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    The Game Master control room in MIDNIGHT MADNESS was more convincing than those draft war rooms:
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    Is she butthurt because she got a low rating in 2K20?
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    Bray Wyatt is basically this generation's Doink The Clown, except Doink's hocus pocus magic bag of bullshit (involving multiple Doinks) actually helped him win matches. So far, the only trick The Fiend has displayed is to lay there long enough and take enough of a thrashing to actually get his opponent DQ'ed during a Hell In A Cell match, because the ref is bored to death.
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    I swear these cuck storylines are gonna lead to a surfacing Linda/Ahmed Johnson vid with Vince holding the camera yelling, "What A Maneuver!!!" I'll see myself out.
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    This is a continuation a conversation from this weeks Dynamite thread that I decided to add to the October thread. There’s several Ring of Honor contracts expiring at the end of the year. Marty, Brody PCO, Cobb, Rush, Dragon Lee and Bandido, plus dudes like PJ Black, Shane Taylor, Tracy Williams and Beer City Bruiser. That’s a lot of talent on the market come January. Marty seems to be a lock. Does anyone know when exactly Marty’s contract expires in November? I’d like to see PCO and Brody King in AEW. The idea of Marty going rogue and not aligning with The Elite but having his own crew. Although PCO is challenging Rush for the ROH Title at Final Battle. They put the strap on Kyle O’Reilly and he didn’t resign. If PCO does win the strap and doesn’t resign he could always drop the strap to Jay Lethal at Wrestle Kingdom. Or PCO could turn up on Dynamite and toss the strap in the trash. Or they could have Rush retain and drop they belt to somebody the next day at the TV Tapings. Who I don’t know. Maybe Silas Young. If I was AEW I’d go after Rush, with ROH’s relationship with CMLL getting stronger I can’t see Rush and Dragon Lee staying in ROH once their contracts are up. Entice the brothers by allowing them to continue taking Mexican Indie dates. I’d make a run for Bandido too. Now that New Japan seems cold on him I’d go for Jeff Cobb too. I’ve seen him plenty live in ROH and Defy dude is very athletic and can go from what I’ve seen. Plus he has a pretty solid buzz in the Bay Area/PNW and when AEW starts expanding out there he’d be a perfect addition to the roster. How many people they sign at the first of the year I would imagine depends on if the start running the Saturday night house shows by then. Extra date a week would mean filling out the roster. Also if they do add a Television title with Weekly defenses on television with the 15 minute time limits you will also need to bolster the Midcard. With that in mind I’d look at Tracy Williams and Beer City Bruiser. Tracy is really good wrestler whose just been under the radar honing his craft in AIW, Beyond and Evolve before spending this last year in ROH. I think he’d be perfect for a Television Championship devision. Beer City is the guy I’d make a run at. He’s a classic boss. A tough guy looking for a fight. A throwback to the tough guy midcarder heels from the territory days who may not have the best win-loss record but you know he’s gonna give the face a run for their money. Bruiser was on Jericho’s Podcast and Jericho seemed to be a fan of his work. Having an advocate on the inside may help him get a contract. This is all speculation. I’d also make an offer to Silas Young when his contract is up at the end of 2021. I wouldn’t bother with Black or Taylor.
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    My face when I visit the tacky home of my relatives I’ve barely spoken to before...
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    Mike Bennett seems like a nice enough guy. He might fit the description of million dollar heart, but a nickel brain. How fucking dumb do you have to be to re-sign for FIVE YEARS and then come to the realization that the company intends on using you like they did before, which is to say not at all and when they do you're going to be humiliated. If the quantity and quality of the work I was putting in were a deciding factor on where I worked then I sure as fuck wouldn't be signing on with the WWE Black Hole for FIVE. YEARS. He only has himself to blame.
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    The Bar can be a big help in the NXT tag division, and it keeps Sheamus on a light schedule. Wouldn't be surprised if at least one woman moved to NXT, too.
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    I feel for Bray Wyatt. Rebooting himself as a kids TV show host of the Firefly Funhouse and as the sinister alter ego, the Fiend...to now. Both guises felt hot and different. In the lead to Hell in a Cell, the Fiend was making more appearances than he should but the real damage was done at Hell in a Cell. Fiend needed to squash Seth for the WWE Universal Championship but that didn't happen, getting drafted to Smackdown where Brock has an iron grip on the WWE Championship and now this. Fucking frustrating.
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    the best part is on the replay you can clearly see Illegal Hands To The Face committed by the offensive lineman. then called on the Defensive Lineman who did no such thing.
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    So we go from 100% fully invested in the surrealness of Bray's gimmick to "it's just another stupid cardboard promo area background like every other one since Piper's pit and you can just walk up to it and beat him up." I wonder how Bray will repackage himself in 2020?
