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  1. Is the old Maple Leaf Gardens a viable venue for AEW if they go north? I know ROH did a couple of shows a few years ago in the building. The rink is still intact, but it's seating capacity is like 3,000 now for a junior league college team.
  2. Am I the only one who thinks Nattie might actually win this Sunday. I wish they gave this a couple more weeks of build, but I'm looking forward to her and Becky. Yes, I know Becky is on the cover of the next WWE 2K game, but it's not past them to have her lose and win the title back in a couple of weeks anyway. I mean all of Charlotte's title wins and losses were essentially that. I feel sorry for Bayley/Ember. That should be a good match. But for whatever reason, Charlotte/Trish is getting all the attention it should be having.
  3. I watched most of the show I think from the third match on. Didn't bother with the English commentary since I didn't feel like hearing Striker. Plus the English twitch stream seemed to be way more choppy with less people watching it. LA Park's return was amazing. I haven't been watching any lucha so I had no idea about the context of him coming back and attacking who he did. But man those spanish commentator's losing their shit when LA Park did the attack and then destroyed the trophy...that kind of moral outrage and anger is missing in commentary. I know I couldn't have been the only one who thought they pulled a switch of some sort and had someone else other than Cain Valasquez under that mask. I mean when he hit the lucha spots I was convinced it was someone else. I hope he continues to wrestle. I'm all for AEW and The Bucks/Omega. But man their matches get so paint by the numbers. SPOT SPOT SPOT SUPERKICK SPOT. Omega pulling the mask off was a great moment though. I'm surprised people didn't try to go after him. I went into Blue Demon vs. Wagner Jr not knowing anything about the feud. The entrance with them on dueling forklifts with the video was something else though. I was rooting for Dr. Wagner Jr. But I should have known Blue Demon losing his mask would be something on the level of El Santo losing his. The emotion was over the top which was great. The hammer and the brick spots were a bit much, but still a great match.
  4. More of this stuff needs to make it onto the network. Just a random tag match in Italy with Harley busting a move down to the ring.
  5. I can only hope the man is at peace now. He lived a long hard life. As with most things Memphis, I wish this was in better quality. But this blows away any promo I've seen probably in the last decade if not longer. I'd love to see the match that caused him to get this pissed off.
  6. I remember some "reasoning" that I read said because he didn't lose the mask in Mexico, he didn't have to keep his mask off since it wasn't an officially sanctioned mask match by the commission. So Rey was free to go back to being masked.
  7. The only thing missing at the end of that show was the lights going out and coming back on and Raven DDT's Roman. That was great.
  8. Phantom Lord

    NJPW G1 2019

    Ishii continues to be the MVP of the block if not the whole damn G1. Also you would think Juice has moved up the totem pole should be a sure fire contender for the IC Title. Moxley vs. Naito was a damn good main event. I would love to see Yano pull off the upset of the millenium and be the one to stop Moxley from winning the B block, but I have a feeling he's running undefeated up to his rematch with Juice at the end. God, I hope AEW/NJPW work something out. Moxley in Japan has been so fun and we haven't even gotten Mox/Suzuki yet.
  9. If there ever would have been a night for an old school NWO beat down on the "heart of the company", last night would have been it. DX/NWO pass the torch to the OC. But yeah, we gotta keep Seth strong for Lesnar. So before the show I joked that most of the legends would just be standing around in the back. Well at least the WWE splurged and got them a little room to schmooze in. Another missed thing was having The Street Profitts actually in the room with RVD, Ron Simmons, The Godfather, Mark Henry instead of Angelo being all "you missed this wild party and now I gotta get back to it" to Montez. I'm amused at the notion they brought in all these legends just for the 24/7 stuff and they didn't bother to find out ahead of time if they could even do anything physical. Didn't Jerry Brisco have a stroke last year?
  10. Apparently Joey Jannella had a match with Tracy last night and Tracy being Tracy was dropping F bombs (the other f bomb) and had his confederate flag which Joey used to wipe his ass with.
