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    The Human Souffle Machine [Gordon Solie was correct all along]
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    Taz has cooking experience from his days at the Wonka factory.
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    It makes sense. Onlyfans is a place where nobody’s sawft.
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    I wish there'd been some sort of follow up to the 94 Rumble, with 14 odd guys trying to look each other in the eye and carry on with their lives, knowing they willingly murdered a guy and buried him on live TV. None of this Leslie Nielsen stuff. Focus on the drama between Kwang and Headshrinker Samu, who has remorse, who doesn't. Then maybe segue into an I Know What You Did Last Summer sort of thing, despite it not being made for another 2 years, with Taker coming back, and then murdering them all, and clearing out the awful midcard at that point.
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    I have to admit, I wasn't expecting Nick Gage to bring such a genuine smile to my face, but heck yeah.
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    Speaking of LGBTQ+ allies, Nick Gage is on Kameo now. And the first one he did, he said trans rights are human rights and he'll fight anyone who disagrees. Then tweeted that even though he was paid to say that on cameo, he would have said it for free because it's what he legit believes.
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    Self quoting, in case anyone didn't see it: MDK.
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    Quake catching Bossman off the top like it was nothing. This account has lots of good Tenta clips.
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    This was totally one of those "Use the edit function directly after clicking post" posts. No idea how I spaced on Bossman. Great story on Bossman that I never get to tell: I met him at a signing when I was about 11 years old, and he held up the entire line for what seemed like an eternity because he decided I didn't look mean enough smiling in the first poloroid, and insisted- INSISTED- upon a second. Bossman would simply not take no for an answer, not from me, my parents, even from the people running the thing. Definitely my favorite childhood wrestling memory, and the reason why he was one of very few WWF heels I rooted for. (Jimmy Snuka calling my house is, uh, a little tainted now).
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    wow...it's too many layers...it's too much at once...I'm having trouble fitting it all...PULL UP...PULLLLLL UPPPPPPPPBATISTAFASHIONWWWWEEEEEEIIIIIIIIAAAAAAACCCCCCCCHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!
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    He’s.such a quietly good dude that I’m always happy to see he’s still doing well. Just this year he started a fund for out of work restaurant employees struggling because of the covid and raised of money for them. Someone said Fieri and Keanu Reeves were the two people in the early 2010s that we decided to make fun of for no reason only to realize in late 2010s that they were both awesome.
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    There's only one person to look to for style inspiration on #terrytuesday
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    I don't think anyone necessarily wants to hear this from me, but in the midst of all of this nostalgia, I think this place has still really served a positive purpose in 2020. This has been my first and foremost home on the internet since 1999, give or take a year. That's more than half my life. Just the message board structure offers something that things like Facebook and Twitter and podcasts can't, a breadth and depth of community over multiple topics, where the commonality is more normative than topical. This has been a year of pandemic and scandal and recession and upheaval, both within our chosen hobbies and in the greater world. And you people are running around on each other's Animal Crossing islands or leaning into DEAN's resurgence in watching matches or listening to 1,001 songs together and suggesting supplements to one another or starting to put together the movies of the 2010s.
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    I have to give WWE credit for at least one thing. They've set the bar so low and people expect so little of them at this point, that they are promoting - at the same time - a "we swear a dude is gonna get his eye taken out for reals" match AND a "we more than slightly implied someone is going to be eaten by an alligator for reals" match FOR THE SAME SHOW and people are going nuts that the other company's creative is too over the top about making promises they can't keep. Wonderful.
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    Shit I really think Orange should have gone over tonight, it seemed like the right thing.
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    If there's one finish you change through the entire run of Manias, this is number one with a GD bullet. Like nothing else is even remotely close.
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    So, um, does anybody else remember when we had a porn subforum?
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    for a second, I thought this was continuing the Shayna talk.
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    But then Twitter goes and gives you this! https://twitter.com/Banks1Bill/status/1281949941770760193 Bill Banks, of late-era WCW infamy, told the Mongo account that Banks and WCW wanted to bring back Mongo in 2000 and have him reveal that he was the one who ran over Steve Austin with his car as retaliation for him stealing away Debra. In essence, they were going to hijack WWE's storyline and finish it off themselves. But Mongo had no interest in coming back after Bischoff had been let go.
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    Bix 2020 needs the Scott Keith vanity promotion
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    Say what you want about Jericho's midlife crisis or his dad bod, dude is almost 50 years old and can still work at a very high level.
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    "tell your dad we're square" Waking a child up at 1:00 in the morning to remind them that there's "Only one Superfly." a decade after you were relevant sounds like some ominous shit. "don't forget about Da Superfly, kid, I know where you live."
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    The Patriot. Named his finisher after the band.
