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    Sid rules. Said it once, will say it again until all the motherfuckers understand. Any one of us could stab a coworker, and we'd get fired for it. Sid stabbed a coworker and got fired for it. Then they hired him back and made him world champion. Twice. While the guy he stabbed still worked for the company. All hail King Sid
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    “Wait, I just bought tickets to a show headlined by “Wild” Bill Irwin Vs. Michael Hayes?!?”
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    I fucking love this match. If you're reading this now and haven't seen it, FUCKING DO IT NOOB
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    I am a dad! My wife and I adopted our beautiful and amazing son about six weeks ago. We had been waiting to adopt for about two years. We got a phone call at 10 pm on a Sunday night. We brought our son home the next evening. We became parents with about 16 hours notice. But he is the best and being a dad is amazing.
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    Boring personal story time: my girlfriend played me a clip of this really overdramatic, overblown, obviously worked Total Divas episode where they're all on vacation fighting over who gets what bedrooms. Nattie, out of left field, after not even really being in the conversation just chimes in, deadpan: "Settle down, Lana." Became a little bit of an inside joke with us, and now that's her whole gimmick as far as my girlfriend's concerned. She chants "settle down" at the TV during her matches and always plays as Nattie in 2k19-- even put her character in a "Settle Down" t-shirt, and refers to the sharpshooter as "the Settler."
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    Bill Dundee (actual size)
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    Tyrus went from the Funkasaurus to the Sexual Harassment Panda.
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    "Why will no one come and fight me???" I don't know, Aleister. Maybe because you stay locked in a back room instead of going to the ring like everyone else. Just a thought.
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    Please...please...please Renee, can I keep him?
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    This is Eric Moreland. His salary this season was $17k and played 5 games. Thanks to Toronto's victory, he's about to get a 2029% bonus. (All players on the winning roster earn a $345k bonus.)
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    I'm just going to put this here because I feel like it and it amuses me but I think one of the women in one of the major US companies should be obsessed with Garfield. Maybe someone like Dana Brooke could go to catering and always demand lasagna, and she could also sleep in a box with a blanket and a teddy bear. She would then need to be woken up for her match. Her promos would also be just her thinking sarcastic things about her opponents, and she'd never actually speak with her mouth. Also, she'd refuse to work on RAW because she hates Mondays. That is all.
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    b I don't remember him doing this move either but I guess he switched up his moveset when he was Black Tiger.
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    I work with people who microwave fish in the office
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    A lot of people seem to draw a line in the sand with the Benoit incident RE being a fan, but for me Misawa’s accident in the ring is the day any passion I had for wrestling died. There was an element of culpability that I don’t think we as fans ever addressed about his death because we had enjoyed that hard hitting high impact style so much over the years. When I found out what happened I just felt a bit disgusted and dirty about the whole strong style thing and taking enjoyment from it, no problem with clubberings and stiffness but the head and neck drops and going above and beyond the call of duty suddenly left me cold. Haven’t watched any puro since and with what happened to Shibata and Takayama after I don’t think any lessons were learned. Seeing some recent NJPW gifs of apron moves and high spots to the floor I’d say ditto there too
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    OXBOX Andy described it as all the Avengers were created using a WWE 2K Create-A-Wrestler mode and now I can't unsee it
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    There used to this guy who worked for WWE who would have been perfect for that kind of role, but they booked him like some kind of goofball idiot. What is his name again? For the life of me, I can't think of it... Wait...hold on, it's on the tip of my tongue... Jon Moxley
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    It's okay I already let it slip that he was really Super Dragon you don't have to.
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    I'd love to see EC3 and Roode in a rich assholes tag team
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    I know I've said it before, but I still can't believe they gave up on EC3 that quick. A guy built like that who can talk, with a modern Million Dollar Man gimmick? Seems like someone Vince would have pushed way too hard way too fast.
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    Honestly, in kitchen work, it's harder to find a non-user than a user. Just before I overdosed last year, I was hiding in the bathroom doing all sorts of hard drugs before smoking sausages for hours and then closing the bar down with all the regular customers. I think that the nature of this type of work just draws this type of behavior. Doesn't help that a lot of us are felons and that's the only real job we can get. Add in long hours and the fact that our days are a series of high stress situations during rushes and then huge down periods and then another rush, rinse, wash, repeat and drugs and alcohol become a common way to blow off steam.
