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    "Whoa, wait a minute, Scott. What are you talking about? What happens to us in the future? What, do we become assholes or something?" "Nonononono, KUSHIDA. You and Jennifer turn out fine. It's your kids, KUSHIDA. Something's gotta be done about your kids!" "What happened to th-" "THEY'RE FAT."
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    God. I don't care that he's 45, crazy, and reeks of TNA stench. If Cena is out there and the opening bit of "Medal" hits, I'm jizzing my pants. Proudly.
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    DEATH VALLEY DRIVERETTE 07222015 More EXPLORATION! And the new Okabayashi match. ~!~ SINGLES GOING STEADY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DIASUKE SEKIMOTO vs YUJI OKABAYASHI- BIG JAPAN PRO WRESTLING- 7/20/2015-[RASMUSSEN]: This is for the Big Japan Strong Style Title held by Sekimoto. I used to hate Sekimoto and then, over time, he got beaten into my heart, mostly by Kohei Sato. Okabayashi is my current favorite wrestler. I like his intensity. I like the intensity of everything in Big Japan that isn’t their shitty death match division. It’s strange. It’s like liking McDonald’s for the salads, or liking Burger King for the salads. Or liking Wendy’s for the salads. Let’s enjoy the best salad Big Japan can toss at us. Salads! They start the Strong Style belt match by doing the strong style test of shoulder blocks and THERE IS ALREADY BLOOD? Fuck. And. Yes. Actually, reviewing it, it’s hardway from the LOCK-UP. That bodes well for DEAN’s enjoyment of a wrestling match. They ram into each other and call each other pussies and then Sekimoto bowls him over for two and blood is smearing on Okabayashi’s chest as they take it to the floor. Okabayashi FUCKING fucking MOTHERFUCKING CRUSHES Sekimoto’s chest with a chop. I dunno, I can’t explain why I love this style of wrestling so much yet I have no patience for MMA. Actually, I was smartened up about wrestling when I was 6 and was never into boxing as much I got into wrestling- so I think is a correlation- because boxing in 1973 was the greatest boxing that boxing will ever be- Ali, Frazier, Foreman, Norton, Jimmy Young, Shavers, those white guys whose names elude me right now. So if I took Blackjack and Wahoo over Ali and Frazier- both sports of which were on TV back then- there has to be a reason why I like wrestlers who lay it in over fighters who actually punch each other in the stomachs. My theory is that I am a a romantic and I love art. MMA is a sport. Wrestling is an art. People who look for fulfillment in sports are weirdos and losers (unless it’s the CFL- and then it truly is inspiring feats by heroes of the grid-iron. Mike Pringle was Ullysses! Rakeem Cato is a Christ-like figure.). But art, even wrestling- the lowest, most fucked-up of the arts, is supposed to expose and enrich the human spirit. So wrestling wins, fuck you, everything else. Okabayashi bodyslams Sekimoto to the floor and then hits a very fat fatboy Piscado and the beating through chops are exchanged into the crowd. Sekimoto goes on offense and he is intense while Okabayashi leans into the posting. They try some stuff but don’t actually execute it well at all. That’ll cost you a star. Prolly. They cover it up by beating on each other so the STAR IS REGAINED! Sekimoto brings totally fat ass forearms to Kobatashi’s gigantic skull and I really like it when you watch the Big Japan Strong Style Division and they really start fucking laying it in. They do that at this point. Sekimoto hits a brainbuster to procure the Eudylike Chinlock and they fight in and out of that for a little while to MORPH into them beating the hell out of each other again to set up a headlock. Okabayashi Backdrop Drivers out and I assume he will procure a Mister Fuji nerve pinch to set up a Released Toprope Death Valley Bomb. But I am wrong- they en lieu elbow each other in the face while on their knees to get to chopping each other on their feet to Sekimoto running into the ropes to accept a manly powerslam by Okabayashi to allow Okabayashi to procure the Octopus Hold. I love the backwards psychology of using highly visual power moves to set up very static submission holds. It’s like the 70s style in reverse. Sekimoto hits the ropes to allow Okabayashi to murder him with chops. Sekimoto fires back with his own murderous chops and a dropkick and corner lariat to probably set up an Airplane Spin. But no. Argentenian Backbreaker- which predates the Airplane Spin. Okabayashi muscles out and transitions through a sleeper into his own Argentenian Backbreaker- as the Argentenian Backbreaker is to Big Japan Strong Style