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    We had a lot of time to prepare for this. I guess the freshest memories are the most recent ones. Combine those two things and I don't think this "hit me" at all. As someone who 100% understands the Marvel style and what Kirby/Ditko/Romita/etc. brought to the table relative to Stan, I am still a massive supporter. Consistency of style mattered as much as substance in those comics. Stan was more than an editor or writer or brand. He was an identity. When you were a Marvel fan, bet it in the 80s or 90s or even later, Stan was part of not just the identity of your hobby or the comics you patronized, but he was part of your own identity and morality as well, even decades after the fact. Over time, you'd learn to appreciate Jack or John or Steve, but you had always appreciated Stan, and you never really appreciate him less for what you ended up learning later. It didn't matter how Ravage 2099 or Just Imagine or whatever else was, you were just lucky to be able to read something new that Stan "actually" wrote. He was an idea and an icon and a symbol. And we belonged to him as much as he belonged to us.
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    2009 was my first year going to San Diego Comic Con. That year my pal Saul had hit the hotel jackpot by getting a room at the Manchester Grand Hyatt, which was next door to the convention center, which of course meant all sorts of pros staying there. I still get tickled at remembering Jim Steranko walking through the lobby as only he could. Anyhoo, one night I excused myself from my group of friends so I could have some me time, a quiet-ish night walking around the bay and eating dinner before coming back to the hotel- I didn't even take my camera. Mission accomplished, I got back to the Hyatt and got on the elevator. And then STAN MOTHERFUCKING LEE got on the elevator next to me. Outwardly I played it cool ("Mr Lee." "Hah? Hah...") but my brain was all "SAHGFSFHC K,CSLDUT8L64 FDS RA STANLEESTANLEESTANLEESTANLEE 8OQ437651O457VQ ORQ" like a Delirious promo. Got back to my room and had the time of my life telling everyone about how you usually have to pay $250 to get that close to him. RIP, and Excelsior.
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    There's only one word to describe Cass' midsection and I'm gonna spell it out for ya...
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    I'm crying way more than I expected to. This will get weird and personal, so you done been warned. When i was 5, Spider-Man was my favorite character in the whole world. I loved him on Electric Company and I had a Spider-Man swimsuit and a Spider-Man velcro dart ball target and a Spider-Man everything. I'm not sure I understood the underlying pathos but he looked cool and had cool powers and between Electric Company and repeats of the 60s show I could see him 3 times a day. When i was 12, Cyclops was my favorite character in the whole world. I had more of a sense of humor than Scott, but not by that much. This weird guy whose superpower often seemed to be less "laser eyes" and more "all the earnest corn of Superman without the moral infallibility" was incredibly compelling to me. It didn't hurt that I discovered him around the time I was having to wear a bioptic because my parents thought I could learn to drive with it. When I was 21, Hank Pym was...not my favorite (that was Wally West) but a character I was strongly attached to. I had just burned my world to the ground by failing out of a full scholarship, after which I'd been diagnosed with major depression disorder. And here was Kurt Busiek trying to rehab a hated character who had burned HIS world to the ground, destroyed his career and marriage because of a mental health concern nobody had noticed until he'd self-destructed. It was a good decade before I realized how strongly I'd identified with that character or how helpful he'd been at that point in my life. Chris Sims, for all the problematic shit he's said and done over the years, had it one hundred percent right when he said (paraphrased to avoid digging up a years-old ep of a podcas) that it's impossible for anyone to overstate Stan's contributions to comics...except Stan.
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    Alexa should be a manager at this stage. Let her manage a stable of Mean Girls.
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    I like there are wrestling sites writing articles about wrestlers posting about stans death.
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    Well at least he can still use his old tron video...
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    On the one hand, we really shouldn't give Cass shit for his weight. It's uncool to do-- they guy lost his girlfriend and dream job, and plus, I myself am slowly morphing into Haystacks Calhoun, so I'd be a huge hypocrite. On the other hand, I've been laughing for like 45 minutes because fuck that guy
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    I hated to see TKZ deflated like that, but it was a good win for Yair and the photo of them in the hospital has reinforced my naïve believe that this is a sport full of honorable warriors that do battle and respect each other's spirit.. That elbow from the Phantom Zone was fucking insane. I had the fight scored for TKZ up to that point, but Yair did what a fighter should and kept the contest out of the judges' hands Nothing but love for both guys. Good on Cowboy for making history, but I have to think that these high profile losses will only make Mike Perry a better fighter if he can put his ego aside and shore up the holes in his fight game. Since striking is his bread and butter, working on takedown defense would be a wonderful start.
