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    You know why Hulk Hogan likes cocaine? Besides the feeling of euphoria and inflated sense of self that comes with it? Because it's white! You notice how we never heard about him being addicted to black tar heroin. You can't spell 'white powder' without 'white power'.
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    Hold on, just needed to make one minor correction to your post.
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    I'm kind of bummed that nobody has bothered to edit any Hogan promos, by bleeping "brother", but leaving the "er" at the end. Yeah, easy joke, but it'd still be rather funny.
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    Did anyone else do a spit take at the idea that anyone in TNA has an iron clad contract?
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    Hey, remember that time everyone on an entertainment-based message board realized that most of their views on sociopolitical issues were poorly formed at best, stopped trying to win "who can be the bigger asshole?" contests, and treated their opinions as ideas that could be politely debated instead of incontrovertible facts that must be defended with scorn and derision? It was pretty cool when that happened.
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    On the car commercials tip, fuck every single Subaru commercial. What mechanic do Subaru owners go to in order to get their cars' "love" topped off?
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    I've been clean from heroin for just over a month now. It isn't a long time in the grand scheme of things but for someone who used every day it is a very long time. I am starting to feel "normal" again and am working on getting my life back in order.
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    That would be awesome for a 28-year-old too..... Just saying.
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    Well, gee whiz, I've been watching wrestling for almost 30 years now. But on the other hand, John Cena. That's a pretty compelling argument.
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    In my kid brain, the wildest, coolest bad guy that there was. RIP Hot Rod, always #1.
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    @JamesWillems: Somewhere Rowdy Roddy Piper is demanding that God put on a pair of sunglasses. When God refuses they fight for like 6 minutes straight.
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    Boy this is a really tough year to be an old school wrestling fan.
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    I kinda want to like this, but Tony Kozina height jokes at this stage of the game really seem like the epitome of low-hanging fruit. ...... Oops.
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    Jeffry has a pretty good moveset, especially the powerbomb and the pancake, but Wolf Hawkfield was doing Scott Steiner's moveset, so really he should get a partner to tag with who steals that..
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    I should post Pre-Cambrian in full, but you can find it. I love this:
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    Completely deserved.I'd say he got off light. I thought it was that he didn't get off at all?I set the ball on the tee...
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    Same hand gesture, with a slight alteration
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    In hindsight, there may have been some thought behind Chip's personnel decisions
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    I remember listening to that. It was a rough one, with Steen discussing his son who is somewhere on the Autism spectrum and also talking about how he knew what he needed to do to get to WWE (get in better shape) but wasn't even sure if it was worth it. As a huge fan of the guy, I'm really happy to see it working out for him.
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    TNA is pretty much the wrestling equivalent of that guy in your signature. He's doing a bunch of crazy shit, not sure what is going on. But you can't help but look at it out of pure amusement.
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    crazy golf doesnt count, dewar.
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    "It's a boy! And he has FIGHTING SPIRIT!"
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    Front row all three days son
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    Click your name up in the top right, go to Manage Ignore Prefs in the menu that opens up. There's a checkbox in there for disabling all signatures. EDIT: I'm too slow, but anyway, maybe someone else wants to know.
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    Knowing his love of Harley, maybe it was all an homage to the Vader/Simmons feud.
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    This is a good way to end a round
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    Basically this. there isn't a person here who is "wrong," no matter how many people pile on. The problem there is that it's the opposite: No matter which side you fall on in the inter-gender match debate, YOU ARE WRONG. The unique nature of sports entertainment and pro wrestling has made this a debate where both sides can be said to be wrong and misogynists for thinking that way, no matter which side you take on the debate. If you say "yes, intergender matches should take place", then you are a monster who wants to see women beaten up for men. If you say "no, intergender matches should never take place", then you are wrong because it's the same as saying "No, a woman should never star in an action movie because there's a chance she'd have to fight men". The debate really does boil down to accepting "No matter which side you're on, YOU ARE WRONG- so just accept which side of the debate you're willing to be wrong on and go from there.
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    Why would Flair have somebody like Madden on his podcast, anyways? Did Ice Train cancel or something?
