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    Whoever decided having Reigns wrestle the same two guys over and over again every week for two fucking months is a goddamn idiot.
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    "for stepping on the Jets logo.... Brock Lesnar... YOU JUST MADE THE LIST."
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    just saw the new logo. yeesh, that's ugly. also, someone pointed out that Anthem is "Meh TNA" spelled backwards.
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    And Jesse going OFF on Hogan and Elizabeth during Macho's entrance. "Here's this guy.. laying in the weeds..." "The LUSTER!" "....she'll go with whoever wins." "My hats off to you Macho, you ARE a great champion!"
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    I cannot remember who posted, but it was one of the great posts on TNA... The new logo proves that TNA is a fly by night company.
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    Comfort food wrestling = Hart Foundation v Brain Buster at Summerslam 89. Possibly the best PPV opener ever. In fact that whole card could be classed as comfort food wrestling to me. Similarly - Wrestlemania 8
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    What is an "Ike Turner"? 'Cause I'm thinking you want to punch a female valet in the face then complain she deserved it. I'm assuming you have something else in mind.
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    Fuji could've beaten any Kenyan, whether he wanted to or not.
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    I love that match. I haven't seen it in a long time, but I love the commentary setup for Jesse's line. Gorilla's talking about something and gets completely derailed mid sentence.... "WOW WHAT A SHOT!" Not enough love for the commentary banter regarding Fuji running a 5K in a tux.
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    I think he's just saying that whatever side you fall on, it's important that we report the debate.
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    Classic WU bit. (Funny you ref'd this. He was on @midnight tonight.) I deleted the WCW SN part before I posted. But, yeah, the same. Watching old SN clips take me back to being a kid again. Heading over to my grandparents house (parents split early, neither had responsibility after Friday, if at all), getting some pizza from an awesome local joint, and not giving a shit who was wrestling. I had some awesome cheapo pizza, wrestling was on for two hours, then I could could go book shows with my figures till bed time. Being a kid and having nothing to really worry about besides homework was fucking awesome.
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    My comfort food is searching out big pops and crowd reactions. Hogan rescuing Eugene at Wrestlemania, Hogan vs The Rock at the Skydome, Hogan vs Goldberg at the Georgia Dome, Mankind vs The Rock on 01-09-99 (Stone Cold interference), but my favorite is the cruiserweight battle royal at Slamboree 1998. "That's not Ciclope!" An underrated match with insane crowd reactions from beginning to end was The Radicalz, Triple H, and X-PAC vs The Rock, Cactus Jack, Rikishi, and Too Cool from the Raw on 02-07-2000.
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    True fact: using "Social Justice Warriors" as a sarcastic insult makes you look almost at much like an asshole as having an incredibly racist team logo as your avatar would.
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    The Rockers vs. Twin Towers at WrestleMania V. The contrast of styles is beautiful and all four men brought it. Plus, Jesse and Gorilla on commentary. "I believe he irritated Akeem". I love the entire WrestleMania V event as a whole but this is by far my favorite match on the show. I'm always surprised when I see people write that this is a nothing show outside of the title changes.
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    Let's not get all worked up, the plural of Jedi is Jedi
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    She should have won the Oscar for Birdman. Arquette was really good in Boyhood, but not as good as Stone.
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    It's also reminiscent of that infamous ROH DVD cover.
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    To be fair, he still thinks it's 1991.
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    I no longer feel guilty about not giving Sofie gifts as I light her up with 1000 gold coins every time she asks for an allowance AND I am letting her keep a damn fox in the house
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    If this was DDT the inflatable tubemen would be a 10-time Ironman Heavymetalweight Champion.
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    Finished binge watching Gilmore Girls with the lady last night. As much as I scoffed at the show a lot as we were watching it, it sure got dusty in here for the last couple episodes. The whole karaoke "I Will Always Love You" scene had me a blubbering mess. Stupid show and all its feels.
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    Ambrose would make a good Booger.
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    Neither, because those are old basketball players.
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    If you have to ask, you probably already know the answer.
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    Hopefully the first rule of the Falcons team once they get to Houston for the Super Bowl is NO HOOKERS
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    Also, if Rodgers keeps playing like this, he's gonna hafta start selling Obamacare. Yes I'm drunk. No I don't care what you think. The Dome is rocking right now and I have no voice. Fuck You.
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    Not a Harry Potter fan myself, but given we got Revolutionary War cosplay from the other side, I don't want to hear about obsessions on our side.
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    I love Akeem nearly decapitating Michaels with that clothesline. Perfect/Blazer is a really fun under 10 minute match. Brain Busters/Strike Force was really good prior to Martel walking out, and even after, the Busters put a fun beating on Chico. Bobby Heenan takes a king size beating from the Warrior and the Red Rooster. I like WM5 a lot.
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    My friend's mom walked in on him watching that match once. In the worst spot. You know.
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    They could do a 20 woman battle royal on Sunday, even without the injured folks and Bayley/Charlotte, if they wanted. Raw (6): Nia, Sasha, Dana Brooke, Emma (surprise 20th entry, wins), Alicia, Summer Rae Smackdown (7): Becky, Alexa, Mickie, Nikki, Natalya, Naomi, Carmella NXT (7): Asuka, Ember, Billie, Peyton, Nikki Cross, Liv, Aliyah
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    That's good to know, but I liked @nate's reason much better.
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    That was to make sure that no one doubted for a second that the only reason why he got hit was that it was a cheap shot.
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    The moment when he started laughing was legit amazing and a little scary.
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    It took me a few minutes to realize that it wasn't Christopher Daniels being powerbombed by Kevin Nash.
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    Rumor has it that Roger Goodell will not be attending the Super Bowl in two weeks due to a prior commitment at the Puppy Bowl...
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    I think I care more about this than either Championship game today.
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    I should've known when Michael was obsessed with Friends. Seriously, tremendous show and a finale that works either to wrap up the show or to give a great hook to season 2. And incredibly ballsy for a network sitcom to do something like this.
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    H/T Evan Ginzburg. Young boy Yatsu on the cover.
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    Whatever drugs you're on must be wonderful. Please send me some.
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