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  1. Peep the BC interview. Turns out, when they were interviewing the NE members, no one knew what the others POV was about their history, and apparently there are hurt feelings again. As an aside, I was surprised that girls loved Ronnie almost as much as Ralph, then I forgot light-skinned dudes were IT back in the day(Prince, Al B. Sure). I thought he was gangly with a crazy Jheri curl, but did know he dressed sharp as hell.
  2. J.T. I owe you a big apology in defending Ralph Treavant. I listened to BBD on The Breakfast Club, and it sounds like Ralph is still a little sensitive.
  3. I'd really love your feedback after you watch.
  4. Without giving away too much, it's not that Bobby is painted as a heel, Bobby is just...Bobbying. And Ralph is portrayed more sympathetic in that while he had to do most of the work, he was loyal to NE when the record companies were trying to get him to become a solo act.
  5. Bobby is the only one who comes off as a heel, but even he is a sympathetic figure in the beginning. Their management are the big heels in all of this. NE got jerked pretty bad.
  6. Is anyone else watching the New Edition mini-series on BET? It's been better than I thought it was gonna be although, I do go into things I'm highly anticipating with a lowered expectation.
  7. My first thoughts when I read this were: Will he now be considered the Patron Saint of every Glass Joe that was KTFO and woke up in a haze with strangers screaming in their face? And: will people take selfies at his casket, yelling "WORLDSTAR!!!"?
  8. I need someone to explain to me the fuck John Cena is the baby face in this...
  9. Being that I went to college there(Indiana Univ. of Pa), I concur with his assessment. A lot of folks family trees don't fork there.
  10. EDIT: I see it was brought up in another thread...and this one as well.
  11. I'm thinking it has something to do with force-feeding someone cake.
  12. Do you believe that pro wrestling is an upper body business?
  13. Lawler is the carniest of carnies. I bet you he had a lot of input into that angle.
  14. LULZ at Nikki saying that Nattie only got to where she's at because she's connected.
  15. The movie in which I first developed a crush on her:
  16. Or for squares, he was CI that gave up Waingro in the movie Heat.
  17. I love this match too! Actually, I was gonna post this, but got caught up in the Briscos/Murdoch and Adonis match. Someone REALLY needs to make a gif of Murdoch selling at 50:55.
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