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  1. Jericho was on fire with some of his lines tonight. He had one about Godzilla and Mothra that had me cracking up during the opener. 

    Top to bottom I thought this was a pretty good show. But it really got hampered by not being on BR Live like last year. I'm sure a couple of those matches would have gone a little longer if there wasn't the constraint of television time. 

    The title matches are all really good. I really liked Shida vs. Ford. I never got Ford's appeal at least as a wrestler, but she did pretty good tonight. Pissed off Hikaru is the best though.

    Cody is firmly becoming his dad of the mid 80's. Can't be World Champion, so I'll be World Television Champion. Not that its bad, but if he's gonna do that he desperately needs his own Tully Blanchard to steal the title so he has to chase it.

    I was pulling for The Best Friends to win. I mean that entrance with Trent's mom. It was amazing. I think this match would have gone an extra 15 minutes if it were on a PPV. 

    Can't wait for Cassidy vs. Jericho next week. 

  2. I only made it through the first two third's of the show...i think. Only thing I can really remember is Zelina saying she was gonna punch "that jolly green giant" and Peyton busting out that corkscrew brainbuster out of nowhere.

    The infighting with Andrade and Angel is dumb. I bet they are going to set up Andrade turning good. Maybe they'll acknowledge the relationship with Charlotte and we'll get her vs. Zelina out of it.


  3. 1 hour ago, Dolfan in NYC said:

    So, I'm guessing Vince finally saw Kill Bill.


    If he did, Kairi Sane would have a new look. 

    You know, Kairi swinging a giant mace at people might not be such a bad idea.

    As for the show I watched most of it. Only really cared about Asuka vs. Charlotte and Bayley/Sasha vs. IIConics.. Of course they had to put an asterisk next to the first time Asuka finally beats Charlotte. It should have happened a couple years ago at Wrestlemania. But I guess the world needs a Charlotte/Nia nepotism feud. 

    The women's tag title match was good. I thought The IIConics would win, but it didn't happen. I was sad we didn't get nearly enough Billie Kay trash talking during the match. She's the best one in the company with her snippy comments towards people during a match. The brand split has to be ending sometime this summer. If Sasha wins the RAW title it's gonna be the set up to merge the Women's title's

    Biggest surprise of the night? Apparently Bobby Roode still is in the company.

    I also thought for sure Ric Flair was going to eat a Big Show right hand right into a Flair Flop or with the way Randy was talking, he was gonna get an RKO. Despite his 37 turns, I still like The Big Show. Do I want to see him in a main event? No. But these occasion "I gotta teach someone a lesson" matches are a good for him.

  4. 13 minutes ago, Log said:

    He was pretty awesome as Polaski.  Just a fat ass-kicker character.  Too bad it didn't go anywhere.

    I seem to remember reading OVW reports and there was something about Vince wanting to make him a combo of Da Crusher/Dick The Bruiser. Roadkill in the original ECW was great though. I mean it was a dumb gimmick that the ECW fans should have shit on, but he got them to love him. If ECW survived into 2001 and beyond I wouldn't have been surprised if he got a Television title run at some point.  

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  5. I always knew Shayna would be a tough sell to Vince. She doesn't have "the look" he wants. Plus her being friends with Ronda doesn't help. You know he has to be bitter about her taking time off to raise a family. But putting Shayna on RAW was the wrong move. With Fox wanting "sports oriented", you'd think she would be a natural for Smackdown. 

    Speaking of Taker, here's a pretty good interview from Loudwire with him talking about music. Never would have guessed Taker was a huge Elvis fan.


  6. 2 hours ago, RolandTHTG said:

    I think they were looking to build to a Chief Jay Strongbow vs IRS match at some point, and the crowd is just dead for him (and by proxy, Tatanka), and it goes nowhere. Possibly just leads into the Tatanka heel turn instead?


    Strongbow had to be about 64/65 at the time. Who thought that would be a good idea?

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  7. Any time it seemed like TNA would get some momentum they would always shoot themselves in the foot.  Raven not winning the title when he first came in and Monty not winning the title are two prime examples.

