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    I think that tends to slowly start as soon as you sign with TNA.
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    IMO, you can't look at what they're doing and not think they could do more. Simple things could do a lot toward investing in the future and gaining new fans. If they can develop a rolling ring truck for a few of their guys, how hard can it be to consider putting together a Big Sister-type Bayley doll? Make a few and see where they go. If they don't sell, give them to some children's charities with Bayley handing them out in person. You're a PG company, develop some PG friendly merchandise for the kids. How hard can it be to have a new coloring book with current stars printed and sold in Dollar General stores? And this is just stuff that some of us have put out there during our coffee breaks. Pull some stars into a brainstorming session and I bet they'd come up with some cool stuff. New Day got over something that doubles as a sex toy, for crying out loud. Invest in the roster and make money while doing it.
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    If "senile Vince" thinks Ryback is Punk with an extra 100 pounds of muscle, does he think Batista lost 100 and became Austin Aries?
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    Some team also tried the Pierre McGuire method, too. That netted them a 23-37 record and a captain saying their coach getting fired was the best thing ever. It also netted them an ex-coach who gave confidential scouting reports to another team (say bye bye to half that salary, Pierre!)
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    I think it's Kennedy..........................................................................Kennedy!!!!!
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    More importantly, he gets to rock this.
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    Kevin Owens is a heel and still shifts merch. Sheamus has been (at times) a top pushed face and not sold shit for shirts.
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    I would be happy as can be if you all were cool with a Rusev/Kevin Owens tribute thread. Both are absolute gold in what they do. Now a more feasible option would be the social media thread similar to what we had in the old board. An example of not only why said thread would be great but why Rusev rules:
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    I never quite understood what Bloom was/could do/etc
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    Well if he goes to TNA, that'll be pretty truthful
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    Returning for its ninth year, it's the Summer Blockbuster Movie Pool! Below are 20 movies set to be released this summer. You need to make two lists: List 1: Choose 15 of the 20 movies and rank them from highest to lowest according to the domestic box office gross you think each movie will make through its first 4 weeks (28 days) of release. Note that you're not trying to leave out the 5 movies you think will do the worst; just leave out the 5 that you feel least confident about ranking. Also, you don't need to guess how much money they'll make - just rank them. I'll be using boxofficemojo.com as the source for how much money each movie makes. List 2: Choose 15 of the 20 movies (doesn't have to be the exact same 15 as your first list) and rank them from highest to lowest according to the rating you think each movie will have on rottentomatoes.com after it's been out for 4 weeks. Again, you're not necessarily trying to leave out the five worst movies. Scoring: Your two lists will be compared with the actual ranks of the 15 movies, and your score will be the sum of the absolute values of the differences between the rank you gave to each movie and its correct rank. LOWEST score wins. Tiebreaking: In addition to your two lists, pick any one of the twenty movies and post exactly how much money you think it'll make domestically, in dollars, in its first 28 days of release. If two or more people end up with the same number of points, the person whose dollar figure is closer to correct (on a percentage basis) will be ranked ahead of the other. If that still results in a tie, then the person who posted their entry earlier will be ranked ahead of the other. Also, if two or more movies end up tied in box office gross right down to the dollar (pretty much impossible, but just in case), or end up with the exact same rating on Rotten Tomatoes, the ranking of those two movies will be set to whatever is more favorable for each individual person. The movies: Captain America: Civil War (May 6) The Angry Birds Movie (May 20) Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising (May 20) The Nice Guys (May 20) Alice Through The Looking Glass (May 27) X-Men: Apocalypse (May 27) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out Of The Shadows (Jun 3) The Conjuring 2 (Jun 10) Now You See Me 2 (Jun 10) Warcraft (Jun 10) Central Intelligence (Jun 17) Finding Dory (Jun 17) Independence Day: Resurgence (Jun 24) The BFG (Jul 1) The Legend of Tarzan (Jul 1) Ghostbusters (Jul 15) Ice Age: Collision Course (Jul 22) Star Trek Beyond (Jul 22) Jason Bourne (Jul 29) Suicide Squad (Aug 5) Deadline: The last day you can post your lists is June 2nd, 2016, but any movie that has already premiered must be left off your lists. So, for example, if you enter after May 5th, you can't put Civil War on either of your lists because it'll already be in theatres. Editing lists: You may edit your lists after they're posted, but only up until the release of any movie that appears on at least one of your lists. Since time of entry is a tiebreaker, if you edit a list, make a new post stating that you've edited. "The Adjustment Bureau" rule: Movies' release dates are not set in stone. If a movie's release date gets moved past September 30, 2016, and you have it on a list, it gets removed, and you get an additional number of points equal to your average points per movie on that list, rounded to the nearest whole number. Prizes: Although I'm out of work and can't put up prizes myself, we've gotten nine prize donations, comprising six movies and three wrestling dvds, listed below. First through third places will each get to pick two discs from that list (depending, of course, on what's left after prior picks), and fourth through sixth places will each get their choice of one disc. PHOENIX - Criterion dvd from Rippa DR. STRANGELOVE - Criterion blu-ray from Rippa A HARD DAY - dvd from Rippa JESUS CAMP - dvd from Paco CLOUDS OF SILS MARIA - Criterion blu-ray from Kevin Wilson AVATAR - dvd from Vincey Greene BEST OF KANA (matchlist here) - blu-ray from ivpvideos BEST OF HIROSHI TANAHASHI (matchlist here) - blu-ray from ivpvideos LEGACY OF HARLEY RACE (matchlist here) - blu-ray from ivpvideos Good luck! In so far: Paco, The Natural, The Z, Sublime, ivpvideos, EVA, DreamBroken, Death From Above, J.T., King Leonidas of Sparta, Hail Sabin, Rippa, RossWB, Lacelle, S.K.o.S., bazzil, Elsalvajeloco, Kevin Wilson, SorceressKnight, Skeeball Wizard, JRGoldman, Control
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    I edited the bottom part of my RT list. Hope it's not to late. Edit to the post about the edit: also swapped Xmen and ID on the BO list
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    I believe they negotiate new contracts for the call-ups. Plus you get paid per show.
