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    Has one picture ever captured the existence of Seth Rollins and his career more perfectly?
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    The Fiend vs Goldberg, WWE Super ShowDown 2020
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    If you've never run your own streaming service, you don't get to criticize.
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    I should help out a little here with trans terminology because I think oversimplification might cause confusion. Transvestite is kind of/sort of a slur. It's really more outdated language that folks should try to avoid, similar to "transsexual". The reason for this is because of the word's link to something called "transvestic fetishism". One thing trans people get frequently accused of is using their gender/presentation as a means to trick people into having sex with them. Transvestic fetishism is the belief that someone's arousal is increased by wearing perceptibly feminine clothing. This is different from the disproven concept of autogynephilia, which is where it's believed that a trans woman transitions specifically because she's turned on by her own body. Needless to say, a significant majority of trans people aren't going to be terribly thrilled being compared to that. Hence why people have drifted away from using the word "transvestite" and have replaced it with "cross-dresser" for those who are cis men who occasionally wear feminine clothing but have no intention or desire to transition. It should also be noted that it's frequently trans women who are attacked with slurs, and people tend to forget trans men exist and are valid as well. Some words that are definite slurs for trans people (and again, most of these are related to trans women) are words like tranny, trap, ladyboy, he/she, shim, shemale, genderbender, dickgirl, and use of the pronoun "it". As you can see, a lot of those are horrifying. I wouldn't begrudge anyone for saying that transvestite is a slur when it's continued to be used against trans people who desire to transition away from their assigned gender at birth. And that's why I mentioned that gender and presentation are nuanced concepts that aren't necessarily easy to solve on a message board.
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    Or the wrestling industry particularly needs to change the way it treats its performers and he's one of the few people willing to put himself on the line to promote that idea.
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    you're all crapping on that main event but they developed some sick photos during it
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    “Tonight is ladies night” on SD.
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    Sid rules. Said it once, will say it again until all the motherfuckers understand. Any one of us could stab a coworker, and we'd get fired for it. Sid stabbed a coworker and got fired for it. Then they hired him back and made him world champion. Twice. While the guy he stabbed still worked for the company. All hail King Sid
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    didn't read the article but I presume his sentence was being placed under Huss Arrest?
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    no but the story is funny. It was Rey Buccanero, and Caristico in the back of my car, Shocker was in the passenger seat. They wanted some energy drinks so we stopped at a Rite Aid. While there Caristico is looking at electric razors, he finds one that is $80 and brings it to me and says "i have no american money yet" and I respond with "you wear a mask 90% of your life you do not need an $80 shaver" he gives me a sad face and puts it back. The other 2 guys get their snacks (oddly enough no energy drinks) and we are on the way. Sam Adonis calls me and wants to make sure Caristico has his hood on early because there are a bunch of people waiting outside. I repeatedly ask him to put on his mask and Shocker says "don't worry he will know when it's time" How he will know I have no clue as I hadn't even been to this venue prior to the day and I know he hadn't been. We are 2 mins away and I look back and he is still sitting maskless eating Pringles. Finally as we pull on to the street I look over and he magically has the mask on. Like a Mexican David Copperfield. How he knew where we were I will never know as I had no GPS on or way of indicating it to him. In the hustle I dropped them off as they were already late for their VIP signings and Caristico forgot his hoodie in the car. It was a fun time. The hotel didn't have the rooms ready so poor Shocker fell asleep in the lobby on a couch while Bucanerro would look over and smile at me (Shocker had the best English of the 3) When the rooms were ready I had left them to get some sleep and when I came back to get them Shocker called me over to facetime with his wife and daughter. I was touched that he would want me to speak with them after only knowing me for a day. It was a good show, Ultimo Dragon was there as well. I am 6'3 and asked if he had any shirts. He wanted me to have the one he was wearing and kept saying "same size" I was quite taller than him and pretty sure we weren't the same size but I am not going to argue with Ultimo F'n Dragon.
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    Nobody has to see Third Eye Blind. I wish you would step back from that ledge, my friend.
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    He looks like what Chris Jericho imagines he looks like.
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    Getting paid to sit at home is my dream job.
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    As someone that struggles with Major Depression and Anxiety.. It doesn't give you a hall pass to be an asshole.
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    Remember that in the end, Heenan was completely validated as Hogan joining the nWo proved he was right about him all along.
