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    Because it's Eddie's kid.
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    Just to add a few thoughts: I mostly watch WWE. I occasionally watch NJPW. I kept up with TNA/Impact in 2016 because of Broken Matt Hardy. I still follow their women's division and Killer Kross. I've peaked in on Joshi and MLW. I tried CMLL for a bit, but didn't get into it. Maybe I'll try again. I never watched WCW or ECW. I keep saying that I'm going to YT a bunch of older stuff, but haven't yet. Maybe one day. I'm not liked around here. Not with as much as I get crapped on by certain people and their friends. My being a fan is a bit weird, I think. I have a lot of gaps in what I know and would enjoy learning more from other fans. But I'm not friends with anyone away from the board. Frankly, several of you are mean and overly aggressive. Which wouldn't be so bad if the majority didn't seem to go along with the bad treatment. I don't post here as much as I did. I come back because I've been here for a while. Old habits, blah blah blah. But for a group that claims community, that's not true. It's no fun to give opinions and have those opinions mocked because some of you absolutely have called me a dumb-fuck sheep for not hating WWE. I'm not looking for sympathy. I have free will, I know when to sign out and not deal with the drama. But if you ever wonder why someone in a position like mine doesn't talk as much, there's often a good reason.
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    Spoilerized for size and overall coolness.
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    On the contrary. It's way ahead of its time. A big fat guy who considers himself a great lover and is creepy and cringey to a girl to try and get her? In 2019 put a Bullet Club shirt on him and you have a bonafide hero to a lot of fans.
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    I didn't know ACH had this much emotion and vigor about himself. Here I thought the WWE would never hire a New Jack type of black dude but eventually they found The Spook Who Sat By the Door. That's karma, baby. As for the Jay Lethal tweet, that seems like some personal shit between them. If I'm mad at another black dude (not so much lately as I'm pretty chill nowadays.. at least IMO) especially one who I've had a contentious working relationship with, Uncle Tom is probably one of the first things that will be lobbed out there if I truly know the guy. Then again, someone can play the jealousy angle (although Jay Lethal has been wrestling forever and still in ROH). I just don't get the we need to stick together thing or For the Culture or w/e this bullshit is. Last time I checked, all the black guys in the wrestling biz don't sit around and negotiate their contracts together. Honestly, I always felt the WWE presented black wrestlers as buffoons or dumb bucks anyway. I've never felt some personal attachment to any of the guys they've hired in this era. So when stuff like this comes back to bite them in the ass hard, I really cherish these moments. Fuck em. I'm just happy there is at least one guy with a backbone. Wish there was more, but I'll take what I can get.
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    The other news coming out so far is when Hogan came out - New Day who was sitting front row directly behind the podium, didn't stand and didn't clap for Hogan
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    Bret was a face for all of 1997, pal.
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    It'll take a dark turn when the winner opens the briefcase only to find Jamal Khashoggi's remains.
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    Damn some people are really into "jobs are supposed to suck my dude" mentality.
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    I annoyed a guy's girlfriend by too sweeting him once. He had the shirt, a hat, and a coat. She was like "don't encourage him. I call it his douchebag outfit"
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    Mean Gene going to WCW made them seem like more of a WWF rip off than Hulk Hogan and Macho Man going over IMO. God knows how AWA fans felt when he went to WWF! RIP to the best in the biz, this is still the best example of him corpsing (the wrong word to use but...)
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    You all will love this. My Sister-in-law, who's seen a lot of wrestling over the last decade, now and then, watched the last hour with us. At the end of the Rollins/ Lesnar match , she said, with smarklike disdain, " I guess his ribs don't hurt anymore?". I laughed loudly.
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    Bix gave me shit for liking Motorhead on here one time. Fuck that guy.
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    Well, no one expects them to lay on the floor for seven hours.
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    It's really sad to me that people are saying the only way WWE should offer insurance is if smaller companies like your local indie has to as well. If you don't have an exclusive contract, you're an independent contractor and can work wherever you want and when you want. If you're signed to an exclusive contract anywhere, not just WWE, that requires you to only work for that company, you should get health insurance and be considered an actual employee. It's not that difficult to understand.
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    You know what? This wasnt pretty but the actual shoulderblock looks like it hit with some damn hard impact. I will take that over pretty corkscrews that barely graze the guy taking the move any day.
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    There is nothing, in the long checkered history of wrestling, no stupid storyline, dubious logic, idiotic stipulation, or shitty gimmick that is as grating and annoying and impossible to sit through as the current face/heel commentary screaming crossfire thing on WWE shows. I mean, the need for a face and a heel commentator seems to be so entrenched in the conventional wisdom going back so long now that it's not going to change, but Jesus...Even Larry Zbyszko would maybe say one or two things that reminded us that he was a guy who respected cheaters, he would just sort of casually concern troll that he thinks maybe Stinger just doesn't have the heart this time to make it through...and that was all you needed. I would kill for Larry Zbyszko over Corey Graves right now. and Bobby Heenan would throw a comment in here or there that reminded us that crooked guys usually do pretty good for themselves and that babyfaces are suckers. And it was fine. It was great. And it was just barely there. But this bell to bell screaming is essentially like having CNN pundits pumped into your ears while you're watching other shows. It is an actual physical deterrent to watching the show as my body lurches toward the remote within seconds of hearing Graves rev it up. Whatever else is wrong in the ring or with the booking, I don't think there is any one single thing that they could fix to make their shows less difficult to watch than ust toning the announcing the fuck down.
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    The WWE, Trump, Corrupted Senators, and Congressmen:
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    Jim Ross real sports analyzing dick plexes on TNT. Can't wait.
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    He's got a face made for radio and a voice made for smoke signals.
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    Based on a couple of other threads on this board - I now have theories on which accounts Becky is using as a sock puppet around here
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    He had them chanting. Chanting for a fictional cow. That's talent.
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    I have never wanted a replica title of any prior title more than this
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    I don't want to take this thread any further off-topic than it already is, but I'll just explain it real quick. "Trap" comes from the ridiculous notion that trans women transition solely in order to trick straight cis men into sleeping with them. To my knowledge, the term originated within anime fandom, as a mutation of the Admiral Ackbar "it's a trap!" meme. Essentially, it's a term that attempts to reduce people like me to demented sex objects. I know why I transitioned and I don't need to explain myself on that front, so it doesn't bother me as much, but it cuts some trans women to the quick and should be avoided. And with that, I'll let y'all get back on topic. Thanks for understanding.
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    Virgil also had the line of the year as well: "Chris Jericho's potential is like Olive Garden's breadsticks - unlimited." I. Fucking. Died. I just re-watched that video package again and it's the funniest shit ever.
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    I've brought this up before but listening to David Crockett breathlessly calling Ronnie Garvin squashes is....interesting. If you listen to the commentary without context, you'd think something other than a pro wrestling match was going on. "Look at him Tony...just look at him. Yes, tie him up. Hurt him! He's dominating him! Look at him Tony!"
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    Today is going considerably better. My grandmother won $50,000 on a $25 scratch off ticket. For a woman who has endured so much shit in her life, Yia Yia certainly deserves it. I know money doesn't buy happiness, but it helps a little. My mother texted me at work, so I have to try and contain myself and remain professional.
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