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    All I could think, watching this, was the following exchange: Kairi: "TITTY! TITTY!! TITTY!!! TITTY, TITTY, TITTYTITTYTITTYTITTYTITTYTITTYTITTYTITTYTITTY, TITTY!!!" Charlotte: "... titty." I accept my Cibernateco, shamelessly.
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    Kenny isn't cleared. Cody isn't cleared. The Bucks were laid out by P&P. And Hangman was knocked out before the finish of the Pac match. Dustin Rhodes has a broken arm. All of the Elite are on the shelf right now, and the Nightmare Family is basically finished. The top active babyfaces in the company are Scorpio Sky/ SCU, Darby Allin, Jurassic Express and Private Party (Mox is a tweener). That's a commitment to making new stars right there.
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    It's always okay to be upset with incorrect DuckTales.
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    I can't really add anything that hasn't been said already about the show. But I do want to admit that I was wrong about Cody Rhodes. Before AEW was a thing, dude always struck me as a guy who you could count on to hold your secondary championship, maybe main event a low level PPV but nothing above that. But he has honestly been one of the best parts of AEW since it started. Yes, all the EVPs have some schitzophrenic booking amongst themselves, but I'll be damned if Cody doesn't suck me in every time. The match vs Jericho was my favorite of the night, and dude is just killing it as the best babyface the company has. As much as we are all rightfully looking forward to MJF's total rat bastard promo that we know is coming, I'm looking forward to Cody's response even more and I never thought there would EVER be a day I would say that. Respect to you, Mr Rhodes
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    @HarryArchieGus your point about how it feels good to support this company for the things they do right cannot be liked enough. AEW has a ton of goodwill they have built up in their short existence for the simple reason that this company does not make you feel like they actively hate you or think you are stupid like WWE main roster shows do. Its amazing how when you book babyfaces not to be utter geeks that we the fans can get invested in them. I could not give two shits about Cody in the WWE but I actively look forward to what he's doing here. Jurassic Express would have lasted maybe 5 minutes before Luchasaurus turned on Jungle Boy, but the people got behind them and they are stars in the making. Goodwill goes a long way and AEW has it so far
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    I guess Zack/Taichi aren't involved in a last-day tournament match, telegraphing the fact that they aren't winning. The utter transparency of Gedo booking via late-tour match placement is NJPW's biggest problem, I mean it. Other than not booking Zack/Taichi to win, of course.
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    This is way too much badass in one picture.
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    out-coking Neidhart seems difficult. out-coking Warrior seems impossible. but if anyone could, Marty'd be my bet. it's a miracle that cocaine survived The Ultimate Maniacs (not a traditional 4 man survivor series cokepromo but I mean can you really say this doesn't belong in that discussion? )
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    This is going to be like Heenan always calling Ray Traylor Bossman no matter the gimmick WCW gave him.
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    I was worried people would think I was some kind of nerd.
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    Val Kilmer shouting "THERE'S A PECK WITH AN ACORN AND HE'S POINTING IT AT ME" is still the greatest line of that movie and arguably his greatest performance
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    - While I wouldn’t say I thought it was super real, I did love this segment. Usually the cliche “...Lost the battle, but won the war” gets thrown around a lot in wrestling. Kenny lost the battle, and then afterwards he basically asked the doctor “Did I at least win the war?”. Kenny’s face when the doctor gave him the bad news was priceless. Perfect character moment, and elevated the match afterwards for me.
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    Shame Alexa Bliss is injured, I looked forward to seeing Little Miss Twisted Bliss for the first time live last week. Get well soon.
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    I tell ya, ever since someone posted that Shayna newsbit a few days ago I'm seeing Dakota Kai in a whole new light....
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    Guys, I think it was Peyton Royce's birthday on Sunday.
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    LOVE this scene. "This is the really real world. There ain't no coming back" God, we could do a whole thread on just why that whole movie is fucking epic
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    There were some interesting combinations in that 8-woman tag. I think Sasha vs. Rhea would tear the house down.
