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    Adam Page wants to be my favourite wrestler.
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    Stoked for the New Jack one to open with a disclaimer saying "Jerome Young was invited to comment on these allegations. For some reason, he agreed to appear and cheerfully and enthusiastically admitted to all of them on camera"
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    My ex-wife, my daughter's mom, is a fucking moron. She's been in full panic mode and has been watching the news non-stop and feeding my 9 year old daughter information that's way over her head. Shit like that it's unsafe to leave the house, getting take out is a good way to get sick, that sort of shit. This dumb bitch doesn't bother to make sure my daughter is clean and dressed out of pajamas by, like, 3 pm, or have her hair brushed, but she sure as hell is going on and on about coronavirus and all of that. Thankfully, I'm somehow not remotely anxious about this (I was at about a 2 out of 10, now it's maybe a 3 or 4) and my wife is a nurse (well, now she's a regional manager, but she'll still run treatments here and there) and a saint and we're more than capable of having good discussions with a 9 year old. So a lot of the night tonight was spent calming her fears after we ordered takeout from our favorite Chinese restaurant or if not calming them, helping her get a better understanding for what this all is so she can be better equipped to not be afraid. It's one of those things that makes me wish I had full custody and not 50/50 custody just to have full control of the situation. I'm sure tomorrow will bring more questions and that's what my wife and I want. If my daughter is worried, we want her to ask a million questions or even re-ask them because we both know that we'll handle it extremely well. Then there's my friends who are being impacted. One in LA was laid off or furloughed from his restaurant job and there's not a lot of acting gigs available, another friend here is a manager of a hotel and who knows what their situation is going to be, another friend out on the west coast was also furloughed, same for a friend of mine in Chicago, and that all sucks. And then there's my mom and other relatives who are stuck at home and isolated more than they were before. I feel bad for everyone more than I actually worry about this. And then I start feeling mad because we could have been better prepared to handle this, but the president is a complete and total fucking idiot and continuously leads the country and ultimately the world down the wrong path. Sorry for the political talk, but fuck him, fuck that entire administration, and bless Fauci and others trying to do what they can for as long as they can until they're fired.
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    I've been away from the board for a while (work stuff) but I felt compelled to come back to state something: All my life, I was a diehard WWF/WWE fan (still am, for the former part) no matter what other company may have come up to try compete I was a homer for them. I've been watching AEW (mostly out of curiosity) since about week 4. It's easily my favorite promotion now. It started slowly, but in the past two months it's become full fledged. A combination of them doing things right and WWE doing things wrong has made me a believer. I just enjoy their shows so much. Monday's and Friday's used to be the high point of my week, but now that's been moved to Tuesday and Wednesdays. I enjoy so many things about the show, the humorous lower thirds, the hilarious commentary, seeing new wrestlers all the time, not trying to browbeat you over the stupidest points, stories that make logical/technical sense, wrestlers not just going through the paces, it's just been....refreshing. The company literally has everything a wrestling fan could ask for, all types/styles/characters/stories/etc. My wife has actually gotten into the show as well. She's a self-professed fan of the "flippy bullshit" (thanks Corny) of The Young Bucks. My favorite team is The Butcher & The Blade. We both love Moxley, Dr. Luther, Brandon Cutler & Sonny Kiss, JR's and/or Taz's wacky commentary every week. I don't like The Young Bucks. She doesn't like The Dark Order. We both agree Sammy Guevara is the heelist heel around today. Jericho's Inner Circle is brilliant. We went to the Royal Rumble this year in Houston, and during the women's RR she asked "Where's the dentist and the alien?" I had to remind her she was talking about the wrong company. The entire section around us began to talk about how much they enjoyed AEW over WWE. These past weeks with the empty arena shows were very....telling. The first SD was okay, then Raw was more of the same. The first empty arena Dynamite was a breath of fresh air. You could actually present an entertaining show with no audience! It's hard to go back. Watching Raw and SD now feels like a chore. Minus rooting for Otis, I don't think there's any current story line that either of us are interested in. I'm not sure where I was going with this, but I had to let it out. I genuinely enjoy the hell out of the show, it's made wrestling fun again.
