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    One of my favourite things every week:
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    Precisely. Magic is no different than super science. Things work in Star Wars because they're supposed to and that's the best explanation. No need to try to apply real world explanations to anything, but hardcore fanboy grognards always try to reason away the concepts in their favorite content with actual science in the hope that it will somehow add validity or relevance to the content. All it does is reveals just how unfamiliar people are with the concepts they're using to explain how the content functions..
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    I'm ok with the references. Everyone makes the same comparisons- and it adds realism to the product and keeps pro wrestling "open". Acknowledging that people exist is agood thing.
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    meanwhile the curse of nostalgia has almost run its course. All things 80s have already been recycled, bar one: it is time for the 49ers to start winning super bowl(s) again. Only then will the seal finally be broken, freeing us from this embarrassing flight of romanticism. let the 80s finally rest in peace.
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    Saying nothing at all would probably have been more advisable.
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    Dude, you're doing it wromg; scrips for percocet and nubile dental assistants that know how to turn on the nitrous machine (among other things) after hours are the best. Repeat after me:: "My gums are very sensitive, and I am allergic to ibuprofen and naproxen, both make nauseous , what else ya got? Wait for response, should contain the prefix "hydro" or "perco" in the name... You respond with: "Oooh... Is that a narcotic? Are you sure that it's safe? I guess that enough for four or five days should be okay, I'll get a ride to and from work anyway!" Just heard this from a friend...
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    BREAKING NEWS: You are an adult. You can choose to not watch something if it offends you.
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    I'm ready for Shayna vs Brock
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    Might as well ask how mummra managed to stay alive for thousands of years.
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    Star Wars isn’t hard sci-fi so if people are looking for those types of explanations they are looking in the wrong place. It’s like asking how Thundar the Barbarian’s sun-sword worked or why dudes can jump 30 feet and their robes flap in Kung-fu movies. Because.
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    Was Tully Blanchard really the person to go to on "how to act with fellow workers". Maybe Magnum though
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    AEW has the built-in support of people who want a WWE alternative. Since the USA debut, NXT has essentially been a show with "good" matches (This is subjective - I have hated nearly all of them). Storyline-wise, there's nothing there. They've come close to a breakthrough - Keith Lee challenging for the NXT title and not the worthless NA title was the move - instead it's boring stale Ciampa going against boring stale Cole. If WWE wants people to actually choose NXT over AEW, they're going to have to try harder than to just throw out similar people to have similar matches. The transition of NXT from developmental to super-indie has drained it of all of its fun IMO. Where are all the gimmicks? Everyone is a Talented Indie Wrestler - even Breeze has dropped everything that was ever visually interesting about him.
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    Han Solo is vindicated. Lots of people tried to criticize Lucas for the old "it's the ship that made the Kessel Run in seven parsecs" because they assumed Lucas was using parsec as a measurement of time. The Falcon made the Kessel Run by traveling a faster and perhaps more dangerous hyperspace lane that was seven parsecs. Solo is pimping his skill as a pilot as well as Chewie's skill as a navigator in addition to the speed and space worthiness of the Falcon when he makes that boast.
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    I hear you on this. Writing Star Wars: Old Republic fanfiction gets interesting when you're trying to determine how long it takes to travel a parsec, what's the ETA between Coruscant and Nar Shadda, etc. I've seen galactic maps that can give distance, but not travel time.
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    It's perplexing to see Tessa as time goes on. In some interviews she comes across as the sweetest darn person you ever did see. And if I just knew that about her I'd like her a ton. But you factor in all the rumors and such before last week and then I'm led to believe she's just a sweet girl who made young a dumb decisions. So for awhile I would give her the benefit of the doubt mainly because she's a really awesome wrestler that would be a huge asset to a company like AEW. But then last week happened and after doubling down in that tweet I can safely go into "Fuck Tessa Blanchard" territory (and not in the good way) To say racist shit and have eyewitnesses from different companies and then claim that never happened is insulting. But even if her side of it checked out there's still all the other examples that you just can't simply brush off (the sexual stuff doesn't count as I generally don't hold stuff like that against people) I haven't seen a match of hers since then so not sure if I can separate the art from the artist yet. At this point she needs to stay off social media and go on a big ol' apology tour. Settle what needs to be settled and only then come back online. If there's proof from people that this was done then maybe I'll like her again. But as it is I just can't.
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    Really loved the show. The tag matches were fantastic stuff and the battle royal ended up being pretty damn good. No matter what show you watch first the fans win. Now if only there was a way to get more people to watch both shows so the ratings for NXT weren't as bad. They have a great thing going and deserve more love in the ratings. I would love to see how the DVR numbers are as it almost seems like more people catch this on DVR.
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    Cheers, @NikoBaltimore. Appreciate it. Thanks for the info, @Brian Fowler.