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    Linking out to Reddit for a special reason... My daughter is 9 now, but we've been fighting with her sensory processing disorder for years now. Since she was 2 probably. It's much better now, anyone not me or my wife would think she's normal, and while she isn't autistic or have severe challenges, it's still tough at times. Sounds, lights, and touches can feel more extreme to her than others, but having coping mechanisms and toys helps. Seeing this bag for kids like my daughter when she was younger than she is now, or for other kids with even more challenges brings a tear to my eye. This is awesome
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    Just to add a few thoughts: I mostly watch WWE. I occasionally watch NJPW. I kept up with TNA/Impact in 2016 because of Broken Matt Hardy. I still follow their women's division and Killer Kross. I've peaked in on Joshi and MLW. I tried CMLL for a bit, but didn't get into it. Maybe I'll try again. I never watched WCW or ECW. I keep saying that I'm going to YT a bunch of older stuff, but haven't yet. Maybe one day. I'm not liked around here. Not with as much as I get crapped on by certain people and their friends. My being a fan is a bit weird, I think. I have a lot of gaps in what I know and would enjoy learning more from other fans. But I'm not friends with anyone away from the board. Frankly, several of you are mean and overly aggressive. Which wouldn't be so bad if the majority didn't seem to go along with the bad treatment. I don't post here as much as I did. I come back because I've been here for a while. Old habits, blah blah blah. But for a group that claims community, that's not true. It's no fun to give opinions and have those opinions mocked because some of you absolutely have called me a dumb-fuck sheep for not hating WWE. I'm not looking for sympathy. I have free will, I know when to sign out and not deal with the drama. But if you ever wonder why someone in a position like mine doesn't talk as much, there's often a good reason.
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    Good to see they're finding something for Paige to do.
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    Adam Page wants to be my favourite wrestler.
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    Everything went great! I am quite sore.
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    Got the house paid off and the “Satisfaction of Mortgage” letter came on my birthday. Many sacrifices were made over years to pay this off early and now we are 100% debt free. After the worst year of my life I needed this.
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    Follow-up to the last thread about my work situation....where my one owner wanted me fired over (male customer flipping out on me than whining to the owner over Text Message), had a third party involved. Last week she showed up and in front of my girlfriend, apologized for the guy that tried to get me fired being out of control and a total fucking embarrassment. I wrote a very professional letter (which took several re-writes because I was mad AF), demanding that my written warning be removed from my permanent record and the other owner (not the one with the hard-on to fire me), thanked me for my professionalism, apologized for the stress I've been put under, and removed the issue from my record. So now I'm untouchable! Or something. Maybe I'm less stressed, at least.
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    I may be having surgery next month. ... but a good surgery. Well good for me anyway. I'm sure y'all can read between the lines here, right?
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    I'm a bit disappointed that here, of all places, everyone is acting like X-Pac was no good and just a moves guy. The guy was an awesome pro wrestler, even during the years when he had become stale and the fans had completely turned on him (which, when going back and watching that stuff, I found to be a bit overstated anyway- sure, no-one is extolling the virtues of X-Factor, but as the cocky little shit in D-X feuding with Kane and Chris Jericho, he was still very effective and was able to get a lot of heat). He was one of a small handful of guys who was still able to have good matches during the Attitude Era, and was probably the #2 most popular babyface in the company for a period in 1999. Waltman also seems a pretty cool guy in general, who genuinely loves pro wrestling.
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    This legit might be the meanest thing you could say about a person
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    I am getting an estimate for a kitchen project, so I am getting unknown calls on my phone that I have to answer. So today I get the one where the guy tells me I haven't paid my taxes for 3 years and I need to tell him my social security number to clear it up or the police are going to come to my house and arrest me. Today is a really shitty day for this call, I'm not in the mood for this disgusting criminal who is trying to likely prey on uneducated/elderly people. So I snap into full promo practice. The police are coming? To my house? Are you coming? You should be the first. I hope you are the first one on the stoop. Are you coming? Sir I work for the IRS and I.... you know why PAL? Because when you you step to my door I'm going to teach you a lesson you won't soon forget, WOOOOOO!!!! I'll beat you from pillar to post and make you regret the day you tested the GREATEST MAN IN THE WORLD WOOOOOOOO!!! Click. Nope, not today. I call him right back. The same guy answers. He asks if this is Joe B? (My real name, so that's a little jarring) and I tell him to never, EVER let my name slip from his lips again and he is digging a hole. He cuts me off and says "Sir, you are wasting your time". I calmly say, "your right sir, I would actually like to resolve this situation. What do you think should be done?" Well I ju.. IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT YOU THINK because it's me and you tonight inside a steel cage and only one man will walk away!! Click. I called back but they just put me on hold and every time they would check to see if I was there they would quickly put me back on hold, and then they hung up again. I really wish federal agents would raid their facility and put them in jail. But in lieu of that, I can let off a little steam.
