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    Ant-Man and X-Men: Days of Future Past on Blu Ray Books: The Hardcore Truth: The Bob Holly Story Wrestling for My Life - Shawn Michaels Live From New York An 8 qt. stainless steel pot with two strainer inserts, a skimmer/spider, a couple of gift cards and some cash. All that was great, but nothing was better than watching my 7 year old open her Sasha Banks rings and t-shirt, plus the Uso Crazy, How You Doin', I'm a Hugger, Finn Balor demon, and New Day unicorn shirts and losing her mind over them all.
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    MacTavish ripping off Harvey the Hound's tongue was basically the highlight of a 9 year window of the franchise for me, other than Eberle's first ever NHL goal.
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    Got a couple books, a gift card, couple magazine subscriptions, some jerky and homemade chocolate chip cookies. It was my son's first Christmas, so fortunately everybody focused on him. He got so much stuff that it barely fit in my giant sized SUV. His birthday is less than two weeks away, and that will include a bunch of people that weren't around for Christmas, so he'll have another giant haul then. Gonna have to ask people to tone it down for next year. He got his first ever Lego (Duplo actually) set, so I'm super excited about that. He also got a drum that might need to get accidentally misplaced. He's more than capable of making enough noise without that thing.
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    I got socks, two cheap new sets of earbuds (I go through them like no one's business), a small wrench, and a Marshmallow Santa that I bought for one of the kids but was reallocated into my stocking out of pity. I didn't ask for anything. I don't have time for the stuff I already have. The kids did great and were very happy and the wife appreciated effort at least so that's all the gift I needed yesterday.
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    Like any sensible human being, I'm spending Christmas morning watching Die Hard.
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    I'm not sure there's a HASEGAWA match where he takes less of a pasting than the other guys in the match combined.
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    So thst was exactly the kind of sappy sentimentality that is virtually guaranteed to work on me. I liked the silliness, I liked the sap. I loved the moment of slow recognition.
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    I uploaded a bunch of pics from my Feb 1992 (Christmas 1991) WCW Magazine on twitter. This of course is my favorite. https://twitter.com/D_V_D_V_R/media
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    I've just been feeling so flat lately.
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    Stupidity thread - though because it covers so many sports I will probably have to create its own thread
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    The ceiling wasn't that high, but Road Dogg sure was.
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    I think that venn diagram has a large overlap.
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    I'm confident the football industrial complex TV division will do its best to poke holes in the movie, all while taking ad movie for spots.
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    Glory hunter? He supports the Red Bulls. That's the exact opposite of a glory hunter.
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    Postage. I got postage, and it might just be the coolest thing ever... Said postage is being used to ship a bunch of books to one of my favorite writers, Kate Wilhelm, who is then going to inscribe all the books and send them back. I really don't know which is cooler, this or the fact that I get to edit a two-volume collection of Kate's best stories... Both are totally awesome, as is Mrs. OSJ for realizing that despite having an extensive collection of Wilhelm books, none of them were signed...
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    Well Road Dogg had a lengthy career, was over as fuck, part of one of the most popular groups in history and sold a ton of merchandise. For a guy who wasn't the best in ring, that's pretty amazing career. And a pretty high ceiling.
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    Sounds like I need to take a break from CRAWL(ing) OUT THROUGH THE FALLOUT BAY-BAY for a little while and come back to this. I haven't even installed the latest update. Are the yachts still attracting people for beach sniping parties, or have I already missed out?
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    Ever since Steam implemented refunds, they've been stingier on the sales- since folks would refund and rebuy if their game ended up on a flash/daily sale.
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    Our boy HASAGAWA is in some kind of KOTDM thing.
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    An XBox One, $125 in cash and some gift cards (Stop and Shop/Dunkin' Donuts), a Galaxy Core, and a turntable/CD player/tape deck with my mom's vinyl collection (though that was less a "present" and more "I told my mom I'd take it a couple months ago and finally got around to doing so.")
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    The glitch has been fixed now- and if you weren't using Steam at the time you had zero risk. Valve's response has been lacking, but as far as issues go this was fixed fairly quickly and my guess is the impact is going to be random.
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    Those 1976 Heat throwbacks were fucking SWANK
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    I felt like I didn't know enough about the New Order and their objective, but it's also fine to simply establish them as Bad People and save the Bond Villain exposition for E8. I said to my wife after the movie all the NR rally (Obvious symbolism was obvious BTW) needed was a bunch of MAKE THE GALAXY GREAT AGAIN hats. Plus bogging too deep into process stories is the thing that killed the prequels most. So I get why they went the other way. When Disney gets its investment back we'll get insight on process. On the whole, all the nitpicking doesn't diminish the fact it hit a lot of the high notes it needed to and allowed me to nerd out about a dozen times. If a movie can make you do that ONCE, it's the price of admission right there. Imagine how a dozen made me feel. In spite of the JJisms it was entertaining as hell.
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    A few shirts(including a Star Wars T-shirt) and another gift card. Pretty good haul, all around. Browsed eBay this evening on a whim and picked up a few G1 Transformers. Nice capper on the holiday.
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    A GORGEOUS, like in mint condition, Detrola model 146 radio. This thing was made in 1937. It's absolutely amazing. I love antiques and I'm a radio dj. The Mrs put those two together and bingo.
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    It's not Christmas until the Satan worshipper sings!
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    Oh YES. Civil Bore can eat ten bags of dicks. Deadpool and Apocalypse is all I fucking need next year.
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    I'm totally fine with the Hype Bros. existing because it gives Corey Graves a chance to flat-out call them morons and trained apes.
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    Do you have a gif of this? It sounds fun. Not sure if its because I'm watching on my phone but that looks like a video game glitch.
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    The biggest upset of the 2015 NFL season is you beating out Kuetsar for most insufferable fan.I watched every game of the Jimmy Clausen era, I deserve this season.
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    God damn. So I bought the game for $40. And I have to spend 3x that for a yacht. Amazing. I mean, not that I have to. I could go without it or earn it somehow. Still, damn. Rockstar must be making their money back in spades. The next GTA might as well be free to play This is totally focused on dumb kids. I'm 40 and I play games for maybe an hour or so per day, if that. If I told my wife I was about to spend over $100 in real life money for a boat in a video game, I'd be living in Trevor's trailer.
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    Oh, they come to snuff the Rooster ... BUT HE AIN'T GONNA DIE! LEMME HEAR A HELL YEAH!
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    Stout is probably the only person that could afford any of that shit, other than maybe mis. I'm hoping it's possible to blow up those bigass yachts. Specifically, I'm hoping it's possible to blow one up by allah akbaring it with a submarine.
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    Anytime, mane. (edit: spelling)
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    Thanks, random youtube algorithm recommendation program, for this WTH moment today.
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