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    I should help out a little here with trans terminology because I think oversimplification might cause confusion. Transvestite is kind of/sort of a slur. It's really more outdated language that folks should try to avoid, similar to "transsexual". The reason for this is because of the word's link to something called "transvestic fetishism". One thing trans people get frequently accused of is using their gender/presentation as a means to trick people into having sex with them. Transvestic fetishism is the belief that someone's arousal is increased by wearing perceptibly feminine clothing. This is different from the disproven concept of autogynephilia, which is where it's believed that a trans woman transitions specifically because she's turned on by her own body. Needless to say, a significant majority of trans people aren't going to be terribly thrilled being compared to that. Hence why people have drifted away from using the word "transvestite" and have replaced it with "cross-dresser" for those who are cis men who occasionally wear feminine clothing but have no intention or desire to transition. It should also be noted that it's frequently trans women who are attacked with slurs, and people tend to forget trans men exist and are valid as well. Some words that are definite slurs for trans people (and again, most of these are related to trans women) are words like tranny, trap, ladyboy, he/she, shim, shemale, genderbender, dickgirl, and use of the pronoun "it". As you can see, a lot of those are horrifying. I wouldn't begrudge anyone for saying that transvestite is a slur when it's continued to be used against trans people who desire to transition away from their assigned gender at birth. And that's why I mentioned that gender and presentation are nuanced concepts that aren't necessarily easy to solve on a message board.
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    “Tonight is ladies night” on SD.
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    Sid rules. Said it once, will say it again until all the motherfuckers understand. Any one of us could stab a coworker, and we'd get fired for it. Sid stabbed a coworker and got fired for it. Then they hired him back and made him world champion. Twice. While the guy he stabbed still worked for the company. All hail King Sid
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    He looks like what Chris Jericho imagines he looks like.
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    Linking out to Reddit for a special reason... My daughter is 9 now, but we've been fighting with her sensory processing disorder for years now. Since she was 2 probably. It's much better now, anyone not me or my wife would think she's normal, and while she isn't autistic or have severe challenges, it's still tough at times. Sounds, lights, and touches can feel more extreme to her than others, but having coping mechanisms and toys helps. Seeing this bag for kids like my daughter when she was younger than she is now, or for other kids with even more challenges brings a tear to my eye. This is awesome
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    Just to add a few thoughts: I mostly watch WWE. I occasionally watch NJPW. I kept up with TNA/Impact in 2016 because of Broken Matt Hardy. I still follow their women's division and Killer Kross. I've peaked in on Joshi and MLW. I tried CMLL for a bit, but didn't get into it. Maybe I'll try again. I never watched WCW or ECW. I keep saying that I'm going to YT a bunch of older stuff, but haven't yet. Maybe one day. I'm not liked around here. Not with as much as I get crapped on by certain people and their friends. My being a fan is a bit weird, I think. I have a lot of gaps in what I know and would enjoy learning more from other fans. But I'm not friends with anyone away from the board. Frankly, several of you are mean and overly aggressive. Which wouldn't be so bad if the majority didn't seem to go along with the bad treatment. I don't post here as much as I did. I come back because I've been here for a while. Old habits, blah blah blah. But for a group that claims community, that's not true. It's no fun to give opinions and have those opinions mocked because some of you absolutely have called me a dumb-fuck sheep for not hating WWE. I'm not looking for sympathy. I have free will, I know when to sign out and not deal with the drama. But if you ever wonder why someone in a position like mine doesn't talk as much, there's often a good reason.
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    Remember that in the end, Heenan was completely validated as Hogan joining the nWo proved he was right about him all along.
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    As someone that struggles with Major Depression and Anxiety.. It doesn't give you a hall pass to be an asshole.
