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    I'd like to think that some folks are looking at the post quarantine world as an opportunity for change. That when we talk about the new normal, it can be more than just masks and social distancing, it can be a deeper societal change. I imagine some people are actually happy to be in quarantine because the outside world had become miserable and toxic. As we start approaching a reopening there's probably an impulse to say well if I'm going back out there needs to be some changes. I'm skeptical of how introspective we've really been allowed to be during this time, so it could just be coincidence. Could just be an election year.
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    All the people mad about this are ignoring the greatest gift of adulthood: You never, ever have to give a shit what a teenager thinks about anything again.
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    Yeah, us millenneals are more crippled by anxiety to do something about making the world a better place. Like, none of these injustices are news to me and I've been wanting change since high school, but there was this sense of societal stasis that was paralyzing and an overwhelming weight that allowed for complaints paired with inaction (last couple of days have had me thinking about the insanity with American school shootings) because nothing I could do would matter, or so that was the feeling. Zoomers have a different kind of anxiety, raised by Gen Xers, knowing how messed up the world is from day one instead of the buying the false bill of goods the boomers sold millenneals (go to school, work hard, succeed, world is always progressing). Zoomers know they're in the shit thanks in large part to boomers and have to basically have to do something about it. It's fascinating that these same kids who fuck with dumb memes 24/7 are going to affect more change than previous generations dating back to the GI generation, and they're bringing millenneals along with them. Yes, of course, many zoomers will grow out of that mentality as they get a mortgage. However, this focus on generational divides has given me new insight into who I'm teaching, especially the fresh faced grade 8 kids who struck me as very different from even the class two years ahead of them. They felt very different when I was teaching them but I couldn't put my finger on it. They grew up with social media, they're self-aware, they know things are super messed up, but they actually want to do something about it instead of complain like I do. It's pretty awesome to see. I do disagree with you, Jae, about there not being a lot of introspection. Maybe I'm projecting, but I have gone through so many stages of grief and depression throughout the pandemic in large part due to time alone and thinking, then the Hana Kimura tragedy, and then the protests and this reinvigorated #metoo movement in speaking out. I've spoken to a lot of people about it and it doesn't sound like I'm alone in that regard. Younger people and lots of non-awful older people are just tired of the stasis and the intersection of multiple crises has created a real chance for serious, long-lasting changes. I couldn't sleep for weeks thinking that this would be co-opted and fucked off, but doing more and more thinking and reading about Zoomers has given me serious hope for the near and not so near future. These are both hilarious and accurate. And you'd have to pay me to watch that Quack video. Fuck him. He always struck me as the most insincere human being. Doing a crying statement on YouTube seems the perfect Mike Quackenbush thing to do. Go away.
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    A little off topic. I have an 18 year old, one who's on meds and has been through counseling, etc. He's a good kid, did moderately ok at school until it all sort of fell apart in his sophomore year when the GT/AP classes started, recovered enough to be rolling into community college in fall since he has no idea what he wants to do, but he's in this inescapable social feedback loop where he's connected to all these other kids his age or slightly older that trade a never-ending string of memes back and forth about how terrible the world is and how depressed they all are and how warranted it all is, and how common sense certain social democracy initiatives are and how the boomers basically destroyed everything, and let me tell you, they've been preparing for a few years for 2020. This is basically the natural culmination of their lives up until this point.
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    Boomers hate liberals because they've been taught "liberal = the left", which is incorrect. Liberals are the controlled opposition to Conservatives, and both sides are protectors of Capital. It's an illusion to make you think your vote counts. If you vote liberal or conservative, Capital always wins. Zoomers have correctly identified liberals as worthless. Liberals would rather play a shell game with tax credits and means-tested benefits than actually enact meaningful change like Universal Healthcare or Free Tuition that would cost Capital money. In essence:
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    Mox is never going back and Renee ought to be looking for a way out.
