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  1. 11 hours ago, The Comedian said:

    PWI had a lot of weird name quirks like that. Like they refused to put the "Jim" in between "Hacksaw Duggan". Or long after WWF had settled on 1-2-3 Kid for Waltman, PWI still referred to him as just "The Kid".

    They always referred to Mr Perfect as "Curt Hennig" even when he hadn't been called that on WWF TV in years. But Jacques Rougeau was "the Mountie" from the moment he debuted in that gimmick. They also refused to call anyone "Ricky" it was always "Rick Morton", "Rick Steamboat" etc.

    Balls Mahoney was always just referred to as "Mahoney" in the Apter mags.

    There were other weird idiosyncrasies they had too, such as the naming of the titles in USWA, what USWA called the "Unified World Champion", PWI called the "USWA Champion" and what USWA called the "USWA Champion", PWI called the "Southern Champion". I get that it was because they didn't recognise USWA as having a legit world championship but it was still confusing.

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  2. 4 hours ago, The Comedian said:

    I believe Rude worked babyface in a program with...I wanna say Honky-Tonk Man in some indie in '91, in between leaving WWF and debuting in WCW.

    Kind of, he cut promos on Honky in IWCCW but never wrestled a match for the promotion. I don't think he had any matches at all in the year between him leaving WWF and joining WCW. 

  3. The main problem I have with the show is that it's 35 years since the events of the original movie. Both Johnny and Daniel should be over it by now. And it seems unrealistic that both of of them became first time fathers at about 40. It seems like the 90s didn't happen for either of them. They lived the 80s lifestyle in the 80s then got married and had kids in the early 2000s. I think the show is playing fast and loose with the timeline and both characters are supposed to be in their mid 40s (which to be fair, they can both pass for).

  4. Just read the name "Butch Masters" in some AJPW results (teaming with Stan Hansen) and decided to look him up, I remember seeing him listed (as Giant Warrior) in the PWI500. How come he never got a chance in any of the major US promotions in the late 90s? WCW especially seemed to be signing just about anyone, and you'd think with his size (listed as 7' tall) WWF would have been interested. 

    Very similar look to Kevin Nash, since he wrestled in Britain I'd be amazed if he wasn't used as a "Tribute" version of Nash or Diesel somewhere along the way.American_Professional_Wrestler_%28Jeff_Bearden%29.jpg

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  5. 5 hours ago, OSJ said:

    Bobby's one and only problem was that he wasn't a great talker, pair him with Cornette and he's golden. Leave him by himself to cut a promo and it's bloody awful.

    Bobby wasn't that bad a promo in his early days:

    I think he just never got any better due to his being managed by Jimmy Hart, then Cornette, then Heyman.

  6. On 6/9/2020 at 4:23 PM, Tromatagon said:

    Lourdes Grobet's Lucha Libre:  Masked Superstars of Mexican Wrestling is the best one.  A bit rare and expensive and more of a photobook but all of the text is bilingual, and there's some good history stuff in there.

    Thanks for the recommendation, I managed to pick a used copy up (for under £5!) and it came today, in good condition and looks awesome from what I've looked so far. Text in both Spanish and English. 

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