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    Bret was a face for all of 1997, pal.
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    Two hours just flew by. What a great show. Looking forward to future Wargames match their building to.
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    Private Party vs. Young Bucks is a match of the year contender. Great blend of traditional tag team wrestling and modern spots. Last week Riho was made and this week it was Private Party. Fuck yeah for building up new talents. They're serious about that. Then Jericho delivered a God-tier promo, just so much goodness. Show dipped hard after that. Darby took some gnarly bumps as he does but that was a nothing match. More technique from him tonight, which is good but I don't like how he's basically getting fucked up for the entirety and then hits two moves and wins. He should be selling most of the match, so that's okay, but he needs more hope spots. Britt Baker is DOA. Just move on until she can get better. Riho is over. Bea has so much potential and she, unlike Britt, gets it even though she's clearly not the finished product. Just something small like, "and back to you, JR" following the ringside interview would've made that transition 1000 times less awkward. Sean Shawn Spears is female Britt Baker but with eons of experience. Nothing there though that DVD into the barricade was gross/awesome. Mox is a superstar. Loved the Omega stuff post-match. Tully needs to ditch Spears in a hot minute here. Lots of potential guys but Pac would be the best fit even though I like his promos on his own. Tully doesn't need to do all of the talking but those two bastards together would be perfect. Main event was really good (Dustin tag!) and then I was marking out like it was '97 Nitro with those perfectly laid out run ins. Darby is my hero. MJeff continues to tease the turn but Does the Right Thing. Just tremendous stuff! I cannot wait for Jericho/Darby next week! First 35 minutes between the tag and the Jericho promo was the best opening to a tv show I've seen in for-fucking-ever.
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    EXCITED. We're about to head to Boston in a few. Hoping not to run into Ryback on the way.
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    Nah. They don't need a manager. The only Japanese I speak is Hello Kitty, and I knew Asuka/Kairi were saying "These raggedy heifers think they're better than us! Let's fuck them up!"
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    So we're taking this "Ryback to AEW" shit as gospel when the source was a video of Ryback talking to a chicken sandwich?
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    are you ready for the McMahon Genome Federation?
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    Well Arn isn’t even a real Anderson. Just get him to find a women’s wrestler from the indies. Tell her to shave her hair into a skullet, and not use Nair for weeks.
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    “Terry Funk ain’t winning no spelling bee.”
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    The Austin Idol commercial for his wrestling school may well be the exact moment the universe crossed the Parody Inversion point.
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    I like that they have win/loss records but it’s wrestling so kayfabed rankings are fine by me too. There’s space between mathematically determining the next challenger based on TV matches and having someone who’s been losing or not even on TV suddenly get a title shot, that’s where AEW has to live or things will get complicated. I watched Dark on my lunch and it was pretty great. I understand some of the criticisms with the women’s match but they didn’t bother me too much since there was some cool stuff in there and Allie showed up finally. I still think Scorpio Sky should spin off the SCU for a singles run sooner than later given his age. Jurassic Express rules too and I feel like they have more legs as a unit than SCU at this point. Stoked for Dynamite tonight! Wrestling finally feels like appointment viewing again.
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    Would the Washington Football Club settle for Omar Epps playing Mike Tomlin?
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    I don't want Kairi and Asuka to have a manager. I just want them to come out and cut promos in Japanese and then destroy their competition.
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    You guys didn't enjoy his bully heel run? He's still dangerous and not very good in the ring but he's a huge personality and body, both things they need. If it's a short term deal to test how things go, I don't hate it at all and am way cooler with that than I am Jake. As for the records stuff from the other thread, they should probably have seasons where records reset so guys who came in as underdogs don't have the aura of loser forever. You can have career records too but a reset button once a year helps. And it's early days so hardly anybody is established at this point and there's going to be some awkwardness. I don't love it but I think there are ways of making it work to a degree. Seems like more of a headache than it's worth but we shall see.
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    Nobody can model quite like The Model
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    ESPN is reporting that Mike Tomlin is "at the top of the wish list" for the job in Washington. I'd like to report that an all expenses paid trip to Tahiti is at the top of my wish list as well.
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    This is the Hogan/Bischoff Era of TNA summed up nicely:
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    They could tie in Madusa to the Kabuki Warriors by revealing that the green mist is actually old WCW cologne.
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    they should put Nationals/Dodgers on TBS from first pitch and move Cardinals/Braves to HBO Zone or whatever HBO channel broadcasts movies with the most murders
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    I think the key with Orange Cassidy is to use him sparingly and not to overpush him and suddenly put him in main event or world title feuds like Eugene. I think the guy is clearly onto something. Wrestling needs midcard comedy acts from time to time too. It's just a gimmick. The dude is basically the wrestler version of Ryan Gosling. But his mannerisms and selling are absolutely perfect. He clearly put a lot into developing his character and mannerisms. He even stayed in kayfabe when Chris Van Vliet interviewed him.
