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    "for stepping on the Jets logo.... Brock Lesnar... YOU JUST MADE THE LIST."
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    And Jesse going OFF on Hogan and Elizabeth during Macho's entrance. "Here's this guy.. laying in the weeds..." "The LUSTER!" "....she'll go with whoever wins." "My hats off to you Macho, you ARE a great champion!"
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    I think he's just saying that whatever side you fall on, it's important that we report the debate.
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    Classic WU bit. (Funny you ref'd this. He was on @midnight tonight.) I deleted the WCW SN part before I posted. But, yeah, the same. Watching old SN clips take me back to being a kid again. Heading over to my grandparents house (parents split early, neither had responsibility after Friday, if at all), getting some pizza from an awesome local joint, and not giving a shit who was wrestling. I had some awesome cheapo pizza, wrestling was on for two hours, then I could could go book shows with my figures till bed time. Being a kid and having nothing to really worry about besides homework was fucking awesome.
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    My comfort food is searching out big pops and crowd reactions. Hogan rescuing Eugene at Wrestlemania, Hogan vs The Rock at the Skydome, Hogan vs Goldberg at the Georgia Dome, Mankind vs The Rock on 01-09-99 (Stone Cold interference), but my favorite is the cruiserweight battle royal at Slamboree 1998. "That's not Ciclope!" An underrated match with insane crowd reactions from beginning to end was The Radicalz, Triple H, and X-PAC vs The Rock, Cactus Jack, Rikishi, and Too Cool from the Raw on 02-07-2000.
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    Ambrose would make a good Booger.
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    If you have to ask, you probably already know the answer.
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    Hopefully the first rule of the Falcons team once they get to Houston for the Super Bowl is NO HOOKERS
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    Not a Harry Potter fan myself, but given we got Revolutionary War cosplay from the other side, I don't want to hear about obsessions on our side.
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    Handsome Rusev. All other considerations are secondary.
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    Adding the No DQ stip to Owens-Reigns after you've already established Jericho will be locked away in a cage is so stupid. So basically, anyone in the world is allowed to come in and interfere, just not Chris Jericho.
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    That whole Jericho/Malenko angle is one of my favorite things ever in wrestling, without exaggeration. I was actually just talking to my girlfriend about it the other night during the La Luchadora reveal.
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    Actually, I think it's only 5, and 3 of those were teams who had QB issues all year (Browns, Rams and 49ers). The other two that I saw were the Steelers in week 7 and the Dolphins in week 17. And we saw how well the Patriots did against the Steelers on Sunday...
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    The Quarterback Must Go Down And He Must Go Down Hard
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    Wade "Mabel" Barrett was the first an only performer to hold this name and he bestowed it to Donald Trump in a fit of patriotic devotion. PERIOD. In other announcements Donald Trump has also now accepted the titles of -The one hot blonde chick from Wilson Phillips. - MacGuyver - The Man - The Maaaaaaaan (spoken more black) - The Man With No Name PERIOD. NO QUESTIONS!!!
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    I love Akeem nearly decapitating Michaels with that clothesline. Perfect/Blazer is a really fun under 10 minute match. Brain Busters/Strike Force was really good prior to Martel walking out, and even after, the Busters put a fun beating on Chico. Bobby Heenan takes a king size beating from the Warrior and the Red Rooster. I like WM5 a lot.
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    My friend's mom walked in on him watching that match once. In the worst spot. You know.
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    Everybody needs to see the 1994 action film, PAROLE VIOLATORS!
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    Hideo Itami can join the Lambda Lambda Lambda stable in the Tochi role. The Miz as Stan Gable with Maryse as Betty for the Alpha Betas. Every other Alpha Beta was a generic pretty boy outside of Gable as the clear leader and Ogre as the muscle. Call up Tino Sabbatelli from NXT as part of the AB stable; he's got the generic good looks and played college football!
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    Why are you giving him what he wants?
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    I'm pretty sure Ricky and Bonnie Steamboat used that spot often in Mid-Atlantic. Thanks.
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    Signed up for DDT Universe. Mannnnnnnnnnnnnnn this shit needs way more Poison Sawada Julie
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    They could turn the fans on and off to do dramatic kick outs.
