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    Still amazes me that people thought/still think their TV will have stuff shot like it is on Being The Elite. Y'know, on iPhones.
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    That is a fucking fantastic video. Remember all the praise we heaped on the Billy Corgan NWA videos? These are better than those. This is the best shit in wrestling today. In the United States at least.
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    The importance of being able to talk out your feelings is so important, especially when you find yourself in a situation where you're feeling suicidal or like you're going to self-harm. Just knowing you can talk it out and feel like you're not being judged is super, super important. I'm glad you two feel that this is a safe spot to get your feelings out, @Nice Guy Eddie and @The Natural. It's important for you to have the avenue to address your feelings as you need to. The world's better with you in it. My thighs are covered with my cutting scars from when I tried to bottle things up in relation to my depression and anxiety instead of talking them out and taking steps to ease them, so I speak from experience.
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    Punching myself in the dick or WWE anything? I'll get to punching thanks
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    The worst part of this "pick your name from your favorite movie/TV series from 15 years ago" is that I was so deep into my anime fandom that no matter which one I picked, I'd invariably have to do the "evil Japanese ninja gimmick who is OBVIOUSLY a white dude in a mask" gimmick.
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    Christmas Vacation is ALWAYS watched. No exceptions in this household. I want to see The Beastmaster again...
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    I don't catch it on TV so much anymore, but if Ronin is on I will always check to see if it's close to a car chase or shootout. When it's that time of year I'll always watch a little of National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.
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    The good thing for Ian is that he never has to worry about going to Hell because even Satan has standards.
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    Why don't you give this a watch? Love the MK3 vibe I'm getting from the graphics for this.
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    Glad to hear she is feeling good enough mentally to come back to the business. I've only watched a little bit of her work but I've liked what I saw and enjoy her online presence. I know how bad of a place those type of breakups can put you in when you've made long term plans and adjustments that don't work out. .
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    It's especially dumb because with the new lottery odds a lot of teams would be better off missing the playoffs than getting swept by a 1 seed.
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    And then Mickie broke her leg three weeks later on an IWA Mid-South show doing a dive onto Sara Del Ray so there went that TNA run anyway.
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    On a normal night sure but this is not an awesome move by them for the reasons already stated here and elsewhere.
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    Y I K E S I don't blame her for needing some time away then. Poor thing.
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    It's absurd and a thing only a Micky Mouse league would do. I feel like if Vancouver challenged that ruling they would win because you shouldn't be allowed to punish a team ex post facto.
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    Ehhh... I loved the PS2... but the SNES is f'n legendary. It does depend on your age group. I'm 39... when the SNES came out in 92 I was 12 and it was revolutionary. Even towards the end of its lifecycles it was still producing epic games like Donkey Kong Country that would once again change expectations.
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    I'm glad I saw this today. @Peck, thank you for posting this. I hope things continue to improve for Cass.
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    Khan bought the Four Seasons in Toronto from Prince Alwaleed, who was one of more than a few princes detained/imprisoned by MBS citing corruption charges as part of a power play in the kingdom. Alwaleed isn't remotely the same as MBS. He may be a crooked businessman (and even then, there's not a lot to go off of), but he's not ordering the butchering of journalists. He's also donated billions to charitable foundations. The comparison you make isn't a fair one. Purchasing a hotel from a member of the royal family, one who was imprisoned (albeit in a fancy hotel, so it's not like he was doing hard time) and stripped of any power he had by an actual corrupt part of the royal family isn't remotely the same as WWE receiving huge payouts from the Saudi government to put on shows there that are thinly veiled propaganda pieces.
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    Considering that Shadid Khan bought a hotel from the Saudi royal family that is still managed by their hospitality holding corporation, Omega may be wise not to go down that road. That's the thing about wrestling and big business in general. Everyone is dirty.
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    Well we’ve just got one EVP taking a shot at the Blood Money concept and counter-programming. So.