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    Suing a multi-billion dollar company is hard to win, even when you are right, and often even if you do win it'll cost more that you actually recover.
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    You're right, they should be called Dark matches.
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    "Hey, when can we lure Hammerstone and Richard Holliday into AEW during the MJF run?"
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    I definitely noticed Jim rambling a few times tonight. Ah well. This was a real entertaining show. PAC is now doing what Aleister Black is kinda sorta and that's amusing, as is right winger Hager in a group with two Latinos. Private Party seem green but they'll pick up fast. I got my Moxley brawl, some good tags and a good schmozz at the end, Darby and Jimmy was good, no complaints overall. Compared to WWE it's night and day.
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    If this game were being played in Hell in a Cell, the umps would have called it by now.
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    always good to be back in the 90s mode of "Braves baseball messing with wrestling" and "wrestling being preempted by other stuff" waiting for the opening to list the TNT ratings for 8-10 no matter how much/little baseball is played during the show.
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    Can we talk about how good the set up in the Aldis- Storm match was, how nonchalant Camille was and how she took that lariat like an absolute boss. A million
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    I'm aware of Ryback, but have never had the pleasure of seeing his work. I suppose there's always a chance they might bring in a guy with some name value (?) like Ryback to simply put over one of their own rising 'superstars'. I suspect AEW goes 2 for 2 tonight. The line-up looks good. I'm hoping the Joshis can up the level of that Women's match. I'm also hoping the Bucks can lead the PPs to a stronger showing. I like that this second week on top of some returning performers features a bunch of guys and gals who didn't work matches on the debut. The Natural-Hangman-Jericho-Guevara tag and the Moxley-Spears will both very likely be strong. It'll be a test for Darby and Havoc without the plunder, but I think this will result in another good showing from the pair. Stoked for TV Wrestling in the month of October in the year 2019!
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    Somebody make this happen. Can we get Rob Ryan to run the defense and Adam Gase to run the offense, too?
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    I don't know it's so much cumbersome (I mean even the smallest boxing and MMA promotions can get on BoxRec or MMA.tv or Sherdog), but you have to have forethought as to why this person's record is what it is. I still like that on ShoBox, Steve Farhood will tell if this guy has fought all taxi cab drivers, why this guy has no knockouts on his record, or why this guy has not fought in 2 and 1/2 years because he does bricklaying on the side or various promotional issues. He does the thinking and analyzing for you so it's just not a graphic on the screen. That's the whole purpose of it.
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    If this was WWE, Orange Cassidy and Isaiah Cassidy would somehow be relatives lol
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    Or you could, I don't know, not care so freaking much about how it's determined. In the end, this shit is all still pre-determined. Stop treating it like why the #5 ranked team in NCAA football got screwed over or why a bubble team didn't make it into the men's or women's NCAA basketball tournament. If you nit pick this stuff to such a granular level then you're going to drive yourself crazy. And it's week 2 of their TV show. Maybe let this shit play out and see if the opportunities one wrestler gets becomes a reason for another wrestler to feud with them.
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    Does Amy Hennig still wrestle? She could take her spot
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    I enjoyed the first two matches on Dark. Allin vs Cima was a fun sprint. The 4 way was a mess of high spots, but there's some stuff that stood out. First, holy shit, I think AEW has something special with Orange Cassidy. I didn't know how his act would play in front of larger crowds, but people eat it up. Second, I think my second favorite camera shot in all of wrestling right now is the extreme zoom out on Dustin and Greg hugging (my favorite being the one it's ripping off, the zoom out on Okada's pose). Private Party are going to be huge when they get some more seasoning. I'm kinda bummed that Angelico and Jack Evans are kinda jobbers here. Yeah, they were on the winning team, but Angelico should be doing bigger and better things I think. Oh, I also watched the entrances for the womens tag match. Penelope Ford looks like a star, while Britt has a star-like appearance and an attitude or face that shows she'd rather be anywhere else. Fuck, just position Allie in Britt's role. Allie has infinitely more charisma and is better in the ring.
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    More like "LET ME DOWN", I'd say. - RAF
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    I like the synchronicity of Kingston feuding with the Wild Cards.
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    If anyone needs to be bludgeoned with a fork from Homicide & Kingston, it's Thomas Latimer. I would mark the fuck out for that.
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    Brock/Fury vs Cain/Bruan would be way more fun than a singles match.
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    Orange Cassidy is more over than all eight guys who were actually in that match.
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    Cane Dewey. Die Rocky Die. Seth Rollins is Not Cool.
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