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    The ippponzei was such a cool move and I wish some other big guy would pick it up. I also dig this weirdo sit-out version
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    Back in my day, wrestlers helped take down the ring and got a cold hot dog from the concession stand (if they were lucky), and they LIKED IT! Some of the lower-card guys' broken bodies were used for kindling by the promoter if the winter was particularly harsh, and they LIKED IT!
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    Jeff Passan: Someone might like drama even more than I do.
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    I wish I could do justice to describe the feeling/pop that we experienced in Pittsburgh on Friday night. First, you get the Lilian Garcia National Anthem, which the crowd is always hyped for. Then you get the "Then, Now, Forever" opening followed by the NXT Theme Song... crowd going crazy with anticipation... You have the maybe 5 second pause where it's complete silence before the first wrestler's theme song begins... antsy crowd... The "10...9...8..." Countdown video begins and you realize it's Kushida. There's a "Holy shit!" moment right there as he wasn't advertised for this loop. Kushida walks out by himself. But wait, you realize the ring announcer said that the opening contest is a Tag Team Match.... could it be? There's no way. He wouldn't make his debut at a house show. By this point, the crowd is murmuring and stirring. The Tron video hits.... "Alex Shelley" appears on the screen. Unbelievable! Place goes absolutely crazy and then he walks out. People jumping up and down with pure glee. It was truly something to behold and something I'll never forget.
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    Do you think the Only God Can Judge Me guys realise the tattooist is ribbing them when he does it in that Gothic script font? Because they always make the J look as much like an F as possible. Nobody ever got an Only A Jury Of My Peers Can Judge Me tattoo, did they? Someone should. It would really annoy everyone who thinks it's OK to be a violent criminal as long as you pretend to be religious with it.
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    All this Slaughter shaming is clearly Fake News put out there by Dr. Mindbender and his propaganda team.
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    Yeah, stuff's a little different when you're an officer in a publicly traded company. Weird, huh?
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    I don’t give a damn about Seth, but more Buddy on my tv is never a bad thing.
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    Even with that fact that your a black man, that's pretty messed up bro. Would you go up to Ricochet and tell him that "you may be black, but you're not as black as Ron Simmons"? I'm sorry but that's fucked.
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    If I listed my pile of shame, we'd be here for awhile.
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    So according to Meltzer, Scurll was indeed the first choice to be the leader of the Dark Order, and there was a plan in place to reveal him at the end of the Corpus Christi episode (y'know, the one with the phantom punches). But then ROH made him an offer he couldn't refuse, and we all know what happened there. He goes on to say that Tony Khan has taken more control of the booking since that episode and all of the negative feedback, and he's largely responsible for the long-term seeds being planted in various stories. He notes that it's from the top (Khan) down to the EVPs, though. He's just taken ahold of the reigns a little bit more, I guess. Also, apparently Scurll - on behalf of ROH - has already reached out to AEW about a working partnership.
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    I can imagine the Twitter/Reddit reaction today if a match with a wrestler that was so obviously as off as Sandman was took place on a major show or even higher-profile indie. I rewatched that match for the first time in quite a few years recently and was even more horrified by how completely not conscious Sandman seemed during the match, between him just falling down when getting whipped into the ropes and his selling consisting of just standing there zoned the fuck out. Even concussed Kairi at TLC didnt seem as gone as Sandman here. At least Necro Butcher a couple of weeks ago was just skinny and gaunt but he never looked like he was possibly not aware that he was in a wrestling ring.
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    When you say stupid jargon, do you mean things like "New Generation", "Get the F Out", "Ruthless Aggression", "Divas Revolution", stuff like that? A match in 1997 between a 43 year old and a 42 is the Age in the Cage, but a match in 2019 featuring 53 year old and a 51 year old facing a 49 year old and another 53 year old is worth hyping up for Saudi?
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    There was a response to everything from this weekend... What Tessa said sure as fuck wasn't it.
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    That whole thing was hard to watch for Brad.
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    I only put that there to see if anyone was actually reading my post.
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    The statement that Luhnow put out there is the biggest load of bullshit. It's essentially Rick James denying he stomped on a white couch before admitting he stomped on a white couch.
