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    Oh that's exactly what's happening. You could tell by the way Goldberg came out, barely mentioned Lesnar and talked about the world title without once referring to another wrestler, or even the world champion by name. I predict we won't see or hear from Lesnar between now and Royal Rumble and he'll come in and eliminated Goldberg, setting up their last match at WM. You know, they could have king-sized Kevin Owens by having him come down while Goldberg was talking about his last title run, and had Owens say something like "There's one little problem, Grampa, I'm the world champion. I'm not just going to give this title. You're going to have to take it from me." You don't even ever have to have them wrestle, but just have him stand up for himself. I think that's the biggest problem with watching Raw, is just how many missed opportunities there are at elevating/getting people over. It's not even wins/losses, it's just having guys look tougher or like they give a shit.
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    Hard to make new stars when these guys are writing the show: 'Membah Bill Goldberg? 'Membah Shawn Michaels? 'Membah The Undertakah?
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    Just trademarked/registered a shitload of board names..
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    Belt? It's a championship, PAL.
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    Don't bump for Brock? No problem, he'll just kill you.
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    Dude. If WHOOSHES and irony were a renewable fuel source, we could permanently convert to wind power with that press statement.
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    Or the time Brock got tired of his lack of ability and just potatoed the hell out of him.
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    Bret's hair always got terrible after a few minutes of wrestling. By the end of Wrestlemania 12 he looked like a palette swapped Doink the Clown.
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    I'm hoping for more fresh material. Coming soon, never before discussed topics: 1. Monday Night Warz! 2. NWO 3. Montreal Screwjob. 4. Mr. McMahon/Austin 5. WCW Died.
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    He can hold up signs like Chip Kelly only with words on them. "RUN THE BALL!"
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    It is pretty twisted that nothing makes me happier in this game than catching some dumb bastard in a clothing store and blocking him in with a sticky-bombed car. It's the little things.
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    After posting news for almost 15 years now, This is the final Lucha Report as I feel like I haven't been doing everything I need to do to make this what it should be. There are a variety of reasons including mainly my workload at my dayjob has increased and it has become more of a chore than a joy of doing it. Now I love Lucha Libre with all my heart and have been a fan for 27 years now and that won't stop believe me...I will be looking at stuff and posting stuff on Twitter but it won't be as extensive as it has been in the past. Now there are some people I want to acknowledge..... Rob Bihari = Rob was my predecessor in ways as he used to do reports on the old Highspots message board and he passed on his email contacts to me to send my reports to when he decided to stop on his own. Rob has been a great asset to me over the years when I needed him and I thank him. Alfredo Esparza = We go back many years and it was an honor to be part of his awesome Luchaworld.com website for all these years. Alfredo also has been a tremendous asset for me all these years and I feel like I'm passing the Lucha Report over to him since he will be still posting it but with his own style and flair