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    I'd rather have people snorting blow right out in the lunchroom.
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    Is there any possibility that the opening match of the first AEW show could be Jushin Liger vs Brian Pillman Jr?
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    Plus, Sid being the overwhelming crowd favorite in MSG.
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    14 years ago today... we are all so very old.
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    whichever one Sid won is automatically the good one.
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    Might as well set them out to sea in a burning ship
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    Oh the G1 is a thing? I thought it died a horrible death because MINORU SUZUKI ISN'T IN IT AND THEY CAN EAT MY SHIT. ALL OF MY SHIT.
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    Spoilered for gif in a photo thread...and sleaze:
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    I put on my Ultimate Warrior T-Shirt for the first time in several months several days ago. I wore it around the house for a bit, then when I went to the bathroom and saw myself wearing it in the mirror I felt......dirty. It was actually the first day of this month, Pride Month. I took it off and won't ever wear it again. Ultimate Warrior was one of my favorites growing up, if not my absolute favorite for a good year or two. I love the character from that time. However, I just can't support him anymore because of the person behind that character. While looking at the shirt in the mirror, my thoughts were of people seeing me wear it and it perhaps bringing back some nostalgia for them and maybe even getting a few high fives or shout-outs here and there....but then also of maybe even one person seeing it and knowing what he had said those years back and the views he had on the LGBTQ community, and thinking that one person might think that I felt the same way and was somehow supporting it.....no. Can't do it anymore. So that shirt is now gone and out of my rotation. Round about way to say.......yeah, Fuck Dana Warrior and her tone deafness with her post/picture trying to "celebrate" Pride Month with his image.
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    My first exposure to AJPW was when my friend bought a comp tape from someone that had a bunch of Misawa vs Kawada matches on it and When Worlds Collide, which was also my first exposure to lucha. Anyway, I was blown away at how awesome Misawa vs Kawada was. Misawa especially. I liked him more than Kawada at first. Maybe it was the green and white tights (his tights became the template for so many CAWs I would make in Wrestlemania 2000 and No Mercy and other games)? Maybe it was the fact that Misawa just looked like a regular dude, like a banker or something. Watching that comp tape lead to me getting even more AJPW comp tapes. I mean, this was this shit. It was fucking awesome. I loved it way more than NJPW. And then I got into Noah after that because my favorite AJPW dudes (Misawa, Akiyama, Kobashi, and Vader) all left to start Noah. However, one question remained...how the fuck was someone like Misawa able to just repeatedly get dropped on his head by a power bomb from Kawada, a lawn dart suplex from Vader, chops from Kobashi, lariats to the neck, other moves to the neck and crown of the head, etc. I couldn't understand how Chris Benoit needed spinal fusion surgery, how Angle needed spinal fusion surgery, how other people in WWE or WCW suffered similar neck injuries when it was the AJPW and Noah guys getting dropped on their head and neck. And then Misawa suffered the most horrific in ring injury I could ever think of. Internal decapitation. I had no idea anything like that was even possible. By this point, I had stopped watching Noah, and really much of anything from Japan. I didn't have the time for it. All I really knew was that in the time before Misawa died, Noah had come down a lot from the highs they experienced after splitting off from AJPW. I still don't know exactly why that was because the top guys in Noah seemed like bigger stars than anyone else. Anyway, I just didn't know what Misawa was up to except he looked extremely worn and rough in some pictures I saw of him. I caught wind of his death on here first. I was just...numb. I couldn't believe he was dead or how he could die like that, but then I thought back to that question of how could these guys just get dropped on their head and necks like they were. Eventually, the bill comes due and that's fucking sad. As a wrestling fans these guys seem immortal despite so much evidence to the contrary. At least, that's what it used to seem like. When people like Misawa, Eddy, and Benoit all die for different, but wrestling related reasons, it makes you question what you're watching and why you're watching. It's really fucking sad. Really sad. As a fan, am I supporting this shit by watching it? Did I cause some of this to happen? Why do things need to be this way? If nothing else, those three passing away really made me detest seeing any sort of head and neck dropping, and hard blows to the head, or getting way too gassed up to fit in with WWE. Despite the price Misawa paid, you still see this utter bullshit where guys, top guys even, are taking these awful head and neck drops. A dragon suplex or straight jacket suplex or half and half suplex or whatever used to be HUGE deals. Like, holy shit, this guy is fucking dead. Now it's just a fucking transition move for Kenny Omega or Sami Zayn or whoever. You see Kenny or Sasha spiking someone on their head with the reverse rana. And then there's everything with Kota Ibushi. I said in the Dominion thread that I really didn't like the match and that was before Alvarez even chimed in on it. When I heard him say the same, I at least felt like I wasn't alone in having a bad taste in my mouth from watching shit like this. It's just unnecessary. When are these guys and girls going to learn that the bill comes due? Don't let Misawa's death be in vain. Learn a lesson from it. Work smarter.