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    The costume choices are fascinating. Charlotte wearing a wooden crown because she's a pirate queen? Roman looking like the video game character no one picks. Becky looking like she's about to massively fuck up her audition for Vikings. ...And Cena's still Boston white-trash. lol
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    My roommate at the time of the murders was a Fayette Co. Sheriff's Deputy. He said in the weeks after the murders they got tips so inane they could've gotten rich from selling them as a coffee table book. I finally watched the Benoit doc. I've talked about this before, but I was acquaintances with the Benoit family when they lived in Peachtree City. First of all, it was a bit surreal to see the church I went to preschool in used as "b-roll" footage during the 911 dispatch call segment. The part where the WWE rep says "he's a very religious man." That's First Baptist Fayetteville. That water tower they showed is a landmark. We used to drink beer and shoot vermin with .22's out there. I remember seeing Chris a good it from the time I met him in 2002 to his death. He doted on that little boy. Daniel. I never saw him without him unless there was a specific reason why Daniel couldn't be there. I spotted Chris some at the gym, and our relationship grew from there. I wouldn't ever say we were friends. I actually knew Mike Durham a little better, through his wife. But I remember specifically hearing rumors about other things that happened between Chris and Nancy. One time in particular, when they were living in a town home in another part of Fayette Co., Nancy threw him out after a domestic incident and Chris lived in his car at the end of their driveway for a few nights. There was an incident in public at the local pizza parlor, which is something of an institution locally, that I don't remember the particulars of. Several others. So when people say those murders were completely out of the blue, I pause. Were they highly unlikely? Certainly. Were they unfathomable? No. In fact, when Chad (previously mentioned roommate) called me about 3 pm that Monday having just fled the crime scene, his exact statement was "your favorite wrestler just killed his whole family." Years later he would cite that particular investigation as what drove him to leave the force. I remember William Regal's testimony during that memorial show, and how out of place it felt after the tearful speeches earlier in the evening. Chris Jericho mentioned it, but I think one of the reasons why his tone got so detached was that the 10 o clock news in Atlanta had just started, and they led with the Benoit story. Almost at the exact moment that William Regal is going on the air, the Sheriff of Fayette County is announcing that they're treating this investigation as a double homicide/suicide. I know this because I'd gone to my mom and dad's to get away for a bit, and I could hear their tv tuned to the news as I was watching Raw. Just a surreal, horrible night that I'll never forget. I once posted a much longer summary of my experiences with Benoit, if anyone feels like finding it. It does sadden me that my hometown, which has wonderful schools, a great standard of living, and actually houses the studios where the bulk of the Marvel films are made, will always be tied to this senseless tragedy. Calvin Johnson, Golf carts and the Benoit murders. That's what people know about Fayette County.
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    I don’t care what anyone says, jobbing them out to the Psycho Twins was a step too far.
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    It’s 1997. You and your brother drag your poor mother to your first wrestling show, an NWA card at the local armory. Sunny comes out in hot pants and announces she’s managing the New Doink the Clown. A guy comes out in the gimmick, but you just know that’s not the real Doink. The lights go out, and a sinister laugh rings from the loudspeakers. The familiar Enter Sandman riff begins, and Matt Borne emerges in Zumba pants and clown makeup, beer and kendo stick in hand. You know who Sandman is, and you know who Doink is, but you have no idea what the fuck is going on. It doesn’t matter because it’s your happening and it’s freaks you out. He does the chugging/head smashing the can bit directly in front of you, drenching your 7-year-old brother in Coors Lite, and you laugh and laugh. Later at intermission, you use your Christmas money to get a Tom Brandi autographed 8x10 because you’ve seen him on Raw two times, and then he disappointingly comes out afterwards and works a match as an Italian ethic stereotype named Salvatore Sincere. Sid is advertised, but well...you know the rest. It’s all downhill from here.
