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    They'll never leave the hospital because the kid will refuse to go home.
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    @MartyDeRosa: In classic #RoddyPiper fashion, he once again steals the attention away from Hulk Hogan.
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    That baby's going to be a real piece of shit that nobody likes. Am I doing this right?
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    The doctor will deliver the baby, then the baby will do a reverse and deliver the doctor, then both will fall over the delivery table.
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    You know why Hulk Hogan likes cocaine? Besides the feeling of euphoria and inflated sense of self that comes with it? Because it's white! You notice how we never heard about him being addicted to black tar heroin. You can't spell 'white powder' without 'white power'.
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    At 6 weeks, the baby is probably taller than Tony Kozina already.
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    Piper was better in ring than he gets credit for, and that's in all sorts of various eras. I loved his punch drunk comeback more than any other "hulk up" style comeback and he has probably the best match of 1980 And one of my favorite matches of 1990 (and I am not a guy who is at all high on Hennig's WWF run): http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xaejk9_roddy-piper-vs-mr-perfect-ic-title_sport http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xaek3g_roddy-piper-vs-mr-perfect-ic-title_sport
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    Burke and I hooked up last night for a few minutes. I wanted to do Boneyard Survival since 1) it's fun, 2) it's easy, and 3) basically a free $30,000. (oh, and it's double xp this weekend) Oh my friggin god, someone at R* realized this thing was way too easy, and upped the accuracy of all the Wyatts from 'kid with a stick gun' to 'Charles Whitman' and all of their health has been increased from 'Zack Ryder on Main Event' to 'John Cena at Wrestlemania'. Not to mention that they were spawning everywhere. Burke died at the double heli stage, but I cleared it, we both failed at the next level. We both used to be able to solo that thing without much issue too. Dalm.
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    Completely deserved. I'd say he got off light. I thought it was that he didn't get off at all?
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    You know why Hulk Hogan likes cocaine? Besides the feeling of euphoria and inflated sense of self that comes with it? Because it's white! You notice how we never heard about him being addicted to black tar heroin.
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    I used to do the wrestling convention circuit years back, even bringing in about a dozen or so people for autographs. I probably met and got my picture taken with hundreds of wrestlers and NO ONE showed the warmth, gracefulness, and happiness that Roddy Piper did. He greeted each person who was there to meet him as if they were long lost friends who hadn't seen each other in years. It didn't reek of fakeness because he was being paid to be there, he seemed genuinely excited to see each new person as they worked down the line.
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    You know you're good when you're getting borderline riot heat off SAL BELLOMO.
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    I'm kind of bummed that nobody has bothered to edit any Hogan promos, by bleeping "brother", but leaving the "er" at the end. Yeah, easy joke, but it'd still be rather funny.
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    Sheldon Richardson of the Jets just typed in "Caught street racing at 140 mph with a kid in the car and the car stinking of pot" We'll see what the generator comes back with.
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    I met Roddy Piper for the first time when I was 5 years old. We were at a grocery store and my mom recognized him from TV (I was a big wrestling fan even then) and took me to say hello. Growing up in Beaverton, just a few miles down the road from where Roddy Piper lived, I had the incredible fortune of being able to meet him several times over the course of my life. He was our home town hero. Always showing up at some local event to cut a ribbon, or shake some hands. Roddy Piper was responsible for my life long love affair with wrestling. Even more than Hulk Hogan, or Randy Savage, because Piper was real, he was larger than life, and now he's gone. Rest in peace Hot Rod.
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    Just when you think you have all the answers, life changes the questions. numb
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    The Piper/Bret feud was probably my first real introduction to Piper that I can remember. I was so invested in this feud as a young fan. It's so much better looking back on it because at the time, I was unaware of Piper's past. I just thought he was sorta the "big brother", loud, crazy guy.
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    She no longer has a need for food. She lives off FIGHTING SPIRIT~!
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    Did anyone else do a spit take at the idea that anyone in TNA has an iron clad contract?
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    Aww - so no one will see when Jeff turns on Matt at BFG
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    Please tell me someone else here played the Virtua Figher games as much as me and immediately thought "Jeffry" when that Valenzuela Jr guy showed up.
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    Good for them...but also Angelina better get ready because that baby's going to kick out a lot! But seriously, good for them.
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    Sure they were. Before they entered the land of perpetually over, when they just got their intro pop. Before that, CV when they were both on the verge of being unemployed, and were both going all fucking out in a desperate attempt to save their careers. They were damn fucking good. Maybe not in the match of the year way, but in earning their heat, getting over the old fashioned way, Road Dog cutting promos, building a quality act.
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    British Ian Rotten, maybe.
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    And we are all going to take a break until August
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    On the car commercials tip, fuck every single Subaru commercial. What mechanic do Subaru owners go to in order to get their cars' "love" topped off?
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    I've been clean from heroin for just over a month now. It isn't a long time in the grand scheme of things but for someone who used every day it is a very long time. I am starting to feel "normal" again and am working on getting my life back in order.
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    It is an hour or so til August so here is my last Metal Obsession Post. DECEASED... They've been around since forever, have went through some wild style changes over the years, but have a metal heart like few other bands I can think of. King Fowley is a legend (Dean, you're a Richmond boy, you might have encountered him at some point over the years since they're born out of VA) and an amazing person: a singing drummer who survived massive drug abuse and to date TWO count 'em TWO strokes/blood clots and is still kicking ass in both Deceased and October 31. Here's a brief timeline, musically, of how they progressed from death metal with a Voivodian twist to Maiden influenced, righteous death/thrash, but always sounding like them.
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    So Becky Lynch or Charlotte has to hit Tamina with a coconut on RAW right?
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    Boy this is a really tough year to be an old school wrestling fan.
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    Sweet Daddy Siki is so awesome that he needs two mirrors to admire his own greatness.
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    I think if Sting or Goldberg were in that match at Wrestlemania 19 the ending would've been the same. I'm sure racism played a part in it, but I honestly believe it was more about Hunter sticking it to a WCW champion when he didn't get to during the Invasion. The match wasn't racist, everything else leading up to that match were extremely racist.
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    I didn't really register BatB because the initial question gave the impression OP was looking for something more serious, but it's a fucking awesome show. Bonus points for a Space Ghost crossover, adapting the Kuwata manga, and a dozen other things.
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    Gotta pick your spots, son. Y'all are burning through your likes like the Young Bucks. A buncha like-monkeys.
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    Personally, I wouldn't care if they had a price tag hanging off the side. They served their purpose.
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