what the Western Lariat is to the King’s Road Style. I dig little things like that. Sekimoto mirrors Okabayashi's escape from the backbreaker but settles in for a Sleeper as the mirror is augmented and distorted to make the psychology more lush and vibrant. Okabayashi cures all this girly shit by fucking KILLING Sekimoto with a running powerbomb into the turnbuckle. Okabayashi hits he fucking Deadlift Brainbuster that is soooooo fucking MANLY. And keeping with the story of the match, these visually stunning spots lead up to a static submission- a Boston Crab. Sekimoto makes the ropes and collapses in a heap to allow Okabayashi to gos up for the frog splash and they battle at the top- with Okabayashi winning the struggle and hitting a really great Bucket Of Fried Chicken Fatman Missile Dropkick! That move I haven't seen from our boy Okabayashi. Sekimoto powers out of the tombstone so they can crush each other with lariats and German suplexes. Okabayshi hits the Shotgun Lariat but is too SPENT to make the cover. I await the Stump-puller. Instead, they go back to beating the hell out of each other. I and the audience assume this is now going Broadway as Sekimoto hits a fucking beautiful lariat to set-up his deadly EVEREST SUPLEX but Okabayashi fights out of it before getting kicked in the head and then taking it. For 2, this is Broadway! I can feel it! Except I read the results on Cagematch before I watched so I have to suspend my disbelief! Sekimoto hits a really nasty lariat and it looks like it's over but the chopping- but Okabayashi fights out of another EVEREST and hits a few chops and lands a SKULL CRUSHING lariat for two. Okabayashi ascends the turnbuckle and hits his finisher, the frog splash for the WIN! Butbutbutbut WTF? Sekimoto kicks out! That's the finisher you don't kick out of! Unless.... Total Broadway? Not now. They've given Sekimoto the kick out of the Okabayshi Finisher. That can only mean: Okabayashi hoists Sekimoto up and just fucking VADERS Sekimoto with a powerbomb. For the win! For the belt! Fuck yes! This is the year of Yuji Okabayashi! So this is also MY year as a wrestling fan. And that's what's important. To me. It's a great match and A strange match and it Is not like other Big Japan Strong Style matches. The psychology of the match was giant moves to set up static moves. I feel like this would have a perfect match if the powerbomb set up a Indian Deathlock or a Sharpshooter. But maybe that idea is for the rematch. I'll take this everyday and twice on Sundays. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2yu62u_daisuke-sekimoto-vs-yuji-okabayashi-on-7-20-15_sport More Later tonight! YEP!
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    @BellaTwins: [email protected] can we have a hug??? Maybe all of #TeamBella ??? What do you say??
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    Sabin's hurt so the Sabin/Kushida team is out of the GFW Tag Tournament. Kushida's now in the LEXIS*NEXIS tournament instead. Also, unavailable due to injury are The English Lords. If Kushida can only team with guys from Michigan then they should've teamed him with Scott Steiner. Steiner can drive the DeLorean. Time-traveling Scott Steiner.
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    I remember the first time I saw Bryan Danielson in ROH and I thought, "I bet that guy has great sperm." Glad to know I was right.
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    Because Fuck Randy Orton.
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    This. ARMBAR or Rousey wins by TKO.
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    The best part of this thread is that there's a Tommy Dreamer knockoff out there somewhere.
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    Oh he got me too. He charged $15 for a picture at the Legends of Wrestling fanfest in 2010. I took a pic and only had a $20. He said he didn't have any change so he took a xeroxed copy of a WWF magazine cover with him and DiBiase on it, autographed it and said he'd throw that in for the extra $5. I didn't really want it but didn't feel like arguing the point. It felt strange that he would charge $15 for something but not have any five dollar bills so I watched his table from afar and saw him do that to at least 4 or 5 other people.
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    I thought Trainwreck was really funny and sweet. Amy Schumer is incredibly talented and has really taken it to the next level. There were a few things that could have been edited out of the movie to make it tighter but nothing they left in ruined the movie. I go to about three movies a year. I'm glad this was one of them.
