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    "We really don't like Roman Reigns and don't want him to be the WWE Champion because he doesn't respect us and doesn't play by our rules, so let's go out of our way to make sure we take the title off him, but the very next night we're going to give him a free, unsolicited shot at competing for the WWE championship next month at our PPV." - The Authority
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    "That's some nice reckless driving Mr. McMahon!" Now I'm picturing Vince playing a Mr. Burns type character, sitting in his office at Titan Towers with Brad Maddox as his Smithers. "Maddox! This Reigns fellow is proving to be quite the fly in my ointment. We need somebody to take the title from him!" "Well who do you suggest sir?" "I don't know... (looks at pictures of the roster) What about this pasty fellow with the orange hair?" "That's Sheamus sir." "Sheamus, eh? New man?" "Actually sir he's the one Reigns beat for the title. You were there at ringside." "Bah. Never mind, just bring in Andre The Giant. He'll get the job done!" "Andre The Giant passed away 23 years ago sir." "Damn it all. Well get his son then!" "He never had a son, sir." "Yes he did, I saw him. That big fellow from WCW that faced Hulk Hogan in the monster truck challenge!" "That was Big Show sir. We've had him under contract for years." "Excellent (sits back and tents fingers together)"
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    It literally says his fucking name right there and they look nothing alike I vote that we never let him forget this
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    Danny Thomas, not Danny Kaye. Exactly. Didn't the Boogie Woogie/glass table story originate here in the sleaze thread? Someone simply took the longstanding Danny Thomas urban legend and replaced it with Boogie and the Rock N Roll Express. No clue if I have posted this here before. But last Labor Day weekend I was doing video work for a fed in North MS who brought in Boogie Woogie. Before the show we are all hanging out in the locker room. And someone that had rode with me asked Boogie about the glass table story. "I AM TIRED OF THESE LIES AND HALF TRUTHS ABOUT ME ALL OVER THE INTERNET BROTHER!!...... It was the Midnights that walked in not the Rock N Rolls!" then he laughed. So either he just confirmed the story. Or he was just joking. Still it was a great moment from a weekend full of great moments.Like watching the Lawler/Funk empty arena match in an empty arena and half way thru watching it Jerry Lawler came in. Walked over and did a bit of commentary while watching it with us.
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    What??? New Day were having a blast and you could tell that this was the highlight of all of their careers especially Xavier, talking shit and then taking bumps. Poor New Day nothing! They felt like a big deal and delivered.
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    Ever since Becky Lynch started wearing that corset, all I can think is that I really do not remember seeing the match where she won the North American Heavyweight Title.
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    I don't know why they had to do that. One of the more frustrating things in WWE now is that they leave out basic simple steps in booking angles and jump way too soon into trading run-ins. Last night Sasha made her presence felt. Tonight would be a night for her to squash someone and then tell Mean Gene how hard she's going to kick Charlotte's ass and that she'll start next week by beating Becky to get her out of the way. No run in. No beat down. That's it. Step 1. Real simple. And what do you know, that gives you a week to build up a match between Sasha and Becky like it matters, and so then when Charlotte runs in and ruins it...IT MATTERS. Why do they have to rush these things when they already know they have too much time to fill?
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    Bo Dallas is legitimately a much better rapper than Flo Rida. Also, Rock clearly availed himself of some Roddy Piper promo enhancers before that segment.
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    So about that bad AJ Styles entrance and how the WWE couldn't fix it... https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=KuBVcsPVPyQ&a=
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    Reminds me of when the wife first got me into the Harry Potter books way back when.
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    Byron Saxton reminds me of Monty, the milquetoast color guy from Major League. He just pops in with completely useless lines from time to time. After every one of his lines, I mentally hear Harry Doyle deadpanning, "dynamite drop-in Monty. That broadcast school really paid off."
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    I cracked up at their "unintentional" "sword fight" they had with the unicorn horns.
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    If we're going to complain about high spots that look like total fucking garbage in terms of impact, can we start with top rope splashes where twelve guys catch the guy that jumps and fall over like they have the vapors? Compared to that, the Styles Clash looks like a snuff film.
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    I love that The Rock's new gimmick is basically the little Peter Pan kid from this geico commercial? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r9qcWljsT7s
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    This is still the greatest elimination of all time:
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    Yep because him beating Henry made me ill. The absolute worst posts in this threads. Which is saying so damn much considering we talked about video editing for 5 pages. That spot was dope. Henry is awesome, but they have been jobbing him out for a while now. Owens has been the best guy in the company for the last 6 months and it's really not even that close. Y'all are lame.