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    Hi! I guess I should speak from learned experience here, having spent years discussing with people the validity of my own gender. (How would they know anyway? It's my gender.) Doing any sort of story that calls a trans woman's gender into question serves exactly one purpose: to humiliate the trans woman. Period. Will it suddenly make the transphobic people going off on social media and message boards about Nyla winning the title stop? No. Will even mentioning that Nyla is trans, without calling her gender into question, make them stop? They'll just scream louder about her being trans getting shoved down their throats. You can't win with them. You can't reason with them. They'll keep screaming about elementary school level biology and telling that one joke they know about attack helicopters. And I say that because, as mentioned, I know from experience. I used to argue with internet trolls about my own validity. I used to try to explain that a significant majority of trans women actually have lower testosterone and higher estrogen on average than cis women. I mean, if we're on hormone replacement therapy and haven't had bottom surgery, we're on a medication that actively prevents testosterone from taking effect in our bodies. If we've had bottom surgery, we've removed the parts of our body that produce about 95-98% of the testosterone that we used to produce, which still puts us in line with or below the production levels of cis women. It's very difficult for us to build and maintain muscle mass while on that medication. I lost a lot of grip strength as well. So the argument that we maintain a natural advantage doesn't make sense as we're either actively blocking all testosterone effects or we've had a surgery that puts us down to the same levels at best. And the response I would almost always get back is "well, your chromosomes are still XY so you still have an advantage" (the only other thing they retain from their biology classes, it seems). Which 1) didn't make sense, as chromosomes don't matter in this equation, especially if you're actively replacing your hormones via medication, and 2) my chromosomes actually aren't XY, I have Klinefelter syndrome (or XXY chromosomes), which really means that Y is just there for funsies according to my endocrinologist. What does any of this have to do with pro wrestling? Not a dang thing. It's scripted. Use the MST3K mantra if you have to. But there are way too many things that could go wrong by calling Nyla's gender into question on the air like that, for very little (if any) benefit.
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    One of the all-time worst fantasy booking ideas in the history of DVDVR.
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    Modern day WWE directors cut of WM3
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    A group of women mistook me for Taz the other day at Subway and demanded that I poop for them and describe it in a voice mail. because of the new Metoo laws I had to.
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    The last few weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind for me. Lots and lots of paperwork to get done since my insurance is helping me out (and believe me, that has been a battle and a half). I also had to go to North Carolina for a roller derby tournament that was overwhelming for me. Fortunately I have a heckload of games ready for me on the Switch for the recovery. I never did start Breath of the Wild...
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    I'm more baffled that you think Jodie Foster is in Alien.
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    Had six stents shoved into my heart yesterday so I am catching up on the internet wrestling viewing.
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    Not to derail things but figured I'd post this here instead of the ROH thread. So as stated in the LoC section we're moving from Baltimore to Harford County. It's kind of bittersweet but we're looking forward to it. But between the legal shit and the packing it was a ton more stressful then we anticipated. But settlement's tomorrow and we finally got all the BS done with so tonight was a big ol' sigh of relief. Instead of just chilling at home we decided to go to Jimmy's Seafood one more time (at least for quite awhile) We get there and are just chilling out with drinks when the owner comes around. He's a homophobic asshat and I couldn't care less about him, but we had pleasant small talk anyway since "Fuck it, we're leaving anyway!" At the end he points out Marty Scurll's at the a table by the door. Sure enough we look over and it's him, Josh Woods, Matt Taven and Vinny Marsagelia (sp?) The other three are nice to see but my wife just was beside herself over the fact Marty was there for...reasons. And I had quite a bit of man-crush for Marty but seeing him in person only intensified that (no shame here, folks, he is quite lovely in person) Anyway, we finish up and are on our way out and with a bit of trepidation we say hi to them and they couldn't have been nicer. They were filming stuff for ROH TV and Final Battle and had to stop by at Jimmys because it's "Good shit, pal!" We chatted for a bit and wished them the best and left on quite the emotional high. Long story short moving is stressful and scary at points. But if our last night in Baltimore was being in the same room as Marty and others (and meeting them on our way out) then we're leaving on one helluva high note. And if Marty does indeed go to AEW then it was delightful meeting him before he moves on.
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    Insurance red tape has been cut through and things appear resolved. Unless anything else happens, I'm having surgery December 11. Things are quite exciting over here!
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    Went to the cardiologist yesterday and it appears that the stents and medication are working because my outflow rate went from 19% to 45-50%. 50-60% is normal so huzzah to modern medicine and pharmaceuticals! The main thing is that I don't need a defibrillator installed and can stop wearing the fucking Life Vest. Now I just have cardiac rehab and dieting to contend with. Plus I'm staying retired since the wife got a job teaching science at a catholic school in Richmond so I will take over homeschooling the boys. And watch 6 hours of pro wrestling every day.
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    Double post. Here's Mach and Grimmas.
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