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    As you can tell by the time, I couldn’t sleep so I was browsing around reddit. Chris Hero was doing an AMA and he gave dvdvr and Segunda Caida a shot out.
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    I think I've told this story on here before but over a decade ago I was working a call center job for Dish Network. Dustin called in. It was hard not to mark out. I helped fix his problem and then asked if he was the wrestler (you could tell by his accent he was). He said yes and actually was bullshitting with me for a few minutes. This was before he returned to WWE at one of the cyber sunday/taboo Tuesday deals. Anyhow, I told him how much I liked his match with Vader and he said it was one of his personal favorites too. He told me to keep his cell phone handy anytime I wanted to talk shop. I did get to speak with him 2-3 times after that but sadly his number ended up being disconnected not too long after. Another guy who called in during this time that was cool was NFL kicker Adam Viniteri. I remember telling him he put away my Broncos more than once and he laughed and said "yeah I guess I did". The big difference between Adam and Dustin was that Dustin had to pay for his service and Adam had an agency paying for his.
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    Still remember this. BROCK SMASH. Enjoy, @Technico Support and @DreamBroken.
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    Not to add unnecessarily to the 'my non wrestling fan girlfriend has surprising insight into wrestling' genre of post, but thought the board would appreciate this one. My girlfriend moved in with me last week for coronaviral reasons, and has never been a TV watcher, so she's generally happy to occupy herself with other things while I watch my usual non wrestling bullshit. But, she's genuinely gotten interested in wrestling and will give it her full attention, even in its current sad, fanless state. So far she's enjoyed Aleister Black and Shotzi Blackheart for coolness reasons, but of all the AEW, MLW and WWE we've watched, her favourite has been Dustin Rhodes. About one minute into his tag match the other night, she was commenting about how gracefully he moved for someone so tall and middle aged, and how everything he did was executed incredibly well. I'm now going to try and find his match with Cody for the weekend. And should probably seek out his Wargames match, which I've shamefully never seen.
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    Just added by wwe.com. You could tell Brock Lesnar respected Daniel Bryan, as people should for his abilities and allowing Bryan to bring the stiffness in the stomps/forearms to Brock's face.
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    Brodie Lee “never yawn in my presence”. Dude, you’re the leader of the Dark Order, that’s going to prove pretty difficult.
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    OR Tank could at least get New Jack tickets to a 3 Count concert.
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    I'd show her the Dusty "view never changes" promo, then the Wargames 94 match, then the Battleground match. The Battleground match is absolutely amazing but you need to know the whole Dusty/Dustin backstory to get the full effect. If you want to have some fun throwing the ridiculous side of wrestling in there you can show her the Dusty/Dustin/Nasties bit from the bar before the Wargames match, too.
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    I am watching the New Jack episode now and I will say this, I attended a half dozen shows that he was on in 2004 and he was one of the most accessible guys you could see. New Jack would be on these shows with Cm Punk, Honky Tonk Man, Duggan, Foley, Hero, Joe, and of all of these guys New Jack would be the one that always came over and would chat. @Gorman can verify this story. There was a show at CCAC College where New Jack left one of his weapons (think Wolverine claw with blades coming out the fingers) at the venue. He was a character but I never saw him do anything crazy and he was always extremely nice to me and my crew.
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    Ferguson loses the first round of every fight, get dropped, stunned, and hit square on the chin over and over again...but somehow still just overwhelms his opponents. His fighting style is like everything else about him, the more you try to think about it, the less it makes sense.
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    I hope NBK plays in the background for the duration of the New Jack episode.
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    There is absolutely no reason to post 5 images in one post - or at a minimum not use spoiler tags
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    oh shit!! He talks about the wolverine blade in this show!! It's the same one he left at CCAC!!
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    They should’ve been all wearing Le Champion bandanas. Missed opportunity there.
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    You could also argue that they decided that releasing a game about living in a post-pandemic world might not exactly be the distraction people were looking for at this time.
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    he's been in a few war games matches. I'd show her the bloodbath of 92 rather than the one where he teamed with Dusty and the Nasty Boys (93)
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    One thing with Brodie, I'm not that sure he's completely mocking Vince each time out. He's a control freak. All the masks and hidden faces, maybe it's some weird Zed and the Gimp situation where he has to be the domineering one all of the time? I'm reaching, sure. I'm almost sure I read in this forum once or twice that DO came off like a weird sex cult or something. If that is the vibe, could Brodie be taking it to the next level and he just wants to control everyone around him all the time because he gets a kick out of having that power? Just saying, Dark Order has been a slow burn all this time. While there's been missteps and growing pains, I think I'm fine giving them some leeway for a month or three to see where they go with Brodie. I'd like to remember Matt Hardy at the start of his broken phase, when the board had a dumpster fire thread about him. It almost feels like another slow burn where everything in the present looks ridiculous but we get to the big picture and suddenly it makes sense. Not saying that it's the same situation and all, just thinking aloud that as this plays out over months maybe we see what they wanted to do with the Dark Order and Lee all along, especially with how they shifted gears and cut some acts like Brandi's group but they've kept DO going and growing. And like Broken Matt, just maybe, fingers crossed, it pays off big time creatively.