  11. Maybe if they promoted this show a month out people would be enticed to want to go buy tickets for it. It's just such a hail mary from all involved. LOOK ALL THESE OLD PEOPLE YOU OLD FANS LIKED WILL BE ON IT. We know damn well 99% of the people advertised tonight will be shown in passing in the back. Oh hey there's a bunch of the old diva's talking to Natalya. Patterson and Brisco are getting down with No Way Jose's conga line. I bet Corbin ends up taking a bunch of Stunners tonight from Austin though.
  12. i think that is for the old set up when they came out the Knicks/Rangers locker room tunnel. Now with the stage set up the back end of the arena was closed off that lobs a couple thousand seats off the top. So in that regard just judging from what I saw I'd say it was pretty damn close to sold out. Looks like Smackdown will be a really easy ticket to get. Also they might have to employ some WCW 2000 lighting tricks to make it look full.
  13. They apparently have the rights to like the first five movies (excluding King Kong vs. Godzilla). I'd be really interested in a criterion just for the under appreciated second Godzilla movie "Godzilla Raids Again".
  14. I mean if you look at that Orton match, it started off boring as shit (like most Orton matches) but about midway through Harper did something to light a fire in Randy and the second half of the match is pretty damn good. Personally what I see in Harper is a big guy who can do all the big guy moves but he can also do some cruiserweight stuff just to make things interesting. He can actually talk which seems to be a rare thing for guys his size these days. At the very least there is no reason why he shouldn't be someone's Big Bubba Rogers at the moment.
  15. The Women's match would have been fine if it didn't go so damn slow. I mean why was Alexa using the Randy Orton chinlock playbook tonight? Nice to see Nattie show some piss and vinegar though. I never saw any of their matches from the Indy's way back when. So does anyone know if they were any good? Bray's return was cool. But him attacking Finn was all "umm lets see who the dart hits on the board to see who you feud with". If they didn't have New Day win the tag titles last night, Big E should have won this battle royal to get the shot at Brock. So all that just for Brock vs. Seth. On the plus side at least it wasn't Brock vs. Roman or Randy. I mean they had that going for them.
  16. The WWE Archivist posted on twitter like a month or so ago that they found boxes and boxes of audio tapes from those 900 hotlines and other things from WCW and the WWF. So who knows, some of that stuff might be heard.
  17. Someone get Bayley a bus. I mean hell, there's content for the network right there. The Hugger Express.
  18. If it's shot for shot (or close to it) you know someone is going to put up a renegade cut where they dub in all of Jeremy Irons dialog from the original.
  19. If they don't do anything with Gable, he's going to be this generations greatest missed opportunity for the WWE.
  20. They knew no one was really gonna watch raw tonight with the HR Derby on. The opening match was good, but the rest was the usual copy and paste by numbers for RAW.
  21. I think Corbin would get some nuclear heat if he hit a flash End of Days (he's pretty good at doing them with no set up) on Becky and pinned her to win the title. I assume if he were to pin her, he would still win the Universal championship. Seriously though, this match needs to be a chaotic brawl from start to finish. That's all I want.
  22. I just like how Becky/Seth vs. Lacey/Corbin is an extreme rules match...so there are no rules. BUT, The men have to fight the men and the women have to fight the women so in a match with no rules there is one rule.
  23. The third hour is where everything just about fell apart with the Mike and Maria thing, so it makes sense it was the lowest rated portion. I thought the first half was great. But it was the second half of the show that just killed my enthusiasm for it.
  24. That was a great show up till the Becky/Seth vs. Maria/Mike match. Wow, that sure was something. What did poor Mike Kanellis do to get cucked that hard on tv? Aside from that, it was a hell of an opening for RAW with Strowman and Lashley. It would have been perfect if Braun got off the stretcher and was all I'M NOT FINISHED WITH YOU. Terrible EMT's in Dallas though. Who puts the first guy they wheel out in the second ambulance so he has to wait even longer to get to the hospital?
  25. Didn't Ian have a problem with his mats being so filthy that a bunch of wrestlers caught staph from them? I remember Samoa Joe getting staph after an IWA MS show.
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