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    This shit is still right twice a day. Whoa, how could I have forgotten Sable’s classic catchphrase, “What are you looking at?”
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    As you may have heard, NYC is a total and complete shitshow right now. I'm doing my part by staying the fuck home. So, what I did was to buy a new exercise bike so I can pass the time doing some exercise. BUT.... I refuse to watch c*ble n*ws or the like, so what I decided on was doing 45 minute bike rides and watching every Wrestlemania I to XXXVI, in order. So I'm not sure if this is going to be a Rippa style thoughtpiece, or an old-school Netcop type reviews (though I refuse to do star ratings), but it will be something. Enjoy it while I watch and slowly lose my mind.
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    I cannot believe I'd never seen this footage before:
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    How did we not see it coming that Brodie would see sneezing as a sign of weakness? That promo was gold.
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    where are my soulseek homies at
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    Seeing all the local and national news anchors broadcasting from their homes, looking rough with non-professional lighting and non-studio makeup, reminds me of those scenes in the first Batman movie where the news reporters all look like shit because they can't use makeup due to the Joker poisoning it all.
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    And the New Jack award for being like New Jack goes to... New Jack!
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    It looks like an Alt-Right convention.
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    Santo opened with the Sicilian Defense, while Demon countered with the Four Knights Variation. Santo followed with the Grand Prix Attack, which led to Demon countering with the Wing Gambit, then unmasked Santo and faked a foul for the DQ.
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    If you told the folks who didn't like AEW at the beginning "In March 2020, there will not be a single fan in the stands and the main event will include Y2J cutting a promo on a drone", they would have thought they were right, and AEW was going out of business. Instead it's the best thing going in the business.
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    Malcolm Bivens is now on TV. Even in shitty times, life has it's moments.
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    The Randy Orton gif attached to that post is the rare justification for still having signatures
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    Credit: "The Big Show Show" Netflix Trailer
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    That's a former UK health minister asking if it was staged.
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    I'm not saying that he isn't racist or shouldn't be persecuted as a racist based on his actions. I'm saying that we always seem to focus on the Hulk Hogans who get caught saying something racist on tape, but never actually get around to stopping the kind of racism that is harmful to people. Hulk Hogan is an asshole, and probably racist as hell, but he ain't redlining, he's not in a position where he doesn't hire someone with a black sounding name, or racially profiling and killing innocent people in the streets. All of those things matter more than saying something racist on a sex tape, but we only seem to punish the people who are doing the latter, and never actually get around to fixing the former. So yes, that is part of his legacy, and racism is way more complex of a subject that needs to be discussed here. My point is that sure all racism is bad, but focusing the fight against racism against the Hulk Hogan's of the world isn't actually going to fix the harm that is being done by racism. Do you remember when the concussion stuff started coming out about football? That report came out about CTE and how harmful repeated hits to the head are, and how football players, especially offensive and defensive lineman have the brains of old ass men. So the NFL starting doing stuff like fining safeties and line backers for big hits, and implementing the concussion protocol. Here's the issue with that, that report specifically says that the small repeated brain traumas are more debilitating than the occasional big brain traumas. Except, they've done nothing to actually address the small repeated brain traumas. I'm not saying to stop fining people for helmet to helmet hits or to stop the concussion protocol, I'm saying that is not the part we should be focused on. We fight racism like we fight concussions. The racism that is harder to see, but is actually proven to be harmful is never addressed, while we persecute the people who are racist on camera/audio. It makes us feel better, but ultimately doesn't fix the problem. So when he said that people bringing up Hogan's racism is more about hating Hogan than it is about hating racism, I think of all the people who are happy talking about Hulk Hogan's racism but are quiet about all the other racism going on in the world.