    TNA is the biggest what if ever. What if they did this. What if they did that. It could have been something special with it being a hybrid of ECW/WCW which is what people were looking for back then (at least I was). But all it ever really did was have Jeff Jarrett live out his dream of being Jerry Lawler in Nashville. 

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  8. I missed the first hour of the show. I can't believe I missed The Big Show vs. Ninja's. How the hell did they not do a scene like that in one of Show's WWE movies?

    Relieved that Asuka won...even if it was by a ref doing a fast count. I guess they want to "protect" Nia while letting Asuka keep the belt. We all know she's place holding for Charlotte anyway. 

    I really thought Truth was gonna turn on Drew, cost him the title and MVP was going to have this new stable of guys. But then I realized, wait why would they do something interesting.

    But then they go and have Ric Flair be all concerned for Christian only to low blow him. There was a real awkward edit when Flair delivered the low blow. I guess they needed to set that shot up instead of just letting Flair do something he's done a million times. I would love it if Christian is cleared to wrestle again. Him and Orton always had good matches. They should have just had this in the parking lot instead of having it as this official...unofficial match. The punt was great as always and Randy showing moral concern while blaming Christian at the same time was great.

  9. Hardy vs. Sheamus was a pretty good match. I watched it from this point on. Still think it should have been a street fight or something, but the story of Sheamus not being able to put down Jeff was good. I guess this all sets up for some sort of "EXTREME" match at the next ppv. Probably tables. 

    I was relieved when the Asuka/Nia match ended in a double count out. Don't care how it happened, but I'm just glad Nia didn't win.

    If they're gonna do that cool train entrance for Braun, they should dig up the old Diesel truck horn and maybe that break away glass he had for his entrances. Anyway the match was all right. It was all the stuff you would expect from a handicap match. I feel Morrison has reached his peak here in the WWE. It's a shame cause either him or Miz would make a great heel champion. After this I really don't know who would be a good enough challenger for Braun. I would say Nakamura, but they have him firmly in the mid card. AJ would have been a logical choice, but they want him as IC Champion.

    Drew vs. Lashley was pretty good. If they went with Bobby just crushing him in the first minute that would have been fine. The whole Lana aspect is just so stupid. She's capable of being a good heel manager in her own right. But they just wanted to do that dumb angle with Lashley and Rusev and now she's stuck here. Again this is probably setting up for an Extreme match of some sort.

    Profits vs. Vikings was funny as hell but served no point what so ever. We know these guys can go out and have a great match. They have done it before. But we all know what Vince thinks of tag team matches.

    Edge vs. Orton was not the greatest wrestling match ever. But it certainly was one of the best ones this year so far. I loved them having The Fink do one last into and I'll always be a mark for that MSG double microphone. I hated all the bells and whistles they put into it and it really took away from the match. The pumped up crowd noise, the camera in the ring so you know they had to do spots over to get those impact shots. But aside from that it was really good. Has no one ever kicked out of The Punt? I swear Cena did since he's kicked out of everything.

  10. I don't know what the hell they are going with Hardy and Sheamus. They could at least make this a street fight or something on Sunday to make it somewhat interesting.

    Bryan vs. AJ was a damn great match. I see why it was on tonight. How the hell would Orton/Edge compete with that?

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  11. I figure it can't be too long before they merge the shows and we get only one respective champion. I'm sure the Fox people are gonna love that. Honestly I'm not surprised. This is the same shit Vince has done over the last 15 or so years. Ratings tank...find a scapegoat and one of his yes men get promoted. Meanwhile EVERYTHING we see has to be signed off by him. If it ends up sucking it shouldn't be on Heyman or whoever. It's on Vince cause he signed off on it.

    This doesn't even take into account all the times he's ordered re-writes of the show damn near up until show time. Sometimes even after. So he has no one to blame but himself. But he'll let the company die a fiery death before he'd ever admit that. 

