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    (Welp, I can't get Internet Explorer to post images on here for shizzz, so I'm going with the backup plan of Google Chrome. I have to travel back and forth from each browser to even get it to work....but alas...If it doesn't work I'll delete this stuff ASAP) I find professional wrasslin' as an art form. Like many arts it's fugged up and beautifuul in many respects. And I'll post images that have used wrasslin as a theme in it's work, hope ya'll enjoy! I wish I had a tattoo of this... And MY all time FAVE, CAP'N REDNECK HIMSELF... ...there's a few more of these awesome drawings but I'll change pace a wee bit with this last one and make sure everything posted okay before I move on... Again I hope ya'll dug these, if they posted correctly I'll give ya'll some more treats in a few! -Preish!
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    Amen You thought The Wire was boring, yet you enjoyed and emphatically defend Ang Lee's insomnia curing Hulk movie? Mind.. blown..
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    Nobody draws in WWE except Cena.
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    Updating a post from a few months ago, because it still makes me giggle: "Although The Wire is fiction, not a documentary, its depiction of [the] systemic urban inequality that constrains the lives of the urban poor is more poignant and compelling [than] that of any published study, including my own" - William Julius Wilson "Generic cop show with nothing but clich├ęd plot points that were old in the 70's." - Brian Fowler
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    DRIVERETTE 9182014 Eh, I try to put together a string of a thousand straight days of wrestling reviews but a lot of things conspire against me: Football season, work, 70 of my children, my new old guy metalish band (that debuts at the Wonderland in RVA on October 4th opening for fucking DRUGLORD!), choir practice with my daughters, my sons football practice- which are all just a smokescreen for the fact that I only get excited when new Big Japan shows up on the internet. So some showed up, so here we are. Behold. The Professional Wrestling. @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@SINGLES ###############################GOING $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$STEADY ------------------------------------- !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHUJI ISHIKAWA/ KOHEI SATO vs DIASUKE SEKIMOTO/ RYUCHI KAWAKAMI- BIG JAPAN PRO WRESTLING- 8/24/2014: FUCK. YES. Ah, bring me the stiff. If you are new to the NEW ERA of DVDVR Sporadic Reviewing of The Pro Wrestling, Shuji Ishikawa and Kohei Sato are the tallest meanest stiffest-working tagteam in Japan and THUS they are my current favorite tagteam. I love everything about Kohie Sato. He is probably my current favorite wrestler. YEah, I will say now that he is. Fuck yes, may they reign forever. Shuji Ishikawa and the good-lookin' Emo boy Ryuchi Kawakami start out and Shuji offers up a clean break because this is some kind of fuckin sunday school or something. I don't know, maybe they are going to put on tiaras and have a tea party too. They do a Greco Roman knuckle lock and I love it when they tease me before they fucking kill each other. They work a headlock/headscissors section and tag out. Sato and Sekimoto lock it up and they fiddle with headlocks. In the midst of synching the headlock in on Kohei Sato, Sekimoto has a look of dread on his face, as if he knows that after the headlock, Sato will use his entire 6'4" frame to beat the living breathing dogpiss out of him. After the headlock, Sato begins beating the leaving breathing dogpiss out of Sekimoto. Sekimoto powers out of an arm submission so he can stand toe to toe with Sato- who just fucking blasts into the skull of Sekimoto like a fucking lunatic. Then he kicks Sekimoto in the chest a bunch and I remember the rush, the thrill- of watching Japanese wrestling. Shuji Ishikawa tags in and remembers he also will pulverize a motherfucker. Our motherfucker at the moment is Sekimoto. BUT he crawls over to Kawakami to allow Kawakami and ishikawa to just fucking GO AT IT and it is the brawling that I have loved since watching my first wrestling match in 1969. Ishikawa tags out and Sato hits Inverted Reverse Falcon Arrow #31 of the New Era. He tries for his breath-takingly beautiful piledriver, but the young, good-looking Emo boy Kawakami is powerful and preposterously tough and he powers out and tags in Sekimoto. Sekimoto is MODE: HOUSE A-FIRE and it is a good role for him. He can look berserker and hits nice lariats and then here hits a sweet Brainbuster. Sato cuts off Sekimoto and just smashes Sekimoto's skull with a forearm and tags in a generally pissed off Ishikawa. Ishikawa does some strange knee-based offense off the second rope to set-up a very short abdominal stretch moment that