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    DRIVERETTE 07302015! God, they just get lumpier- plus blathering about our place in this man's world- wrestling-wise. (I'll finish editing when I get home. I sworn. You may want to hold off afew hours.) ~!~ SINGLES GOING STEADY! ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) YUKO MIYAMOTO vs TATSUHIKO YOSHINO- GUTS WORLD- 7/19/2015- [RASMUSSEN]: Let's review way too many GUTS WORLD matches! Actually, one review is probably way too many, but the Death Valley Driver Video Review has been around for almost 20 years and we didn't stay in abject obscurity and financial ruin by pandering to what a bunch of wrestling fan WANTS us to review. We review what you will ONE DAY want to watch! That's right, sparky! That means watching lots of crappy wrestling and trying to make the writing about said crappy wrestling amusing- amusing to ourselves at least. And really, you gotta bull through the crappy to get to the GOLD. And you got to have a feeling, deep inside where your soul-heart is, that there is gold in GUTS. Maybe not. Maybe I am typing this so I can delay having to watch a guy who I do not watch in Big Japan in death matches- his specialty- but now have to watch him as he has a straight match. BUT the key is Tatsuhiko Yoshino. Is he the great hidden wrestler of GUTS WORLD? He wrestles in Big Japan and K-Dojo (and whatever STYLE-E and Heat Up are- Goddam, there really is nothing better to do in Germany but list all the results for every Japanese indie no matter how preposterously obscure? I cannot fight my love for you, Cagematch.net. Your psychotic Germanness is an inspiration to the entire fucked internet wrestling fan community)- so it isn't like he is in this match because his uncle owns the promotion or something. As far as I know. So yes. Let's watch some GUTS WORLD! Yoshino is tiny- tiny as it in not taller than Miyamoto. He has GUTS on his tiny pants so he must be the VANGUARD of GUTS WORLD! They went out and printed pants with GUTS across the buttocks- knowing that that is where the ladies of the Island Of Japan will be sneakin' a peak when he is representin' in STYLE-E or Heat Up- not to mention Big Japan, which people like me actually adore- so had bring the goods, wrestling-wise, and I guess buttocks-wise also. They do a headlock/ head scissors thingy to start off and move into a knuckle lock section and they fuck around for a while more. It is interesting at this point to wonder what direction this match is headed. My guess- half assed Junior Heavyweight. They start running the ropes and Yoshino hits some nice arm drags. Hmmm, I think this the thrid GUTS match I've reviewed in the last couple days and they all seem to morph into WCW Worldwide matches. I truly dig that. Show us how your work a match in a vacuum without story line, stipulations or established heel/face structure at the beginning. Miyamoto does an even better thing- Worldwide Strong Style- with the chops to the chest to set up a dropkick to set up a 3/4 Eudy Chinlock into a head scissors. Miyamoto does the fishhooky Camel Clutch and starts going total pro style with the double head stomp, the fucking FISTDROP~! and the chops to the chest. Yoshino finally starts firing back and he hits a really nice missile dropkick and one wonders if Yoshino wants the NJ Junior match and Miyamoto wanted something stiffer. Miyamoto sinks in a headlock and it's a really good match structure for this episode of Worldwide- Miyamoto is the established veteran and he is controlling the match with submission attempts. Yoshino is the up and comer and gets in offense before getting cut off by the veteran. Miyamoto does a Missile Dropkick off the turnbucle and keeps dropkicking him into the corner before getting two knees to the stomach on his moonsault. Yoshino does a nice job of rolling through his Crippler Crossface to get Miyamoto away from the rope and he really leans back on it to make it suck for Miyamoto. Miyamoto throws the ref at Yoshino to break the hold, which is fun. The finishing sequence is very long and convoluted with lots of Miyamoto using the ref to create all these false finishes which would been really cool if it was executed better, I guess. Miyamoto hits a really nice Moonsault for two and perfectly fine K-Driller for the win. I mean, this match is fine. I was expecting it to suck because I don't like Miyamoto's death matches. Instead, this was mostly well executed- if not overly stiff. The story was simple and effective- though it would have been better if Yoshino's offence wasn't so pedestrian. So, I'm taking away from this that Miyamoto is a perfectly fine low-grade junior heavyweight and that Yoshino is not the GUTS WORLD SUPERWORKER~! that we were all hoping for when they rang the bell. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2zdom8_yuko-miyamoto-vs-tatsuhiko-yoshino-guts-world_sport !