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    So it's good news/ bad news for Flip Gordon. He's going to be ROH champion, but he'll also be the only guy left on the roster. Defending against Invisible Stan every week in a series of what will be (in a face-saving measure) retroactively announced empty arena matches.
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    Well, Peloquin may not have gotten all of the best lines. I'm surprised that Sheriff Eigerman's quote isn't on a MAGA shirt or something. "Whether it's Commies, freaks or Third-World Y-chromosome mutants, we are there. Sons of the Free." I can only hope that one day, I will have the opportunity to say something that badass right off of the top of my head.
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    I know people were mad when the Rockets decided to stop questions about China in that press conference, but...there is nothing good that can happen from answering questions about China. LeBron is out here uniting America on how terrible his answer was.
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    "It was just as if everyone had swelled."
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    NJPW King of Pro-Wrestling 2018 SPOILER:
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    They do have Ali in there as well and I'm assuming Roode and Ziggler won't last as a team for long. So they can make it work but it's not a great and deep as RAW that's for sure.
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    Which is weird because I thought SmackDown would have the more sports build and have more in ring action, but most of the best workers wound up on Raw.
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    I'm not arguing they shouldn't be pushing Bray. I thought HIAC should have ended in five minutes with Bray murdering Seth and taking home the title. With characters like the Fiend I think its a case of Vince not fully getting it and Seth being the type they feel should be champ despite the previous heel run and current run showing he should in no way be there outside of a cup of coffee length.
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    Remember, the Lions are the team that got penalized for a Bears player's action a couple years ago. This isn't even new ground.
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    Major credit to Booger McFarland for SHREDDING the referees. Deservedly so.
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    Hey everybody, this is what Lions fans are talking about. This game was flat out stolen. Two major league made up calls that changed the game and an egregious no call on PI. Gimme a break.
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    Also the show ended with boos again. Why? Because let's face it.. Bray got over, very over.. with his own ideas and as over as he has gotten Vince will never allow that to overtake or undermine who HE thinks should be on top. Seth Rollins is the new Roman. If you hadn't figured it out before by his corporate stooge Twitter account you are seeing it on display here where they refuse to put over the hot act.
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    I do love that on a night where we had that Succession finale and the Gemstones finale that Ballers finally ended. What a shitty finale to a shitty series. The ending to Ballers made the MCU movies look realistic. This final season also made zero sense. It's like there was a missing season before this one and that's where the NCAA fallout with Spence happened and that's where everyone turned on Spence.
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    Bennett leaving would kill about half of Heyman's booking ideas. I mean where is he going to get his cuck obsession from So will he end up the most overpaid guy in Ring of Honor not named Matt Taven or the most overpaid guy in AEW not named Jack Swagger
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    Digital Doink bumped better.
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    I don't think I've run into one yet, but I certainly enjoyed the "constantly leveling up until it got to god mode" thing Mel was fighting the other day. DALMIT!! MY MONKEY IS DEAD!!!!
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    I agree, if the refs are going to have different styles and standards for their matches, they need to make that clear quickly. Make Aubrey the tough ref and Knox a little looser, then it can be part of the match's story rather than a distraction. JR could say things like "That's Referee Edwards in there, she'll make sure this match is done by the books" or "Rick Knox is known for letting wrestlers bend the rules a little, and like it or not it makes for some incredible action" instead of crapping on the product on national TV.
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    That's correct. Knox is also the ref who never enforces tag rules and basically lets matches devolve into tornado tag rules. In addition, he rarely, if ever, enforces countouts. And I'd appreciate some differences in the refs if the announcers or wrestlers would call attention to it. It's like when Steve Mazzagatti would ref a UFC match and the fighters and fans would know that, shit, someone's going to die.
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    The scary part is they still make Twinkies.
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    To get the Destroyer's autograph, obviously.
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    I famously thought Brisco County would be the hit and the X-Files would bomb. (All while in grad school to study popular culture.)
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    Watching this show I'm pretty sure Kofi was never the WWE champion and his whole title reign was just a figment of my imagination.
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    One of these days, this company is going to smarten up and commit to pushing Charlotte.
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    I will say this - Champions have always been eligible to be moved so that at least has precedent (since they frequently flipped the US and IC titles) Of course that was before titles had specific brand names If you ignore the champions - the rest of the list could be at least hand waved away as saying "due to the Wild Card rule, no one was on a specific brand so pools were determined at random" But I have already spent more time on this then them
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    I celebrate the entire Subspecies franchise, for some completely bizarre reason.
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    And Thankfully he caught it which has been an issue for us in this game. Shepherd has finally learned just fair catch it.
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    Robert Forster died today. Today fucking sucks
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