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    So it appears they've gone the WWE route with HonorClub now - $9.99 a month gets you access to pretty much everything, including PPVs live as they happen.
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    I just realized in New Jersey that we went all winter without any significant amount of snow. I didn't even have to break out the shovel this winter.
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    Stay at home orders means make-up tutorials. Sasha as various wrestlers past and present.
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    Midnight Special is AWESOME
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    Don't think it's official but here it is
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    I like how the guy who got stabbed told Jack he wanted to do the Florida circuit like he's Dusty Rhodes working Pak Song for Eddie Graham. Was this motherfucker thinking about selling out every Days Inn across the Redneck Riviera? We don't need further evidence this is the most carnie profession ever.
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    D-Lo Brown looks like he's a sitcom dad now
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    That the Face Eraser finish? Lord yes.
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    Interesting that they're using that Warrior for a figure and also kind of morbid if you think about it. But that a great-looking Eddie figure so that may end up being one I get.
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    I've seen like 4 stories saying Roman is going to be taken out of the main event in a "creative" way. I can only imagine what idiocy these people have in mind.
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    Train to Busan Presents: Peninsula Oh @J.T.
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    Le Champion. You're welcome.
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    I just saw it in whole for the first time. Holee fuckballs.
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    So according to WrestlingInc, Dynamite last night was almost shut down by Georgia authorities but they had the correct documentation and were allowed to continue on with the show/tapings. But state officials stayed all night to ensure that the proper guidelines were followed. They also said that what they've taped already, in the past few weeks and last night/tonight (?) should allow them to air new content through the middle of May.
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    Like I said, we need a Hangman Twitter thread. Sami Zayn's response is pretty great too.
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    First up, that Contra Unit debut. I liked the big moments. The fire came out of nowhere. The stretcher moonsault wasn't what you were expecting (you were just expecting them to maul the guys), and the riot was weird. Does that REALLY happen in this day and age? Was it just that tossing the water back into the crowd from the mostly full water bottle turned one or two people acting badly into a whole lot of people getting in on the act? I have no idea but it was a great visual. --- Now onto Warner. He's interesting. He's like a weird Texarkana Briscoe cousin. Bunkhouse Buck is an interesting call but he almost reminds me more of a Sandman type folk hero. I haven't seen a hardcore match like this in a while and I' not sure I've ever seen Bestia in a singles match where there wasn't terrible VQ. My biggest takeaway on Mance's work is that he made the outside brawling and weapons stuff seem really organic. For a lot of the match, it didn't seem like they were doing pre-planned spots which is always nice to see in this day and age. The flip side of that is that you'll get some moments that end up not meaning as much as they should. Warner's chop onto the post should have mattered. It was one of the best spots like that I've ever seen. The noise was great. The visual was great. Even if he didn't sell the hand for long it should have given Bestia an advantage for a bit and it really didn't. In general they kept things moving. Warner was very good at engaging the crowd, either by jamming a chair on the ground a few times to get them hyped for what was to come or just by making it really clear what he had (like with the thumbtacks). The pop up headbutt is a perfect spot for him. Does he usually get more height on it or is it just a mean stubby move? Bestia was a bit of a cipher in here. The opening tope was a good way to start off the action (including with Mance redirecting it a bit since he was totally fresh), and the finishing muscle buster was as believable a finish as you get, but I can't remember a ton else that he did but a few chops and a range of chairshots. He held up the basic deathmatch match side well enough but was generally along for the ride. Yeah, I'd seen Warner again. I'd be curious to see him in a straight up brawl that wasn't a death match.
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    I swear to God I thought that was Dusty Rhodes for a second in the middle.
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    They should include a special edition that has the original Sonic animation just for the hell of it.
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    Welfare caseworkers in my state have been testing positive for COVID-19 while the Commonwealth is tight-lipped about safety measures, even to our union. We’re on staggered shifts of two days on, two days off, and our offices are closed to the public, but we’re still panicking about how to keep ourselves safe. On the upside, I just won a free download of the Sonic the Hedgehog movie from the radio station, so at least I have some entertainment.
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    Speaking of legit shooters, it's kinda amazing to me that New Jack never did piss off the wrong guy and get beaten to hell and back. I mean, I know Jack is a tough motherfucker, but I also know he flat out doesn't give a fuck. I'm shocked he never went to far with someone that could respond by breaking his arm or choking him out or whatnot.
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    That was a billion times less depressing than last week, but, somehow, not much less disturbing. He flat out admitting he was trying to kill Grimes is... something. I mean, I knew that was probably the case, but...
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    Quick note: Saying "I don't mean to get political, but...." is just like people saying "I don't mean to offend you but...." Please stop doing both. My patience is at zero right now especially with Wednesday looming
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