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    As promised when the last one was cancelled - Jon Moxley vs. Josh Barnett has been booked for Bloodsport III
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    New Years Dash: First New Years Dash I've watched. The Fite Package was 50 bucks for all 3 events so I was like what the hell and ordered all 3 nights. If New Year Dash is the Raw after Mania to WK's Mania then it should be a fun watch. Jushin Ligers Retirement Ceremony - This was classy. Liger in full regalia. All the babyface roster came out. I like that they honored Kayfabe and LIJ, Blizz & gun weren't out there. But Chaos and the rest of the roster was. Tanahashi was crying the entire time. Ligers wife and Kid were out there. Inoki looks good for 76 he dyes his hair but he looks better than Vince. When they were singing Ligers theme at the end his son knew every word, that was tight his kid is the biggest Liger fan. I'm getting teary eyed now typing this. I don't know there could have been abetter send off for Liger. LA Dojo vs New Japan/Fale Dojo - Henare teamed with the LA boys on the 4th now he's teaming against them on the 6th. All righty then. Match was cool, solid opener. Young Lions match black boots black trunks, the basics not bad, pretty fun. The 4 Jr Tag Match - Takahashi teamed with Busihi so he's still LIJ. I was curious about that. Throughout this match it was evident that 3K and Blizz still had issues unresolved from the night before. I liked this match, anyone could tag anyone and it led to some cool spots such as Desperado kicking the ropes into Bushi's balls and then tagging himself in. It was a fun Jr's match, fast paced, they built to everything, four teams a lot of spots got cut off. I like that when you think the big spots coming you're buzzing the crowds buzzing and then boom the goddamn heels come sin and break it up and you get pissed the crowd gets pissed it's such a fun time. 3K better pack a lunch cuz yes the pin was assisted by Bushi's mist, Desperado still got win for him and Kanemura, they're getting a title shot and they're both tough customers. Bullet Club vs Kota, Tanahashi & FinJuice - I thought this match was really good. One of the positives of The Elite leaving New Japan is that Bullet Club has gone from the Cool Heel to being Rowdy Watch the World Burn Heel. Back to their group of foreigners banding together to cause hell roots. I chuckled as they were all fighting in the crowd, the entire match broke down and the man's on the PA system saying what I like to think is something along the lines of "gentleman please return to the ring". Chase pestering Kota the whole match to join Blizz It's poetic that he take the fall to Kota's Running Knee. Kota and Tana requesting a match for the straps, the crowd popped at the idea. Kota and Tana as a team is gonna be fun. How those guys are they'll want to earn the match and tag for awhile picking up some wins before they square off against FinJuice. Dominion I'll presume. LIJ vs Chaos - A bunch of tough fuckers being tough fuckers. This was the tale of two matches almost, New Japan likes to do that when they are setting singles matches up by putting the advisories on different teams. In this case its Shingo vs Goto and Ishii vs Evil. They kind of kept it with Shingo and Goto & Ishii and Bushi. Rowdy and hard hitting, match broke down at one point with brawling ringside and in the crowd. completely unhinged thats may cup of tea. This being the Raw after Mania and all Shingo got the pin on Goto then challenged him for the Openweight title. I know Gedo loves to hot potato the secondary championships but I'd like to see Shingo come up short against Goto in Sapporo, he mentioned how Goto beating him in Kobe left a chip on his shoulder. His exact words were "I still have not forgiven you for Kobe." I think Shingo getting close to winning but not and having to chase for the title a little more and beat Goto at say Wrestling Dontaku. Shingo is a boss, he's a dark horse top star. He's been around forever, wrestle's his ass off and the crowd is behind him. Suzuki-gun vs Chaos - Archer dropped that Young Lion cold. That was awesome, take that guy doing your job! Okada's jacket was cool as fuck. While we are talking about Okada the man wrestled 75 minutes in the past two nights and here he is in another match. He doesn't take the night off but it takes him