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    It was about 1 AM at a school nightand I was super young, it was probably '95 or '96. My mom's "new special friend"/my future stepdad worked at a bar, and I guess Snuka stopped in for a pop after an indy show. I was woken from a dead sleep to my mom telling me Jimmy Snuka is on the phone. I was so weirded out by the whole thing, I couldn't even muster anything past "What's up man?" He responded, equally disoriented: "Remember kid, there's only one Superfly." Click. He was gone.
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    I wanted Shayna to take the 24/7 title off Truth and just randomly choke out idiots backstage in "title defenses".
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    When they first named Dynamite and Davey as the Bulldogs, Vince did tell them to bark like dogs when they came to the ring. But it (barking like a dog as a way of sounding tough) was an American cultural reference they didn't get, so they just said "Bowsie Wowsie, Bowsie Wowsie" and Vince said to actually not do that after all.
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    "Crack Addict" is horrifically dated and bad. Limp Bizkit's relevancy was arguably over well before this, but this certainly drove the stake directly into their relevance's heart. And it's an unusual misstep for WWE production to make the final epic showdown's theme between Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock be this. Basically the Rock is done with his WWE career. He's found success in Hollywood and is actively seeking the way out. But the newly empowered WWE audience didn't like that he was leaving, so they let him know about it. One of my absolute favorite promo's in Rock's career came after he'd lost to Brock, when he flat out told the audience... "are you SURE this is what you want" and they continued to boo, so he turned and basically told them they had no one to blame but themselves for this. So the story they're telling is Rock has nothing left to prove to anyone. But himself. He's never beaten Steve Austin at WrestleMania. So, since he gets to be an asshole to everyone now, let's go ahead and challenge that idiot for one last match. Austin, being Austin, is cool with that. It should be noted though, last time it took rampant, ridiculous cheating for Austin to win, so... It should also be noted that Rock always looks like he's having the time of his damned life when he's playing heel. It comes through in his performance as he plays guitar and tells everyone why, specifically, they suck. Alright, it's match time, and Rock comes out with my absolute favorite version of his theme, the slowed down, intense, "I am a fucking star who's better than you, and you WILL wait for me." This is the one from No Way Out, but gets over how fucking awesome this is. No one, but Rock could pull this off. (hmm... maybe Cena) Anyway, so Austin comes down to another huge pop. So the incredible intensity between these two is palpable and they go at it nearly immediately. Rock actually controls a lot more of this match than I remembered, talking WORLDS of shit to Austin the whole time. Absolutely delightful. One interesting piece of dialogue, which I'm positive is Vince just keeping himself over, is Lawler asking JR if he thought Austin was jealous of Rocky's fame, and JR saying "Austin wants to be a wrestler." Well, that's very debatable nowadays. Anyway, Austin is clearly letting Rock lead the dance and letting him do whatever he wants, since this is basically it for him. And by "him", I mean both of them, but more on that later. Rock is basically wrestling a tribute to all of Austin's best matches and it's great. Rock at one point has the damned nerve to put on Austin's vest and I'm just smiling ear to ear because Rock is just so good at heeling. The crowd is basically all standing starting from the moment Austin hits a Rock Bottom on Rocky out of nowhere, a good portion of which bought that as the finish. But, eventually, Rock hits a stunner on Austin, and the crowd is collectively starting to lose their shit. Hell, I know how this turns out and I'm getting excited too. Rock then starts shittalking the crowd, mocking them for chanting Austin, Austin. So SCSA eats another Rock Bottom... for 2. People's Elbow only gets 2. Rock has that "I'm freaking out" look for a second, collects himself and is ready again. He's not going to let Austin free this time. Austin up, Rock's got him... Then, he pauses. When the camera flashes to him, you can see Rock beginning to get emotional. He knows, this moment is the moment of his career. He's finally about to do it. Rock Bottom. 1, 2, 3. Hebner goes to cue Rocky to celebrate, but Rock pushes him away. He and Austin clearly have a very personal moment, in front of 60000 people. Hebner gets pushed away again (god fuck off Earl)... They finish their moment, Rock celebrates. Goes into the crowd to see his family and is clearly crying at this point. It was never announced as a retirement match, but it certainly has all the trappings of one. Austin of course, has his own moment as he leaves the ring. And he's looking as emotional as I've ever seen him. What we didn't know at the time was Austin was done. This was not, as most people assumed, Rock's retirement match... it was Austin's. And for him, and Rock, that was a hell of a way to go out. End of Day 57.
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    Robert Irvine only gets pushed because he's a body guy.
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    FTFY Welcome to the MavsFan experience, baby.
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    You've got a really weird hate boner for AEW and Tony Khan.