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    You're missing my point. Michael Jackson isn't an underrated vocalist, because he sold so many damn records it's safe to assume that people like to hear him sing. There are about 55191956156189265051956106516561165489 more interesting things to talk about. Seriously, if we just sat around saying stuff like, "you know who had a good run, Hulk Hogan," or "You know what move finished a murderer's row of contenders? Hulk Hogan's legdrop," this board wouldn't have any members. Those aren't interesting conversations. Hulk Hogan's place in history is understood, and doesn't need to be stated in every conversation about him. Does anyone talk about both The Rock and Steve Austin both putting over Chris Jericho on the same night? Can you think of a single instance? It happened around the same time, and was pretty significant at the time. No one talks about that either. Doing the right thing rarely makes the news, because that's what you are supposed to do. You're basically a dad asking, "why don't I get credit for providing for my family?" It's because that's what you signed up for when you started a family. Putting your opponent over is the job of a wrestler. It isn't notable when it happens, it's only notable when it doesn't happen.
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    I prefer all the episodes I am on. I hope I am not spilling any beans. But my brother’s biggest dream guest for his show was Roddy Piper. It was actually close to happening and they talked a few times on the phone before Hot Rod passed away. We were Piper fanatics as kids. Not sure if it will come up in the thing about New Jack, but Chris and I went to see ECW in Asbury Park in 1997 or so. Chris actually managed to get part of a table Jack dove through from the mezzanine. I have it beat though because the same show I was in the bathroom. I heard the unmistakable voice of Referee Bill Alfonso say “it’s clear, no one is here” and RVD walked to the stall next to me, pulled up the right leg of his singlet, turned to the side and peed. As far as the Benoit documentary goes — I really think it is award worthy. There were so many parts I never considered, like how Vikki and Nancy had a very close friendship. I also think the producers did a very good job at showing that Woman was really talented herself and more than just a murder victim. They are completely right, too. Just in ECW alone she had such a big impact. Everyone remembers the Shane NWA belt thing. But the first really big ECW angle I remember hearing about was when Tommy accidentally swung a cane and it clicked Sandman’s cigarette into his eye and he was blind. Nancy did such an awesome job and people at the time legit thought it was a shoot. She also got Dreamer over huge. Dreamer in those early days of ECW was just some chubby snooze. The whole angle with The Sandman got him over, especially when he had to take a bunch of cane shots and Woman tormented him the entire time. That really put Dreamer over as “extreme” and was the angle that made his career. I also don’t know how over Sandman would have been without her as a second. His act was so unique he could have been fine but she really added a lot to it. I also was such a huge mark for Doom. Their debut match at some random Clash is one of the best ring intros ever. If memory is correct, there is some sort of giant skull background and a lot of dry ice and “Her Strut” by ZZ Top and a lot of bad attitude all around. She was really really talented.
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    One of the side plates has to have Andy Dufresne and Red on it.
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    Tony: 37 super kicks! Matt Jackson has hit 37 super kicks! Excalibur: In a row?
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    I miss the IIconics. One for @BobbyWhioux.
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    The Regal thing; both Regal and JBL have told the story that, right before Regal went in to record his, JBL just kinda mused out loud to him "you don't think Chris killed that boy, do you?" and that's what got Regal so cautious. He didn't know, hadn't heard it yet, but between what he knew about them and hearing JBL say that, it got his guard up.
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    *Interview with Tyson Kidd* ”Yeah, I feel awful for the girl, but I guess the worst part for me is that my wife took in Teddy’s cats when he got locked up, and the LAST THING WE NEEDED WAS MORE FUCKING CATS.”
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    Also, if you can hold your breath for two minutes while pulling your dick, COVID is the least of your worries.
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    This is wholesome and we need that right now
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    It's amazing what kind of shows a group of motivated wrestlers and staff can put together in an empty arena. I don't think there wasn't anything on this show that didn't deliver.
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    I watched the Mass Transit thing on Kazaa a billion years ago. Once was enough.
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    This is what I came up with
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    Well I mean this was their lead in so...
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