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    I'll always hate Dwyane Wade.
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    If Kevin Owens ever gets a top run, 3.0 will be the ones who get to be his flunkie heaters.
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    He's a great heel and judging by your post he's doing a fine job.
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    This thread has devolved into....this.
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    I don't know about anyone else, but I stopped reading after "millenials".
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    Tunsil literally just hit his dream job and found out that someone is actually out to destroy his life in a supervillain one of way in the same day. I hope he lasts fifteen years and becomes a hall of famer. Cause fuck whoever is after him like this.
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    Alex Wright's dick showed up in NXT Alex Wright showed up a minute later
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    In the end, all of them made bad choices. Chyna had emotional issues from the beginning, and she likely would have been in therapy/on medication no matter who she was with or what she chose as a career. Being that her career at the time was pro wrestling, it accelerated her problems. That the other woman involved was the boss' daughter and she had no recourse only made things worse in Chyna's fragile psyche. In about one year, she went from being a pretty big-time celebrity with a loving live-in boyfriend to said boyfriend dumping her for a rich girl and losing her career over it. Again, that's likely how Chyna felt regardless of what actually happened. Perception equals reality. If she believed it, it was true. And so the two things that meant the most to her were gone. She felt like she was left with nothing when everyone else lived happily ever after. And all those feelings of being the so-called ugly duckling resurfaced tenfold. The issue isn't that Hunter decided to be with Stephanie. I can certainly appreciate Chyna's hurt over that, but that choice is made every day by lots of people. The problem is that it's pretty clear Hunter hadn't formally ended things with Chyna, meaning that he was essentially cheating on her. Now, Hunter may not see it that way. He may feel that he had emotionally detached himself from that relationship. Maybe he even told Chyna in so many words that they were over. But communication broke down somewhere along the way. Hunter had to have known what Chyna's mindset would be over this. He wasn't responsible for her mental health, but I wonder how clear and firm he was in letting Chyna know everything. There was simply no way for Chyna to stay with WWF/WWE after the breakup. Not with her issues, not with her probably feeling stupid about the whole situation. Not with seemingly everyone else knowing about Trips/Steph before her. The environment was too toxic, and she would have to leave sooner rather than later, though it could have been on better terms. And none of this factors in Stephanie's possible behavior during this time. I'm not accusing her of anything, but we just don't know how she handled all this. She was fairly young at the time, so it wouldn't be a surprise if she was something of a brat about it--but even saying that with qualifiers is unfair to her. I don't think any of the three handled the situation just right. But only two had the psychological resources to deal with the pressure. And the one who didn't had no one who knew how to truly help her navigate those choppy waters. Even if HHH wanted to help her, Chyna accused him of some nasty stuff, none of which can be proven and only came from a long-suffering ex looking to lash out. Bridges were burned and now have no chance to be rebuilt. Chyna is a classic example of someone who didn't start herself out on the wrong road, but also didn't take the best detour to stop her descent. I think she did try to move forward, to be happy. But her psyche was so damaged at that point. Only long-term hospitalization would have likely helped, and that didn't seem to ever be an option for her or anyone close to her. A lovely person couldn't get past her demons and lost the war of life. That's all that really matters. And it's very sad that she couldn't see herself as the wonderful woman she clearly was.
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    Gonna start this with the song that made me think of the idea in the first place
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    I mean, a poster of this is pretty stupid.
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    Also, claiming Brian Burke is a totally neutral observer is the most blatant attempt at trolling me anyone has made in 2016 so far, and I salute you for the effort. You're a good fellow.
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    The dude is a genius. He parlayed a babysitting gig with the greatest team ever in to a head coaching job for multiple years. He will literally never be a hotter commodity. This is like when the 9th man on an NBA champion leaves to sign with the Bucks for 3/31m. Sure, he's going to be terrible and he won't win any games, but you gotta take the cash when you can get it. People don't offer to pay you millions of dollars every day.
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    CANADIAN David Onyemata goes to the New Orleans Saints in the fourth round. A rare CIS pick and the first ever Manitoba Bison selected in the NFL draft. Nobody cares about this but me probably but there you go.
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    Thank you so much! I haven't seen Garvin at the Von Erich Ranch in almost 20 years and I forgot how golden it was. Jimmy was just fantsstic... And man, those Von Erich's were dicks.
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    This talk made me go back to the Von Erich's ranch segment, which is still funny, and I proceeded to the Sunshine vs. Precious feud which Sunshine just slays. She gets on the mic and blows everyone out of the water (and btw, she is about ten times hotter than Jimmy's actual wife). You gotta love her talking about "the tapes", "the medical records", "I did things for you that I wouldn't have ever done"; makes Garvin look super sleazy because your gears start turning about what the tapes and the things are -- likely of a sexual nature. EDIT: Oh yeah, this stuff also aired on a Christian network! The '80s were a different time...
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    After Raining Blood, this is the song I immediately think of when the subject of best closing tracks is brought up:
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    Guys can we stop fighting about whether Westerosian climate change is caused by the actions of White Walkers or is a natural process and just focus on creating Valeryan ore fracking jobs.
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    I've re-watched it six times now just to try and get it in perspective (one tends to over-rate the most recently viewed stuff just because the details are freshest in one's mind); thing is, this holds up. Probably in my top-five all-time. Just improvable, sure one might have wished for a deeper backstory and feud, but for what it was, the farewell match of a beloved babyface and the introduction of a soon-to-be equally beloved champion, it was perfect. Zayn looked super strong in defeat and Nakamura won over the crowd as only he can. The crowd certainly helped. but you could have had this match in an empty arena and it still would have hit *****; both guys were just so perfectly in their respective grooves that you would think that they had a history of working with each for years ala Sami and KO. I'll keep my rating to "top five", but the truth is I've got a feeling that in one year, three years, five years, etc. I'll still feel equally strongly about this match. Just about as close to perfect on all levels as you can get. When you factor in the lack of experience working together it's just fucking amazing. I used to marvel at the those matches that traveling champs Harley Race and Ric Flair could pull off with guys in different territories that they had maybe worked with a handful of times or not at all, and this trumped anything that I've seen previously. Just amazing.