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    Prior to my transition, I did occasional ring announcing and commentary. At one show, a promoter must have been expecting to pay everyone based off the house because when it came time to pay everyone, there wasn't enough money to go around for everyone. And as the ring announcer, naturally, I was the first one to end up with no pay. The biggest name on the show was Adam Pearce. He pulls me aside and asks me if I was getting paid. I said no. He then asked me I was going to have enough to get home and get something to eat on the way back. I said yeah. He said "are you sure?", and offers me some of his pay anyway. I tell him not to worry about it, I'll be fine, if he's going to help folks out then there are wrestlers who were on the show that didn't get paid either and need it more than me. So he pats me on the back and I figure that's that. Six months later, I go to a show in a different area without being booked, just to visit, and go out to dinner afterwards with most of the folks on the show. Pearce was there for this one too, and decided to join in for dinner. When it comes time to pay the checks, Pearce grabs mine. When I protest, he says "it's your pay from six months ago. You should've gotten a bigger meal!" So yeah, I always liked Adam Pearce.
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    Someone needs to tell him that when you are speaking in a tearful voice and contorting your face to look you are crying, your attempt to look sincere will be helped by figuring out how to generate at least ONE tear from your eye. This video did more to convince me that Mike Quackenbush is a sociopath than anything else prior to this moment. While I wouldn't be surprised if there are some things he genuinely regrets and feels remorse for, the majority of this would have come off so much better as a written statement, or at the very least, dropping the "Mike Quackenbush" persona and speaking like an actual person would have helped. I still couldn't help but cringe at him explaining how the student's injury occurred because he concluded that she did not have the necessary upper body strength to safely perform moves, before immediately denying accusations of gaslighting. I guess on the bright side, at least he had the small amount of self-awareness to not shoot this in front of the blue Chikara banner.
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    God this album is the best worst thing ever
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    If the Low-Ki thing had been posted without a name - I am pretty sure I would have been able to guess who it was within like 3 guesses
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    I think so many promotions being unable to run during the pandemic has helped many come forward since its harder to screw people out of a job they currently don't have anyways.
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    Settle down, Hollyw.... wait, are we allowed to make that joke anymore?
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    Guys, please. Think twice.
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    It'll be so cute to look back at this tribute show in like 2022 when Taker is at a(nother) Saudi show fighting... I don't know... Hulk Hogan?
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    ok good... this match with the blood fountain is back online
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    "TERRY! YOU ARE SO STRONG, YOU ARE THE POWER!" C'mon people. Get behind it, jump on the team and come in for the big win.
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    Yes. Every wrestler had their own nick name Hayabusa was Fushichō = Phoenix, Oya was Backdrop of the Soul, Kanemura was Unreasonable Boy and then after Fuyuki died he was Heavy Smoker, Fuyuki was Unreasonable King and before that he was Macho Body, Pogo was Great King, Kuroda was Saikou = the best, the most supreme, Gannosuke was Kishindo = Revenge, Tanaka was Dangan = Bullet, and Hosaka was Wild Bear.
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    It doesn't get started because the entire ring is engulfed in flames, and everyone has to try to escape with their life.
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    the real fun about the Low-Ki tweet is reading it in his voice
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    Protect this man at all costs
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    Mike Quackenbush decides his defence/ apology should be presented in a monetisable format:
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    "Not all crimson comes in the form of a mask, my son." - RAF - RAF
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    “Anyway, here’s one of my new songs. It’s called ‘somebody take the damn money!’”
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    Curt McGirt suggested this and I was looking for a fourth thread to post to- so here we go! Enjoy the greatest Crimson Mask ever achieved.
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    It was more like his head was peeing blood. BLOOD PEE~!
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    Hey, this was just last year! And they bleed all over Arena Naucalpan! You'd think they'd stop bleeding after awhile but they just bleed more and more and more. The one where they slice open Terry's arm with the fork and pencil.