that has been doing already but it will be completely his now. Jose Fernandez & "Dr. Lucha" Steve Sims = They are the OG's of the game who always had the knowledge for me to rely on when needed for historical context. Two great men indeed. Black Terry Jr. = The main who inspired me to start digging for all the posters wherever I could find them to expose more underground groups and random shows. BT Jr. also is the man when it comes to Lucha Libre handhelds and I'm so pumped he will be working for powerbomb.tv now to expose his work to the masses even more. The Cubs Fan = Last but not least the man who is the hardest working man on the wrestling internet I think. He amazes me with how much he does in such a short amount of time. Either he has a body double.....robot...or something because he is a freak and it makes me envious at how much he can get done. Go to his site thecubsfan.com/cmll because it is the ultimate treasure trove for Lucha Libre life. Along with Fredo, I know that Cubs continue to do their awesome work to keep the masses updated on the happenings of Lucha Libre..... I also want to thank all the places that posted my reports such as F4Wonline.com, pwinsider.com, pwbts.com, gerweck.net, 1wrestling.com, Rudo Can't Fail Magazine, and lots more over the years. You guys have rocked and will rock forever so again thank you.... Well on that note....let's do one more for the road shall we.... "It's time to say goodbye, but I think goodbyes are sad and I'd much rather say hello. Hello to a new adventure." Ernie Harwell NOTICIAS DTU announced a couple of days ago that they would be running their first iPPV on 12/15 but no details were given yet on how to purchase it with Flamita vs. Negro Casas as the prospective main event. RESULTADOS AULL 11/19 - Arena Lopez Mateos 1. Cometa & Principe Mexica beat Dragon Force & Rey Inmortal 2. Lluvia & Silueta defeated Reina del Sur & Zeuxis 3. Los Oficiales (AK-47/Fierro/Fierro Jr.) beat El Comando Elite (Factor/Rayan/Spector) in a good match with fans throwing money in the ring afterwards in appreciation. The match originally went to a draw but the commission ordered them to go another fall. 4. Chucho el Roto/Mr. Potro/Rocky Santana defeated La Resistencia (Kilvan/Shadow/Yoruba) by DQ when Kilvan ripped off Potro's mask. 5. Caifan I/Hijo del L.A. Park/Maximo Sexy beat Hijo del Zumbido/Negro Navarro/Trauma I 6. L.A. Park & La Mascara defeated Felino & Mr. Niebla when Niebla ripped off Park's mask but Park gave him an inside cradle. CaraLucha 11/19 - Arena San Juan Pantitlan 1. Parejas Increibles: Astral & Demus 3:16 beat Toxin Boy & Tiago 2. Rey Carnero Jr. & Rocker Boy defeated Estrella de Oro & Limbo 3. El Escuadron Celestial (Alas de Acero/Alas de Oro/Alas de Plata) beat Imperio Negro/Toro Negro Jr./Ying Yang by DQ when Toro ripped off Oro's mask. 4. Fly Warrior & Rayo Star defeated Freelance & Pantera I 5. Por el The Best CaraLucha Campeonato: Templario beat Latigo in a really good match. 6. 3 Way Dance: Volador Jr. defeated El Bandido (subbing for Rey Fenix) & Flamita by ripping off Flamita's mask and pinning him. DTU 11/17 - Arena Aficion de Pachuca 1. Ervin & Irving beat Masizito & Porrito in a good match with fans throwing money in the ring afterwards in appreciation. 2. Camoflaje defeated Lokillo/Moria/Nino de Cobre/El Exotico 3. Angel o Demonio & Ovett beat Rey Celestial & Tony Iron 4. Mr. Condor & Gallego defeated Jimmy & Kevin when Condor fouled and pinned Kevin with the Nerds talking up a hair match afterwards. 5. Dalys la Caribena & Zeuxis beat Lady Maravilla & La Magnifica 6. Handicap Match: Drastick Boy/El Gio/El Junior defeated Dragon Rojo & Polvora as Ronnie Mendoza wasn't there. 7. Diva Salvaje & Yuriko beat Ciclope & Crazy King with help from Paranoico & Toxico. 