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    I would like to extend congratulations to Cody Kessler on his one and a half to two years as starting QB of the NFL's Cleveland Browns.
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    The purple shirt dude with the unnecessary accessories deserves some of the blame for that lost. Not sure how much, but it's a percentage.
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    Smart booking is what it is. Just one more thing the guys in the big co. could learn from NXT.
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    Listen. Snow zombies resurrecting the dead and massacring frontier settlements is no basis for a system of government. Supreme executive power derives from a mandate from the masses; not from some horrible icy genocide. You can't expect to wield supreme power just ‘cause some popsicle with arms tried to tear your head off. I mean, if I went around saying I was a king just because some frostbitten weirdo had lobbed a snowball at me, they'd put me away!
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    As soon as it was suggested, I knew my nomination:
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    That should be a fun co main event for that card.
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    I think the narrative is to stop rewarding consistent failure. Brian Burke, a totally neutral observer in this process, was just on SportsNet and said as much. Who am I to argue with such a fine looking individual? I'm still unsure of how Edmonton's consistent terrible play and management is in your blind spot. Again, no team leaning on a 18 year old to turn around a decade's worth of rot is going to find instant success.
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    Happy Table Top Day, everybody.
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    So after Clippers-Blazers (Austin Rivers got some color, buhgawd!) I watched the November 1987 Saturday Night's Main Event. I've long been of the opinion Savage should have been the face in the Megapowers Explode angle, but realize with No Holds Barred coming out in '89, Hogan had to still be the company's face, BROTHER. That said, this particular SNME, with Macho and Hogan in two different showcase matches, supports my belief Vince got Megapowers Explode wrong. In an awesome match against Bret Hart, Savage plays an excellent face. He's in peril because of ankle injury (sold brilliantly), but still an ass-kicker. He spends the match fighting Hart, but also protecting Elizabeth from Jimmy Hart and The Anvil. The crowd is white-hot for him and you could see the seeds planted for his title win a few months later at WM IV. Hogan's in the next match against King Kong Bundy. Andre and Heenan both interfere, grabbing Hulk's ankles at different points in the match (including Brain, setting up a Bundy win (!!!) by DQ), but KKB himself works clean. Hogan, on the other hand, cheats his ass off throughout, then pummels Heenan post-match. The crowd's still very much hot for Hulk; as much as Savage, but definitely not more. Hulk could have easily and believably been built slowly to a heel turn for WM V. Hell, you don't even have to change much about the angle except how the two guys are portrayed in vignettes and commentary. I think turning the reins over to Savage as the ace of the company would have been better for business long-term. EDIT: Meant to point out, in a promo after the Hogan match, Hercules points out how much Hogan cheated and that it's no different than the Heenan Family cheating. Interesting to see it mentioned so clearly. I wonder if there were plans to turn Hogan that got scrapped.
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    Oh I call bullshit. The money was always in Hulk vs Thing in 1964 because both were monsters presented as THE strong guys. and then this motherfuckers
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    I don't want to add a a new post to the Takeover thread, which is pretty much done with, so I'll add this. Just re-watched Nakamura/Zayn from Takeover. The match, the atmosphere, everything was outstanding. And if you were in the crowd for that, I love you very much for it. The "Fight forever" chant in particular gave me massive goosebumps that I just can't shake off. So great, so unbelievably wonderful, I have to see this again immediately. Zayn had a wonderful sendoff and Nak looked like a billion bucks. Just loved this so, so much.
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    Well, the guy at the station did have to search for that specific suit, so that's on him. As for my old friend who knew what that was, it was basically him being a dick about the whole "It's not a panda suit, you fucks, it's this!" I like the guy, but c'mon, people will see what they see anyway. Besides, it's the internet, if it was made or thought of in any capacity it will always be searchable and bought online. That is, if you're into that sort of thing. If rule 34 of the internet is "if it exists there's porn/freaky shit" for it, then rule 35 might as well be "if it exists, we make something about it!" Oh, and to clarify it was a friend of a friend, but that's not to discount what OSJ said.
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    Seriously. And the story of this draft isn't Tunsil. It's Connor Cook, sinking like a fucking stone. From Magary's Draft piece on Thursday:
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    Larry Csonka looks amazing
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    Eva Marie is beyond terrible. She still doesn't know how to sell. The only time she acts hurt is when she does something that actually hurts, like taking sloppy bumps or getting stiffed. At one point, Asuka had her in a hammerlock, and she just looked bored.
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    Hot take: Portland was going to win that series no matter what.
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    Happy Lee Elia Day, everyone.
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    Saw Civil War yesterday and it's pretty damn good as far as Marvel movies go.Really, really dug Spidey and Black Panther. Winter Soldier was its usual bad ass self. Also liked the balance between Stark and Cap. I was afraid they would take the comic book route and make Stark the complete villain, but his motivations and reasons are justified. Official new MCU POWER RANKING TOP 3: 1. Winter Soldier. 2. Civil War. 3. Guardians of the Galaxy.
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    I don't want to be a downer, but how much would drug/alcohol abuse affect any data that could be collected?
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    What you might not know about the Zack Sabre Jr/Flash Morgan Webster match is that Flash dislocated his shoulder halfway through the match, and later tore his ankle ligaments. Still finished the match, okay Caristico?
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    Add "broke a Japanese table" to Big Mike's legend
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    We've got your back. If anyone asks, we didn't start the fire.
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