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  12. The last year and a half of Becky Lynch's rise to the top was never supposed to happen. It was a total accident that people cheered when she slapped Charlotte after the match at Summerslam. Also the WWE vastly underestimated Charlotte natural ability of being a heel and it was so forced when they tried to have her as a face. Becky got over like gangbusters and threw a wrench into every plan they had which almost certainly included Ronda vs. Charlotte in the main event of Wrestlemania. 

    Would it even be legal for the WWE to try and put a birth control clause into a contract? "Female performer must have an IUD or be on some form of long term birth control". I assume Becky is going to get 9 months along with how ever long she's out for maternity tacked onto her contract like they do to people with injuries. 

    Charlotte has come into such a stride right now doing probably her best work in a while. I wish they would just have someone show her how to do a moonsault. She always overshoots or lands on her feet. 

  13. I would love to see a Christian comeback. But he knows Vince hates him so why bother. He would make a great heel manager for someone though.

    Charlotte vs. Asuka is pretty much the reason I made it through the whole show. That would have been an amazing big ppv match. Please don't let Nia win on Sunday.

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  14. I thought it was an all right show but it really suffered from not having an NXT crowd. A few points during the show the "crowd" did some chants, but you know there were producers on the side saying "OK NOW CHANT THIS IS AWESOME".

    Lee vs. Gargano was probably my favorite match of the night. It was hard hitting and Gargano really is a sneaky little shit as a heel. I was waiting for someone to go through the plexiglass so I'm happy Lee was the one to throw someone through it. 

    I honestly don't get the appeal of Karion Kross. I didn't get his whole thing when he was in TNA. I still don't get it now. Pretty cool entrance though.

    I think the backlot brawl would have been better if it were an actual backlot brawl. Having a ring out there just seemed dumb. I don't know if it's strictly because of that potential sex scandal involving him, but this has to be like the third time they haven't pulled the trigger on Dream.  I honestly believe he's reached his height and I don't see him going any higher in the company. Maybe he goes to RAW and gets US Title run but that's it.

    The triple thread women's match was pretty good. Charlotte and Rhea were going at it like they really don't like each other. I honestly thought Io was the odd woman out in this match but was pleasantly surprised to see her win. I hope they keep Charlotte on NXT because there's still a few good matches to be had with her there.

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  15. 11 minutes ago, Dewar said:

    Cagematch has Ricky and Robert working matches from June to the end of October in 1996. They didn't work much for the rest of 96 or 97, and showed up in the WWF in early 1998.

    I know Robert Gibson turned back up on Saturday Night sometime in 99 after Scott Hall threw the TV Title in the trash. I think there was a title match between Duggan and Gibson for the belt.

  16. God bless Mandy and Otis for going full ham with this. It was a great ying to the weirdness of the Jeff Hardy angle. They could have just did the old someone took him out backstage thing. But instead they opt for this. I can't help but think they did it just as a small shot on Matt Hardy. Vince is the type to treat someone like shit just because someone left him like that.  

    Gable vs. Cesaro and by extention Nakamura could be an amazing feud. It's a shame Jason Jordan can't wrestle because American Alpha vs. those two would be amazing.

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  17. 9 hours ago, The Natural said:

    On the subject of Ric Flair a few pages back, his 2006 involved things you never thought he'd do. Ric Flair wrestled in a TLC match at the start of the year vs. Edge on RAW, a Money in the Bank Ladder match at WrestleMania XXII, used barbed wire and took a thumbtacks bump vs The Big Show on WWE'S ECW TV and used the same weapons against Mick Foley at SummerSlam 2006.

    I really cringed at some of the stuff he did that year. The blood loss was always the worst part because he would look like he nicked a vein.  But I believe he had just married wife number 3 or divorced her around that time. So I hope he got extra money for all that crazy shit. 

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  18. 15 minutes ago, Casey said:

    Yeah, he was sent home, but just the idea that he would show up, sick, during a global pandemic, is kind of telling to how WWE runs things.

    You know he earned points with Vince for doing that. Gotta put the company above all else.

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