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ATSUSHI KOTOGE vs KATSUHIKO NAKAJIMA- NOAH SEM- 7/13/2015- [RASMUSSEN]: Hey, I'm finally getting around to watching Atsushi Kotoge. I know what I'm getting with Katsuhiko Nakajima. I've pretty much had a thousand chances to watch Kotege. His matches have ended up in my Watch Later lists- but they always make it the point where I will 300 videos and got to purge everything that know I will never watch. Of course, if I am blown away here, I can always go back and see what I missed. Hopefully, that will be the case. Hmmmmmm. Nakajima doesn't pound him immediately, instead he goes for the cissypants clean break. This ain't no Sunday school, creep. He procures the arm wringer and they do some armwringing for a while until Nakajima decides quit wasting my time and kicks Kotoge in the hamstring really hard, and then he does it again! And again and again and again!Yeeeaaa! Nakajima! I had totally forgotten you! Kotoge does a sliding senton to the floor to nobody, into a forward roll into a superkick. Neato. Still not sold yet though. They kinda wander around the NOAH SEMatorium and don't actually brawl. Kotoge gets posted and if he blades HE IS MY NEW BOY. They do go to the Strong Style I love so much and Kotoge hangs with actual ass-stomper Nakajima with shots to the head. Kotoge does a really fun Neck-Stretcher 2015 submission before going for the more conventional head scissors submission. After a rope break, Kotoge gets closer to being one I follow by hitting a beautiful Bionic Elbow and then a 4/4ths Ishikawa headbutt to the face. That was choice. He then leans into a kick to the chest. Kotoge has done many things to endear himself to me. Nakajima does a nice FRONT CHANCELLORY into a DDT. But this isn't really about Nakajima, this about if I can start caring about a NOAH junior heavyweight. Nakajima does hit a nice Lateral Suplex as the moveset of this match is becoming an unconscious Ode to Greg The Hammer Valentine. They charge at each other and Kotoge hits a really great looking jumping kick to the faceto set-up a Tarantula! Kotoge is really quick is really good at getting in position to make preposterous things look good- like he does this thing where he forward rolls through the ropes as Nakajima is hitting the ropes and gets up and lands a really nice DIAMOND CUTTER- CRAVATES~!. But the set-up and execution would be horrendous without the speed and timing. They do some two count things that were very indie and overly contrived to set up Nakajima to hit a ridiculoulsy nasty spinning kick to the head as Kotoge was climbing the turnbuckle. Nakajima follows with a running kick to the face in the corner and missile dropkick off the top turnbuckle for two and not hating anything, but I'm also not really getting to emoptionally drawn into the match until they start punching each other in the face in the center of the ring. I really dig Kotoge's Terry Funk-esque weird ass punches. Nakajima kicks Kotoge to the ground and Kotoge fires back with a lesser than before headbutt and a toprope plancha and perfectly fine Shining Wizard- man, I thought those would never go away, and I was right. They run the ropes and bounce around until Nakajima punts Kotoge right in the chin. They thing do an extended roll-up sequences all hinging on if Nakajima lands his kick or not, but it all leads up to a really nice brainbuster by Nakajim for the win. I dunno. I could see digging Kotoge but I didn't see enought of his affense to really get excited about too much. He should cut out all the kicks where he slaps his thigh and replace them all with headbutts and punches, because they were the best part of GROUND ARSENAL~! I'm not writing him off, but it will take a couple more matchesw before I'm sold. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2ylef0_atsushi-kotoge-vs-katsuhiko-nakajima-noah-sem_sport >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> SHELTON X BENJAMIN vs TAKASHI SUGIURA- PRO WRESTLING NOAH- 7/18/2015- [RASMUSSEN]: I cannot remember the last Shelton Benjamin match I saw. I guess his last tagteam run in ROH? Was that a thing? Is my memories of wretling mashing up into one giant wad of guys in little pants running the ropes, their faces interchanging each time the bounce off? Ah, who gives a fuck about the last time I saw anybody. YOU, the gentle reader want to know if the next Shelton Benjamin match is worth 17 minutes of your time. It's already worth 17 minutes of my time because it is a vehicle to let you know if it is worth 17 minutes of your time. My job is to waste time watching wrestling that nobody should watch to label the wrestling as such- or to tell you that you are wasting your time doing whatever you are doing when you are not watching THIS MATCH which to have got watch. I mean, not this match, which I haven't watched yet- but the idea of a good wrestling match that you need to watch. That is the TRANSITIN of reviews in the modern age. A lot of record reviewers have thrown in the towel because who needs reviews