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    I can't remember Eddy ever doing this exact move any other time. (And it did finish the match, thank you very much)
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    There's a solid argument to be made that Cobra Commander is the least odious person in this.
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    RE - Joe v Necro, at that time I was lurking around the CZWfans board and the hype for that match in the lead up was incredible. Ian Rotten was at the peak of his powers in terms of Indie dream booking. I don’t think I’ve experienced a more fun few years watching indie wrestling than those around 03-06. You had great Mike Burns booked CZW cards with the PWG and IWS guys, the CZW v RoH feud was shortly afterwards, IWA was holding insane TPI and Strong Style tournaments, PWG was in its infancy. Even KOTDM 03 holds a special place in my heart. There’s some really great stuff during that whole period. One of the weirdest things to come from this match is that Necro changed up his style and done more straight up brawling and ended up in RoH. Around the same time Ian started putting on shoot style technical matches with Hero. Some crazy stuff. There is some great stuff buried in the sands of time from around that time. GCW seems to be the spiritual successor to that whole era.
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    There was a lot of anti-Shawn Michaels sentiment. You'd see little kids wearing his merch and women go crazy for him, but adult men weren't cheering the guy that pranced around like a male stripper. New York is always a smart mark heavy crowd, so there were likely people that knew about Shawn's backstage bullshit. Plus, Sid was just a monster badass and made the fist bump cool.
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    As someone who actually doesn't hate Raw but recognizes it has shortcomings, I think the show: 1) Needs consistency 2) Needs to change the formula That may seem like a contradiction, but no. The 24/7 title is doing well because it's not the status quo. It's different. Fresh. Offering something that isn't featured in any of the other stories. But it's also consistent in keeping R-Truth, Carmella, Drake Maverick, and a motley crew around it. A story unique to itself but with wrestlers who we know or have quickly endeared themselves to us. I thought last night's show was mostly inoffensive. A decent episode that moved the stories along. But why they haven't figured out to stop killing the room with 20-minute promos at the start of every show, I don't know. It's a tried routine, not to mention Rollins as the babyface doesn't have the skillset to carry the load. Not saying he can't cut a promo. But he's not a good true-blue baby and it reflects in his talking. They're starting to slide him more toward being conniving/shades of gray with using the chair and low blows. That's better suited to his strengths. But again, don't spend so much 'dead' time upfront that some fans leave before they see the end result. To me, Raw is like a novelist who needs a strong editor. The material is there. It can work. I think it does fine more than most here do. But the show needs someone who can trim the fat, leaving room for new stories/wrestlers to get time. This needs to be a regular process, not a flash in the pan fix. You gotta give them the reps, both in the ring and on the mic. I listened to Corbin's promo last night and thought it was one of his stronger moments. But that only happened because he gets on TV every week, the practice is there. The same needs to happen for more than the 15-20 wrestlers who know they have secured spots.
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    Watched this match back today:
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    Got a "Journalism" and a "Joking me" out of Billie. Satisfied.
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    Is Moxley watering his plants naked? lol Anyway, here's your reminder that Naylor is a good egg and a good follow on the twitter dot com
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