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    There was a bully who was terrorizing the neighborhood. I gave him an Irish whip, and because there were no ropes to stop him he's circled the Earth 3 times in the past 29 years since this happened.
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    Coming off the juice when returning to WWE did not help Bubba Ray and D-Von in the long run.
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    Hulk Hogan won't even put over the legal system.
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    I had a friend do the "fake handshake and then punch your opponent" thing during a fight. He and a guy got into it at a party and then sort of called a truce. My friend put his hand out and when the other guy went to shake, my buddy clocked him. My friend was kind of an asshole when he drank.
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    Linda gave an interview to TMZ a week or so back. She's still mocking Hogan's hair and his vanity over it, The other members of Metallica were not pleased.
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    I hope you cut his hair afterwards.
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    I've got a friend who runs a record label, and a year or so ago I was at a festival helping him with some stuff backstage. Suddenly, he called me over to help repair a ricketty looking decorating table he'd been using to sell merch on. I'd barely had time to tell him it was just about fixed when he told the drummer from one of his bands to run at him, and gave him a straight-up Arn Anderson spinebuster through the table.
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    Per Meltzer: All of them are now out with double-torn rotator cuffs.
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    This whole Mania season is like a nightmare for the writers and agents. Like, a literal nightmare. "It was the road to Wrestlemania but most of the top stars were injured and nobody liked the guy we kept pushing but we hadn't built anyone to take his place and the Undertaker was fighting Shane for some reason and when I got to AT&T Stadium I was naked and all my teeth were falling out."
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    In unrelated news, Jimmy Hart just called Hulk Hogan with an idea to bring back Wrestlelicious.
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    Was one of them emo-looking and another a big samoan?
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    And somewhere, Toshiaki Kawada smiled.....and by smiled I meant, stared stoically toward your country of origin and exhaled slightly.
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    When I was, um, 20, I was in drunken high spirits at a party and DDT'd a donkey pinàta on a concrete patio, cleanly decapitating it.
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    Baylor player interviewed after the loss to Yale: http://twitter.com/DraftExpress/status/710599891563749376/photo/1
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    Just finished a long day of ugly basketball in Des Moines. Hopefully Saturday's matchups will be a little more entertaining. Also, if you like drunk, cornfed girls with their whole ass hanging out then I highly recommend Des Moines on St Patrick's day.
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    I hope some of this gawker money ends up going towards john graziano's medical bills.
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    Who would have Hogan would come out as the victor in this whole mess? It seemed like he was completely down-and-out, but somehow he came back in the last minute and won the whole thing.
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    The Hogan/Gawker trial should be the next season of American Crime Story. I'm only kind of kidding.
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    Was one of them emo-looking and another a big samoan? And was the other homeless? ...and did he master your titties?
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    Was one of them emo-looking and another a big samoan? And was the other homeless?
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    Negro Casas hitting a senton on Dick Togo on WWF TV.
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    I can't believe nobody made this connection sooner, but this is Drake LaRoche.
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    The Bossman is going in the HOF. New Day likes to dance. New Day were a black, Baptist stereotype. Slick is an ordained minister. OMG lives in Louisiana; next to Texas. It's Akeem and Slick.
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    We had a big couch in the basement were I could shoot myself into the corner where the armrest meets the rest of the couch and do the "Flair flip" spot, where he flips up the turnbuckles and lands on his feet on the apron. My mom saw me do it once and was convinced I was somewhere on "the spectrum" because of how perfectly I could do a lot of spots. Sometimes I'd let my sister pop up and clothesline me from the other side of the couch after I flipped. Also, I've been doing Krav Maga for about 6 yrs. now, and I've ended more than one sparring session with a Texas Cloverleaf.
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    I get more enjoyment out of this board than current WWE. DVDVR: Putting smiles on faces and shit!
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    Roman and Cena seem like they'd be cool dudes to hang out with. That doesn't translate at all into their on-screen characters.
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    Roman Reigns ‏@WWERomanReigns 5h5 hours ago Looks like your sex life is going to struggle!! #fool Ryan Leaf @Chief_BigCat do you hear how everyone boos you if you win the wwe championship I'll break all my fingers you're a terrible wrestler @WWERomanReigns If Reigns did more of this on TV, the hate would subside.
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    My argument for Bayley is very simple. She actually managed to make me feel something beyond the usual appreciation I have for good wrestling. And I guess it makes me think about guys like Cesaro and Samoa Joe and (for the sake of this poll) Pentagon Jr. Have these wrestlers entertained me? Absolutely. But did I really care about any of them beyond their inherent skill? Cesaro seems like a nice guy and all but do I ever give a shit whether he succeeds or fails? I look inside and find that despite my acknowledgement of his skill set, I don't feel as though he is a real person. Maybe that's because I'm a introverted prick with no social skills, but the fact remains that despite my gruff exterior, the Hero's Journey Bayley went on to win the NXT Women's title had stupid tears in my stupid face. No one else has done that to me in years so fuck it, I will ride this Bayley thing into the ground. Best match be damned.
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    Kids need to toughen up. We sharpshootered the shit out of each other constantly and goddamn that's probably why my fucking back hurts right now
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    Oh man I could only imagine how horrified people that worry about that would be if they saw me and my friends as kids Dustin Rhodes bulldog headlocks everywhere son Nobody gave a shit. We were so lucky the Total Elimination and shit like that wasn't around yet.
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    So we are giving folks credit for shoddy craftsmanship now?
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    A fascinating (if delivered a bit impersonally) history of the Amen Break aka the most important six seconds in all of music.
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    I know this is The Natural's routine, but I do love this picture:
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    The Arkham Episodes are mostly disappointing but I dug the Batgirl one and the Season of Infamy adds a lot. Beyond that it's mostly skins and challenges which your mileage may vary on. Driving the 89 Batmobile made me love the Batmobile again.
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    "You fucked up! You fucked up! You fucked up!"
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    Unless your top 8 for LU has Killshot in it this befuddles me
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    I put my shotgun away because it didn't seem to be putting the hurt on people like my 2 mm rifle does and it weighed 25 (pounds or whatever). I pretty much use the 2 mm rifle exclusively except for sniping. Ammo's expensive, but I'm the water baron of the Commonwealth, screw it.
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    I am befuddled. This doesn't even feel close to me. I mean, I have been pretty pro-Brock this tourney, whether I voted for him or not, but I just don't see it. Just as Prince Puma he had work on par with Lesnar. Lesnar's best (vs Reigns) is probably better than Puma's best (All Night Long) but they're not that far off and Puma's matches were consistently better outside of the peak work while Lesnar's take a big grain of salt and an acceptance of long term storytelling and some hoops and jumps through ideas of kayfabe to make work. Now add in Ricochet and, man, I just don't see it.
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    Pentagon Jr loses points with me for not actually being a pentagon.
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    Watching Wrestlemania from the Injured Superstars suite. It's like someone can't even get wrestling news anymore:
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    It'll be Kane. It's been that kind of year.
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    Steve Rogers is not a Libertarian ideal.
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