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    Fuck me... both shows did well over 700,000 viewers, one did slightly better in a key demo, both networks are happy with the performances. The only thing that matters for NXT is that the show has come back from the lows of 500,000 and is doing far better now.. and for AEW they are maintaining most of their audience and TNT is happy.
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    "Analyitics are dumb and don't matter to me" has finally made its way to wrestling? This is the most real sports thing wrestling has had in years.
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    Yeah, that seems like a terrible terrible idea. I believe it.
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    Um.... okay, I'll admit ignorance... is OnlyFans something different for you straights? Because on my side of the aisle...
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    This is the best work of Tony Schiavone's career. If you dislike this begone from my presence.
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    I miss Dean’s Smackdown comix
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    Everybody realizes Guy Fieri is actually, like, a much bigger deal, culturally, than wrestling, right? Yes, he looks like a goof, but he’s one of the biggest names in the food/entertainment industry, which is a way bigger deal and has significantly wider reach across demographics than wrestling. I’ve seen that becoming a talking point recently (“they’re losing to Guy Fieri lol”), and I don’t think that’s really the mark of shame some people think it is. Food shows do great numbers. There’s a reason Netflix has gotten deep into producing them over the past few years.
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    My understanding is that you cannot, in fact, teach that.
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    Yeah, I was pleasantly surprised by how good Archer/Janela was, considering I don’t like Janela at all. But he did a good job of throwing himself at Archer, and Archer is just so tuned into his character, it’s scary. He always knows where to find the camera, and the camera loves him. I also really liked that the big table spot on the outside was the finish. I feel like you don’t see that a lot.
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    I'm skipping over the catfight, because, no. Growing up as a gay man and a wrestling fan, I've tended to develop a thick skin about some things. (Others, nope!) There's a disquieting level of misogyny, racism, xenophobia, homophobia, and transphobia, (among many other things... WEAR A MASK) that you sort of learn to tune out if you want any enjoyment of the product. So, Booker T being told "world champions don't look like you" raises a few red flags. HHH was in his "I'm like Harley Race" phase of his career, and WWE was still in the dying throes of the Attitude Era. So the dog whistles of the build up of this feud would blow out your dog's eardrums. They're basically replaying the Simmons/Vader feud from 1991 (WHICH WAS PROBLEMATIC THEN!), but at least Simmons won the match. Sigh. Alright, let's get through this. (The story I'd heard was that Booker was cool with all of this because he was supposed to win, but Vince changed his mind at the last second.) Booker T has been fighting as an upper-mid carder since his arrival as part of the WCW InVasion. And though he was WCW Champion, he was widely treated as a paper champion and then later as a dumb joke. So, when he won the chance to fight HHH for the title, people were, well, trepidacious. Nothing in the WWE's history indicated they were going to be able to go through this program with anything but the bull in a china shop style of storytelling they were so famous for. But, Booker agreed to this, so... hey, lets see how they do it. I don't know why, but I always had the idea that this video package was done to Puddle of Mudd's "Blurry". Since it's not, I must have been thinking of another match.... maybe HBK's comeback? Oh well. Time to play the game, means time to sprint. I keep up a good pace of about 19-20 mph (well good for me) for the whole 90 seconds or so it takes him to get to the ring. I reward myself by taking a swig of water as Hunter spits out his. Now, Book comes out to a good pop, but this is firmly in "HHH wins lol" time, so you can even sense the hesitance of the crowd here. Jerry Lawler is already playing a symphony concerto on a dog whistle, because he's talking about Booker being a thug, an orphan, etc. And here's where my focus fell. The match itself is fine. Booker works a knee and HHH is trying to make Booker submit(!). But Lawler's commentary is SO over the top in being a HAIR short of 'FUCKING RACIST', that JR seems to break character a couple of times. And not in a good way. Lawler's making jokes you would not make in any kind of mixed company, and JR about 15 minutes in starts screaming at him. Knowing what I know about the way announcing works, I'd imagine Vince was feeding Lawler one liners, but fuck, Lawler is just relishing every second he can wallow in the muck. I actually thought to myself, "he's going to say it... he's going to say that word." Thankfully he didn't. End came as Booker made a comeback, busted out the EXTREMELY rare Harlem Hangover (flipping top rope leg drop), Flair saved HHH by putting his leg on the ropes to break the count. Book collapses from exhaustion, eats a pedigree... We wait.... We wait.... Both guys are down. We wait... I look down at my watch... 13, 14, 15... 20 seconds later, HHH dragged himself over to retain the World Championship. There are few times I'm ashamed to be a wrestling fan. This was one of them. End of Day 56.
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    Because WWE booking has been shit for a decade.
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    This choked me up as someone disabled. I really liked that gear Owen Hart wore when billed as the Black Hart. R.I.P. Owen Hart.
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