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    Maybe it's because when someone coughs the germs sail completely over his widdle head
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    In honor of the late great Carl Reiner, I give you Freddie Blassie on the Dick Van Dyke show.
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    Ratings talk is by far the worst hangover from the Monday Night Wars
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    FMW Presents "Flash Gordon miniboss and Woman Ten Years Too Late to Her Own Quinceañera" Live at Yokohama Stadium.
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    - The master of the brawl - Most versatile wrestler of all time - Longevity and ability to get over everywhere - Every promo was gold - Made you care about his match - A very giving wrestler - Cut his career in half, and you'd have two Hall-of-Famers Happy 76th birthday to (one of) the greatest of all time
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    "Showbloating" is also why Paul Wight was sent down to OVW in 2000.
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    Lashley and Fish get teamed up as “The Bobbies” and are given a London police gimmick, complete with helmets and terrible British accents. Fans chant along to their exciting catchphrase of “What’s all this then?”
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    Bobby Fish will be Go Fish and carry around a deck of cards.
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    My mom has cancer in her bones. 4 months ago she was so weak that her shoulder and forearm broke just out of the blue and she had to spend a month in the hospital and a rehab facility. 3 months ago she was sent home (even though she was still healing and very weak) and could not even stand up on her own power. I had to physically lift her up to a standing position just so she could use the toilet (and then I had to help her off the toilet and help her wipe which was not pleasant). The hospital did sent a physical therapist and an occupational therapist once a week to work with her but progress was little to none. 2 months ago she was afraid to even stand up out of fear she would fall and injure herself again, and it was so bad I had to ask for help on Facebook caring for her because it was getting to be too much for me to deal with on my own. 1 month ago she could assist with standing a little bit but still I was doing much of the work myself, and I would have to help her get dressed. Today she can not only stand up all on her own, she can use the toilet without assistance, dress herself without assistance and even walk into the kitchen to get herself a snack if she's hungry (though she still doesn't have the stamina to stand for a long time cooking something). She's much more confident and I haven't heard her say "I'm scared" in weeks. She still has a long way to go but I am so very proud of her.
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    This got a legit LOL out of me
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    Ah brings me back to the good ol' days when WCW and WWF would fight over the ratings! I'm so glad Twitter wasn't around then: "Last night WWF felt the bang...in the ratings war!" "Stone Cold says WWF won in the all important 18-39 demographic which is the most important demographic in regards to corporate sponsorship and advertising and that's the all-important financial bottom line cuz Stone Cold said so!"
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    Trent’s mom dropping them off was better than any Wrestlemania entrance
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    This post is essentially meaningless yelling into the void, but I don't have anyone else to share with how badly that Austin Aries tweet pisses me off. I mean, that's absolutely enraging. Wait til it touches YOUR family, motherfucker.
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    Trying to hide my smirk about Sasha and Bayley proving to be bigger draws in two weeks in NXT than Charlotte’s whole run.
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    Santana & Ortiz were never going to Japan. They had an offer from WWE they were about to take but AEW came in last minute and they went with that. Now think of what they’d be doing on WWE programming. Playing tennis with the Viking Raiders? Yeah, that’s good shit, pal.
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    Only 15 years to go for the Metropolitans... Happy Bobby Bonilla Day
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    Happy Bobby Bonilla Day.
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    How about a wacky TV show with Blackman, Schultz and New Jack, where they run run their own bail bonds/skip tracing/birthday party entertainment company, and hilarity ensues. Can these three mismatched hotheads survive this wacky business --- or each other? Answer: they can - through the magiks of friendship and comedy. This is the programming we need to heal our fractured souls. - book it, RAF
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    I've always thought that Load/Reload would have been received a lot more warmly if they weren't done by Metallica.
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    When you made the “weenie ass” comment I was like who stole Triple H’s terrible jokes book then you referenced skinny fat and I was like nope it’s Triple H himself in all his unfunny glory.
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    Macho Man: "DON'T FREAK OUT!" *proceeds to freak out*
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    See, that shit is actually terrifying. I wouldn't fight that guy if you paid me. Fuck that.
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    Or Stevie Ray going the other way "Suckas gots to know, we had 115 fruit booties watching Thunder last night but that number doesn't include the yaks!"
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    I won't blame Terry Funk if he didn't want to be on Twitter.. but Jerry Brisco's twitter might be one of the better old man wrestler twitters out there.
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    Underrated aspect of the opener: Wardlow kicked out right after 3. I feel like you hardly ever see that anymore; it’s always either “dude is KO’d” or “dude pops up making surprised face after getting rolled up” and nothing in between. This made it look like the combined forces of Jurassic Express (and MJF’s ring) just barely kept him down for 3 seconds.
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    Knox County Board of Health passes face mask mandate 7-1. The only vote against was cast by former masked wrestler Glenn Jacobs. https://www.knoxnews.com/story/news/2020/07/01/knox-county-board-health-passes-face-mask-mandate/5356697002/
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    My diet affects my health. Not wearing a mask has the possibility of affecting the health of others in my community. Also: It's only a mask; Grow the fuck up, Austin (I know, you would if you could).
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    He went upstairs to pack for college.
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    You aren’t a real wrestling nerd unless you argue over decimal points in ratings battles.
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    A few random comments about moves last night: How fucking pretty is Wardlow’s Swanton? Amazing. I like how the teased a Goldberg-like quick win by Shida with the running knee and Falcon Arrow attempt right at the bell. The Falcon Arrow and Missile Dropkick counters by Ford were excellent too, they looked perfect. The Awful Waffle by Chuck is probably my favourite finisher in the company. It requires no elaborate set up, it’s just quick pick up and instant death. Even the commentators always seem to be caught off guard by how brutal it is, it’s always like “Chuck with the pick up OH SHIT!”
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    Excalibur: "They were a tag team called Men of Low Moral Fiber." Tony: "Men of Low Moral Fiber. I've met plenty of them; it is the wrestling business..." *visual of JR and Excalibur both giving him the stinkeye*
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    Happy belated birthday to the GOAT
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    We didn’t really talk about it here, but the state of Mississippi just voted to change their state flag (that included the Confederate flag), based largely on Mississippi State star RB Kylin Hill’s threat that he wouldn’t play as long as that flag still flew. He received a lot of support from every college athletic department in the state, but he was the guy who got the conversation started. So that’s pretty cool.
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