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  1. I just finished watching it. Bruh...I hope they replay that on SDL. That was a lights-out promo.
  2. Oh, how I'd love to see heel Usos vs heel Briscoes...
  3. Just meh. Eddie's right. Steph took me out of the show. Only two things of note to me: the New Days' tease and every time I see Charlotte in her black robe she reminds me of Lillian Von Schtup.
  4. Does anyone know if there's a backstory to Moolah squashing Velvet McIntyre at Wrestlemania 2? That just seemed...unnecessary. It's not like Moolah was wrestling Donna Christianello or anything.
  5. I like the 6:05 podcasts because of the great stories and history lessons, but it gets hard to listen to some times because he's such a mark for himself. Thank god for time stamps.
  6. When Evil 80's Clique (and Ralph Macchio) Collide:
  7. I've been listening for about a month. I thought I wasn't gonna enjoy Hub's wit, but he's pretty non-offensive. Plus, he got extra points from me for his CORRECT pro wrestling and hip hop references.
  8. Alshon Jeffrey to the Eagles!
  9. Wow, I just got done watching a bunch of mid-80s Mid-Atlantic this weekend particularly his feud against Black Bart and JJ Dillon. I read so much about him in Florida and wasn't let down by his work when he arrived at JCP. Great bleeder to.
  10. I finally got to listen to Tony Schiavone's pod. Instant "subscribe" after the clash episode. I love crumudgeony Schiavone so much...
  11. Still the measuring stick of all intros: "Sanctioned by the NWA...THE NATIONAL WRESTLING ALLIANCE!!!" It was like Pavlov's bell at 6:05.
  12. I await next year when you guys are spooging over Swagger's strong-style matches with Shibata in New Japan. *as this goes with my belief that Swagg will end up in NJPW at some point. *
  13. Listened to Raven's podcast today with his sidekick...Johnny Swinger??? Swinger is an idiot. That is all.
  14. I wonder how happy Nate Parker was watching Casey Affleck win an Oscar...
  15. After brawling for 48 minutes, they hate each other so much that the locker room empties to separate them.
  16. Great character actor. His role as Chet in Weird Science is one of the greatest 80's douchebags in cinema history.
  17. Watching Brisco vs. Piper in the Hidden Gems section as I type this, and holy shit is this great match and mainly it's due to Roddy being able to keep up with Brisco. This is a WRESTLING MATCH.
  18. So I've been watching a bunch of the Jumping Bomb Angels in 87/88 WWF. I just have to ask though, how prevalent was the powerbomb in the late 80's? I've seen people like Terry Gordy doing it in '82 in Georgia, but to see Judy Martin busting it out in '88 is still mind-blowing.
  19. Ivan's first gimmick, Red McNulty:
  20. At least I know when it'll be time for me to refresh my drink or go to the bathroom…
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