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    Also, I'd like to report a homicide:
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    Well, Khan (or rather, Tony's Dad) owns AEW, but everyone knows the EVP's and Brandi book it. Ir doesnt help Brandi's case when shes basically been playing Great Value Steph on camera, giving herself the same corporate title Steph has IRL, and Cody has Triple H on the brain.
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    *types this from a high ledge* I'm OK, I'm OK! But really, good on Luck for getting out. I'm surprised he came back a couple of years ago after that lacerated kidney. You could see the wear and tear getting to him. There's no way he only suffered one concussion. I can't imagine dealing with constant pain four years running, even when receiving quality medical care and physical therapy. On top of that, Luck is a pretty regular guy beyond football. He's not a maniac like Peyton. He actually belongs to book clubs and plays board games. Luck just got married and has a baby on the way. His family is well-off, he's got millions in the bank. He can design houses with his architecture degree and live a normal life. And he doesn't have to deal with Jim Irsay's drug-induced insanity anymore. Heck, he's probably guaranteed an executive position in XFL if he wants, with his dad as commissioner. Go be happy and healthy, I say.
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    I'm pretty sure this was cribbed from when Daniel Cormier found out Jon Jones failed his drug test the Tuesday or Wednesday before UFC 200 and Dana had to go tell him. They used the footage in the build towards their fight at UFC 214. If you're gonna steal something, steal something from a match/angle that made money like this. Smart.
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    Religious Sting vs. Religious Michaels Hulk Hogan vs. New Day Andre vs Big Show Brock vs. Yano Pentagon Jr. vs. Great Sasuke Dolph vs. Road Warriors with Paul Ellering Paul Heyman vs. Irwin R. Scheister Kevin Nash vs. Orange Cassidy
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    I fucking hate Doug Gottlieb.
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    Y'all are gonna be pissed when Andrew Luck is the quarterback of the LA Wildcats in 2020 to help his dad get the XFL off the ground.
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    If the Colts fans should be unhappy with ANYONE, how about the front office that left him a human tackling dummy by fucking up at every turn getting him an O-Line. By retiring now, and not just saying "Hey, put me on the IR for a year", he walked away from a $6 million bonus (due September 17th) and a year of salary. Yet they still booed him (if it sounds like I'm shocked at this, yeah, I am)
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    Black Widow poster released. Great poster. Black Widow solo a long time coming. Looking forward to that.
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    Koji Kanemoto & Shinjiro Otani vs Art Barr & Eddy Guerrero Bruiser Brody & Cactus Jack vs Atsushi Onita & W*ING Kanemura Hana Kimura & Jungle Kyona vs Akira Hokuto & Manami Toyota David Starr vs Bret Hart Marty Scurll & The Young Bucks vs Will Ospreay, Jushin Liger & Great Sasuke Toshiaki Kawada vs Fit Finlay Vader & Bigelow & Samoa Joe vs Steiner Brothers & Michael Elgin Kenny Omega & Rich Swann vs Dynamite Kid & Rollerball Rocco
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    That's actually a time traveling young Hulk Hogan trying to get into the band
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    Yeah, before I even watched the video and only saw the headline, I had flashbacks to that DC reaction when he got the news about Jones. Totally expected a foot stomp from Omega and a “c’mon man...”
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    Fuck the Colts fans. edit: Took this from a tweet: "Physical toll on Andrew Luck through 6 NFL seasons: » Torn cartilage in 2 ribs » partially torn abdomen » a lacerated kidney that left him peeing blood » at least 1 concussion » a torn labrum in his throwing shoulder » and this mysterious calf/ankle issue that led to this" The guy sacrificed himself, been trying to keep going, decided the pain wasn't worth it, gave up something like $52 million to retire, and the fans BOO him? Fuck them with a rusty knife.
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    Do the Harris twins still have that lucha promotion?
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    Sorry to bump an old post, but I'm listening to the WHW review of Clash XXIV from July 2018. Tony making fun of Arn's drinking problem ("That's why my head is the size of a pumpkin!") is at least on par with Nash's my spot deal which Arn is probably pissed about to this very day. Then, Conrad tells him Arn is going to be at Starrcast and Tony asks "Is he, really?". Gold.
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    I was thinking the WWE Lima show sounded pretty good but it was a shame we probably wouldn't get fancam. Lo and behold: etc. (Joe vs Roman, Charlotte vs Ember, KW vs II, Ali vs nakamura) on the channel. Catch it while you can.
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    Rey Misterio Jr vs Tiger Mask Owen Hart & Chris Benoit vs Chris Jericho & Eddy Guerrero Hulk Hogan vs Walter Mr Perfect & Rick Rude vs The Kings of Wrestling Toshiaki Kawada vs Samoa Joe Bret Hart vs Brad Armstrong Shinya Hashimoto vs Jumbo Tsuruta Steve Austin vs Harley Race
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    What about Dances With Steiner?