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    You mean the ROUS's? They don't exist
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    Can we please stop with the drag stuff
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    His brain is not the only problem. His ears are also an issue because he never seems to listen to his fucking corner when it would be wise to do so.
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    I have sent in my pick. If it is deemed thematic enough, I would suggest getting plenty of Kleenex before sitting down to watch it.
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    This. You can count on Herb to make smart decisions most of the time. If he does fuck up, it's usually in the process of calling it done too early because he's familiar with warrior's pride and doesn't want some asshole dying on his watch by not tapping out when he should. Unlike Mario "Dr. Death" Yamazaki and his Crom-inspired If He Dies, He Dies style of reffing matches.
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    They brought back Option C. That's cool. I thought Option C was always a cool concept. I liked when Aries cut the promo initiating it. Then went on the beat Bobby Roode for the championship. I also remember when Aries attacked TJ Perkins backstage wrestled as Manik (TJ's character at the time) won the X division championship revealed himself and cashed in Option C and then didn't win the Championship.
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    It sure ain't Robotman or Danny The Street either.
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    One of the best defensive center fielders of all time (better then Edmonds by a great deal), 110 wRC+ while doing it, worth 62.4 fWAR over his career, ranking him just outside the top 15 center fielders of all time (Just got passed by Trout this year because Trout is insane). Basically, Lofton is very very comparable to Tim Raines, except Raines was better offensively were as Lofton was better defensively. Also, people are fucking terrible at evaluating Center Fielders and have been for years. All of Jones, Edmunds, and Lofton should be borderline locks for beling elite defensive players mixed with good to great hitters for long careers, and Carlos Beltran should be in the same group soon.
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    He swallowed Enzo whole and is slowly digesting him, like a snake digesting a whole wild boar.
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    Not quite as great as if this had been a live broadcast, but still a pretty delicious image.
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    It'll be a better match as is, but a 6-man between those guys would rule. Drake's expression when Show finally gets his hands on him is going win a daytime Emmy.
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    Moments later, steamboat was jumped and beaten senseless.
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    Well this is disappointing to say the least. I suppose it was only a mater of time with the health issues and Stan getting up there in age, but I was really hoping he had a few more years after all the bullshit he went through the past year. Hopefully he is resting peacefully now. He will always be the narrator voice for Marvel comics when I read them.
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    Apparently my Arthur is anorexic. Every time I check, he's underweight, so I ate all 10 assorted biscuits I had and then ate a stew bowl at camp. Did the mission where And checked my weight again. Still underweight. Apparently I need to trade in the treadmill for gun fights to get in shape.
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    I can't believe they're actually making a live Action Pokemon movie with Ryan Reynolds as Pikachu
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    Scott Steiner still flexible enough to hit head kicks.
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    A few days ago I paid off all my bounties because I couldn't even get into St. Denis, despite not having a dead or alive wanted level. By the time I got back there, I had a brand new $150 bounty.
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    I like Frank Trigg as a ref, because I find it funny that his arguable career highlight moment (as a fighter) was capitalising on a missed foul. But they are bringing him along pretty slowly and I think he's only licensed in California, like style icon Mike Beltran.
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    I thought Brian May looked like Young Howard Stern in the movie, and once I saw it, I couldn't not see it.
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    I'll enter this, if for no other reason than to get the wife off of watching all Hallmark, all the time.
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    In terms of sheer comedy, this might've been the best episode of Last Week Tonight ever.
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    He’s trying to make sure those kids stop stealing his Lucky Charms!
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    callback... EDIT: Queen fits so perfectly...
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    I'm more intrigued by the um "security" around Kane including a time traveling Glen Jacobs/WALTER clone from the future.
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    Awesome fight from Yoder/Cooper. Was on the edge of my seat til the finish, loved all the submission attempts... almost a small package into a single leg crab turned rolling leglock for a moment. Thought Cooper looked her best yet but thrilled for Yoder to finally get the W again and how happy she was to get it. I like the oldschool graphics they use.
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    This week’s Red Dead Redemption 2 episode hit way too close to home.
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    Cheer whomever you like. You like heels? Fine, cheer them. You like faces? Fine, cheer them. You want to boo Jinder Mahal because he's a shitty wrestler? Fine. You want to boo Roman for being pushed down our throats the past four years? Fine. Do whatever feels right to you.
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