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    The Wyatt's are just hilarious at this point. That was a house show squash. I have to come to terms with the fact that I'm paying $10 a month for NXT and old Nitros. And the time I spend watching a wwe show every month is like the extra tax slapped on.
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    Xavier's hair was kind of nice. And Wade Barrett enjoying himself with New Day was cool.
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    I can't believe you guys are so down on Seamus as champion. We have 3 ready-made main event challengers; Ryback, Kalisto and an Uso.
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    The only good thing about this show was the TLC commercial where they had a 16 bit beat 'em up style video game.
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    Xavier Woods looked like The Cat from Red Dwarf. That is literally all the discussion of the show I care to do. See you guys in the Raw thread tomorrow.
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    Barrett clearly had the most fun in the ring he has had in like a year
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    Being dead for 8 years is the perfect way to stay out of the spotlight to plan a surprise attack.
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    "Pay the Bills." Dean has figured out that in nearly every town there is a guy named Bill who sells leftover chicken grease chunks out of the back of a local Church's. There's two ways to pay him and Dean also figured out that "money is the easier one." Note: Thanks to Roman, last night was a "hard way chicken grease" night for Dean.
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    Guys, being humiliated in a short title match by Sheamus us actually a great way to get over. Daniel Bryan proved that. So now all Roman has to do is have a year-long losing streak angle, be left at the alter by a woman who now becomes his boss, team up with Kane for months in comedy skits,and be buried by the announce team every week for the way he looks... ...and he's good to go.
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    I've mentioned this before, but I don't think I'd have a problem with the chants or the fans if the crowd wasn't so well lit and the camera didn't pan to some dude in a batman shirt with every new chant at the expense of the match. To me, it makes it seem like the NXT producers are saying the way to get on TV is to constantly chant no matter what the situation. Because of this, the fans have been conditioned to not actually react organically, but instead to expect a reward for being 'clever'. I don't think anyone doubts how committed the Full Sail crowd is to NXT. They very clearly love it. That being said, the way NXT and the crowd have been presented has created a crowd that now expects constant recognition. To me, this is a problem, and it will continue to hurt the overall presentation of NXT.
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    No, Roman will come out and talk for 20 minutes. He'll talk about how he had the title won and lost it, but that's okay. Then he will make some bad jokes and talk the rest of the interview in catch phrases. Believe Dat!!!! Then he will wrestle a 18 minute match against the Big Show. Then we will all fall asleep.
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    Charlotte/Paige made the show worthwhile, and was at least as good as Sasha/Bayley II. Beg your pardon?
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    Hunters face at the end says "We made the wrong decision here" or "Sheamus was all Vinces idea"
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    So Sheamus dies, cause of death BROCK LESNAR at Royal Rumble, yes?
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    So the match between two best friends started with more hate than the match based around insulting someone's dead brother.
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    'What's the worst possible oe outcome you guys can think of?' 'Sheamus as champion.' 'Fine, let's go with it' Overheard in Vince's office.
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    The only argument I'M making, is that we stop pretending that when the crowd does stuff like that, that it isn't about getting themselves over. They desperately want to be part of the show, and you can't tell me that the NXT crowd doesn't see themselves as being part of the show. I'll be the first to admit that they are generally a good crowd, but they have their moments where they are insufferable and detract from an otherwise good moment. Have we forgotten them doing the Peter Griffin gimmick when Bayley hurt her knee? When they do stuff like that, they are absolutely not engaged. As mentioned before though, they aren't even in the same stratosphere as post-Mania Raw crowds.
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    Stupid. So why make Reigns champion in the first place? Why not have Cesaro upset him or have Reigns get screwed over in the semis or something? It takes away any real meaning it would have had as Reigns has already climbed the mountain and become champion. He's no longer on the rise. He's reached the top. Fucking stupid. I'm still having a hard time wrapping my head around just how obtuse Vince and the rest of the writing staff is. We're going to push Roman to the moon, but because how the audience is reacting to him, we're going to audible into Rollins cashing in and winning the title. 7 months later... We still don't want fans to boo Roman when he wins the title, so we're going to have Sheamus win it and Roman will eventually win the title and will be cheered for it. They're worried about the fan response to him without even being aware of why that's happening. Look at why Brock is so goddamn over. Or even Ambrose. They're not doing cutesy shit. I posted a couple videos in the general wrestling thread of the Shield/Wyatts confrontation from 2013 and 2014. That's how you book Roman if you don't want to worry about the fans booing him. INSTEAD, they think the way to make the fans not boo him is to cut lame ass promos and make it look so blatantly obvious he's getting shoved down people's throats. Unless Roman takes the CM Punk route and develops a backbone and fuck you attitude, this shit isn't going to change.
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    I've long been of the opinion that Reigns as an antihero would totally work. Let him destroy anyone who's dumb enough to get in his way, whether they're face or heel. Let him go on a scorched earth crusade and force HHH to deal with the fallout.
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    Exactly. Remember when the Shield were pissed and did a run-in on nearly every match on an episode of SD? Roman going ballistic, saying fuck this, and just kicking the shit out of everyone would help him so much and make the upcoming re-match with Sheamus so much more interesting... But no fucking way that happens.
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    I'll join you in that minority. I have NEVER liked the concept. A title match should be almost "sacred." Taking focus off it for any reason devalues the top of the card in my opinion.
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    I'm probably in the minority, but I'm tired of the whole MITB concept by now. It's been done a million times already and it's hard to stay focused on the champion knowing he could lose it at any random moment. Why should I care about X champion vs. X contender when a guy can run in with a briefcase at the end and change the whole thing?