8. Aero Boy/Black Fire/Negro Casas defeated Flamita/Hormiga/Mistico II when Casas fouled and pinned Flamita. ELITE 11/18 - Arena Naucalpan 1. Atomo/Pequeno Warrior/Shaolin beat Shadow Boy/Solaris/Sonic 2. Baronesa & Diosa Quetzal defeated Muneca de Plata & Rossy Moreno by DQ 3. Fresero Jr. & Samoano beat Mr. Leo & Metaleon 4. Torneo Cibernetico por el ELITE Welterweight Title: El Bandido defeated Imposible to win the title. Other participants: Golden Magic/Emperador Azteca/Argos/Ciclon Ramirez Jr./Eterno/Flamita/Diamante/Zumbido 5. Black Tauro & Willie Mack beat Mr. Aguila & Mr. 450 6. Liga Elite 2016 - Finals: El Caristico defeated Rey Escorpion after he was distracted by Cibernetico who afterwards brought out his new stable Los Radicales (Billy el Malo/Black Tauro/Espiritu/Maniaco/Mosco de la Merced/Ozz/Sharly Rockstar/Taboo) saying that they would dominate Season 2. EMLL 11/15 - Arena Coliseo de Guadalajara 1. Mr. Trueno & Rey Trueno beat Magico & Magnum 2. Arkangel de la Muerte/Furia Roja/Hijo del Signo defeated Magnus/Star Black/Templario 3. La Familia Dinamita (El Cuatrero/Forastero/Sanson) beat Esfinge/Oro Jr./The Panther 4. Dragon Rojo/Polvora/Rey Hechicero defeated Blue Panther/Drone/Valiente 5. La Peste Negra (El Barbaro Cavernario/Felino/Negro Casas) beat El Caristico II/Diamante Azul/Maximo Sexy when Casas fouled and pinned Caristico. EMLL 11/18 - Arena Mexico 1. Tiger & Virus beat Fuego & Pegasso 2. Dragon Rojo/Polvora/Bobby Z defeated Drone/Guerrero Maya Jr./Rey Cometa when Rojo ripped off Maya's mask. 3. Lightning Match: The Panther beat Shigeo Okumura 4. Angel de Oro/Dragon Lee II/Volador Jr. defeated La Peste Negra (El Barbaro Cavernario/Felino/Negro Casas) 4. Torneo Cibernetico por el Copa Leyenda Azul: Ultimo Guerrero beat Valiente to win. Order of Elimination: Stuka Jr./Blue Panther/Rey Bucanero/Gran Guerrero/Mascara Ano Dos Mil/Marco Corleone/Rey Hechicero/Kraneo/La Mascara/Damian el Terrible/Diamante Azul & Euforia/Maximo Sexy/Atlantis/Valiente EMLL 11/19 - Arena Coliseo 1. Bengala & Leono beat Camorra & El Cholo 2. Astral/Electrico/Mini Fantasy defeated Demus 3:16/Nitrito/Pequeno Violencia 3. Blue Panther Jr./Johnny Idol/The Panther beat Shigeo Okumura/Sangre Azteca/Tiger 4. Diamante Azul/Mistico II/Titan defeated Sam Adonis/Euforia/Vangelis 5. Dragon Lee II beat Niebla Roja SACCOMATS 11/18 - Arena Neza 1. Coquito & Hijo de La Parkita beat Barbita Negra & Hijo del Espectrito 2. El Comando Elite (Factor/Rayan/Spector) defeated Ambar/Bizarro/Brayan el Stripper 3. Toro Negro Jr./Goya Kong/Black Mamba beat Carta Brava Jr./Big Mami/Estrella Divina 4. Monster Clown & Murder Clown defeated Daga & Joe Lider in a match filled with weapons. 5. Dr. Wagner Jr. & Pagano beat Pentagon Jr. & Psycho Clown when Doc fouled and pinned Pagano as Monster & Murder had the ref distracted. CARTELERAS [img[https://s18.postimg.org/ks16ranrd/1122830.jpg[/img] ]img]https://s13.postimg.org/voqhbnk53/1127400.jpg[/img]
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    Someone needs to step in at the WWE Digital ad department. Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match (NOTE THE OXFORD COMMA) For the WWE World Championship - AJ Styles (c) vs Dean Ambrose Not announced, but probable: WWE Intercontinental Championship, best of 170,283 series - The Miz (c) vs. Dolph Ziggler Smackdown Tag Team Championship - Beauty + The Man Beast (c) vs. The Usos Smackdown Women's Championship - Becky Lynch (c) vs Alexa Bliss
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    Dean constantly re-entering the building was wonderful, especially for the Mountie. Ellsworth beating AJ again and semi on his own terms in the end was great. I continue to enjoy everything going on with the women. I'm looking forward to Nikki/Carmella no dq. I'm curious if they actually aren't going with the obvious of Nikki being attacked by Nattie. Wyatts back in the tag division pleases me. I just wish it was Harper and Rowan finally getting the tag reign they deserved two years ago instead of Orton/Bray.
