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    Well, Khan (or rather, Tony's Dad) owns AEW, but everyone knows the EVP's and Brandi book it. Ir doesnt help Brandi's case when shes basically been playing Great Value Steph on camera, giving herself the same corporate title Steph has IRL, and Cody has Triple H on the brain.
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    I fucking hate Doug Gottlieb.
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    Y'all are gonna be pissed when Andrew Luck is the quarterback of the LA Wildcats in 2020 to help his dad get the XFL off the ground.
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    If the Colts fans should be unhappy with ANYONE, how about the front office that left him a human tackling dummy by fucking up at every turn getting him an O-Line. By retiring now, and not just saying "Hey, put me on the IR for a year", he walked away from a $6 million bonus (due September 17th) and a year of salary. Yet they still booed him (if it sounds like I'm shocked at this, yeah, I am)
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    Do the Harris twins still have that lucha promotion?
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    You guyyyyyyys. Took my son to GALLOPING GHOST, which I believe is the largest arcade in the world. I think the dude said they had about 720. It was my son's first experience at an arcade(I don't count the shit at movie theaters.). Incredible day. They had everything. I couldn't believe some of the shit I played. It's kind of overwhelming, because you want to see and play everything, but while you're playing you're thinking "What else is here that I could be playing right now instead?" My son felt the same way. It's funny how I gravitate to all the shit I used to play like that shitty Revolution X game with Aerosmith or Silent Scope. I'm not anywhere near as good at Mortal Kombat as I used to be. I think the most fun we had was playing NFL Blitz together. It's a silly game, but I've never not enjoyed torpedoing dudes in that game. Individually I think he fell into a Mario Bros. hole, which was weird to me at first but I had to remember, he never really played it like many of us did for hours upon hours. And I got hooked on Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo, which I'd never played but couldn't fucking STOP. Anyway, if any of you guys are out this way, make sure you hit it up. They open from 11am to 1am, and everything is on free play or has a switch to press for credits. Only costs 20 bucks to get in and you can leave, eat, drink and comeback through out the day as long as you keep your receipt.
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    Terry Funk, Abdullah the Butcher vs Tarzan Goto, Tomoaki Honma (AJPW 2002).
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    You REALLY want me to post the Urinating Tree video on the Lions don't you???
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    He did some healing touches on the wounds and then Janela punched him. The crowd was great throughout.
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    It's not the fans' fault that the company first kayfabe and then legit openly made itself the top heel of the company while at the same time becoming so creatively bankrupt that only hardcore fans remain. Make yourselves the heel and then push your dudes over the dudes the hardcores want to see on top and wonder why you can't get your hand-picked stars over. And the worst part of it is that Reigns probably had enough charisma to overcome even that if they had just pushed him as a machine with killer moves. Push him something like Goldberg, though with maybe a touch more vulnerability to give his character and his character's journey some depth and dimension, and I bet he overcomes it. Instead, they let Seth Rollins and Brock Lesnar steal all his shine. If I'm booking Reigns, he's beating the Undertaker at WM 31 and Brock is losing at WM 30, at the very least. Beating 'Taker at WM after Brock already did it means less than nothing. I'm also not letting Seth Rollins win a cash-in during a Brock/Reigns title match that should be meant to make Reigns. This is basic booking 101 that literally anyone on this board could easily follow, but you're out here blaming the fans for the company's ineptitude. They present themselves as the top heel of the shows. They've driven away the casual fans that would be more likely to accept their preferred pushed stars and have been left with only hardcores who won't, especially because of #1. They've booked their preferred pushed male star into oblivion. Your "it's the fans" narrative doesn't ever hold up after about five seconds of scrutiny.
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    And you fucking people wonder why I hate him...
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    Nope, it's at 17 minutes in on this one. At first I thought it wasn't bad and then HOLY SHIT that puddle is just right there.
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    Present Walter vs 1995 Bret Hart WarGames: 1989 Sting, 1983 Hulk Hogan, 1987 Road Warriors and 1996 Shawn Michaels vs. 1993 Vader, 2005 Samoa Joe, 1978 Andre The Giant, 2006 Big Show and 1992 Ric Flair 1998 Chris Jericho vs 1988 Randy Savage 1992 Mick Foley vs 2006 John Cena The Fiend and 1986 Jake Roberts vs 1989 Ricky Steamboat and 1992 Brian Pillman 1978 Roddy Piper vs 2004 Eddy Guerrero 1987 Tully and Arn vs 2006 London and Kendrick vs The Viking Raiders vs 1992 Steiners Current Day Koko B Ware and Future Dustin from Stranger Things vs 1993 AC Slater and 1993 Dick Slater
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    Falcon has red and white from his comic book costume while Bucky's had a haircut and is wearing a modernised costume from his soldier days. Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan have fun chemistry with one another.
