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    One of my nephews is high functioning autistic and graduated high school last year. He was the first in our family to actually finish all 12 grades and get his diploma since I did it in 1995. It has nothing to do with wrestling, but fuck it I love the kid and I'm proud of him. Autistics are human beings too, and a lot of them are damn good human beings if you take the time to get to know them and understand how to communicate with them.
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    All this Slaughter shaming is clearly Fake News put out there by Dr. Mindbender and his propaganda team.
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    The ippponzei was such a cool move and I wish some other big guy would pick it up. I also dig this weirdo sit-out version
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    I swear its like some people never wrestled their friends as kids THAT SHIT HURTS
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    However someone who should get more attention is Big Sexy for being... well Big Sexy
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    Rick Martel as "The Model" and feuding with Jake Roberts is a bigger win than being an intercontinental champion in 2020.
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    Maybe everyone is at fault and who gives a shit.
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    The intention of these threads when they were initially started many moons ago was to post interesting/cool photos stolen from Reddit and maybe have some discussion around them as seen fit That isn't what they have been for far too long. Instead now it is a constant spamming of photos of people we find sexually attractive. (Not to mention the constant ignoring of my request to use spoiler tags for a variety of reasons.) So consider this your one month morning. If things continue as they have been, there won't be a February thread.
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    Back in my day, wrestlers helped take down the ring and got a cold hot dog from the concession stand (if they were lucky), and they LIKED IT! Some of the lower-card guys' broken bodies were used for kindling by the promoter if the winter was particularly harsh, and they LIKED IT!
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    My favorite from the locker room stories so far...
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    Nice tribute by Shinsuke Nakamura.
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    No one said you were jealous. Everyone said you were creepy. Because you were being creepy, and still are. You weren't just saying she isn't a good wrestler - you were personally attacking her and spreading rumors that she slept her way to the position she's in. You very clearly have a weird personal vendetta against her. It's really scummy, and it just gets scummier every time you bring it up again. Again - please, please stop.
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    @DreamBroken pretty much summed up my feelings on this, so there's really not much I can add. This was a really fun show, and I wish I had the money to go on the Jericho cruise. I'll be damned if I don't go on next year's cruise. It's certainly not on the same level as a wrestling cruise, but I did score floor seats for AEW's Tri-State area debut @ the Prudential Center in Newark.
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    Star Wars isn’t hard sci-fi so if people are looking for those types of explanations they are looking in the wrong place. It’s like asking how Thundar the Barbarian’s sun-sword worked or why dudes can jump 30 feet and their robes flap in Kung-fu movies. Because.
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    I wish I could do justice to describe the feeling/pop that we experienced in Pittsburgh on Friday night. First, you get the Lilian Garcia National Anthem, which the crowd is always hyped for. Then you get the "Then, Now, Forever" opening followed by the NXT Theme Song... crowd going crazy with anticipation... You have the maybe 5 second pause where it's complete silence before the first wrestler's theme song begins... antsy crowd... The "10...9...8..." Countdown video begins and you realize it's Kushida. There's a "Holy shit!" moment right there as he wasn't advertised for this loop. Kushida walks out by himself. But wait, you realize the ring announcer said that the opening contest is a Tag Team Match.... could it be? There's no way. He wouldn't make his debut at a house show. By this point, the crowd is murmuring and stirring. The Tron video hits.... "Alex Shelley" appears on the screen. Unbelievable! Place goes absolutely crazy and then he walks out. People jumping up and down with pure glee. It was truly something to behold and something I'll never forget.
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    Had to put Hellen Keller on hold to answer Ray Charles' phone call as he wanted to tell me that Arn is about to turn on Dustin
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    In the immortal words of Sir Noddy of Holder, Merry Christmas Everybody.
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    It's the most wonderful time of the year. Christmas is officially here. Merry Christmas. Have a good one xxx
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    My 6th grade daughter is a bit overweight. A 7th grade boy called her "fat." "Well, you're stupid and ugly, and I can lose weight" was her reply. When the teacher told me this in the meeting afterwards, where they were explaining that they were going to discipline her as well as the boy, after laughing my ass off, I said, "Yeah, nothing will be happening to my daughter, is what you're telling me." Nothing happened.
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    This. I feel like if parents get involved, the school caves. When my stepdaughter was 7, three boys were bullying here on the playground and made her feel unsafe. Calling her names, hitting her with a soccer ball, throwing dirt at her, etc. She got sick of it, chased them down and kicked them all in the balls. She was going to get suspended right along with the boys until my wife went to the school and raised holy hell over it and the school dropped her suspension. We've always told her to defend herself and that she'll never get in trouble with us for doing so.
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    Jeff Passan: Someone might like drama even more than I do.
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    The Ancient Spirits of Evil, duh!
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    Do you think the Only God Can Judge Me guys realise the tattooist is ribbing them when he does it in that Gothic script font? Because they always make the J look as much like an F as possible. Nobody ever got an Only A Jury Of My Peers Can Judge Me tattoo, did they? Someone should. It would really annoy everyone who thinks it's OK to be a violent criminal as long as you pretend to be religious with it.
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    "The problem with wrestling Ricky Ataki is an hour later you want to wrestle him again." I can't say it enough, but god bless the Brain.
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    I’m sure in no time you can add diminishing to that...
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    Well done, WWE. I wonder if Jushin Thunder Liger will join the WWE Hall of Fame like Antonio Inoki and Stan Hansen?
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    I'm not sure that someone who has been shitting on every single WWE show in every single WWE thread for at least a decade has any room to throw that particular stone. You attacked Greggulator until he stopped posting in the RAW threads, solely because he was positively reviewing shows. I believe "pumping sunshine" was your expression. There seems to be a lot of that sort of thing in the AEW threads, too, but I'm not going to join in with the "best show and promotion EVER" talk. I can see flaws in the presentation, so I'm going to point them out. And it isn't out of anger, either - I genuinely want AEW to put on better shows so I can be more entertained.
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    Yeah, stuff's a little different when you're an officer in a publicly traded company. Weird, huh?
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    I don’t give a damn about Seth, but more Buddy on my tv is never a bad thing.
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    Even with that fact that your a black man, that's pretty messed up bro. Would you go up to Ricochet and tell him that "you may be black, but you're not as black as Ron Simmons"? I'm sorry but that's fucked.
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    If I listed my pile of shame, we'd be here for awhile.
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    Ted Nugent got the invite after shitting his pants to avoid going to Nam. They ain't catching a damn thing. That's all I gotta say because I'm not getting cashed baby
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    Holy shit, that TJ Perkins tweet in that thread. Can't stop laughing.
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    This thread is a goldmine. Y'all just keep going, I'll be standing over here Not that it's explosive or anything, it's just that I can't look away. And yet feel compelled to run
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    Yeah - someone just got themselves a week off and a final warning
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    Inoki no-sells lack of gravity and oxygen and just slaps Space in the face.
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    Not the first person to ever need to apologize for something said at a wedding after a little bit of the bubbly.
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    Merry Christmas, Happy Yule, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and Festivus for the rest of us.
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    Can we talk about what an emotional story Chewie had in this thing? I felt SO bad for him after Leia died, because he had literally lost everyone he loved by that point(even Threepio had his mind wiped by that point). So with that said, the medal at the end felt like WAY more than just fan service.
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    Merry Christmas, everybody! Hope y'all get some good shit (pal!) and are having a grand ol' time.
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