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    Liger was secretly laughing his ass off. He loves that shit. Edit:
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    TL:DR Bob Ley is officially retiring at the end of the month
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    Yeah, Blues Brothers was another I would never turn off mainly because I didn't own it. It's probably my one favorite movie that I don't own and I don't know why. I STILL don't own it. Amazon is right there so maybe I should just order it now... In any event, if Blues Brothers was on WGN or TBS, it wasn't getting turned off.
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    I can't listen to "Man In The Box" without expecting to see a list of upcoming ECW events on my TV screen James
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    Speaking of Birdemic, which I've not seen, it was literally only this past week or so I realized the title was a portmanteau of Bird and Epidemic, and not some nonsensical thing about a bird with a microphone.
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    So...I saw Glenn Danzig's VEROTIKA tonight. Yes, it is as bad and inept and insane as the early word out of Cinepocalypse promised. Yes, there are LOTS of scenes and dialogue where you can tell Glenn was being super-serious but the audience laughed heartily instead. The Room and Birdemic are still the high bar for “so bad they're fucking incredible” movies, but there are plenty of individual moments here that come damn close to hitting that bar. There is ONE actor that knows exactly what movie he is in. That guy rules. Sean Waltman has a couple of lines in it too. If you're a horror fan that likes blood-and-guts, there's some fun blood splatter during the third act. There are also 6 or 7 attempts at blood and gore that are pitiful and laughable. There are lots of strange artistic choices, and plenty of camera shots that just LINGER (RIP Dolores) and/or were shot and framed by someone who has never seen movies before. If you think JJ Abrams is a master of lens flare, wait until you see what Glenn does with it! I really hope that all of the porn actresses in this movie – and there were a lot of them – got paid above their normal rates to make this instead of the perfectly good pornography they would otherwise have been shooting that day. There was one scene that during the post-movie Q&A that Glenn said “the laughing in the audience stopped and everyone went silent.” That was NOT the case. If you like your movies to have satisfying payoffs, there are none to be found here. If you are willing to settle for unsatisfying payoffs, there really aren't much of those either. But at the end of the day, I'll still take Glenn's earnest effort over coldly calculated “isn't it funny that this movie is so bad?” schlock like Sharknado. WE DON'T DESERVE GLENN DANZIG. I tried to keep this spoiler-free, but I can't resist sharing this one. So, SPOILER ALERT....
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    Well, they definitely did, but how could you ever turn off Blues Brothers? At the very least, you're always starting at a point where "if I wait ten minutes, [Awesome Performance X] will be on, I should at least watch through that" and next thing you know, you're muttering about hating Illinois Nazis.
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    No, it was... a thing. You are not wrong. I legitimately wonder if the play will be playing around with it in subtle ways. They run 2 shows a year in god damn Saudi Arabia and I can’t see the company doing an out and out lesbian angle in plain sight. But there was kind of something from it last week too. https://i.imgur.com/oL1Y6zO.gifv for context.
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    Thank you. I haven't heard it in so long and forgot how good AJ's TNA theme was.
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    Apologies for the damn username being there for this video.
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    Happens to me every once in awhile buying records, where you'll go back and the album will have vanished from the website after your PayPal goes through (then the wave of joy and relief washes over because you were probably worried it would disappear anyway)
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    "Surely this ball-dominant guard that's a huge prick will be the answer to our problems!" - Daryl Morey, apparently.
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    Just popping in to post that I was able to snag a ticket to the Super J cup show at SFSU. Meltzer noted in his update that the WA show tix were on sale, but within the same link/ release the other shows' ticket links were included. I bought last night, and double checking today, the SF show is listed as SOLD OUT.
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    I eagerly await the Rockets team report showing Harden did receive enough votes to win MVP.
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    For a PPV called Extreme Rules, there's an awful lack of gimmick matches. Also I'm pretty sure this is on the 14th, unless they're starting to run PPVs on Saturdays now.
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