when you can listen to it for free? I almost fell into that trap with wrestling. Why worry about steering people to or from wrestling that I like and that folks would take my recommendations to heart, when it's all on the internet now/ But then I realized that Roger Ebert had a whole philosophy about movie review being like literary review- in that it was needed to put film in context and compare it with other great works and that writing about film is an actual part of film making like literary criticism is part of literature. Wrestling, also being art, though the most fucked up of all the art forms, needs the same thing. Wrestling unanalyzed is wrestling in a vacuum, and art in a vacuum DIES. Wrestling is awesome so it deserves to live. So I am the lungs! LUNGS!. So here we go. Takashi Sugiura is becoming one of my favorite wrestlers. He falls into the type of wrestler I get excited by these days- Kohei Sato, Yuji Ohabayashi, Tomohiro Iishi- the hateful, the unsexy, the guys who lay it in. Shelton Benjamin I never had a beef with so I'm going into this pretty positive. Sugiura has the face that looks like his momma used to wake him up with a shovel to the face. Okay, Shelton Benjamin does not fear trading forearms to the face with Takashi Sugiura- which surprises me, but here you go. They take it to the floor, and - this being NOAH, Sugiura throws him into the railing and Benjamin does a different take on the NOAH match staple by spinning over the top. Well-played! I am delighted so far. Sugiura beats on him some more until Benjamin lands a flying elbow over the railing to ringside! Benjamin is dynamic in this. God, they beat the hell out of each other some more as Sugiura tries to get in the ring and BEnjamin hits a swanky DIAMOND CUTTER~! to the apron. Sugiura sells it like death, which wrestling fans applaud. Benjamin starts working the knee, crushing it against the ringpost and hitting the awesome and nasty Flair Shin-Breaker across the railing- then he throws a second into the rail, thus both have thrown somebody into the rail, thus making this the most NOAH match to ever. Sugiura sells the kneebar really well before hitting the ropes and the story of the match really kicks in when Benjamin procures the REverse Figure Four. Benjamin sells the counter- Sugiura punching him dead in the face- hilariously by blinking his eyes really fast. Okay, this match is fucking awesome. They stand up and beat each other to death with forearms until Sugiura gets a knee up when Benjamin goes for a lariat off the ropes. Sugiura even re-sells the knee before hitting a full sprint lariat into the corner. Okay, no one will ever confuse Sugiura's selling with Ricky Morton's but I appreciate the idea of the effort. Hey, Sugiura with a spear! I thought that would never go away. Sugiara hits the EVEREST Side Suplex so the knee is totally fine now. Thoiugh he does acknowledge the knee before standing back up SO I DECLARE THIS TO BE BRILLIANT SUBTLE SELLING! As long as the last thing you remember seeing after Sugiura going on offense is him acknowledgin the effects of earlier in the match, it's all good. Benjamin with a roll up into a ANKLE PICK~! or whatever we call it these days. Benjamin kicks Sugiura in the chest to escape the ankle lock thingy and then does a fabulous jumping roundhouse kick in the general area of Sugiura head- where upon rewatching, he does land the biggest part of his calf against Sugiura's head, and he might have been flexing his calf muscle so it would be very very hard. The Olympic Slam FOR TWO! Sugiura counters with two German Suplexes and they lay around a bit- SELLING! Kind of as Benjamin sprints to the corner- BUT HE MISSES GETTING TO THE TOP! An unconscious form of selling! If he meant it, it would be brilliant, naturalism style selling. But you and I know he just slipped and popping up. So the stand in the middle of the ring crush each others faces with forearms until Benjamin hits a Superkick after Sugiura hits the ropes. Benjamin runs at him and Sugiura hoists him into a backjbreaker AND SELLS THE KNEE! Goddanm, Sugiura just fucking LATS IT IN and BEANJAMIN FUCKING LAYS IT IN! Sugiura hits another German and then hits his own Olympic Slam for the win? Duurrrn, beaten with your own quasi-finisher! They are lots of ways you can hem and haw at the little... problems... with this match. But I cannot begin to think that they would overcome the overall love and enjoyment this match gave me. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2z9edc_shelton-x-benjamin-vs-takashi-sugiura-noah_sport
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    I think if Sting or Goldberg were in that match at Wrestlemania 19 the ending would've been the same. I'm sure racism played a part in it, but I honestly believe it was more about Hunter sticking it to a WCW champion when he didn't get to during the Invasion. The match wasn't racist, everything else leading up to that match were extremely racist.
