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    Bruce Prichard: "Well, he's actually quite short. People in the back called him Shorty. So, I figured we're on to something here. Short. His last name is Gable. So, G stands for Gable. Shorty. G. It makes perfect sense. It was a brilliant idea. He just didn't like it."
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    If so, we know it’s not from WWE2K20.
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    I have no idea why people in wrestling can't see Bischoff's real value isn't as an executive, it's as on air talent. He is really great as a sleazy smarmy heel and would be a great manager/mothpiece leading a heel stable.
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    Vince/WWE of the last 10 years hasn't met an amazing talent he couldn't completely fuck up yet.
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    Listen... The white gear was cool. It made him look like a Euro trash tennis instructor that is having an affair with a crime bosses wife. Still what a fucking conniving dork. Especially after he talked so much shit about Moxley.
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    I kinda wanna see an NXT Japan promotion be done where every person on the roster comes out to the generic Orient Express music waving the Japanese flag, and every match finish is green mist/salt to the eyes, its either going to last a few weeks, or be so ironically bad it becomes inanely popular.
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    For God's sake man, it's after Labor Day!!!!!!!!!
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    Respect. I think Ali did the same last time as well.
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    It was mentioned last week, and I'll reiterate it here: There's something in Adam Page as a tag wrestler at this particular moment. This would be the perfect thing to build him for the next thing.
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    Unique position? Bullshit. I can very easily turn on Raw or SmackDown and not see Murphy or Ali for weeks at a time!
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    I actually played this game and the sequel :(. I need to purge my soul from the above so I'd kindly suggest the WWE 2K20 thread because posters are missing out on some classic content there: A teaser from it: Cheers.
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    I am going to say with almost 100% confidence that this is Orton positioning himself for more of that sweet, sweet Fox fuck money.
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    Pretty sure recent trademark filings by both Jericho and All Elite point to them actually having their own brand of champagne in the near future. Good god almighty that's a hell of a match.
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    @Niners Fan in CT ordering 27: I kid...
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    BONUS REVIEWS by @Curt McGirt MONSTER DOG (1984, Fragasso) IMDB : ROTTEN TOMATOES (NA/22%) Fresh out of his second rehab, Alice Cooper shuttled over to Spain to act as the lead in this cheapie to see if he could work sober. Its director used to play second fiddle to Bruno Mattei and would go on to direct the infamous Troll 2, so you can guess what we're in for here. Alice plays Vincent Raven, a rock star due to go back to his childhood mansion to shoot a rock video. The town has recently had a string of murders committed by wild dogs. We get a Greek chorus proclaiming the familiar cries of doom (and he gets a pretty sick nightmare sequence, along with playing the part of the undead friend in American Werewolf here) before the crew gets down to their shoot, which is interrupted first by gun-toting locals who look like they walked straight off the set of a Leone film, then by the wild dogs, and THEN by a werewolf. Aside from the amusing dubbing this is actually a fair little piece of work, chock full of gore and surprisingly well shot. Includes a scene where a sawed-off double barrel shotgun hilariously leaves a single bullet hole in a man's head. I... I don't think that's how that works. Oh, and the film's Spanish title? Leviatán. Go figure. MY BLOODY VALENTINE (1981, Mihalka) IMDB : ROTTEN TOMATOES (47/52) I forgot that I rewatched this a couple weeks ago and it's doing the rounds on Epix Drive-In right now. This is one of the earliest in the slasher cash-in and a Canadian entry to boot. The story is that there was an underground explosion in a mine up in Valentine Bluffs, Nova Scotia (at least that's where it was shot) that trapped miner Harry Warden, who went insane trapped down below and resorted to cannibalism, then killed a couple people after they dug him out, threatening to kill anyone who celebrated Valentine's Day in the town again. 20 years later, they decide to celebrate, and here we go once more. The film gets a lot of juice out of its mining town setup with the beer guzzling cast, kind of a Deer Hunter crossed with Friday the 13th deal. Real good kills but they were butchered by the MPAA and Epix is showing the rated cut so you'd better have the DVD on hand if you want to revisit. Film closes on Harry Warden's own acoustic theme song!