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    I think my enthusiasm for ladder matches waned after the injuries starting piling up, especially the Joey Matthews facial injury.
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    The cash ins make no sense and help nobody. It was fine with Edge because he was a scum bag exploiting a contractural loophole nobody had ever thought of before. Now? Why hasn’t the loophole been closed? While we’re at it, I could do with fewer car crash ladder matches.
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    Ended up grabbing last minute tickets for tonight's show. Looks like a fun show, plus I know I would regret passing up probably my last chance of seeing Liger in person.
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    You guyyyyyyys. Took my son to GALLOPING GHOST, which I believe is the largest arcade in the world. I think the dude said they had about 720. It was my son's first experience at an arcade(I don't count the shit at movie theaters.). Incredible day. They had everything. I couldn't believe some of the shit I played. It's kind of overwhelming, because you want to see and play everything, but while you're playing you're thinking "What else is here that I could be playing right now instead?" My son felt the same way. It's funny how I gravitate to all the shit I used to play like that shitty Revolution X game with Aerosmith or Silent Scope. I'm not anywhere near as good at Mortal Kombat as I used to be. I think the most fun we had was playing NFL Blitz together. It's a silly game, but I've never not enjoyed torpedoing dudes in that game. Individually I think he fell into a Mario Bros. hole, which was weird to me at first but I had to remember, he never really played it like many of us did for hours upon hours. And I got hooked on Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo, which I'd never played but couldn't fucking STOP. Anyway, if any of you guys are out this way, make sure you hit it up. They open from 11am to 1am, and everything is on free play or has a switch to press for credits. Only costs 20 bucks to get in and you can leave, eat, drink and comeback through out the day as long as you keep your receipt.
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    ESPN is reporting that the Colts won't try to get the signing bonus money back from Luck that they are entitled to, so for once a classy gesture from Irsay. If it was anyone but him, the face of the franchise, you know they would do it.
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    It's a parody account, started because Luck looks like a Civil War era officer.
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    Terry Funk, Abdullah the Butcher vs Tarzan Goto, Tomoaki Honma (AJPW 2002).
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    I'd say Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns at WrestleMania XXXI is probably the best main event in the history of the show. The MITB cash-in for me doesn't take away from what Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns did. The other contenders are The Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania XXVI and Randy Orton vs. Batista vs. Daniel Bryan from WM XXX.
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    The Rollins cash-in. That specific booking decision was made based on fan reaction; The fans are partially responsible for that specific booking decision. To suggest that the fans have no power over booking isn't accurate. It was the second Mania main event in a row to be altered because of crowd reaction. If the cycle wasn't [watch WWE show] -> [shit on WWE show online] -> [continue to watch WWE shows], the I'd argue that the fans could have a lot more power than they already do. Many seem unwilling to vote with their wallet by cancelling their Network subscription, not going to live events (including NXT), not buying merch, and not contributing to their YouTube views and social media numbers. If WWE is hemorrhaging fans (and they aren't - at least not to a significant enough degree), they will make changes. The Saudi and FOX deals are stop-gaps that won't save them if their fan base disappears.
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    I posted it on Page 5 of this thread.
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    You REALLY want me to post the Urinating Tree video on the Lions don't you???
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    Mitch Chilson? Besides Brian Stann and some of the current/former fighters UFC has rotated in and out, there hasn't been any good or even decent color commentators. I find Jimmy Smith tolerable even if he's cut from the Rogan mold as well. However, during the Bjorn Rebney era of Bellator when Sean Wheelock and Smith were creepily ogling at Christy Mack seated cageside and Jimmy lustily saying "hur hur I think we've all seen her work", I started my ritual of having most Bellator shows on mute while I'm doing something else. With Mike Goldberg, Chael, Jay Glazer, and Josh Thomson now a part of Bellator's on air crew, I've proudly continued that tradition to this day. I'm not a Rogan fan, but hey, it could be people trying to be Bas Rutten which would be even worse.
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    Oh God... he threw "millennial" in there too.. talk about a total ass clown, I've always disliked Gottlieb.
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    Not sure where to put this but this is breaking news. I couldn’t make the show tonight but I’ll be at this one. Cool venue too.
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    People are the fucking worst case #13949669403
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    He did some healing touches on the wounds and then Janela punched him. The crowd was great throughout.
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    From today's BJW show with Elgin vs Sekimoto, which sounded manly as hell.
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    And you fucking people wonder why I hate him...
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    The Antonio Brown situation continues rolling right along. Antonio Brown to AEW?
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