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    As long as Scott Steiner comes into my bar and straightens out middle-aged white boys who take the phrase "No, we don't have Coors Lite" like a bat to the fucking skull and middle-aged white women from the suburbs who can't handle the world "No" period, he can lead the charge and I'll follow him into the breach any day of the goddamn week. Take it from a pro wrestling fan and a bartender: Y'all really don't have a damn clue how exactly punishing this job can really be. I take a lot of pride in what I do, I enjoy what I do, and I bust my fucking ass. I work four nights a week and make great money. I get to leave work at home. There's a lot of pluses to working in this industry and I'm not ignorant of that, by far. At the same time, I get no paid time off. No insurance. If I want to take a vacation, there's paying for it, and then there's losing money on top of it by taking the time off. I'm on my feet up to ten hours straight with no break and in the process of serving one customer, I get hit with something to do by two or three others. Then there's dealing with customer expectations, drunks, assholes, coworkers, bosses, etc. People have a sense of entitlement and flex their "power" over me in a lot of subtle fashions, on top of controlling my wages, despite their shitty behavior. That's regardless of whether they're aware of it or not. Also, I'm not a woman. I ain't got shit to complain about compared to them. To sum it up: We're workers, just like you. This is a REAL job. It's one of the realest jobs you can have, and the fact that I don't have to have a degree to do it and I have to serve people doesn't make it any less legitimate. Never get that twisted and never fucking flex your power over me, because straight up, we're all in the same boat. We're on the same side, and most of us are trying really goddamn hard, a lot of times against circumstances you have no experience with or a goddamn clue about. Don't come at me about unskilled labor, either. You come back behind my bar and make a burger and fries while cracking six beers and making eight shots and cashing out Keno and not fuck any single one of those things up. Do it for ten hours straight. Then get some shit about "You don't smile" or, well, anything, really. It sucks just as much or more as the job you hate and the boss you wanna backhand in the teeth. I'm right there with you. Bottom line is, a lot of the problems can be solved with this: The best thing on the menu is you reading it and making a fucking decision. Yes, there are some maniacs in my line of work, and some of us do suck. They don't last long. The rest of us take care of the rest and far more than you know every damn day. And we come in to your job and make it real fucking easy on you. Don't be Jim Cornette. Be Daniel Bryan. And if you sit down at my bar and say "Genichiro Tenryu", I'm buying you a round.
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    "Secondly, I wanted to share a quick story of your dad that really made me and my brothers summer back in the early 90's. The WWF was running a house show at a maybe 5,000 seat civic center in a smallish town in Florida and my dad worked for a construction company that was doing the renovations on it that were ongoing on the day of the show. He was in no way a wrestling fan but knew how much my 7 year old brother and I loved it. Because he had an all access badge for the arena due to the construction work, my dad took us a few hours early to the show to walk around. He had access to a special lot behind the building where we parked. It was facing this pretty big pond that was known for good fishing. As luck would have it, my brother and I's absolute favorites were The Hart Foundation and they were out fishing by the pond killing time in the hours before the show started along with one of the Beverly Brothers. My dad, who wasn't starstruck at all because he had no idea who any of the guys were, got into a fishing conversation with the Harts and eventually they were talking to me and my brother. We told them how excited we were to see them on the card tonight and they asked us who our least favorite wrestler was. We both immediately said The Earthquake because of what he did to Hulk Hogan and Damian the snake. Lo and behold like 20 minutes later, Earthquake comes walking out in street clothes towards the Harts to hang out. Will never forget this, Jim Neidhart cuts him off, starts whispering in his ear and comes back. Like two minutes later Earthquake storms up, cuts a promo on my brother and I and starts doing the earthquake stomp in a circle around us. We were horrified momentarily until Bret Hart and Jim Neidhardt stormed over, put on a show to protect us and Earthquake begged off and went back into the building. It was the most completely unnecessary gesture given everyone involved had likely been on the road for weeks, driven hundreds of miles that day from the closest major city to get to us, and just probably wanted to relax without a dad and his two kids impeding on their personal time. We have told that story for years and it made my dad a fan for the next 15 years. Probably no more than a few minutes of your dad's life but he created a moment for my family that we still talk about to this day when he absolutely could have just blown us off. So sorry your loss and thank you to your family for the memory."
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    On the contrary. It's way ahead of its time. A big fat guy who considers himself a great lover and is creepy and cringey to a girl to try and get her? In 2019 put a Bullet Club shirt on him and you have a bonafide hero to a lot of fans.
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    Not that you'll see this. But it's amazing that I talked about several things--race, gender, age, sexual orientation, inclusion for all to promote true diversity within the wrestling fanbase--yet you're hung up only on what you see as anti-white rhetoric. It says way more about you and your bias than it ever could about me on a number of levels.
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    Another wrestling twitter thread had an immediate MDK:
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    This Cannonball Run remake sucks.
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    I feel like they're really jarring...sometimes the sound quality changes and you can hear the ad coming a mile away. The transitions are clumsy, too. "Okay Dave, we'll talk about Owen falling from the ceiling, but you know what else is falling? The prices of Omaha Steaks this Father's Day! Owen loved filet mignon and dad will, too!"