a while to get going but once he gets going he goes. They set up two more angles in Okada vs Taichi and Sabre vs Ospreay, well 3 but i'll talk about Moxley vs Minoru in a moment. This is like the 2013 Raw after Mania. Sabre and Ospreay have one of the cooler opening sequences i've seen in a while, fast paced chain wrestling. Robbie took a beating, Minoru stretched the fuck out him and Archer big booted the fuck outta him, but Robbie persevered and had his moment in the sun there at the end. What a Suzuki-gun like ending of a DQ cuz Taichi shoves a ref, he wanted to beat the shit outta Okada the ref disagreed and Taichi shoved him. Ref should have mined his own business. Everthing has broken down all the babyfaces are incapacitated and then Moxley shows up and gives Minoru a taste of his own medicine. I dug the fuck outta the only man crazy enough to go toe to toe with Minoru fucking Suzuki ends up walking tall at the end of the day. That match is gonna be banana I can't wait. Minoru sold the hell out of I know its not the Dirty Deed anymore but I'm calling it the Dirty Deed cuz I cant remember the new name, crawling from the ring up the ramp. Blizz Clizz vs LIJ - Kenta dance taunting the crowd was my favorite spot of the match. Sanada kicking the ropes into Gedos balls and Gedo taking a cartoony tree fall bump is a close second. This match was really good. If this wasn't right after WK i'd probably be a little more upset with the 14 minute match time but this was perfect. Jay and Kenta heel the fuck outta Naito and Sanada, action spills into crowd. We get an extended Naito-Kenta mini match and that New Beginning match is gonna be killer dude. I thought the finish was perfect i really did. Sanada has the ring IQ to be aware of a roll up opportunity as Jay sets up a SlingBlade, it happened so fast just goes to enforce the match can end at any time element of the show. Jay White letting out his frustrations with the outcome by low blowing Sanada was a nice touch. I have a feeling these two are gonna keep each other busy for part of the year as they bide their time until they challenge Naito for the title. I don't know how you book Sanada vs Naito as they are in the same faction you could have Sanada wins the G1 and we have a Triple H-Batista style turn at Power Struggle but in this case Sanada turns heel not face like Big Dave. And at Night 2 of WK next year Sanada beats Naito for the title. Or they could run another Royal Quest in late August, attendance was really good I could see another show but back to what i'm saying run Naito vs Jay White for the strap at Royal Quest have White go over, Sanada wins G1 wins strap at WK Naito attacks him in an act of jealous rage and you run with that. With these two teams theres no other way this could end other than the wild brawl that unfolded after the match. I can understand the argument of continuously ringing the bell to try to restore order is annoying but I think it adds to the anarchy that is taking place a bells ringing a four man riot is transpiring its a cool ascetic. Gedo wears his love for southern wrasslin on his sleeve White and Kenta cutting promos in the ring as the faces lay in a heap is pretty Horsemen 86. That crowd was pissed off as White cut his promo, New Japan has a top heel in Switchblade. They were angry at Kenta too, the best thing Kenta ever did was leave the WWE. He has a bright future in New Japan. The next couple years are gonna be fun to watch.
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    The February FSA show will have one match: Brock vs. HHH vs. Shawn Michaels vs. Undertaker vs. Goldberg- 3 hour Iron Man Match
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    You absolute fools. Clearly this is the culmination of a half-decade campaign to secure the financial backing and political buy-in for the relaunch of Party Marty 2020.
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    Am I the only one who thought of Tony Atlas? Yes, probably.
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    Ted Nugent got the invite after shitting his pants to avoid going to Nam. They ain't catching a damn thing. That's all I gotta say because I'm not getting cashed baby
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    "The problem with wrestling Ricky Ataki is an hour later you want to wrestle him again." I can't say it enough, but god bless the Brain.