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    Pete and Johnny are back. We take you back to the good old days of Houston Wrestling from the Sam Houston Coliseum. On the Docket for the night: 1. Bruiser Brody vs Alex Smirnoff 6/11/82 2. Al Madril vs Killer Karl Krupp 1/6/78 3. Hacksaw Duggan vs Skandar Akbar LLT for 30 days cage match 9/27/85 -Pete and Johnny give a brief history of the feud. Pete shares his thoughts as a 13 year old being at this show live. Pete also goes into detail why he wanted to go to this show really bad. 4. Moon Mulligan vs Mike Graham 12/4/81 5. Tully Blanchard vs Manny Fernandez 12/4/81 6. Gino Hernandez vs Dick Slater 12/4/81 -The Dynamic Duo vs Dick Slater feud is one of those forgotten feuds that is brought back to the forefront because of this service. We get to share the greatness of this feud with all your listeners. Furthermore both guys analyze the matches, and Pete gives his star ratings on all the matches.
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    That was ridiculous. The toughest thing to me is to keep out Penn St. if they win the B1G. That's where I agree with Joey. If you win the conference and also have a head to head win over Ohio St. I don't see how Ohio St. can be #2 but Penn St. left out. I can see the Buckeyes being ranked ahead of them sure but to leave out Penn St completely would be rough But also fuck Penn St.
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    Dunno if this ever came up in the old group cuts thread but it should have. Brooklyn Zu, Prodigal Sunn, Killah Priest, and 60 Second Assassin cutting back and forth with rapid-fire rhymes until they patch in Dirty who just kills it.
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    Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.
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    Man, Seth's hair after 10 minutes of a match is something else. Broken Matt Hardy wishes his hair looked that ridiculous.
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    Your upcoming Thanksgiving holiday schedule! The annual Way of the Turkey marathon will be interrupted on Saturday for a Fan Favorite marathon of Lucha Underground eps and then it will be back to business on Sunday. Lots an lots of classic good stuff on the line up and of course there is Lo mother fucking Meng hosting Five Deadly Venoms on Friday. Thursday Nov. 24th: 6:00am et “House of Traps” 8:00 am et “Opium and the Kung-Fu Master” 10:00am et “One-Armed Swordsman” 12:30pm et “Return of the One-Armed Swordsman” 2:30pm et “The New One-Armed Swordsman” 4:30pm et “Chinese Connection / Fist of Fury” 7:00pm et “Executioners From Shaolin” – Hosted by “Lucha Underground’s” Dario Cueto 9:15pm et “Legendary Weapons of China” 11:15pm et “The 36th Chamber of Shaolin” – Hosted by Rza 1:45am et “Return to the 36th Chamber” 4:00am et “Disciples of the 36th Chamber” – Hosted by Rza Friday Nov 25th: 6:00am et “Clan of The White Lotus” 8:00am et “Legendary Weapons of China” 10:00am et “House of Traps” 12:00pm et “The Flying Guillotine” – Hosted by “Lucha Underground’s” Johnny Mundo 2:00pm et “The Flying Guillotine 2” 4:00pm et “Five Deadly Venoms” – Hosted by: Lo Meng 6:00pm et “The Crippled Avengers” – Hosted by Rza 8:00pm et “Chinese Connection/ Fist of Fury” – Hosted by Shannon Lee 10:00pm et “Way of the Dragon” – Hosted by Shannon Lee 12:00am et “Game of Death” – Hosted by “Lucha Underground’s” Chavo Guerrero 2:00am et “The Big Boss” 4:00am et “Ten