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    The Ambrose podcast is wildly damning. It's every criticism we've levied against the WWE for the last few years all rolled up in one. Every possible fan criticism which we just sort of speculated on but couldn't possibly know about for sure, or couldn't know it was quite so bad. Suffering Succotash times 1000. It's basically every possible take on Vince except for "He's blind now!" It's one thing to see the second-hand evidence of it. It's another to just hear story after story after story of what the environment's like in there, even for someone who constantly pushes back and stands up for himself. I think, if anything, people are underplaying it.
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    There is a shared mindset amongst the small group of people online, or maybe a larger group, that most of these guys and girls at WWE should just sit back and collect the fucking paycheck. I hope a lot of them hear this podcast and really listen to Moxley about the idea of being a creative type and being told to take on that kind of role where you just shut up and show up. Really listen, digest that, and maybe give a little more understanding to the people they constantly criticized for being openly unhappy with the job.
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    The problem with citing diversity in employment as a political issue is when people think of it as a checklist that needs to be fulfilled. That often leads to those who are marginalized being treated as though they're being handed something they haven't earned by their peers, or are often harassed to the point where they need to leave, or are let go once they reveal their truth. I've had all three happen to me. I've been promoted at my current job and had people tell me to my face that I didn't deserve the position and it was given to me because I was open about being trans. I was forcibly outed at one job and was relentlessly mocked by co-workers to the point where I had to leave (and the experience closeted me for a few years). I once lost a job when I came out to HR since I was going to start transitioning, and 20 minutes later I was let go for "no longer being a fit for the corporate culture" and walked out of the building by security. And frankly, that's the bigger problem. Diversity isn't just in hiring someone, it's in treating them equitably for their work and retaining their services if they're a good employee. It doesn't matter if you've hired a trans person if they're not afforded the same protections and considerations as any other employee. It's not the same thing as making jokes about someone's sports team, or if they got a haircut that looks silly and you give them a little ribbing over it. I'd love for it to not be a political issue because, while I can't speak for all trans folks, I can safely say I'm all caps OVER IT. I just want to live comfortably and do the things I enjoy doing. I'd be willing to bet Nyla Rose feels the same way.
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    "By god King, that's Phil Rippa's music!" You guys do know the board has both private messaging and an ignore feature right?
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    You-Still-Got-It! <Clap-Clap-ClapClapClap>
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    The WWE, Trump, Corrupted Senators, and Congressmen:
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    To be fair, the guy was a Cyclops so who knows how jacked his depth perception and line of vision was.
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    My biggest takeaway about the Revival/Sasha/Ambrose/Punk drama is how much the WWE makes the people who love wrestling the most hate wrestling the most.
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    I'm pretty sure he was joking gosh but for fucks sake Billie Kay is a treasure
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    I am a dad! My wife and I adopted our beautiful and amazing son about six weeks ago. We had been waiting to adopt for about two years. We got a phone call at 10 pm on a Sunday night. We brought our son home the next evening. We became parents with about 16 hours notice. But he is the best and being a dad is amazing.
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    It's just like CM Punk said, "Vince McMahon is a millionaire who should be a billionaire." Most of us have an opinion Punk one way or the other, but you can't say he didn't know what he was talking about. WWE's "Summer of Punk" could have been so good if Punk were allowed to stay away for a while to make it look like he really did walk out. Getting HHH involved, then Kevin Nash just fucked the whole thing up.
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    “Wait, I just bought tickets to a show headlined by “Wild” Bill Irwin Vs. Michael Hayes?!?”
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    This just makes me upset I didn't tag Lacey Evans when I said she's dressing like a Recently Divorced Minnie Mouse.
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    I was thinking more of that they should just stop undercutting wrestlers that get over on their own. Motherfucking Rusev had them selling boatloads of calendars. Calendars! Calendar that said Rusev Day on everyday, it is such a dumbass idea and yet he made it work, Aiden made it work, hell they were even getting Lana more and more popular. Instead of running with it they just blow it all up. Makes no fucking sense.
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    I'd just like you all to know that I was recently watching a Hansen v Kawada match on youtube and my missus walked in at the moment Stan performed a spiteful powerslam followed by a vicious boot to the back and she uttered the immortal words: "Wow, is this real?"
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