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    This is a great board with generally reasoned, normal people, but every once in a while someone will say something absurd and it'll become some degree of groupthink for a few weeks. I remember for a few weeks people saying the New Age Outlaws were never any good (they got old, but they were fantastic for a while,) Dolph Ziggler isn't any good/not over (patently false/depends on the city) and now this Stratus nonsense. She started out as T&A for a team called T&A, and ended up one of the most iconic Divas in the history of the business. This idea that she wasn't important or any good is ludicrous. She started out horrid, I'll grant that, but she worked hard and became a very good, if never great, worker.
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    I promise I have a girlfriend- I had to leave at like 5am from her house in Vegas to get to some of these tapings in time because it was the one where I was trying to meet Pentagon Jr (photo below) Hopefully she likes that the preview pic for the highlight video this week is of my groin BUST OUT THE WIDESCREEN TVS GENTS
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    I didn't really register BatB because the initial question gave the impression OP was looking for something more serious, but it's a fucking awesome show. Bonus points for a Space Ghost crossover, adapting the Kuwata manga, and a dozen other things.
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    The dark, hidden mysterious past, the superficial and blindly obvious attempt to make him "the next Wolverine", the never going anywhere drama with Rogue, and that fucking accent. Good fucking Christ just put him in Apocalypse, kill him in the first fucking scene, and move the fuck on.
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    Seriously, Rusev is on one of the greatest "turn chicken shit into chicken salad" tears of all-time right now. And that entrance on Tough Enough really has me wishing that they would just turn Cesaro into some sort of Richard Branson knockoff. A European million-dollar man type character that has flights of fancy and adventure, but wrestling will always be his first true love. Like instead of scouting his opponents through regular WWE footage, he has drones flying around the arena trying to spot weaknesses in his opponents that not even WWE's camera can catch. And he arrives at Wrestlemania in a hot air balloon or a jetpack.
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    Yup. "Okay kid, you got your Jack Daniels? No!? What about your 8x10s for the cops? WHAT DO YOU MEAN THAT DON'T WORK NO MORE!? "Listen here baby, now I know in Ireland they drive on the opposite side, so you have to work on your other arm to perfect throwing the beer bottle at the road sign."
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    PS how the flying fuck have I been out of likes for TWO days now? C-o-n ... spiracy!
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    "The Hebrew Hammer" Ziv Himmelfarb. It has a nice ring to it.
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    My most favorite horror movie going experience was when I went to see Cronenberg's adaptation of The Fly. As the scenes got more and more graphic, the audience got smaller and smaller until there was only myself and a seventy year old lady left. We both made it to the end. As we walked out during the final credits, she smiled at me and said, "Sure were a lot of lightweights here tonight, eh?" I nodded my acknowledgement and headed out to grab a burger.
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    WCW's New Blood Rising. Garbage from start to finish.
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    I went to this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RUS_AlcJwow
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