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    We had a lot of time to prepare for this. I guess the freshest memories are the most recent ones. Combine those two things and I don't think this "hit me" at all. As someone who 100% understands the Marvel style and what Kirby/Ditko/Romita/etc. brought to the table relative to Stan, I am still a massive supporter. Consistency of style mattered as much as substance in those comics. Stan was more than an editor or writer or brand. He was an identity. When you were a Marvel fan, bet it in the 80s or 90s or even later, Stan was part of not just the identity of your hobby or the comics you patronized, but he was part of your own identity and morality as well, even decades after the fact. Over time, you'd learn to appreciate Jack or John or Steve, but you had always appreciated Stan, and you never really appreciate him less for what you ended up learning later. It didn't matter how Ravage 2099 or Just Imagine or whatever else was, you were just lucky to be able to read something new that Stan "actually" wrote. He was an idea and an icon and a symbol. And we belonged to him as much as he belonged to us.
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    Alexa should be a manager at this stage. Let her manage a stable of Mean Girls.
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    Yes, I don't believe Becky should tap to Ronda on Sunday. I don't believe Ronda should lose right now either, Becky passing out seems like the best option.
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    Eh, I would believe Shibata got the intended effect, he just didn't factor in his brain not being able to process that the way he wanted to.
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    Can we please stop with the drag stuff
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    I have sent in my pick. If it is deemed thematic enough, I would suggest getting plenty of Kleenex before sitting down to watch it.
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    One of the best defensive center fielders of all time (better then Edmonds by a great deal), 110 wRC+ while doing it, worth 62.4 fWAR over his career, ranking him just outside the top 15 center fielders of all time (Just got passed by Trout this year because Trout is insane). Basically, Lofton is very very comparable to Tim Raines, except Raines was better offensively were as Lofton was better defensively. Also, people are fucking terrible at evaluating Center Fielders and have been for years. All of Jones, Edmunds, and Lofton should be borderline locks for beling elite defensive players mixed with good to great hitters for long careers, and Carlos Beltran should be in the same group soon.
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    You mean the ROUS's? They don't exist
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    So we all love NXT and we’ve talked before in different threads about the varying fortunes of NXT wrestlers when called up to the main roster. Thought it would make for a topic on its own right. I had to start with Asuka and the Revival… Asuka. Asuka’s time on the main roster can be split into two, before and after WrestleMania XXXIV. Before then, Asuka kept defending her perfect record in WWE and winning the first women’s Royal Rumble match. Asuka wrongly lost said streak to Charlotte Flair at WrestleMania XXXIV with her tapping out of nowhere and the post match getting interrupted by John Cena finding out the Undertaker had arrived. Asuka lost WWE Smackdown Live Championship matches to Carmella, never won the title you thought she’d be a certainty to win and she wasn’t on some PPV’s either. MISS. The Revival. The best tag team in NXT history called up the day after WrestleMania XXXIII. Unfortunately injuries followed with a fractured jaw and torn bicep respectively. I was channel surfing the other day momentarily surprised that the Revival was on Main Event. Revival’s booking rivals Asuka’s for my most frustrating NXT to main roster drafts. Revival’s may be more frustrating as they’ve never had a high unlike Asuka. MISS. Seth Rollins. The first NXT Champion has held nearly every major title in the WWE including the WWE/United States Championships and the WWE Intercontinental Championship/WWE RAW Tag Team Titles at the same time. HIT. Kevin Owens. Owens’ tenure in NXT was short. Owens’ arrived on the main roster as NXT Champion cleanly defeating John Cena in his debut match at Elimination Chamber 2015. I thought KO would win an IC or US Title but never the biggest on RAW, the Universal Championship. The chemistry between KO and Y2J was fun. This year was bad for KO’, getting squashed by Braun Strowman, saying he quit only to be brought back in no time at all and knee surgery putting him on the shelf. HIT. Sasha Banks. The best women’s wrestler on the roster, Banks' held the WWE RAW Women’s Championship four times but all of those reigns were short. HIT. Becky Lynch. The first WWE Smackdown Live Women’s Champion remained over with the fans despite her win/loss record. Becky wrestled Carmella and Charlotte Flair for that title at SummerSlam 2018 and got the biggest reaction of the night attacking Charlotte post match. Lynch is the best thing going in the WWE right now, fans won’t boo her despite WWE’s attempts. HIT. Charlotte Flair. Flair’s won championships galore holding the Divas’, RAW and Smackdown Live titles, the only woman to do so. As noted she also handed Asuka her first defeat in WWE. HIT. Bayley. Bayley’s high point was brief, defeating Charlotte Flair for the WWE RAW Women’s Championship and retaining it at WrestleMania XXXIII. The writing of her feud following versus Alexa Bliss did her no favours. I can’t ever see Bayley becoming a WWE Women’s champion again. MISS. Alexa Bliss. One of NXT’s biggest success stories, Bliss was the first woman to hold the WWE Smackdown Live and RAW Women’s Championships. Little Miss Bliss is heavily featured on WWE programming. HIT.