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    The fact that they weren't going to be arrested, because that dude wasn't even a cop, he was an overzealous security guard. This dude was in the winning locker room after the national championship game and doing Gatorade bottle checks and asking people to put out cigars. That dude is a fucking clown.
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    So according to Meltzer, Scurll was indeed the first choice to be the leader of the Dark Order, and there was a plan in place to reveal him at the end of the Corpus Christi episode (y'know, the one with the phantom punches). But then ROH made him an offer he couldn't refuse, and we all know what happened there. He goes on to say that Tony Khan has taken more control of the booking since that episode and all of the negative feedback, and he's largely responsible for the long-term seeds being planted in various stories. He notes that it's from the top (Khan) down to the EVPs, though. He's just taken ahold of the reigns a little bit more, I guess. Also, apparently Scurll - on behalf of ROH - has already reached out to AEW about a working partnership.
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    Announcers should have their favorites. It adds something to the product. Announcers are part of the show too- as long as they're good characters it's fine.
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    Honestly, I don't care as long as it's not Green Bay, just wanted to throw the nWo catchphrase and rep the team everyone else was ignoring.
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    This post sponsored by D.Z.* *Payment will be made in more random gifs.
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    There was a response to everything from this weekend... What Tessa said sure as fuck wasn't it.
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    This was also all before his first All Japan tour in 79, and I feel like I have read that the stubbornness about not jobbing didnt really start getting rampant until after his career there took off. I know one of the Texas Championship Wrestling posts from Hidden Gems last year has Brody jobbing to Stan Stasiak in the second half of 1980.
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    I had a couple wisdom teeth out yesterday. They only had to pull 'em so there was no cutting and I can barely feel I even had anything done now, but this lack of solid food is driving me bonkers.
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    The Ancient Spirits of Evil, duh!
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    And AEW drew another 940k viewers and was 5th in the key demo for the night.
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    I thought it was kind of her to give Nox her brace back.
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    Oh god ....... this is Beltran's niece apparently
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    I don't think that's really a problem. I thing gamers just need to chill the fuck out and understand that delays are not necessarily a bad thing. What good is a game that comes out on target and is a buggy piece of shit? We've all been through that.
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    Starting to think that setting totally unrealistic production schedules isn't working
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    Oh this card looks good. Only thing that’s missing is a big hoss match. Lee vs Mastiff would round things out nicely.
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    The least the Chiefs can do is stop the Tits from going to the Super Bowl.
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    So, re-watched Revenge of the Sith for the first time since it came out in theaters. It's still not very good, but not quite as bad as I remembered, and certainly better than Attack of the Clones. A few things here and there are negated by the Clone Wars cartoon (Anakin saying, "I've doubled my power since you saw me last" to Dooku when he saw him a few months ago, never having seen Grievous before, etc.). Padmé's death is still eye rollingly stupid.
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    Let me say upfront I really really like the Grizzled Young Vets, and think they are fantastic. Okay... How fucking dare you bring in the Time Splitters just to job them in the first fucking round you fucking fucks?!? /Absurd profanity mode
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    AEW currently airs another series called “AEW Dark” weekly on YouTube. That show typically features matches that take place before or after the “Dynamite” telecast. Reilly says that show will now migrate over to TNT and be built up into a network show. “We just figured, ‘Let’s bring it onto the network and make it a place where you truly plant up and coming talent,’” he said, “I think we’ll start doing more packages there and filming some behind-the-scenes stuff, not for the matches that night but with other talent to plant stories and grow things that could eventually become another show in and of itself.” https://variety.com/2020/tv/news/aew-new-series-kevin-reilly-1203468829/
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    The previous Wrestling shows on Turner networks were Nitro and Thunder, so I'm guessing the partner show for Dynamite will be Lightning. Or possibly BoySmith.
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    Quick, find a network that wants 205 Live!
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    "It's supposed to suck" is a progressively worse excuse each time it gets rolled out for a wrestling show. Almost as bad as your part two excuse, "You just don't 'get it.'"
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    I can't believe how much of that routine I remember - and how much of it I could never hit. Switching hands on those cymbals never came naturally to me. He really went out of his way to make sure no measure was the same, but still managed to sound locked in. In lesser hands, his fills would sound needless and showy. But Rush were always so earnest, even in their more muscular moments. Bands like Rush are really important for the brains of 15 year old boys. Lyrics about tree politics, black holes, tide pools and science fiction motor crimes + odd time signatures are a lot healthier for developing minds than endless pentatonic duh-nuh-nuh-ing about how a woman done you wrong. Thanks forever, Neil.
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    Best arm drag in the business.
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    @Raziel reminded me of this just now... anyone else get the impression that Lady Trieu's father is Veidt?
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    Quality subtitling.
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