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    I am debating which Jonah Hill gif better encompasses my reaction. Let's just say, a little from column A, a little from column B.
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    Football analysis does have a tendency to over emphasis the importance of coaching over the importance of players.
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    Right. It dies before it even reaches the Foreign Affairs Committee and no one from that committee at any time, even when Republicans controlled the house and the senate, and even when they controlled the Presidency, has ever been a co-sponsor. Including now. The rep from Alabama who introduced this bill, the same guy who has done it multiple times now, has introduced over 50 bills with only 1 becoming law. I get that it's scary to think about, especially considering the current President, but there's a reason why this never gets to the foreign affairs committee. You may as well propose a bill for changing the American flag or making it illegal for black people to be black. What I'm getting at is what someone else mentioned, which is to not get spooked and distracted by every thing that's out there because then you're not paying attention for when it really matters. Or better yet, if you're going to get scared by stuff like this, do what Michael Moore and many other politicians (from both sides) have said, CALL your representative. Don't email. Maybe mail. But call them! It takes a few minutes and you need to actually have your voice heard. That's for stuff like this and anything else.
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    I have sent messages to @Execproducer and @(BP) due to questions I have about their ballots
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    It took me a few minutes to realize that it wasn't Christopher Daniels being powerbombed by Kevin Nash.
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    Big Sexy and his gloriously conditioned mane of hair <3
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    damn, this is a VERY tough decision. the fact that Cowboy is probably last of the group, despite having FOUR WINS, including Matt Brown, is ridiculous. Bisping: beat an all-time great, then the current champ, then avenged his biggest loss. solid case. Conor: moved up two weight classes and lost, but immediately avenged that loss. and followed that up with winning his second championship. damn. Nunes: beat a solid contender, then a great fighter for the belt, then an all-time great. holy shit. Garbrandt: four straight wins, including against an undefeated opponent, AND one for the belt against someone who has looked basically unbeatable for years. Stipe: three straight wins against some of the best of all time, including the Heavyweight strap. ultimately, my vote goes to Bisping. he was legit KO'd against Anderson and still won the fight. Also, i think Hendo KO'd him also. how many guys get KO'd twice, but still come back and win the fight? that is just f'ing nuts. no way is there a wrong answer here.
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    Rumor has it that Roger Goodell will not be attending the Super Bowl in two weeks due to a prior commitment at the Puppy Bowl...
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    It still baffles me that teams like the Texans have figured out maybe the only way to stay competitive against Brady and the Steelers don't even consider it. Now the Falcons have the same aggressive style but not sure if they have the talent.
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    If I get the cargobob, it better be a high end or a collection vehicle. Otherwise, it ain't happening.
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    Southern Hospitality was stomped to death in a parking lot behind a WaWa in 1985 in Pennsylvania.
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    I think it was probably a rule the last time too. . . .
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    The Miz as Ted McGinley is genius.
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    I started reading your post and thought "wait till DFA sees my example!" Then I saw your example was the one I had in mind. I, too, am baffled that this game exists.
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    The pro controller is basically the Wii U gamepad with no screen and seemingly endless battery life. I tend to use mine when using off-TV with the gamepad on its stand for more freedom of movement or button mashers where I'm paranoid about wear and tear. With indies or virtual console you may as well go pro but I advise to try retail or first party releases with the gamepad at first because the second screen functions can be more useful than they sound. Haven't got round to playing either HD remake yet. Wind Waker tidies up the biggest complaints of the original ie the sailing and Triforce hunt. Twilight Princess is like a best of - the Gamecube's map / controls, the Wii's motion aiming and the Wii U's inventory management / graphics. I'm intending to play TP again because I've only played the Wii version and the non-flipped environments alone will freshen things up.
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    That was really cool, and if I'd been on the fence (I wasn't), it would've sold me. Amidst all that though, Patrick Stewart having hair is odd. I mean, I don't really care, but it's still weird.
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    Don't know why I've only just realised this, but Goldberg's theme sounds like it should be boss level music from Legend of Zelda, A Link to the past.
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