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  1. What period does Jericho's third book cover up until?
  2. I said a while back that TNA should just move to the UK. Just do the TV tapings here, some house shows here, tour Europe, the Middle East, Africa etc, go back to the US to do the 4 annual PPVs. Can't think of a reason not to do it.
  3. Is Heenan in the list? I had a DVD of the best AWA interviews, I think it was one of the Okerlund produced mini PPVs they did in the early 2000s before WWE bought the library. There was tons of good stuff, obviously Heenan & Bockwinkel, but also Crusher and Bruiser, Mad Dog Vachon, Jesse Ventura, Superstar Graham, Ray Stevens, Dr X, Stan Hansen, Larry Zbyszko, Lord Alfred Hayes, even Verne & Greg had their moments.
  4. Rare instance of Dave making a joke that went over Bryan's head today, with "Bo knows".
  5. I can't believe the OMEGA card with Hardyz vs Briscoes isn't on iPPV.
  6. If executing gay people and actively opressing half the population to the point they can't even attend a live event is "moderate" I dread to think what "extreme" is. Try Iran.
  7. Saudi is fairly moderate in it's Islamic laws as well. Hence WWE even being allowed to run there in the first place.
  8. There'd likely be at least a few western women/girls at the shows in Saudi. There's different laws over there for the locals and for foreign guest workers and their families. It'd be very unusual for them to start banning western women from a WWE event.
  9. Have F4W done a radio show about the Abu Dhabi UFC yet?
  10. Is that Dark Journey with Miz in pic 88?
  11. They need to go back to basics, Memphis style wrestling in 2014 is a winning formula. Fans are sick of bland wrestlers doing movez. We want to see characters settling personal conflicts by brawling. Get Bill Dundee in to book, or Cornette if possible.
  12. It was my gif, it's from this video. I don't know what match it is but it's not the one from the WWE DVD.
  13. Midnights vs Southern Boys wasn't the opener of GAB '90, it just opened the VHS edit of it. One great opener that doesn't get much mention is Hardy Boyz vs Lance Storm and the Hurricane from No Mercy 2001.
  14. Jim Cornette's UK tour gets off to a great start in Glasgow by the looks of things! I will be attending the Birmingham event on Wednesday. Can't wait!
  15. 1958: JJ Dillon and Johnny Valentine.
  16. Anyone know what match this is from? And who is the guy in the Jets helmet?
  17. Does anyone have the pic with Vince McMahon in his office with a herd of pigs?
  18. If they wanted to turn Cena heel, having him end the Undertaker's streak would be the way to do it.
  19. The arm wrestling match of the century, Gemma Atkinson vs Randy Couture:
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