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    After way too many drinks last Friday night, I proceeded to end the night by attempting to purchase Burger King whilst doing a Dusty Rhodes impersonation. I was then advised that my remarks were unnecessarily homophobic and they wouldn't take my order. Fuck Burger King.
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    Coincidentally, ( 3 ) looks like a power-hungry asshole.
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    I'm not hyper-defensive. Seems like projection. I just think that your position doesn't pass muster and is essentially fishing for a link between someone voicing physical attraction and someone thinking that the Divas are primarily worth only something nice to look at for male viewers. You're missing a lot of links in that chain. It could be that many of us are closet sexists, but more likely, you're just incredibly tiresome with your pedantic posts.
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    Stone Cold Steve Austin is a stupid mark.
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    Went to a NWS show in Jersey where they advertised an Oddity reunion with Giant Silva and Golga. Golga was black. Also sat through a four hour Nitro/Thunder taping in 2001 that was pretty rough. Started in the 200 section, moved down to fourth row by the end of the show.
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    It will get canceled after 6-13 episodes, but I am SO pumped for this. I lost it last night watching this when Kermit said "what can I say? I'm into pigs." I did not understand the bad reviews for that second new Muppet movie at all. It was just fine. Probably the best song of the two (and the biggest Flight of the Conchords-esque song) in "Cockatoo in Malibu."
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    Too many CZW shows from 2002 - 2012 to count. If I had to figure out the worst CZW show I ever saw live I guess it would be this one from 2005: 1. 6 Man Tag Match2. Chris Hero vs. Jon Dahmer (Dahmer won by the way )3. Niles Young vs. Derek Frazier4. Claudio Castagnoli, Hallowicked, Crossbones & Ravage vs. Nate Webb, Mike Quackenbush, Jigsaw & DJ Hyde5. Ghost Shadow, Heretic & Spyral vs. Eddie Kingston, Ruckus & Sabian6. El Generico & Beef Wellington vs. H8 Club (if I remember it was a complete squash by Gage & Justice Pain)7. Super Dragon & Excalibur vs. Sexxxy Eddy & Chri$ Ca$h8. Alex Shelley vs. Sonjay Dutt9. B-Boy vs. Kaos
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    I think she's a danger to herself an others but I'm not a trained wrestler and don't really know shit. This week has a pretty fun main event. I'm in the front row next to Cueto's office the rest of the season.
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    Corpse Joey Maggs would probably kick out of an AA.
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    I've been telling people this for over a decade now. Dude never paid for a meal or a drink or a bump to first class in a 2 week Alaskan tour.
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    Well there's the aforementioned Ray Donovan, which I enjoy. Come on JT, it's only 2 episodes in! Masters of Sex was good but it's getting a little tiresome and I can't stand whatever Lizzy Caplan's voice affect is supposed to be. Can you go back and watch old shows? The first few seasons of Dexter were good before it shit the bed. Homeland starts up again in the fall is is a good show, though season 2 was a little meh. Overall, I'd give it a shot.
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    IIRC, isn't there a deleted scene from Superman II where the police are taking away Zod, Non & Ursa? Edit: Found it.
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    This thread keeps on giving. Here's my contribution to it which I posted here when it was first made: Classic!
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    I can't believe the traditional challenge maps weren't included. I'm guessing either they thought this was better or worse, taken out to be used as DLC. I don't like the way the Arkham games go about DLC though I'm not a fan of DLC anyway ; ).
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    Sleaze and Ball - The Date Rapists. Reminds me of when Bob Holly and Billy Gunn teamed for a bit and their finisher was the "Gunn Holly Bomb," or "GHB."
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    My favorite part so far: Nikki: "Do you guys ever think about how all this baby talk feels to me?" Brie and Bryan: "No."
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    Been to a few bad shows. The best known one was the Heroes of Wrestling PPV. I was on the coast visiting my family. Found out about the show so took my then late 70s grandmother. But the worst,and only 80 people saw this. Last Rites Championship Wrestling August 2012 Show started an hour late. In one corner of the ring under the mat instead of the normal padding they had a dirty wadded up quilt. They forgot the secure the mat down. So during the first match,an 20 man battle royal,the ring crew had to run out and squat by the ring trying to hold the mat down. By 10pm the third match started and at least 40 people left. By quarter to midnight there was maybe 20 people left. The main event started with the face coming out and "whispering" to the heel,while standing 10 foot from the ring with the heel in the ring "THE OWNERS WANT US OUT OF HERE BY QUARTER AFTER SO GO HOME QUICK!" The 20 people left heard him say this so for the entire 10 minute match chanted "GO HOME GO HOME". The face wins then proceeds to cut a 20 minute promo about how in a month Last Rites would be back in town. They never came back.
