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    Personally I think you guys are way over-thinking the crowd thing. It has nothing to do with people cheering because they 'appreciate what they do' or fans are smarter. People cheer the wrestler that entertains them. When I was a young kid my favorite wrestlers were Great Muta, Sting, and Vader in WCW. Two were heels. I knew of course it wasn't real but there was no Internet to tell me who Muta was or how accomplished Vader was in Japan, I liked them because I found their matches entertaining. That's it. And its not a new thing the smart internet crowd invented and I don't think its a bad thing, as long as people are having fun I don't see the big deal. Some people go to the movies to watch the villains, fans shouldn't feel obligated to boo someone just because they are a heel, they aren't a paid studio audience.
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    Pancakes are for winning cats ONLY!
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    In Tabe's NFL, asking for a flag is a 10-yard penalty. I'm dead serious about that.
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    If you ask anyone around the Mets who the single nicest most decent human being in the whole organization is they will tell you Daniel Murphy. So can we please can the ginned up outrage?
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    Arguably, heels should not be entertaing enough for fans to want to cheer them.
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    Well I think a major reason entertaining heels are being cheered more is due to a lack of good babyfaces. Sasha got booed plenty when she heeled on Bayley, but is anyone going to care if she attacks Charlotte or Paige on the main roster? There's no likeable entertaining faces to balance things. New Day has 10 times the personality of most of the people they go up against. They made Cena feel ancient when they were clowning him, and Cena was standing there like get off my lawn New Day. Of course these acts are going to be cheered over bland babyfaces.
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    Because Muta doesn't keep the mist in his penis?
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    Music from original scores, not actual real life songs. We already have a thread for that. Tell the truth. You shit your pants the first time you saw Sephiroth. The more I think about it, the more I consider Those Chosen By The Planet to be Sephiroth's iconic theme but that will be labeled blasphemy by the One Winged Angel contingent.
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    THE CHAMP IS HERE~ 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. SPECIAL BONUS! 15.
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    I would say be worried but that would involve Indy knowing what to do on an onside kick.
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    We get it, you don't like Daniel Murphy. . . #broken record. . . .
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    In Tabe's NFL, asking for a flag is a 10-yard penalty. I'm dead serious about that.Other rules in my league:1) Jumping offside stops the play, same as a false start 2) Throwing the ball into the ground on a screen pass is intentional grounding 3) kickoffs (when kicked from normal spot) that go out of the back of the end zone on the fly get spotted at the 35 4) Quarterback hand gestures, neck bobs, and leg raises designed to fake a snap are a false start 5) pick routes will be tightly called as offensive pass interference 6) "half the distance" offsides penalties are an automatic 1st down 7) Offensive pass interference will be more tightly called and will include loss of down as well 8) I'm not sure how to word this but somehow I want to limit yardage on defensive pass interference and eliminate intentionally underthrown passes to try and create PI calls the defense can't possibly prevent
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    Ron Rivera is now 14-16-1 in games decided by a touchdown or less. That number used to be 2-14.
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    We used to be friends Kelvin.
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    So, you're saying that nobody can have pink on their outfit anymore?
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    So it's time we seriously discuss Seattle possibly not even making the playoffs.
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    Robert, I think our spa day is in order. When we're done, I'll help you figure out which shade of eyeliner goes best with your face tattoo.
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    This might be the worst overtime period in NFL history. And I watched Christian Ponder duel with Matt Flynn in an OT game a couple of years back. EDIT: Okay, then Megatron happened. You're welcome, Detroit.
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    I love football. 1-0 in the Campbell era!
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    PICK SIX. 24-3. PANTS-FREE. You know it was a shitty September when I'm celebrating whipping the Titans this much.
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    Sammy Watkins: I did that.
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    That's what WWE wants apparently. It's either too rasslin' or too violent for the kids.
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    Because Muta doesn't keep the mist in his penis?Well, not the green mist anyway.
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    Not really. I mean he turned twice during his main run - face on HHH and heel on Mysterio. They brought him back as a babyface and it didn't work because of Daniel Bryan, but let's not hold that against him.
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    Let's hope he didn't reinjure himself getting to the ring.
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    So I guess Leva Bates got fired from NXT because they felt she was disrespectful according to something I read? Does anyone know if this is true?
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    Now I wish that happened too. Would've been an incredible pop at SummerSlam, with the proper music/entrance. That'd be one hell of a fun six man street fight.
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    That son of a bitch Heyman did it again:
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    My only problem with this week's episode was that the resolution came too easily. Kermit only had to spend about two minutes to figure out a solution. Seemed like they spent too much of the episode with everyone loving partying with Piggy that there wasn't enough time this week for Kermit to figure out a way to fix it, like the Josh Groban episode. Besides that, I find the show pretty charming. I'm not confident it will get renewed, but some of the extreme reactions against this show are really misplaced. This isn't exactly Michael Bay's The Muppets here.
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    Apparently he is just one hell of a nice old guy. A buddy of mine has a summer place up past Bemidji, MN and the Baron is his next door neighbor. He sets up a lemonade and sandwich stand with wrestling memorabilia and will just sit there and shoot the breeze with folk. My pal is the County Medical Examiner, I have to imagine that he and the Baron have some fascinating conversations.
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    Seeing that picture makes me nostalgic for Sandman. I kinda want Reigns and Ambrose to do another mystery partner match against the Wyatts and have Sandman be their guy. But only if WWE shells out the money for the proper Sandman entrance. I mean, the skits of Ambrose and Sandman hanging out together basically write themselves.
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    Did Sandman make a shirt out of my grandmother's tablecloth?
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    Like this one better It looks like she punched herself in the face to avoid having Asuka do it
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    I'll make a statement about ratings here: Is it even possible to compare ratings now vs. even 10 years ago? The rise of internet streaming means that fewer people are watching TV period. RAW is a top 20 show both among 18-49 year olds and overall (http://tvbythenumbers.zap2it.com/2015/10/13/cable-weekly-top-25-the-walking-dead-is-no-1-for-oct-5-11-2015-ahs-hotel-opens-well/478339/) and they're getting beat mostly by sports and The Walking Dead. Could it be better? Yes, but there's no reason for WWE to panic yet and they likely won't change until the ratings really tank.
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    Since I know there are some Meiko Satomura fans on the board, here is her match on 10/11 against Hamada: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x39xbsc_ayako-hamada-vs-meiko-satomura-in-sendai-girls-on-10-11-15_tv
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    According to Yahoo, Lamar Odom is conscious and breathing on his own.
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    And that is all the people need to know.
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    Shall we schedule a shopping trip next week, just us girls? You can get your hair done, and I'll try to find something that matches my tattoos. I'll get Andrew over so his chick ("Drewina") on my account can join y'all.
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    The correct answer is, "Anything he damn well pleases and I dare you to tell him otherwise."I think I see sailboat in his shirt.It's a schooner.
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    The correct answer is, "Anything he damn well pleases and I dare you to tell him otherwise." I think I see sailboat in his shirt.
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    Daredevil Season Two teaser trailer: Enjoy.
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