk’s ego would never accept it. 

    -overall, I’m pleasantly surprised at how humble and open Hogan was. Doesn’t change my overall feelings about him, but a good interview is a good interview. 

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