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    CM Punk isn't Fat Spanish Waiter, he's nate
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    I could be down with Eric Young being the Curtis Iaukea to Dean Ambrose's Kevin Sullivan in the Dungeon of Hobo. I want to see that really badly actually. The Zodiac Hobo, Hobo Shark, Hobo Yet-tay, The Hobos of Fear, etc.
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    he was clowning on you because the phrase you want to use is "fool-proof"
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    So update on my "Death to Me" Run as I call it, with my main character Autumn. Backstory for my character since it fits: She has only very basic training with guns, learning it at the behest of her late husband. She is smart, charismatic, perceptive, and has a decent level off agility having been on the track team throughout her teen years. She has also managed to hit level 6 already without even getting Dogmeat yet just from scavenging and turning Sanctuary into a decent little settlement: Walls along the outside of the entire area, rebuilt the fallen buildings. Perks Taken so Far: Locksmith, Gun Nut, Hacker, Science!, and Sneak. Awareness, Armorer, Local Leader, Scrapper, Cap Collector, and Medic are also on my hit list, and I wouldn't mind upgrading my Intelligence to get to Chemist either. She did kill a raider north of Sanctuary when doing some scouring of the area. She doesn't know how to deal with taking a life yet, and she ran back to Sanctuary for a couple days, refusing to wander much. Can you tell I'm a role player?
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    If I could think of anything to do with a replica belt besides wear it to a wrestling show, I would be tempted to buy one. But people who wear replica belts to wrestling shows are dorks.
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    I want to see that Koko B. Ware doc.
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    Based on these percentages, either Cena is gonna have to take a paycut or ZZ will be swimming in new Corvettes. Also, it appears that you will have people's salaries changing all the time. Zach Ryder would have gone thru a bunch of these tiers in the last month.
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    When did Eric Young become a strung out veteran suffering from PTSD?
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    What's great about this long-running Golden Truth storyline is that it looks like it'll also lead to a Fandango/Breeze unit, which feels like a fun team too
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    I would just like to point out that "The Boot of Doom" is such a powerfully lame name for a finisher that it would be laughed out of the dorkiest Dungeons & Dragons group as the name of a piece of equipment. If it was the direct, literal translation of an item in a Japanese NES game, the Japanese translator that has an English vocabulary of 500 words would still have sense enough to call it something else.
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    Must've been hard to find them after Batman v. Superman.
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    So Prince had a Rock Album titled Bockwinkle and a Morris Day-narrated documentary about Koko B. Ware in his Vault?
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    Frank Mir just looks cartoonish whenever he gets hit hard, he isn't really in the same class of those other dudes when it comes to glass jaws. Every time he gets hit he flails around and his goofy haircut flops around and it looks like he was hit with a cannonball instead of a right hand.
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    Joe Cole to Tampa Bay Rowdies.
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    Not everyone seems to be blown away though, between those four and Frank Mir they all seem to get knocked out in cartoonish fashion. If you land a solid shot on any of those dudes, you'll have a lifelong highlight on that Baba O'Riley video they show at the live events.
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    I wholeheartedly support more entrants!
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    Next time my daughters claim that I embarrass THEM, I'll show that clip so they can understand how much worse it can be...
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    Option C: Their paycheck bouncing.
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    Dr. Hurt more recently. Airtight he might actually be Bruce's dad, an ancestor of Bruce's who sold his soul to the omega effect of Darkseid, or Satan. Or an actor. *shrug*
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    Re the prizes, Rippa has purchased/pre-ordered copies of: a Criterion dvd of the German movie PHOENIX a Criterion blu-ray of DR. STRANGELOVE a dvd of the Korean movie A HARD DAY And I've been getting PMs from other people who want to contribute as well, so it looks like we have a very good chance of getting to the usual six prizes. Thanks very much to Rippa and the anonymous-for-now others!
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    Well, if you're going to merge with somebody might as well be Sinclair. Joe's been known for pinching pennies for some time so I'd imagine he can make it work. First thing I'd do is get rid of the name, then from there. I'd hope they would keep the rosters separate also.
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    Gregg and a Natural are the Two Man Positivity Power Trip. I'll go check out Owens vs Ziggler later.
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    I have messaged 3 of you in regards to your ballots. After that, I have to find a scoring formula that I'm happy with. My default formula yielded a film I would not have guessed would have been this group's #1. This weekend, I hope to post the films that didn't quite make the cut, and then start posting at least the first 10 or so that did make the cut. Then trickle down to #1 over the next week or two.
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