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    Welcome to the board. Since you were lurking I'm sure you know what you're getting into. But thankfully you picked a good one to join. For starters there's no issue with too much wrestling. Growing up I would seek whatever wrestling I could (mainly on the weekends) and after adjusting the ol' rabbit ears for so long ended up with some things to keep me occupied. So going from that to now we're all absolutely spoiled and quite fortunate. I would be thrilled if I was a kid and had access to all this from the start. And to watch it at my own pace? Damn, that would have been paradise as a kid. As for the question yes for me there is too much wrestling for me to catch up on. Now that's me as a 9-to-5er with free weekends and that's been busy lately. I watch all the WWE and AEW shows but with WWE I do tend to fast forward through matches that I either don't want to see or really just have no consequence to it at all. Oh, and NWA Powerr is sublime though I've fell a bit behind on MLW. Hoping to binge watch to catch up while off Monday. Of the stuff I used to watch I had to drop ROH and Impact. ROH has had too many issues for me to continue supporting them. And with Impact I'm so incredibly behind that instead of catching up from last July I'm best off just dropping it. So to stay on top of it all I quite honestly read the board while at work. That and the wonders of Youtube and Youtube TV to allow me to watch it anywhere. And if I'm on a time crunch I'll have Youtube videos got at 2x speed which surprisingly works for me. Now when I become a dad the stuff I watch will be cut in half so this board will do wonders to keep me up to speed. All else fails there's always the Observer podcasts to fill in the blanks.
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    Mel (aka La Hija de Serena Deeb from Straight Edge Society) is not as bad as Tamina Snuka. That's clearly hyperbole.
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    Brian's great. Also great is when he tells Corny about the audio, and Jim makes the Abe Simpson noises.
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    That RVD promo, holy shit. One of a kind, for sure. I can't believe he wasn't a bigger star and that they didn't let a brother talk back in 2001/'02. What a whiff.
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    Great show. Opening tag definitely was all action and chaos. I don't think they'll last much longer but I dig Kenny & Hangman as a team a lot. Women's tag had some sloppy moments but Statlander's finish was impressive. I like seeing Mel Cruise get some shine and hope she does well here. Moxley/Sammy was good stuff and the post-match angle was excellent, very well done. Inner Circle promo after was brilliant, topped off by Hager & Guevara at the end. Absolutely loved the DDP comeback tag - awesome to see him wear the tights for it and he looked great. The Dustin Destroyer followed by Diamond Cutter combo ruled and of course the big DDP dive. MJF's backflip bump off the buckle smash was classic. Super fun match. Also another excellent Cody promo earlier in the night, Cody/Wardlow in the cage should be epic. Main event was as great as expected. This was another episode where I looked at the time when Pac was coming out and didn't realize it was already main event time. Dug Darby's suicide dive shoulder blocks early on, the Coffin Drop to the outside, and the super Crucifix looked killer. Ending set up next week nicely. Moxley gonna wrestle in an eye patch on the pirate ship next week!
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    Ok. Holy shit. I cheered, I clapped, I yelled " No way !" and " Holy Shit!", and I cried. I'm gonna go smoke and bask in happiness before attempting to break it all down here. Pure happiness isn't something that comes around all that often, especially nowadays. That was it for me.
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    So I'm at work, and I'm reading the paper because it's gone quiet. And the centre pages (once you take out the pullout sections) are usually a big double splash photo, right? Well, this time it's a Wrestling picture, from Pro Wrestling Eve's Wrestling Queendom 3 this weekend. Zoe Lucas is in it. So I check her twitter, and she's not mentioned being in a national newspaper at all. So I took a picture of the paper and tweeted it, ating her to makes sure she saw it. And she retweeted it, so presumably she didn't know. Probably should have at'ed Pro Wrestling EVE while I was at it, but presumably they are following her. And presumably the photographer told them something about it. Anyway, the other wrestler in the picture is Nor 'Phoenix' Diana, who wrestles in a Hijab.
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    Update - the Stros have fired Luhnow and Hinch
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    My sister DVRs some of these shows and I sometimes wonder if she was right when she claimed our parents paid more attention to me.
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    Well, after that stirring, inspiring *checks notes* 10 points off 147 yards performance, who can blame them.
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    Christ... I stop reading this thread for ONE FUCKING DAY...
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    The jump pass call takes some marbles.
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    I used to work security at a club he frequented here in Atlanta, when he played for the Falcons. He'd be the dumbest fucker in a lot of businesses.
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    Ivee probably shouldn't be joining the pile.
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    That's Excalibur's role. He's the guy that knows modern wrestling, indie wrestling, etc. Similar to Mike Tenay in the early days of Nitro being the guy that knew the luchadors and Joshis.
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    I don't think Slaughter would care too much considering he became an Iraqi sympathizer.
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