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    The music is amazing. The ships breaking out of the ice is mind boggling. Lando! You fucker Palpatine! Cannot wait.
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    You see that mat over there? Nothing but cement under it, bro.
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    Usually watching a video like that requires a VPN and an Incognito Window.
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    First Master's Class is in the books with an "A." Only 11 more to go!
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    AHAHAHAHA I’m listening to the Meltzer interview, and Fumi Saito said that Rossy almost sold Stardom to the WWE because they said they were willing to put him in the Hall of Fame. He ultimately went with Bushiroad because, like the WWF buying WCW, they had no fucking plans to do anything with it anytime soon.
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    Oh yeah, the new showrunner is doing the old Shooter/Gruenwald "multiple running stories in the background" to keep the pacing going. No more spinning wheels to keep the episode count up.
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    Because Kenny Omega is going crazy, he requested this match, and wanted to "get his feet wet" in the hardcore style ahead of his match against Moxley at Full Gear in less than a month. The explanation is right there in the commentary. You don't have to like the reasoning, but they gave one.
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    Hey. I am not having some good days, and going into SAD season is not going to help. I'm doing this without insurance and medication, which sucks. Mom is getting more ill and more combative, which sucks. I burst into ugly tears at the Star Wars trailer, because sometimes I wish I was there instead of here. So keep an eye on each other, folks. We're here. It's hard, but we're here.
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    Miami get a 1st down on a fake field goal with the holder running from receiving the snap. Fitzmagic then throws an INT. Should have kicked it.
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    Let’s just say that matches long enough that they go through multiple breaks probably isn’t a crowd-growing experience if it’s done every show. No live sport goes to commercial during action. If you’re a predetermined live sport, then you have the power to not have to deal with that as a regular thing.
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    They haven't had a TV card in two months and college football is all day on Saturday on ESPN platforms. The next one (and last one for the year) for the year is in December. Top Rank is doing their LHW title unification tonight on ESPN as well.
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    That would have been an epic visual. Damn that's an amazing story to tell. It's like the Undertaker / Jeff Hardy ladder moment for a new generation. I hope that eventually happens down the line. I like the way you think. King Of The Ring 1998 Mankind vs Undertaker Hell In A Cell was in Pittsburgh. Great reaction that night. 2014 Royal Rumble was in Pittsburgh. I was at that one live. Bryan vs Bray is the best match Bray has ever had and Bryan was close to peak 'Austin over' that night. Rey coming out at 30 and Boo-tista was a loud as hell reaction too. Also lots of loud chants during that Randy vs Cena match. Goldberg, same old shit, we want divas, ect. Crazy stuff. I don't think Pittsburgh is a bad crowd.I just think Pittsburgh only gives a shit when they are presented with something to give a shit about. I don't think anything on Raw in the past 3 or 4 years has been anything to get hyped over. Just my opinion tho.
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    Hopefully every gaijin working in NXT Japan is either an American cowboy or a shootfighter so NXT Japan can bring in the fans who miss old style "Baba loves Cowboys" All Japan or the "Inoki fighting dudes in worked shoots" New Japan.
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    Just another baffling move for the Women of Honor. We just need them to put the belt on someone with an expiring contract to complete bingo.
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    Same here. All Hail King Bookahhhh!
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    The Bischoff stot If Fox execs didn't like Bischoff, they're going to like Bruce Prichard even less. Rumblings are that Fox are unhappy and beginning to wonder what what they've involved themselves in.
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    Trying to summon the Loch Ness Monster while on vacation in Scotland last week.
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    The fact that you can unlock a giant rib character speaks volumes. You guys gotta see Bianca Belair's entrance in this one. It might kill you though Craig
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