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    So Cesaro has his breakthrough win last week, and they couldn't even go two shows without him getting pinned? Yeah it was to the world champ and I'm sure it was a good match with plenty of this is awesome chants, but how about let's let a guy build momentum for more than a week. Sheamus had to get a win because he lost to Orton even though Harper could've used it more since he was basically a jobber post Wyatts. Bellas had to get a win because Brie lost, and if I didn't watch NXT and already know how good those girls are I wouldn't give a single shit about any of this. 50/50 booking with no interesting storylines nobody is ever going to get over like this.
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    Was I not clear on that when I said Sasha ripped it and she looked real good out there? You said something about how attractive she was, so obviously you don't care about or respect her work, you sexist pig. How dare you verbalize that you think someone is pretty? FOR SHAAAAAAAME. EDIT: True about New Day. The only bummer is that Big E is being wasted because I truly believe that she should at least be in the upper-midcard and circulating around the gold. Can talk, can work at a high level, has personality.
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    I was going to go that in Northern Virginia but my wife's water broke as I was walking out the door.
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    I went to this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RUS_AlcJwow
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    After seeing it on ~EL REY~ last week i've got to add Danger: Diabolik! Man what a great looking movie, this was full on late 60's trippy psychedilia mixed with james bond and batman. It was amazing
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    I kinda love that not one person thought that maybe they should move the fucking light switch
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    I don't because I have no desire to see Taker, Kane, or Sting ever wrestle again.
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    Y'll are nuts. Lance Henriksen looked great last night. The added muscle and hair dye actually make him look younger. I just don't know why he cost Brock his match. Maybe Brock didn't like Millennium?
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    Brett Favre retired in 2007 and is great.
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    'Taker looks fucking awful. Old and fat. Couldn't even get his back hair waxed before showing up? He doesn't look like he belongs within a mile of a wrestling ring at this stage of his life.
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    I'm dying to see the The Hateful Eight teaser so I can look at whatever the hell QT and Robert Richardson have conjured up.
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    Arya is a mark. They are trying to smarten her up to the business. Jaqen is just a gimmick. To them, all faces, all names, all identities, are just gimmicks to take on and off. The guy from season 5 is not the same guy she met back in season 2; they're just using the same face at these respective times to keep things simple for her...and/or perhaps to ultimately drive home this lesson when they "kill" the Jaqen gimmick right before her eyes. They are all really "No One"; i.e. blank slates that have no "true" personality that might interfere with the work, as happens to Arya. She passes her first test by convincing that girl to drink from the fountain: i.e. she can keep kayfabe and protect the business. She fails the next one -- work the insurance shark -- because she still has a "someone" (Arya Stark) who interferes with living her Clam Cart Girl gimmick. She goes into business for herself and shoots on Meryn Trant. She still believes gimmicks like Jaqen are real, thus she can't treat her Arya Stark identity like just another gimmick, so she's not No One and not ready to be No One yet.
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    Chad Dukes Wrestling Show interview with Tyrus (a/k/a Brodus Clay)
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    I found this last week at random in a best buy. Until I can personally deliver it into Cody or Dustin's hands, it's gonna stay with me. I won't lie, when I came upon it out of nowhere, I shed a couple tears.
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    I know that's just a standard Dave Typo, but I can just imagine Stephanie in a conference room with Jerry Jones and lying through her teeth, treating Jerry like an indy show money mark. Jerry Jones: Ultimate Warrior, he's gonna be there, right. Stephanie: You bet, we're gonna have him and Hulk Hogan fight each other in a steel cage Match. Jerry Jones: How about them Von Erichs? Any of them still wrasslin'? Stephanie: Oh yeah, we've booked Kerry & Dave in a Badstreet Match against Terry Gordy & Gino Hernandez. Gary Hart and Kamala are going to do a run-in. Jerry Jones: Awesome. I loved Gary Hart. He was that Arab fella who wore the towel on his head, right? Stephanie: Yep.
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