Sekimoto cuts short by quickly hitting the ropes- because Sekimoto is a dope and thus wants fucking Shuji fucking Ishikawa to go back to savagely beating the fuck out him. Sekimoto is pretty awesome brawling in this though- so I'm guessing the point of the this match was for Sekimoto to try to get closer to Sato in the eyes of the Big Japan following by showing that take and dish out an ass-beating. Kawakami tags in and he looks far more comfortable brawling and suplexing. Ishikawa is pretty great in this selling the damage of Kawakami's Released German by stumbling while being enraged, calling for the double team to kill this motherfucker already. And they do. BUT Sekimoto does the THOROUGHLY bad ass EVEREST~! German Suplex overhead to the mat on a fully prone Pinning Predicament Ishikawa. Kawakami- saved and fired up- trades ridiculously huge forearms with Ishikawa until Kawakami's forearms finally overcomes Ishikawa and allows Kawakami to go for his finisher (whatever that is. He doesn't win much yet.) but Ishikawa reverses it into a fucking beautiful K-Driller for two. Ishikawa finally gets Kawakami up into a Diehard Kansai/Last Ride/ Splash Mountain/Razor's Edge and gets the win. Man, I hope Sato and Ishikawa keep the belts forever. When they drop them, I hope they drop them to a team with Kawakami. Kawakami is quickly becoming the next Okabayashi. Sooooo fucking good. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CDE-1jMC7hw $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ KAZUKI HASHIMOTO vs KOJI KANEMOTO- BIG JAPAN PRO WRESTLING- 8/24/2014: Oh fuck yes, Big Japan knows how to take me from "Oh fuck wrestling" to "JESUS! WHY AM I NOT WATCHING THIS YET!" Surly asshole young punk of Big Japan takes on 90s surly asshole young punk of yesteryear. Hey! My favorite match from 1998- Koji Kanemot versus El Samurai- was.... SIXTEEN years ago. Oy. Hold me. I am ever so old..... But of my pining for yesteryear, lets see what these two folks do when K-Hash tries to do Kanemoto's signature move. It'll be fun. K-Hash has a fauncy new long vest- like he's some kind anime character. Kanemoto's ring attire whips K-Hash's ring attire's ass: Kanemoto has a robe with a ten inch collar- as if he were some kind of Dr Strange villain. Kanemoto looks aged and intense. K-Hash looks 12. They start by punching each other in the face. Not Sato/Kawakami-level but I would prolly advise watching this before the tag match because every level of stiffness loses miserably to Sato/Ishikawa level of stiff. But fuck all that, these two brawl like motherfuckers through the crowd with Hashimoto not flinching at flying facefirst into and through a section of chairs. They get back to the ring and there are no clean breaks (T.A't.N.A.S.S.). At 46ish, Kanemoto is still fucking smooth as silk in the ring. He latches on a totally Volk Han-level leg submission and it is thing of beauty forever. Hashimoto sells it like Kanemoto is channelling Volk Han by snapping his tendons in two. Kanemoto kicks him a bit and sinks in the ankle lock. Kanemoto stands up and starts punching K-Hash in the face A LOT which is fucking awesome. The crowd gives him the business and he revels in it like the true OG asshole bastard fucker that he is. They trade kicks for a while and Kanemoto hits another submission and THEN. K-Hash doesn't want do the face scrapes. Kanemoto just fucking punches him in the face to keep him down and hits the face scrapes to set up the TM3 Moonsault. K-Hash moves and rolls to the floor but Kanemoto lands on his feet and goes straight to the tope. GODDAM. Kanemoto punches him in the stomach and then hits a 7 quarters legit spin kick to the teeth and this match is fucking BEAUTIFUL. Kanemoto then moonsaults into Hashimoto's knees and Koji takes a running kick to the face. K-Hash makes with the Kanemoto Face Scrapes and the crowd feels stirrings in their Upset Place as they get behind this snot-nosed little bastard. K-Hash goes 90s NJ JR with the Fisherman Buster but Kanemoto cuts him off by rolling through a kick into an ankle lock. Then they do a section of really nice ways of Kanemoto applying the ankle lock and K-Hash escaping and then getting some offense in before Kanemoto cuts him off by spinning into another submission. K-Hash escapes the cycle by hitting a fucking preposterously nasty Released German that Kanemoto over-rotates for maximum horror. K-Hash crushes him with a running kick to the face, a BJPW-level legit headbutt and fucking NORTHERN LIGHTS BOMB! For Two! Kazuki Hashimoto then does a running kick to the back of the head and the UPSET! THE UPSET! This was pretty fucking beautiful. Postmatch, Koji Kanemoto is amused by K-Hash's mic skills. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KZaB2xjaMXs TOMORROW: I'll probably write something anyway.
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    It is, now you can stop being amazed by it in every thread.