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    You could tell how hard it was for them to finish at exactly 11pm. Those last few minutes were a bit weird.
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    I'm not surprised, I'm not In shock. But Stan very much defined comics to me as a kid. His name was on every Marvel book, presenting the characters. His Soapbox ran in every issue. Long before I read an actual Stan Lee written comic, I knew Stan Lee was Marvel comics. Admittedly, I was a DC fan far more than a Marvel Zombie, but Stan was comics in a way nobody at the Distinguished Competition was. I can rattle off big name DC guys now, but I couldn't then, and none of them had the presence of The Man. I know the arguments. Flashy Funkman and House Roy. But even if all Stan did was script and self-promote, the impact of that alone is arguably the biggest of anyone in the medium outside two kids from Cleveland in the depression. Stan and Jack made magic. Stan and Steve made magic. Stan and Don Heck, Stan and Wally Wood, Stan and... Excelsior
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    Yeah. This wasn't the best episode in actual news/social value but holy fuck it was hilarious.
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    This is the one part I disagree with. It's true that NXT fans would have complained if they'd started her whole story over again on the main show, but those fans are going to complain regardless, and keep watching regardless. I don't see any reason for WWE to ever give significant weight to the likely reactions of NXT fans when making creative decisions for ex-NXT wrestlers on the main roster. They're a small minority of the audience, and they're among the most likely to stick around no matter what you do. It's not like they're going to cancel their WWE Network subscriptions.
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    I somehow missed this announcement
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    Just noticed that PCO's YT channel is hosting his match against WALTER from Mania weekend. Some slight clipping and commentary is in French but still if you wanted to see what the fuss was about.
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    This actually surprises me as I know you saw a lot of Lofton's career with a knowledgeable eye. Elite defensive player, (better than Edmonds by a hair), a terror on the basepaths and always a formidable offensive threat. The biggest knock on Lofton is the number of teams he played for, which on one hand can be said to mean that his teams considered him expendable; yet the flipside is that he was great trade bait because everyone wanted him. McGriff is a tough case and indicative of what a tremendous difference a few years can make in the game. Compared to Pujols, Thomas and Bagwell he doesn't look that imposing, compared to his almost exact contemporaries Will Clark and Joe Carter he appears godlike. He's one of those guys that's right on the bubble, keeping him out isn't a crime, but inducting him wouldn't hurt either. When your closest comps are Willie McCovey and Willie Stargell there should at least be some discussion.
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    If it involves a fucking dog dying - I will never speak to you again
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    Since I was planning on doing a 30 day, 30 Holiday movie kick - this works for me.
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    So I know the company doesn't have a great reputation these days, but I've been helping out with CZW lately and the last 2 shows have been pretty goddamn great. Last night's should be on Highspots soon and last month's is already there, but I feel like they're getting into a good rhythm. Lots of variety on the shows and some great deathmatch stuff with younger guys. I think it's worth giving a shot if you haven't in a while.
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    Love Cowboy and he will always be my favorite UFC fighter, but I still think he's never winning a belt at lightweight. Not with Khabib around. He always just freezes up in title fights anyway. Still that was clearly a great moment for him snapping Mike Perry's arm in Denver and celebrating with his son. Was definitely a great moment for his career.
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    I misremembered a few things. I do remember all of this happening in the span of a year. I think they missed the boat not having Aries in Sabins spot. I don't know if Bully Ray should have dropped the title as soon as he did though.
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    That third goal from City was something else. also
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    I'm more intrigued by the um "security" around Kane including a time traveling Glen Jacobs/WALTER clone from the future.
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    Awesome fight from Yoder/Cooper. Was on the edge of my seat til the finish, loved all the submission attempts... almost a small package into a single leg crab turned rolling leglock for a moment. Thought Cooper looked her best yet but thrilled for Yoder to finally get the W again and how happy she was to get it. I like the oldschool graphics they use.
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    The suplex in the middle of the foxy boxing match is the real sweet science.
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    This week’s Red Dead Redemption 2 episode hit way too close to home.
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    It's weird how in that match, AJ's skintone remains the same bronze tan throughout, whilst Brock goes from Goth Pale to Red Hulk in less than ten minutes.
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    It's just Rugby with extra rules and you know it. The hell you doing calling it football when the ball only hits feet if something has gone wrong somewhere? That's not football, that's Throw and Run Ball.
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    Legends remains the only TV show I go out of my way to watch on a regular basis.
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    He looks so happy to be modeling this.
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    ...and now I'm gonna have to watch it again. Thanks I guess haha
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    Allegedly Vince is very high on Almas. I expect them to split him and Vega for no reason and thus kill his act dead.
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    You forgot the biggest hit of all: Former NXT Champion Big E.
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    Cheer whomever you like. You like heels? Fine, cheer them. You like faces? Fine, cheer them. You want to boo Jinder Mahal because he's a shitty wrestler? Fine. You want to boo Roman for being pushed down our throats the past four years? Fine. Do whatever feels right to you.
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    When Joanie died last year, I knew that this was coming. Losing the love of your life after 60 years of marriage is almost impossible to recover from. May they rest in peace forever.
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