Tigers of Kwangtung” Saturday Nov 26th: 6:00am et “Top of the Ladder” – Season 1 Episode 7 7:00am et “A Unique Opportunity” – Season 1 Episode 8 8:00am et “Aztec Warfare” – Season 1 Episode 9 9:00am et “Grave Consequences – Season 1 Episode 19 10:00am et “Trios Champions” – Season 1 Episode 24 11:00am et “Fight to the Death” – Season 1 Episode 29 12:00pm et “All Night Long” – Season 1 Episode 32 1:00pm et “PenUltimaLucha” – Season 1 Episode 37 2:00pm et “Ultima Lucha Pt. 1” – Season 1 Episode 38 3:00pm et “Ultima Lucha Pt. 2” – Season 1 Episode 39 5:00pm et “A Much Darker Place” – Season 2 Episode 1 6:00pm et “Death Comes in Threes” – Season 2 Episode 7 7:00pm et “Life after Death” – Season 2 Episode 8 8:00pm et “Aztec Warefare 2” – Season 2 Episode 9 9:00pm et “Cage in a Cage” – Season 2 Episode 14 10:00pm et “No Mas” – Season 2 Episode 15 11:00pm et “The Contenders’ – Season 2 Episode 20 12:00am et “Six to Survive” – Season 2 Episode 21 1:00am et “Ultima Lucha Dos Pt. 1” – Season 2 Episode 24 2:00am et “Ultima Lucha Dos Pt. 2” – Season 2 Episode 25 3:00am et “Ultima Lucha Dos Pt. 3” – Season 2 Episode 26 5:00am et “The Amulet” – Season 3 Episode 2 Sunday Nov 27th: 6:00am et “Ten Tigers of Kwangtung” 8:00am et “Executioners From Shaolin” – Hosted by “Lucha Underground’s” Dario Cueto 10:00am et “Chinese Connection/ Fist of Fury” – Hosted by Shannon Lee 12:45pm et “Way Of The Dragon” – Hosted by Shannon Lee 3:00pm et “Game of Death” – Hosted by Shannon Lee 5:15pm et “The Big Boss” 7:30pm et “Five Deadly Venoms” – Hosted by Lo Meng 9:45pm et “The Crippled Avengers” – Hosted by The Rza 11:45pm et “Five Fingers of Death” – Hosted by “Lucha Underground’s” Dario Cueto 2:00am et “The Flying Guillotine” – Hosted by “Lucha Underground’s” Johnny Mundo 4:00am et “The Flying Guillotine 2”
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    It makes no sense him (Sami Zayn) being on the same show as the Cruiserweights. He's supposed to be this undersized underdog little guy, and here's a whole division of guys four inches shorter and thirty pounds lighter than him.
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    Goldberg cut another great promo. Putting him in the Rumble is a smart move. Jericho and Owens teasing the breakup was so good. Strowman vs Sami was really well done. I was enjoying the tag title match before the dumb finish. Cesaro and Sheamus are a GREAT team. Let's get this stupid record over with and move on. I want Cesaro and Sheamus versus The Revival and I want a Big E singles push. Charlotte cut a good promo too. I wonder what the crowd will be like for that match next week in Flair Country?
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    As "punishment" I'll go watch Bayley/Sasha Brooklyn on the NXT set that I've been putting off forever.
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    That was horseshit. Fuck those refs, fuck those Raiders, fuck Derek Carr and his eyeliner, fuck Bill O'Brien, fuck Brock Tebow, fuck everything. I should've known they were gonna job the Texans when they managed to call DeAndre Hopkins out of bounds when he never stepped out of bounds. Can't review that? WTF?!!! And those spots in the fourth quarter. EVEN GRUDEN IS SAYING YOU GOT IT WRONG!!! Gotta have your narratives, I guess. Texans are terrible, Raiders are great. I hate everyone.
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    Kelvin Gastelum thinks he's going to fight Tim Kennedy at UFC 206. He can fuck right off.