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    If Jimmy and Marty team up together, I demand Jimmy grow this hairstyle back:
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    Jimmy Havoc was one win away from a title shot and beat both Darby and Janela in the Cracker Barrel Challenge. He's clearly not positioned as a jobber at this time. He's an undercarder, yeah. But I think they're thinking he's still going to be super over when they eventually go to London. nb: Progress' Wembley debut is free on the YouTube. Or here: Go to 1:20:00 to see his match. And listen to how much babyface heat he's got. Alternatively, watch the whole thing. Card:
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    It's an American thing, too. Ross has always stressed "athleticism" above all else specifically when discussing black wrestlers. Shelton Benjamin was a big one during Ross' WWE run. You see the same thing in American football as well, where white QBs are lauded for their smarts and strategic acumen while black QBs only get credit for scrambling ability and physical skill. Some other notes: I, too, am coming around on Dark Order a little. Giving Uno the mic is a huge part of it. I'd still love to know some background on how they went from the happy go lucky goofballs to these evil perverts, but I'm in the minority here. People seeing them for the first time in AEW don't know about that. It was really conspicuous that they were trying to give more guys some mic time, which is great Scorpio having the most lethal small package in AEW is wonderful
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    Orange Cassidy is going to win that diamond ring, baybeeeeee.
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    That was a great post PPV show, with all angles being setup for the future. But PAC & Page stole the show. I mentioned that PAC reminds me of Benoit, but with a more deliberate slow pace. Tonight he finally ratcheted it up in the ring, with Page. Let me also say both men after four singles matches with one another have really developed a Benoit Vs. Guerrero like chemistry. Surprised by the outcome of tonight’s match. I was actually expecting Hangman to pull away for good. But I guess it isn’t quite over yet between these two. I could see this leading to a Texas Bullrope match, or some other gimmick match.
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    I don't watch wrestling to see wrestlers that look like me - I want larger than life people that I would want to befriend or learn from, or to merely stand in wonderment that we all walk the same planet together. If I am paying, I want to witness some folks that make me speculate things like - "has Abdullah the Butcher ever walked to the bodega to get some milk?" "what happens when Terry Funk gets a jury duty notice?" "what would a seder at Fred Blassie's home be like?" "does L. A. Park like roller coasters?". The lines between work and shoot should blur, whether it is because I want them to or because those lines weren't lines but waves or particles or psychedelic pandemonium. Anyway, the Gangstas were always an successful anomaly. Great gimmick, intensity, interviews - for me, everything but the ring stuff. New Jack certainly found a niche and could work his work, but Mustapha was my fave because of, not despite, his very limited skill set. In thee Rev's book, he was second to none for being the background man in promos: better than the savage Wild Samoans, better than flexing Road Warrior Animal, better than the arcane martial arts of the Great Kabuki, yea even better than Lysol & raw chicken Abby. These are the aspects I notice and note. It is always worthwhile to be great at a small thing if you can't be better than everyone else at most things. Dig it - Mustapha's Greek chorus, intimidating facials and running support are brilliant here, but his onomatopoeia-as-coda makes this a fave rave for me: he's gotta be high, right?, RAF p.s. - NJ's rant is top notch and this era of ECW is transcendent and still holds up today.
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    The thud sounds even better when you listen to it with Bose headphones.
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    I loved The Mandalorian pilot. This is more of what I personally wanted out of a new trilogy. I understand in part why we aren't spending a lot of time on side characters and side missions but hot damn that was a great 40 minutes.
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    He can put a ring in his backyard and wrestle with Mike Kannelis and the rest of the guys who just signed multi year deals who are bound to repeat this trying to give your notice on Twitter trend.
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    Damn it dude it was an unsanctioned match Wound closures are for sanctioned matches Apparently highly produced video packages are for both, but still
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    After MJF turned I was like, really, not one of you fucks is going to throw garbage into the ring? Really?! And then that Stu Grayson looking dude just completely nailed MJF and it was like the cherry on top of the sundae. Thank you sir for doing what was needed. Sorry that you got kicked out.
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    I'm still trying to Platinum FFXIII but Good God do I have to do a lot of walking around in the lower world for it and maxing out stuff before the endgame because 1 enemy type won't be there after the end of the game.
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    Bray is blue, and in need of a guy, or is he blue, if he’s green he would die? One schoolyard urban legend must win!
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    Between that absurd cheap shot in the college game yesterday and this tonight... Bad week for football optics
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    If Guevara came in and did the Alex Wright dance I'd lose my shit. Speaking of which, whenever the Rock'n'Rolls appear again with the Bucks to get their revenge the crowd is gonna do just that. Needs to be somewhere in the South for sure. I was laughing at how LAX couldn't even be arsed to make an actual bullseye; why not draw an 'X' then? Just a circle?
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    Aries is such a great fucking wrestler and such a dick.
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    Joke's on him if they bring Brawl for All next week.
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    We know what Bills fans do with Pumpkins...
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    Welcome aboard. Earl Hebner's one of my least favourite refs, he's prone to errors.
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