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    Also fuck any sort of food elitism. I know everybody here uses friendly hyperbole but yeah, sometimes store bought sauces etc are perfectly fine. I don't have the energy after 50-60 hours on the road to make a good red sauce, even if it would taste far better. That grill I'm getting? Propane. I'm fine with it. It's gonna help me make good food for my family. I'd love to use charcoal or have a smoker, but not gonna happen often. We should all have more time and money to grow our own everything or afford all organic or slow cook all weekend for our loved ones, but til then, don't throw too much shade at those who go propane, Prego, or Campbell's
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    Thus begins the Tommy Rich section of this deal.
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    This album wasn't released; it escaped.
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    If only he'd thought to wear a white shirt, instead of a black one.
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    The aging indie dumbass threshold has been so altered by the last week that “Low Ki is a selfish idiot who doesn’t care about protecting anyone” almost seems like a charming reminder of easier times.
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    The number of butthurt millennials in the replies doesn't bode well. Hey, dummies: You just spent the last year dunking on over-sensitive boomers and Karens. You should know better than to engage. The term "adulting" is trash. Get 'em, young people.
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    In other news. Low Ki is not a smart guy:
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    Used to be what we did for Shrove Tuesday. Pancakes and either bacon or breakfast sausage. Shit, sometimes I still do breakfast for dinner if I'm feeling especially indulgent. An omelette with a hash brown patty can really hit the spot some nights. At those moments, I feel very much like Ron Swanson.
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    Naughton's career didn't really go anywhere but Dunne's is interesting. He's still working steady up to today and appeared in some pretty good films -- My Girl, Quiz Show, Dallas Buyer's Club, and he starred in After Hours by Scorcese (which I still haven't seen and am going to rectify tonight).
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    Another strange FMW pic that turned up in my searches recently. Terry Funk vs Leon Spinks. I NEED to see this!
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    Turner has the NBA deal, too. I'm sure they could work out a thing where she does NBA studio shit and moonlights w AEW. Might be fun.
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    I have all the respect in the world for Renee Young. You've GOT to take care of yourself. Because no one else will. And anyone in the company mad at her about it can go fuck themselves. I work as an "essential" employee so I'm around people and I know the company doesn't really give a shit about me if I caught it, but at least they'd go through the motions.
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    I don’t like what quarantine has done to you all.
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    I met Terry Funk once and he was an absolute riot. It was the night before the 2010 Legends of NWA Wrestling convention in Charlotte, NC and my buddies and I were in the hotel bar where a bunch of the wrestlers were hanging out. Funk was there and I asked him if I could buy him a drink and get a pic. He obliged but the funny part was I gave my drunk buddy my digital camera and he couldn't figure it out. He had it stuck on video mode and had it pointing above our heads. I have a video somewhere of Funk laughing his ass off in his distinct Terry Funk voice going, "you're buddy is a dumbass. He's got it on video, oh ha ha ha ha!" It just struck me that a lot of guys might've lost patience and just said forget it but he waited for me to straighten it out and get one of my more sober friends to take the pic and thanked us all for being fans.
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    What percentage of TLOUII resentment culture is a smokescreen for not being able to control any male characters? I really don't know - I plan on finally starting Uncharted 2 this year. I'm nowhere near the loop. The ending to DQ11 tries to have it both ways and doesn't totally fail. The first ending tells a far better story, the second ending provides a bunch more great gameplay. I like to think of the last third as top-shelf DLC they were kind enough to just give us.
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    If it is being read by Josh Matthews then yes - she absolutely needs to do it over Zoom or Skype
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    Yep, it was created by the folks at R. Talsorian games and developed by Mike Pondsmith. I freely admit that one of the main reasons I play the pen & game is because of the notion I am supporting a business owned by the godfather of African-American geeks. Yes, I know he married a white woman, but this is probably as good as we'll get. I didn't sign on with 2077 fully until I learned that Mike was retained by CDPR as a paid consultant for the game's development. They even flew him to Poland for two months. CDPR just didn't purchase the license and then went off half cocked to do their own thing.
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