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    I think my favorite is when some low level sends me a one on one challenge when there's a bunch of us around. Poor zombie killer did this on the beach last time we were on. Let's see. You're a level 36. A guy who is near as makes no difference 200 levels above you is sniping you out of your shoes before you can even spot him, and has about 20 kills in you in a row. And his buddies just showed up. And you still think that one on one is a good idea? I sniped him once then went to grab another beer and let others have at him.
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    The guy who made the Stormtrooper helmets for the first movie used to sell replicas in the UK. Apparently when they originally sent him the contract in 1976, they neglected to put a clause in saying stop making them once we've got enough, and don't sell them to anyone else. And then when they realised he was doing that they tried to get him to stop, but somehow lacked a legal leg to stand on. Something to do with him making design changes from what he was sent, so he wound up holding the copyright on them.
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    Look, SS '16 was bad, I get it, but let's not say things we can't take back ...
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    Ask, then come join the bottom of the barrel with me burke. Its all fun and games until somebody needs dirty work done. Kill a 6 year old buying a mask. Kill a 60 year old getting a new hair cut. Its those times that matter. Thats when the monkey gets paid. Ohhh aaah ah ah ah!
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    Crew rule. Don't make us demote you to Private. That's as low as it gets around here.
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    I can't decide if Shane is a stupid crazy person or a crazy stupid person. Either way, that spot shouldn't have been attempted.
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    As a kid, I think I was more open to different types of wrestling than now. Then, I'd watch any wrestling. Now, I pretty much need people using chains on one another, heels putting bounties on faces, and the occasional bluntly racist heel getting beaten up by black or Latino dudes to get myself hyped about the pro wres. EDIT: Oh, shit, or just really tightly-weaved storylines with sensible booking. I watch Lucha Underground for the soap opera-style storylines, not the wrestling. If it ain't Rey, Willie Mack, or Matanza Cueto, I find most of the work in the ring disjointed at best and insufferable at worst. The great storytelling, though, is awesome.
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    Wait, wait. So are we talking about evil midgets like Lord Littlebrook or Chuky the Lucha mini, or are we talking about good midgets like the Salinas twins on Little Women - Atlanta?
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    I mean, does ANYONE have the same fears you have now if it was Romney who was just elected and not Trump? I'm a lifelong liberal, albeit with some libertarian ideas, and I wouldn't even be on anxiety medicine if Romney were elected. You remove ALL of the unpredictability with Trump and add in all the experience that Trump lacks. So now the game is to surround Trump with as many intelligent or experienced people as possible and if some of those are remotely moderate then that is really what is for the best. We're in damage mitigation and survival mode now. This is just part of it. When people say they're hoping for the best, this is part of that. One thing ignored with a Romney SoS instead of someone crazier is getting Putin back to the table for START, resume the ban on intermediate range battlefield nuclear missiles, and finding some workaround for our agreement to turning plutonium into mox until we have a facility able to do such a thing.
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    Yeah. There is something innately askew when we wake up with the valid and reasonable thought of "Oh thank god, it's Mitt Romney."
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    I think the bigger issue that I am seeing people have is that yet again it is a part-time star of yesteryear being put over instead of "creating a new star" Of course - then you get into the whole "WWE's inability to create new stars" thing
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    Old school repeats from the previous thread:
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    There need to be quotes around "Singers" and "Violinists" from last night
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    Going off the work of The Revival over the last 2 years i would say Dawson probably put it together. The Revival is the one constant.
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    I'd be interesting to know who the agent was that put the tag match together. So much attention to the small details that made that much so great and something sorely lacking in wrestling nowadays.
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    That Revival/DIY match was a fucking masterpiece.
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    Nair? It's an upper body business? I shouldn't judge, him and at least half the roster could break me in half?
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    Little part of me is disappointed at Austin using emojis. I can only imagine my Kristin is tweeting for him while he's driving and he doesn't know.
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    If he starts his walk down the aisle now - he will make his Rumble entrance spot
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