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    Bonus marks for the barista wearing a Metallica shirt.
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    I have the Platinum for Batman: Arkham Asylum on PS3 and I'm planning on going for the Platinum on the Japanese version and the PS4 version at some point. The Japanese version may be a little tough to do the Riddler trophies and I'm putting myself through the combat challenges again.
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    Wish he had ended up like that asshole at some anti-American rally in the Middle East right after 9/11 who tried to burn an American flag but ended up immolating his dumb ass instead.
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    As I saw pointed out elsewhere, RGIII officially outlasted Luck in the NFL. Never expected that a few years ago.
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    League: Here’s a way for players to express themselves! Players: Can we just wear what we want? League: No.
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    Leeds away '19-20: Hart Foundation colours~!
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    Han pretty much ceased to be an anti-hero near the end of the first movie, though.
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    Jungle Kyona, who wrestles almost exclusively for Japanese joshi promotion, Stardom.
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    7pm - 9pm ALL THE COLORS OF THE DARK 9pm-11pm THE BROOD 11pm - 1am SALEM’S LOT 1am - 3am WOLF CREEK 3am -5am THE BEAST MUST DIE 5am - 7am THE HOUSE WITH LAUGHING WINDOWS Edit - I called an audible and substituted HORROR EXPRESS with THE HOUSE WITH LAUGHING WINDOWS because it’s a better bookend with what I started things off with.
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    LOL Orioles. New York Supreme Court Confirms nearly $300 million judgement against them over MASN rights with the nationals. Oh, and says "You gotta pay interest as well" https://awfulannouncing.com/mlb/judge-rules-in-favor-of-nationals-in-rights-fee-dispute-with-orioles-orders-masn-to-pay-out-296-8-million.html This to go with you know, being one of the worst teams in baseball
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    I love the theme. Solid solid answer. My first stab (hey-oh) at this I'm going to go with a variety, no strict theme. 7pm -9pm The Changeling - I want something eerie, not bloody in the lineup, but it's tough to play those late when people are tired, so this gets slotted first. George C Scott is great in it. 9pm-11pm The Wailing - I'm fitting in the foreign film before it gets too late for people to read subtitles. I fucking LOVE this movie. Great plot, and some really creepy shit. 11pm - 1am - The Burning - I feel like right here we gotta start getting the crowd involved, so we go 80's Camp Slasher which has some ridiculous kills. You also get early roles from Fisher Stevens, Jason Alexander and Holly Hunter to cheer and laugh at. 1am - 3am - Tales From the Hood - Need at least one anthology and this one is a classic. 3am -5am - The Descent - This may be a dick move, but in the slot where people might be the most tired, I want to throw them into this hell hole cave where shit is lurking around every dark corner. 5am - 7am - Tales From the Crypt Demon Knight - Great soundtrack, and we end with a movie in which the main characters just have to last through the night.
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    J.C. Lee is perfectly trustworthy in this matter and it's not like her own father didn't seem to trust her. Nah, that definitely didn't happen.
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    I also use a fake tree. I'm allergic to pine needles. It's a smallish tree at that. We don't go overboard for Christmas. My immediately family is pretty non-materialistic. I like to think I am as well. Besides that, life is pretty good. The new job is going well. I had forgotten what it was like working with people that don't treat you like shit. I'm really glad I got out of the funeral industry, no regrets at all.
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    Tag teams to run away from really REALLY quickly.
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    The Selling her bath water online thing was a cultural reference to social media sexy lady and outrageous troll Belle Delphine. Who got a lot of actual media coverage by setting up a pornhub account and posting a series of non pornographic videos on there. Then she started selling her "bath water" online because she's basically just a rinser.
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    Crossword puzzles the jumble coin collecting homemade porn walking in the park volunteering at an animal shelter ...just some suggestions
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    Speaking of Hull City (which I was a few hours ago): It's like someone saw one of those "NFL Jersey's re-imagined in a Soccer style" posts and really liked Cincinatti's.
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    Between his body shrinking and him going bald, it looks like 78% of his body weight is in his head.
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    I want WWE to buy FITE, and keep all those indy feds streaming. Why not? In fact, I would like it if VKM makes them all his project, and visits their shows like Odin would, dressed like a beggar, and (if the card was good) he would drop $2000 at the merch tables. That would keep these plucky sprouts going. This is entirely possible. - RAF
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    I believe it's called Alec Baldwinning.
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    These still hold as the 2 most memorable TNA themes to me. AJ used that theme on the indies for a long while too and just fit him like a glove.
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    While really cool, it's also a little weird since the Pilots are the Brewers...
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    Who knew a Twitter parody account could make me cry today.
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