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    Will someboy stop the damn match?
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    That's a perfect summary of a late game with Mel.And I forgot about golf too (surprise surprise). But now that I remember, I wish I could forget again. I shot 7 over. Hell, I think I started the first hole with an unplayable lie. We should have tried the golf course race after that. I'd pay good money for video of us drunk, trying to make that jump over the water.
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    It was funny I saw them both sign on right at 11 pm when I was getting off of Destiny And I remember thinking "God - if it wasn't a school night I might stupidly stay up..."
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    When I first started hearing about ECW Shane Douglas was the person I wanted to see the most. He was hyped up to a point that I thought I was missing the greatest wrestler in the history of the world by not having access to ECW tv. So, I went to 7-11 got a money order(do they still have those?) and sent it out for a tape of ECW from some site I'm sure doesn't exist any more. I got home from school one day and popped the tape in and I've never in my life been more disappointed. He just talked and talked and talked and talked and talked and talked and talked and talked and talked about absolutely nothing. I couldn't believe it. The internet was abuzz with praise for Shane Douglas, and I just knew that he would be my new favorite. I could't have been less impressed. His promos sucked, his wrestling was worse, and he was clearly the worse part of every show he was on. He is in my bottom five workers of all time. I can't remember enjoying anything he has ever done.
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    Tiger Jeet Singh... I am a better professional wrestler than Tiger Jeet Singh. There. I said it.
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    Unless we are talking about Dan MCDevitt (who owns MD Champ Wrestling and worked as Corporal Punushment.)
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    It's too bad you can't teach that.
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    The Innovatoru ofu Viorence I'm sorry
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    We may see the first ever real life madden rage quit in the NFL
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    The Dark Knight should have won this whole thing but at least the very overrated Avengers is gone. Now to vote against Donner and all the ridiculous fan boys.
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    When this game goes up on NFL rewind, they should just dub over Benny Hill's song and be done with it.
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    I wish they just muted the crowd sounds. Honestly contemporary american wrestling crowds are pretty awful.
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    Played some Crucible earlier to finish out 3 bounties giving me 5000 exp each! Anyway, in the midst of doing that, glfpunk got on. He played well for his team and I did well for mine. We got to play on the same side once and I felt like we were tearing it up, until we looked at the post match stats and saw that the kills leader on our team had like 40+ kills. Jesus.
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    The more I think about it Old Billy was right Let's kill all the lawyers Kill 'em tonight Wait, what? Congrats on the win. I'm always gonna high-five you for getting not guilty clients cleared.
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    Let's not forget the pic of the rolled up $20 in the restroom that was for...sipping soda? And of course, Johnny Football also has a rich daddy who could get charges dropped. Who knows what else he might have done that never got reported? BUT...I am not equating Winston and Manziel's actions, mind you. Everyone needs to chill on that. What we know of Winston is far-far-far-far-far-FAR more serious than anything that came out with JFF. But...the statement was - With the current climate in the NFL I would be surprised if conduct doesn't cause Winston's position to fall much farther than it would have in previous years. Who want to pay millions to a player that may not make it through the end of his first contract? There were teams who weren't keen on spending money on Manziel given his personality (see the Pats scouting report), but the Browns bit and Jerry Jones had to be horsecollared into not biting. If teams are willing to take fliers on Josh Gordon, Dez Bryant and JFF after their college mishaps - AND give them big money. Maybe the messes of the NFL this season will change attitudes. But you know there would be a team that will think Winston can be rehabbed. I am 100% positive that team would be the Raiders. *sigh*
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    Sad, but true. (in regards to the comic) I got my first purple last night, and it was a PULSE RIFLE! Yay me, because that's what I run with my bladedancer! It's pretty awesome. I also found out that you don't have to get to level fifteen with each character to pick a sub class. I rolled a warlock after unlocking bladedancer with my main, and I was able to pick sunsinger from level one. I didn't, because I like Nova Bomb, but it'll make my plan to have one of each subclass (if I can have six characters) go quicker.
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    I made the mistake of staying up until 3AM with the GTA5 Night Shift one too many times. I am usually good until about 1PM if I am only working on three hours sleep. After that, the delirium sets in and I begin to hallucinate. I am old and need my sleep.
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    I am an old fucker. I recall being unimpressed with Douglas in Watts' UWF. I lost track of him until the Dynamic Dudes. Yeah, no. I got out of wrestling for a bit and randomly caught him teaming with Steamboat in WCW. Did nothing for me. I catch ECW for the first time in 96. And there is a gassed up Douglas doing shooty promos that I didn't understand and doing his best comic book villain. Did nothing for me - and I actually LIKED ECW at the time. I realize I am never going to get the love Douglas has in some quarters. But I don't think you can chalk up people not liking him because of seeing things after the fact. And yeah, my two favorite memories of Douglas is Cornette turning on the Dudes and the Philly crowd shitting all over the Dudes at Halloween Havoc 89.
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    Is this the wrong thread where I say I just got a domestic violence charge dismissed? (ducks) (It was a bullshit ploy by a 250 lb. man accusing his 110 lb. ex-wife of slapping him during a child custody dispute) (Mountain Dew Code Red is liquid meth)
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    Texas QB David Ash has thankfully decided to call it quits. Either he realized the obvious or somebody finally got through him that having a functional brain later in life might be nice.
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    Imagine if you were to just start listening to 70s punk rock without the context of the bloated 70s rock scene and disco and the like? So much of that stuff seems like it's so dumb -- three chords, immature lyrics, no musicianship or production value, etc. That's what's weird about talking about ECW 20 years later. It's really hard to respond to the context. I think a lot of what happened with punk is that so many people picked up the early template set by bands like The Ramones or what have you and put their own spin on it and really elevated the genre and brought it into different directions. Whereas that's really impossible with wrestling for a lot of different reasons. This is just a way of me saying I have to go to work and I don't have time to write a 75,000 word essay comparing CZW to Dischord Records.