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    So, the new World champ is a guy that's been floundering in the midcard for months, got knocked out of the world title tournament early, and lost a match earlier in the night after being made fun of for being a lame white boy and abandoned by his (cooler, way more over) teammates. What's the opposite of momentum? Honestly, Sheamus is a fine transitional champion. He's a good worker, decent promo, and has enough history with other guys on the roster that it's easy to put together a few mini-programs that make sense before he drops the belt. If he'd come back strong, stayed strong, and put together a nice win streak for the past few weeks (the Del Rio model, we'll call it), him winning the bet would be perfectly acceptable.This method of booking MITB guys as directionless goofs on a losing streak who suddenly win the belt and bring their lack of credibility into the main event is just the worst.
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    Taker is supposed to be a massive real estate mogul so I'd imagine he'd walk away fully. If we never get Sting v Taker can we at least get Real Estate Steve vs Real Estate Mark with IRS as special referree?
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    It's amazing this is the same company that produces nxt. For the love of God, I hope nxt continues to be run as is and never starts to resemble the main shows.
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    My dream WrestleMania Main Event at this point is Brock vs Strowman. I want to see Brock throw that big bastard around so badly.
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    And we get the finish most of us predicted and no one wanted. Seriously, if you were going to take a total shit on someone's first title reign, Dean was right there to at least get the right sympathy.
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    I'd rather have my balls pounded flat with a croquet mallet.
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    the original Mortal Kombat movie (1995) i freaking love. it's not the greatest, but i watched it in theaters when i was a wee lad and enjoyed it immensely. All of my favorite characters were there and it was awesome. the sequel, MK: Annihilation, was pure shite and i couldn't be bothered to watch it if you paid me. MK: Conquest (aired on TNT after Nitro) was horrible and boring. don't think i ever finished the series, but i tried really hard. MK: The Journey Begins (a direct-to-video animated movie) was aimed at little kids and wasn't good at all. i couldn't make it all the way through. MK: Defenders of the Realm (animated series on USA in the mid '90s) was decent but had nothing to do with anything. Street Fighter i hated when i was younger, but i watched it probably a decade ago and immediately realized that it was awesome in an Adam West Batman kind of way. Super underappreciated. never watched the horrible Chun-Li solo film. there was a mid 90s cartoon simply called 'Street Fighter' that i remember not hating. the Street Fighter: 10 Years Later series of internet shorts was phenomenal. highly recommended if you haven't seen them. Tekken (2009 film) i actually liked better than i expected to. it wasn't amazing, but it was a pretty good little flick. it's sequel was not so good. i guess you could say i'm a sucker for fighting game movies. or a glutton for punishment. or both.
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    And how much of that 10 years was Mark Henry injured?
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    As a trekkie, that offends me.
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    At his core Austin was a beer drinkin shit-talkin redneck snake in the grass who would stun me, you, his best friend, whoever was in the way of him and the WWF championship. That was him in 1997. That was him in 1998. That was him in 1999. He wasn't officially a face until the double turn right. And before that he was a strong, silent type, and before that a cocky, arrogant pretty-boy. Later he'd be a singin, guitar-playin McMahon hireling, and a guy who wouldn't finish a sentence without saying What? He changed his work to accommodate his injuries, changed his character repeatedly, especially when he thought his old character was getting stale. All in less time than Cena has been his current character. Basically your point makes no sense.
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    I've always assumed it has a lot to do with the schedule. When they're in the States, the Bucks are just working weekends. They work several days a week in NJPW, but tours are relatively short. How many nights a year is Cesaro not working a show? Factor in constant travel and odd sleeping hours, workouts in the weight room before shows, etc. I've never made an effort to compare but does how many indy guys work as many shows or travel as much as virtually everyone in the WWE.
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    Charlotte and Paige didn't do a bad job but as far as high-end women's matches go, there's no way it's in the category of Sasha/Bayley or Sasha/Becky as someone said earlier. Charlotte just isn't there yet. I think she's good but she's not great.
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    Paige calls out Reid's death on Raw. WWE issues an apology. Come SS NEITHER Diva is THAT over with the crowd and Charlotte is even BOO'D during the intros. Once Charlotte wins the match...there is very little crowd response. WWE shot itself in the foot and the balls with the whole Reid Flair shit. With good story telling it could have meant more, but the problem is that even if the story-telling was Oscar worthy- Charlotte isn't a likeable face. Just bad all around. The match wasn't bad, but man, everyone in that arena was in lala land.
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    Xavier Woods' hair, my word!
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    You know, I was thinking about buying tickets to TLC. Emphasis on was.
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    I think I will do more rewatches of Jessica Jones than Daredevil. I have two episodes left of Jones. I think it started to get a bit convoluted in the Sin Box episode, and while I appreciate Marvel trying to make the main bad guys of their Netflix shows more than one-dimensional evil villains (Fisk seemingly wanting a better city), the source of Kilgrave's anger was cliché to me, even with the twist on it. The lesbian divorced triangle subplot never really clicked with me with either. The fight scenes are better in Daredevil, but they should be better. He's a superhero who has trained most of his life in hand-to-hand combat, and Jessica Jones is an alcoholic P.I. with super strength. I can buy it. Outside of the Luke Cage, I think I like Daredevil's supporting cast better, but Jessica Jones being more of a loner leads to the show focusing more on her. I preferred it. I'll have to watch Daredevil again sometime, but I buy Jessica Jones' shades of grey("You're a piece of shit") more than I buy Murdock's, which was more about the dilemma of killing people anyway. Maybe I just like the Jessica Jones character more than the Murdock, at least the TV versions, which is affecting my outlook.
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    Countdown to "fucking hurricanes" in 5..4..3..
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    I can't really blame Corbin that guy hanging on him looked like an asshole who deserved to be punched
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