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    Hey, I barely know who Devitt and KENTA are, I have no idea why KENTA is spelled in all caps, and I know I won't remember/recognize any of those five once they're moved up to Raw/Smackdown full time. My facial recognition of wrestlers who jump from one fed to another just isn't what it used to be. Not that it ever was, really: I remember the first time I saw Brother Love, I assumed it was Curt Hennig, or at least some shorter, fatter Hennig relative. Anyway, since this is a photo thread and all:
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    I can't believe you guys had been drinking, that's unlike both of you. Friends don't let friends drink and game. I just wish you guys would've been in the game chat so that Level 20 random could've heard the show. "I'm too drunk for Freemode. I drive better when I'm drunk. I'm too drunk for missions. Hey Burke, hey Burke, you know this one? BRAZZZLEFRAZZLEROARROARROAR ... that's John Prine." You probably would've actually helped the little 13-year-old out. "If that's what drinking's like, I'm staying sober." I would've liked to been on - I could've used the laugh - but I worked a freakin' 13-hour day yesterday, got done at 4:25 a.m. Today should just be nine hours (fingers crossed).
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    I will be disappointed if it starts any different than this:
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    Eh, it doesn't really matter, since they're all going to lose to Power Uti anyway.
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    Will someboy stop the damn match?
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    well obviously he called it quits after winning the bounty. how do you think he kickstarted his counterfeiting operation?
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    Marshall is doing good things with his platform. He seems to have legitimately changed. Let him talk as much as he likes. He's certainly not hurting anyone, and maybe he'll help someone along the way.
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    Itami's debut was really impressive. WWE hasn't clipped his wings: The most interesting thing about this show is that WWE booking has completely destroyed Emma in the eyes of Full Sail. Some feat.
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    I remember seeing this live as it happened, thinking" No way is he gonna hit that full force". Yeah I couldn't have been more wrong, obviously. Not nearly as bad as the huge spills of the last couple pages but it still makes me cringe every time.
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    That's a perfect summary of a late game with Mel.And I forgot about golf too (surprise surprise). But now that I remember, I wish I could forget again. I shot 7 over. Hell, I think I started the first hole with an unplayable lie. We should have tried the golf course race after that. I'd pay good money for video of us drunk, trying to make that jump over the water.
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    Fowler doesn't even know who that is!
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    It was funny I saw them both sign on right at 11 pm when I was getting off of Destiny And I remember thinking "God - if it wasn't a school night I might stupidly stay up..."
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    The best Shane Douglas moment is Cornette's racket hitting his back http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2oywg_cornette-dynamic-dudes-betrayal_news
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    When I first started hearing about ECW Shane Douglas was the person I wanted to see the most. He was hyped up to a point that I thought I was missing the greatest wrestler in the history of the world by not having access to ECW tv. So, I went to 7-11 got a money order(do they still have those?) and sent it out for a tape of ECW from some site I'm sure doesn't exist any more. I got home from school one day and popped the tape in and I've never in my life been more disappointed. He just talked and talked and talked and talked and talked and talked and talked and talked and talked about absolutely nothing. I couldn't believe it. The internet was abuzz with praise for Shane Douglas, and I just knew that he would be my new favorite. I could't have been less impressed. His promos sucked, his wrestling was worse, and he was clearly the worse part of every show he was on. He is in my bottom five workers of all time. I can't remember enjoying anything he has ever done.
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    Man, the magistrator was awesome.
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    Tiger Jeet Singh... I am a better professional wrestler than Tiger Jeet Singh. There. I said it.
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    Scotland will win independence, but will lose it in the next match 2-1 to costa rica.
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    Just did the Summoning Pits. It felt like a Dark Souls boss battle.
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    For fans of Bruce Timm and DC cartoons, Timm and Alan Burnett are producing a new digital Justice League web series for Machinima, Justice League Gods and Monsters Chronicles which will lead into a new animated movie Justice League: Gods and Monster in 2015, also produced by Timm and Burnett.
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    I thought this was funny. C'mon, we can have a good laugh at Destiny's expense, right?
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    Unless we are talking about Dan MCDevitt (who owns MD Champ Wrestling and worked as Corporal Punushment.)
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    It's too bad you can't teach that.
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    Speaking of controversial The Wire opinions, season 2 is probably my favorite season.
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    This is the kind of thing I like to hear. Also did an event and got gold level.
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    I've been finding MLW podcast harder and harder to listen to these last few months. I think I need to give it a break for a while.
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    Texas QB David Ash has thankfully decided to call it quits. Either he realized the obvious or somebody finally got through him that having a functional brain later in life might be nice.
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    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xEXKqcbGj9M The drums are ripped straight out of the PRIDE theme. If you listen closely at 0:06, you can hear a split second of the PRIDE theme before it cuts to a guitar. 0:10
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    That still with Harley is awesome. Like they're into the match a couple minutes and Singh comes over only for Harley to say, "Why the fuck am I in this match with you? I should knock you out."
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    The issue is that Ugana is a highly developed country with a population of 35 million with large, densely populated cities and an infrastructure comparable to the Westeren world. But hey, all Africans are tribal savages, am I rite?
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    I assumed the Watts/JR show would be an hour of those deep throating sounds quackquackquack
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