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    I personally have come to that conclusion but for me, Destiny is all about the catharsis found in shooting things in the head while talking about pro wrestling and sports and movies and shit with my fellow DVDVR members. If all I did was play the game, I'd get tired of it pretty quickly That's the same reason I'm playing GTA at this point. I barely touch it on my own. I'll probably play some Destiny by myself, because I'm way behind others on getting my character started/leveled up. I did finally manage to unwrap Destiny yesterday and then promptly fell asleep for two hours once the install started.
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    I used to like Vampires and Zombies. Then Twilight happened and killed vampires completly. Zombies, I'm just burnt out on. I also blame Twilight for the horriffic amount of shitty tween-Young Adult Vampire Slashfic currently on the market. Lord of Light, the shit I had to wade through on my library app on my Nook to get past that shit and into the actual decent fiction was disturbing.
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    You know, I half read that as saying Tennessee & Cincinnati was going to be played at Eastern Washington U, and got very very excited.
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    California should never be allowed to leave the union. I wouldn't be upset if we gave Alaska to the Canadians so long as we got to annex parts of British Columbia in return. It would be nice to be able to visit Vancouver without a passport. We will not trade our weed-smoking Pacific coast hippies (and more importantly, Mad Dog Marty Sugar) for Sarah Palin. EVER.
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    Not even the awesomness of Harley Race and his afro can make TJS rise above ridiculously shitty. Rippa and I talked about this last night and we both agree that the only thing the tag match accomplishes is that it piques your interest into whether or not One Man Gang and Jerry Blackwell ever squared off in singles competition. The best parts of that match are the ones where Singh is not in the wrestling ring.
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    I should probably just post the steadicam Goodfellas shot in this thread as well. It will help eliminate all this "Scorsese exposed" crap. I mean, if he's been "exposed" then who is actually a good director? I'll never understand this viewpoint of "gritty" and "realistic" is bad and or not enjoyable. I'm a happy person. But fuck if I don't love a good mob boss getting his fucking teeth kicked in.
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    I always love when the gif thread turns to stupid Indy spots we laugh at time. It's the only time in the pro wrestling forums we can agree on something.
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    Lost in Translation is a fucking masterpiece, and several of you all suck.
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    The slide was working too light, so Vader decided to slide down the part with the ladder on it.
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    I just don't understand the Nash hate. Even if he's the person that did all of the horrible shit you folks said that he did, he didn't rape a puppy or anything. He's just a dumb, drunk rassler. That's the sort of shit DVDVR used to eat up. Take that smark rage shit over to Scott Keith's blog.
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    I would not bet on me staying alive through an entire mission.
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    In honor of Rasheeeeeeed Wallace's 40th birthday I'm going to get kicked out of my job.
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    I imagine him standing up right at the foot of the slide, use the momentum to leap over the wall in cartoon-esque fashion and fly bellowing into the camera to Avalanche-clobber the photographer.
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    What's the matter, can't find your scissors? I said, what's the matter, can't find your scissors?
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    Big Van Vader being adorable: https://twitter.com/itsvadertime/status/512024433028907008
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    I love the location there. I envision Sasuke screaming at the bus driver to pull over and telling everyone to get their gear on, it's company photo time.
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    I was under the impression that King's purpose was to write a mystery with no end, to reflect the horror of reality - that many of these crimes can't be figured out. I thought it was a worthwhile attempt, and I enjoyed the characters and the place enough that I didn't feel very frustrated when the final page came around. Also, I'd suggest reading more stuff from Hard Case Crime, which published this book. They've got some killer pulps out there.
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    Saw them in New York in May and I ached for a week afterwards. Absolutely worth it. man, tell me about it. What a weird show. I am SO hesitant to use this word to describe anyone much less a woman, but this drunken bitch sexually assaulted a friend of mine during A Little God In Our Hands, and then while she was getting kicked out for taking a swing at my friend (who kicked her in the shins to get her off her) she stumbled and knocked me and my best friend over, and she landed on my bad leg. Her apology? "Hiiiiii." I think if you hurt two people I love and me in a twenty second period, I get to call you a bitch. I think that's the line. Then the rest of their two hour set happened and we got shook in another way. Wild times in LA. Also if you saw Swans in NY that means you saw them with Jenny Hval and I am SO JEALOUS. UGH. Not that Carla Bozulich was a bad opener at all! She was excellent! Jenny's just a hero of mine.
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    Inhaling vodka out of a humidifier is a cheap and terrible way to get drunk and watch Raw.
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    I hope this leads to Rev. Slick teaching Cameron how to bowl and turn someone over to pin them.
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    Oh, so you're married?
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    That promo was so fun. Just based on the idea that a good gimmick is an exaggeration of one's personality, then Enzo is gold. I am a big mark for him and Cass (who has better ring potential but the gimmick fits less well) but I see him as a great manager, if he can subsume his ego to take a non-wrestling role. I hope he is pulling Michael P. S. Hayes' coat for feud advice. I dig the Vaudevillians too but that gimmick has less potential for the big stage. My daughter was legit bummed that they eliminated Enzo & BC from the tag tourney, and now hates on them. She calls them the "baby music team" now. kids say the carniest things, RAF p.s. - my kid also took a bad bump off her bike, color and everything, and when I asked if she was OK she told me thru gritted teeth that she's not S.A.W.F.T. If she had given me the office I would have plotzed (but I haven't smartened her up yet).
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