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    My tastes must have changed from puroresu to lucha because I'm now getting Meet Latina Women ads on this site as much as Meet Asian Women ads.
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    Oh that's exactly what's happening. You could tell by the way Goldberg came out, barely mentioned Lesnar and talked about the world title without once referring to another wrestler, or even the world champion by name. I predict we won't see or hear from Lesnar between now and Royal Rumble and he'll come in and eliminated Goldberg, setting up their last match at WM. You know, they could have king-sized Kevin Owens by having him come down while Goldberg was talking about his last title run, and had Owens say something like "There's one little problem, Grampa, I'm the world champion. I'm not just going to give this title. You're going to have to take it from me." You don't even ever have to have them wrestle, but just have him stand up for himself. I think that's the biggest problem with watching Raw, is just how many missed opportunities there are at elevating/getting people over. It's not even wins/losses, it's just having guys look tougher or like they give a shit.
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    Hard to make new stars when these guys are writing the show: 'Membah Bill Goldberg? 'Membah Shawn Michaels? 'Membah The Undertakah?
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    Hey you know what, for a guy to go from Indy jobber to main roster in 3 months is absolutely amazing. Congratulations James.
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    The bigger problem is that Baron was taken off the team due to a leg injury that he just seemed fine now. If Baron hobbles down on a crutch and blasts both guys with it, great. Instead, he runs in and beats up two guys and instead we got an exhibition of Shane McMahon's fists of fury.
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    Cesaro has no one but himself to blame for that loss. If you see him tapping and don't hear the bell, why the fuck would you let go?
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    Yeah but if he tries to buy just one anywhere in Toronto, the crowd will insist he gets 10.
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    Personally, I was an angry youth who was frequently getting into trouble fighting authority and I loved big boobs. WWF RAW was perfect for me.
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    I would love Dr. D as Santa Claus. At the mall, some kid tells him he's a fake santa, D slaps the shit out of the kid and asks him if that was fake.
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    I have seen a punch exchange like above since this:
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    Today is the first day I haven't had a drink in years. Without a doubt this'll be a difficult and shitty 8 days.
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    Just trademarked/registered a shitload of board names..
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    There's lots of great wrestling moments in your average calendar year of WWE. Enzo and Cass' debut. AJ Styles debut (Styles wins over Cena were pretty great, too). Strowman's first squash match on Raw. Nia Jax putting Alicia Fox through the barricade. Sasha-Charlotte getting the Raw main event (Replete with Charlotte's insane moonsault). Bayley's debut on the big roster. Goldberg's return promo. Daniel Bryan's return. The Miz promo on Daniel Bryan. Yeah, you have to wade through some crap to get there. But the highpoints outweight the lows. And if they don't for you, for the love of God, it's 2016, watch something else!
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    I feel like this conversation happens every year whenever the first guy goes out on RAW and says they are the first guy in the Rumble. It is obviously meant to mean that they (in this case Goldberg) are the first person to announce entry in to the Rumble, not that they will be be person who starts the Rumble match in the #1 spot.
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    It's for the same reason I still watch current WWE despite getting almost no enjoyment out of it. I'm chasing the wrestling dragon. It might take weeks. It might even take years. But I know deep down there's going to be a great moment or great payoff that is going to make all of this worth it.
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    Belt? It's a championship, PAL.
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    Today I went back to my apartment to watch princess robot bubblegum on tv while I actually went deer hunting irl. I did this to keep the game on for a while so my plants would grow at the grow house. when I got to the garage, I noticed a TRON bike laid down in the street so I proximity mined it then went upstairs. I was getting my camo on, half listening to the tv when I heard the kaboom and looked over to see I had gotten a bite. Agreed, its the little things. I got him 7 times in a row during that before I got bored with him. I gave him a pass and the lil twat came back later and got one back on me while I was in a pause menu or something.
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    Don't bump for Brock? No problem, he'll just kill you.
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    Dude. If WHOOSHES and irony were a renewable fuel source, we could permanently convert to wind power with that press statement.
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    Good, fuck off. Maybe Matt Millen will cry some more. http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/18115641/former-penn-state-nittany-lions-players-upset-deandre-levy-comments-joe-paterno
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    Brock's follow up Tiger Knee from half way across the ring was sick too.
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    For as bad as WWE can be at times I am enjoying this past year or two way more than say post-mania 24 through Mania 29.
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    Or the time Brock got tired of his lack of ability and just potatoed the hell out of him.
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    The payoff has to be Triple H beating Goldberg once again to finally set the record straight that WWF > WCW and by transitive law HHH > Lesnar.
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    Bret's hair always got terrible after a few minutes of wrestling. By the end of Wrestlemania 12 he looked like a palette swapped Doink the Clown.
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    It was mentioned earlier that this show had only 5 matches. I just want to mention that I think 5 matches is the perfect amount. I can actually watch the entirety of a Takeover, whereas the standard Big 4 PPV is an absolute chore midway through.
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    I'm hoping for more fresh material. Coming soon, never before discussed topics: 1. Monday Night Warz! 2. NWO 3. Montreal Screwjob. 4. Mr. McMahon/Austin 5. WCW Died.
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    He can hold up signs like Chip Kelly only with words on them. "RUN THE BALL!"
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    It is pretty twisted that nothing makes me happier in this game than catching some dumb bastard in a clothing store and blocking him in with a sticky-bombed car. It's the little things.
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    He can't be pinned down because he doesn't know what he's doing. He's making it up as he's goes along.
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    "That's gotta be...that's gotta be....Cain!"
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    Dean constantly re-entering the building was wonderful, especially for the Mountie. Ellsworth beating AJ again and semi on his own terms in the end was great. I continue to enjoy everything going on with the women. I'm looking forward to Nikki/Carmella no dq. I'm curious if they actually aren't going with the obvious of Nikki being attacked by Nattie. Wyatts back in the tag division pleases me. I just wish it was Harper and Rowan finally getting the tag reign they deserved two years ago instead of Orton/Bray.
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    I know this is likely the wrong board for this, but Michaels vs Triple H at SummerSlam really was fantastic. So fantastic that they tried and failed to recreate that magic at least a dozen times, only coming close on one other occasion.
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    Brown Sugar should have realized "It's Brock, I should probably just go down."
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    http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/prowrestling/images/9/99/Bad_Company.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20100620151723 Pat's dedication to the mullet is admirable. It's thinning but it's still there.
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    It makes no sense him (Sami Zayn) being on the same show as the Cruiserweights. He's supposed to be this undersized underdog little guy, and here's a whole division of guys four inches shorter and thirty pounds lighter than him.
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    God I wish Harmony Gold Didn't exist! James
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    Sam Wyche is still alive, have him do it.
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    Look, SS '16 was bad, I get it, but let's not say things we can't take back ...
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    "Not a man who LOOKED lahk a wo-man!" Homeless Santa Claus David Schultz is the best.
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    I can't decide if Shane is a stupid crazy person or a crazy stupid person. Either way, that spot shouldn't have been attempted.
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    I don't remember anyone making fun of Heath Slater's kids...and one of them didn't have tongue. We're not all monsters here.
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    I am a fan of John McCarthy, always thought he was one of the better referees and enjoy his bluntness sometimes. Anyway he did a long interview at Bloody Elbow, thought others may enjoy it. The referee pay is ridiculous but I am not surprised. I shouldn't be making more money a year than UFC referees. But a lot of sports underpay their referees, and get part timers because of it, then wonder why they make mistakes.
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    Nair? It's an upper body business? I shouldn't judge, him and at least half the roster could break me in half?
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