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    -I LOVE The Social Outcasts. I hope they get a big segment at WM with whatever large-ish celebrity they bribe to hang out for the night. -Part of me wonders if WWE swerves the fans and gives Ambrose the win at FL to guarantee that the crowd will boo Triple H on the night and not make the show all about people who aren't in the ring (A Reigns win seems guaranteed to bring about "C.M. Punk! Daniel Bryan! AJ Styles!" chants). There were some hints that Ambrose could be the guy tonight, he wasn't totally destroyed and left laying while Reigns beat everyone, was left to celebrate with Reigns, not just quietly disappear. I mean, it will still almost definitely be Reigns but... -For all the naysayers with their "Looking forward to the 20 minute Triple H promo tomorrow!", it only went 15 minutes! Actually, truth be told, I thought the promo was one of HHH's better ones in a while. -I do love that the theme of the night is for wrestlers in matches to impress the Authority. So kayfabe-wise, Kevin Owens, struggling through a hellacious match last night, cleanly pins former 2-time world champ Ziggler. AJ Styles, in his Raw debut, defeats 6-time world champ Chris Jericho cleanly. Bray Wyatt defeats multiple-time World Champion Kane. Kalisto defeats former World Champ/WM main eventer The Miz cleanly. Then Reigns/Ambrose beat Rusev (former US champ) and Sheamus (former multiple-time World Champ), put Rusev through a table afterwards and somehow THAT is the most impressive win of the night, not any of the other SINGLES wins that were all clean (Save for Bray), but the two guys putting one through a table, THAT gets them into a main event along with a guy who wasn't even there. Makes sense...
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    *sigh* So the Wyatt's distract Brock, Reigns pins Ambrose.
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    Of all the guys to complain about getting pushed, you pick Kevin Owens?
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    Rob Manfred is here to ruin all of your pro-DH (and therefore, wrong) dreams for the National League: http://espn.go.com/mlb/story/_/id/14643947/mlb-commissioner-rob-manfred-says-no-foreseeable-change-designated-hitter-rule-coming
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    Even if this was shared already - it needs to be shared again
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    And this is why I dislike Owens he started every brawl at the Rumble with this spot. By the time he got to Zayn it was like the fourth time he started with that spot and it lost some of its meaning How else was he supposed to react? Dudes that he hates just kept coming out one after the other. It's better than him laying in a corner for the new guy to hit everyone else with a signature move and wait his turn to attack. That's why I don't understand why they don't run with Owens as Champion. He literally has a years worth of major feuds already lined up that by the time they're done with and Sami eventually beats him for the title, you've elevated AJ/Ambrose/Sami to a main event scene that desperately needs faces that people actually want to cheer for.
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    You're posting on the wrong account Ben
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    So Greg Olson created a shirt for charity that I need so bad... http://www.dapperinkstore.com/shop/carovan50
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    Soon, they'll have someone superplex Jericho and they'll reuse the Big Show spot where the ring implodes and collapses.
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    He is terrible at rapping, though, so it was realistic.
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    Bo had a similar spot with R-Truth on one of the B shows a while back. It was glorious.
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    The decision to have KO beat Henry with the pop up powerbomb was wtf. Looked so bad. Kevin has 7 million moves, all of which would have looked more believable.
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    Rick Ross wishes he was the real Rick Ross.
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    Xavier sure was legitimately pissed at that Byron Saxton snub by the Rock. I like Kofi's "watch the product" follow-up
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    I loved The Rock with New Day. They had some nice adlibs going on. It was hard to catch them all but Xavier was on fire. The Rock almost lost it at the Rikishi voice. AJ Styles vs. Chris Jericho was okay but it felt like AJ was working at one speed and Chris was working at another.. they weren't on the same page throughout but I liked it. Sasha vs. Becky was getting good until Charlotte came in. I'm loving their feud.
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    If I hadn't seen the show and just saw this screencap I would be wondering what Lesnar Superfan did to 1) piss off Heath Slater 2) turn black
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    It's like you're MGFan and your version of the Creepshot is being a dickhead. Amazing gimmick, pal.
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    Taker's reaction is what makes it. He looks like he legit cannot believe what just happened. Too bad Maven wasn't anywhere close to ready to put on a decent match, because we were all interested in what happened after that.
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    The nit-picking over Ambrose's offense is funny to me considering how white hot the crowd is for just about everything he does.
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    As am I. I blame WWE Creative. No one was saying this about Ambrose in 2014 when he first went solo.
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    WWE is uploading Hardcore Justice 2010?
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    Strowman is still alive, so I'll go with "no"
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    Is he cosplaying as Angelfire web page?
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