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  1. Is MLW radio worth the money? I would have already subscribed if they took paypal.
  2. "Jammin" Mitch Snow, continuing the long line of AWA guys with bad nicknames, "Big" Scott Hall, "Cool" Curt Hennig, "Groovy" Greg Gagne...
  3. Just noticed that Don Fargo's The Hard Way is finally out on Kindle. Bought it immediately, been looking forward to reading it for a while. Usually buy the physical copies of Crowbar Press's books but the postage from the US has got ridiculous lately.
  4. If Fedor vs Brock was made today, who would win?
  5. The downfall of the IC and tag titles was when they stopped running multiple house shows and therefore they became mid-card titles. Then when they started running split crews again, they needed to create a second world title which just diluted everything. Stick the IC title on Cena or Orton and make it a big deal again.
  6. Elix Skipper is 47 now, which surprised me for some reason.
  7. Just get 20 people who own the book to type up 20 pages each.
  8. They did. But they were never a prority. To the point where wrestlers would deliberately try to kill towns so they didn't have to do them anymore.
  9. House show business picked up in the Summer as a result of the Savage/Flair programme.
  10. If you can somehow make that available to amazon UK users I will definitely buy it.
  11. James Beard or Mark Nulty or someone with knowledge posted about this on WC.The Jarretts were running the Sportatorium with crowds of a couple of hundred, not paying very much for tickets, so Pedicino or whoever was in charge of Global thought it'd be better to sell the first couple of rows at higher prices, then just paper everything else, get crowds of 1000+ to look good for TV, and make out like bandits on the concessions, which the promotion ran themselves. They might have actually owned the building, not sure about that but it was certainly not an expensive venue to run.
  12. Does anyone still post on Kayfabe memories? Just logged on there for the first time in forever and got a message up saying I'd been banned! Anyone got an email for any of the admins?
  13. In the lower leagues of English football you have Vauxhall Motors FC and Metropolitan Police FC. Both former works teams that now are just regular teams. In Wales you used to have Total Network Solutions FC but they are now called The New Saints.
  14. What about Davey Boy Smith's corn rows from the early 90s?
  15. Nikita Koloff? Or has he worked nostalgia shows since then. Or did he never actually wrestle in TNA because of a Lloyds of London policy?
  16. Yes, the first third of it or so is very good, the rest of it not good at all. A lot of it is padded out by journal entries.
  17. Anybody know if the Don Fargo book is ever coming out on Kindle?
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